Best Bedding & Substrate For Bearded Dragons Reviews 2022

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Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner

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Part of the home built for beardies is the beddings that are more commonly known as substrates. Substrates are materials that are placed on the floor of the terrarium and keeps the beardie feel comfortable inside the enclosure.

As these docile animals are generally healthy, they can live for up to 15 years when provided with the appropriate care, diet, and attention. Another thing that you have yet to decide, if you are to adopt a bearded dragon is the type bedding that you will provide in its new home. To allow them to enjoy their new home, beardie owners will try to imitate their natural habitat.

The Best Substrate for Bearded Dragon 

Not just about any material may be used as the bedding for your dear beardie. And even if sand seems to offer the same atmosphere that the dragon is quite familiar with, you cannot actually replicate everything inside your pet’s tank. It will be difficult to generate an atmospheric condition that would be almost the same as that found in the desert.

To ensure that your pet will be safe while enjoying his new surroundings, consider the following materials for its beddings: textured slate tiles, reptile carpets, and sand mats. These can be easily cleaned and can keep your beardies’ toenails filed as they roam around the area. For the least cleaning that you would ever need to do, you can also black and white print broadsheets or newspapers, as well as paper towels, since you can just toss them in the bin if you find them filled with poop and pee.

So, what could be the better alternatives? For some interesting and tested product available in the market today, we have come up with a list of the best bedding from where you can choose the material you will use for your beardie.

1. Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner

This low maintenance bedding won’t require much of your time to build and also to clean. This reptile terrarium bedding liner by Zilla is made with absorbent and non-abrasive materials that will not irritate your dragon. It is treated with biodegradable enzymes that lessen the odor from the reptile. You can just pull it off from the cage and squirt cold tap water on it before hanging it to dry. This liner measures 17.25 x 35.25 inches and can just be rolled out and cut to the desired size.

2. Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner

If you need a longer bedding for your pet and one that will fit a 55-gallon tank, you can opt for this. It offers the same convenience and benefits plus a wider dimension for a bigger-sized enclosure. Previous buyers rated the purchase of this product to be quite satisfactory. This is a good choice for young dragons as it is made with inedible materials. It comes in two colors (brown and green) and also in different sizes. This one’s best suited for a 55-gallon enclosure.

3. Zoo Med Juvenile Bearded Dragon Carpet Substrate

This is another safe and hygienic substrate that you can place at the bottom of your pet’s terrarium. It is both easy to install and to clean as well. It’s a no-fuss bedding that is owner-friendly and also pet-friendly. This is one of the synthetic carpets that are made to simulate grass or deserts. Liners and carpets can just be laid across the floor of the cage to cover the bottom of the enclosure.

4. Deluxe Large Reptile Terrarium Liner Grass Tanks – Synthetic Grass

This deluxe reptile terrarium liner looks like a real substrate and is made to feel like short artificial grass. Its color makes it all the more looking like a natural bedding for your bearded dragon. It’s manufactured to be inedible so you won’t have to worry as your pet won’t mistake it for food. It is also made to be easy to maintain. Just squirt water from the water source straight to it and brush lightly before hanging to dry. This could just be the best flooring your beardie could ever have.

5. Zoo Med Eco Carpet (15 Gallon Tanks)

The Zoo Med Eco Carpet is made of all natural green product and is safe for the bearded dragon. It’s easy to cut to the desired size and can be installed in no time. It can also be easily removed when it’s time to clean it. It does not hold moisture and is quite easy to maintain.

6. Zoo Med Eco Carpet for

This is the same economical, safe, and perfect bedding for your bearded dragon from Zoo Med. It is a right fit for 40-gallon tank enclosures. You won’t have to worry if your pet poops on this bedding as it washable and quite easy to clean. Your dragon will thank you for this. It is also made to be inedible, so your pet won’t find it to be tummy-friendly.

7. Exo Terra Sand Mat

This sand mat by Exo Terra provides a natural desert look for your docile pet. Exo Terra is also a safe and hygienic substrate that you will find easy to maintain as well. It is easy to install, pull out, and clean. It measures 35.5″ x 17.5″ and provides a perfect fit for a 40-gallon tank enclosure.

8. Reptiles Carpet Terrarium Liner

This carpet liner provides a durable bedding for the bearded dragon. It’s made to be hard on one side but soft and plush on the other side. It is a better alternative to sand or fiber substrates. Carpet liner can protect your pet’s tummy, feet, as well as its teeth.

It looks like a pretty green well-manicured lawn but with a slightly uneven ground with small hills and stuff. This cage liner will work for many other reptiles like the gecko, iguanas, anoles, newts, ceratophryids, and so on. It measures 39.37”x 19.68”

9. Emours Moisturizing Reptile Carpet Fiber Pet Mat, Green

This reptile fiber carpet by Emours is a high-density tech fiber. It is washable, easy to clean, and can be used several times.

This non-toxic and tasteless material for bearded dragon bedding provides natural protection that has good water absorption property. It retains humidity, acts as a thermal insulation and as a flame retardant. It can be a perfect substrate not just for your beardie but for other reptiles and insects as well.

10. Zoo Med 26080 Repti Cage Carpet

This reptile cage carpet by Zoo Med is made to be soft, absorbent, and non-abrasive and is safe for many species of snakes, lizards, tortoises, and insects. Zoo Med is an easy to manage and economical choice for a bearded dragon bedding. It comes with an 18″ x 36″ dimensions and is perfect for a 40-gallon breeder. It is available in various colors, including brown and green.

11. Zilla Alfalfa Meal

This 100% natural alfalfa-based bedding by Zilla is not harmful when digested. It is definitely safe for either a herbivorous or carnivorous reptile. It is an ultra-absorbent bedding that provides 1 to 2-inches bedding depth. You can easily remove or replace the bedding as necessary. Many find the Alfalfa Meal and ideal substrate for most habitats, especially those built for iguanas, monitors, juvenile bearded dragons, and tortoises.

12. Zoo Med ReptiFresh Odor Eliminating Substrate

Your bearded dragon will love this all-natural green product from Zoo Med. You can use this to cover the bottom of the tank. It is an odor-eliminating substrate that can be used with other Zoo Med substrates. This can also be used for other reptiles like geckos, sand boas, desert skinks, and more. The product can be used for up to 12 months before you will need to replace it.

Bearded dragons are diurnal animals. They spend most of their waking hours basking under the sun in their original habitat in Australia. To allow them to enjoy their new home, beardie you need to ensure that they are provided with a living environment that looks very much like their original habitat.

It is essential that you provide the appropriate living environment for your bearded dragon to keep it happy and healthy. Choose one from our list above and you won’t be disappointed as previous users have provided their reviews for each of these products. If you happen to have tried any of these products, we will appreciate it if you share your observation with our readers. If you found other products that were included in our list, we will be grateful if you could also share them in your comment below.

Note: If you can not find a carpet of the right size for your tank, cut it to fit your tank.

Beddings are just one of the many other aspects of providing what your dragon needs. You can learn more about them from one of the many other posts that we have provided and will be providing soon. So keep coming back. We are sure you will find what you need here.