Top 10 Best Bedding for Ferrets 2022 Reviews

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Ferrets love their beauty sleep, and I found the best bedding for ferret’s to get their rest in is Carefresh Small Animal Bedding.

Nothing makes me happier than to provide my cuddle bugs with the best home possible, and with the right bedding, you create not only a comfortable place to rest, but also create an environment that controls odors, moisture, and even harmful bacteria.

As ferret owners, we love paper-based substrates for our pet’s sensitive eyes and noses, and Carefresh Small Animal Bedding is a biodegradable and compostable formula made from reclaimed paper fibers. It’s absorbent, odor-controlling, made from their comfyfluff technology, and covers all the basic needs wanted from bedding.

But sometimes you need something that suits more than just basic needs and requires bedding with specific capabilities. That’s why we created a guide to the best ferret beddings for a range of unique cases.

So whether you’re looking for bedding for your kit, older pets, multiple ferrets, or outside – grab your furry friend and read on for the best bedding for your ferret!

Top 10 Best Bedding for Ferrets

Available both online and in local pet stores, searching for the pawfect ferret bedding is easy as 1,2,3. Deciding on what bedding to choose is completely down to the ferret you have in your home. As your ferrets develop, you will notice their bedding needs will change too.

Here to make life a little easier and to help you find bedding that is both beneficial and brilliant. Here are all the bedding brands that are best for your little furry friend.

Carefresh Natural Small Animal Bedding – Best Bedding Overall

The Carefresh Natural Small Animal Bedding might be Amazon’s Choice for “guinea pig bedding”, but we’ve found it to be the choice for ferrets as well as most small pets.

Made from scratch using raw fibers, this bedding is biodegradable and compostable making it an eco-friendly choice. A single pack can expand up to 50 liters and is 3 times more absorbent than other shavings. The Carefresh Natural Small Animal Bedding is also dust-free making it very easy to clean and safe for pets with sensitive respiratory systems.

It’s also proven particularly good with baby ferrets (known as Kits) as their cages need to be soft, secure, and suitable for toilet training and play. So all new ferret owners and kit owners, take a sigh of relief cause your search ends here!

Its dust-free formula helps prevent future respiratory issues and its pillowy-soft makeup encourages burrowing and digging, a ferret’s favorite past-time.

The only downside, if any, is the repeated complaints about the bedding having a strong unpleasant smell when opening the bag. Not every buyer notes this smell, so it’s likely a manufacturing mishap, but still something to be aware of.


  • Great for first time ferret owners
  • Best for baby ferrets
  • Suitable for a range of small pets at a great price


  • Not as absorbent as other substrates
  • Some buyers complained of a “chemically” smell

So Phresh Paper Pellet Animal Litter – Best Ferret Litter as Bedding

So Phresh Paper Pellet Animal Litter is a universal bedding suitable for fussy ferrets. It’s a multi-purpose bedding, making it a great choice if you have more than one type of pet and use it for all their bedding needs.

This 20-pound bag contains small natural paper pellets that lock in odor and moisture almost instantly, keeping your pet’s environment clean and fresh which should make them more comfortable and healthy. That’s the upside to using litter as bedding, is the reassurance of a dry and clean environment.

This item also has baking soda which helps control odor and is actually environmentally friendly and safe for extra sensitive furry pets. The paper product does not break apart when wet, making it easy for you when clean.

It’s important to note that while baking soda is a natural and friendly alternative for ferrets, it’s not great for all small animals. If you plan on using this as bedding for other small pets, like rats, then steer clear.


  • Litter and bedding in one
  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Made from paper and great for sensitive ferrets


  • Not as soft as other beddings
  • Be cautious of using formulas with baking soda with rats or mice if you plan on using this for multiple animals

Marshall Ferret Litter – Best Ferret Specific Formula

This bedding from Marshall is specifically created for ferrets. Not only comfortable for ferrets, but this product is also a dust-free option and ideal for sensitive respiratory systems. Also, it comes with a 10-pound bag which is very easy to store and is entirely made of biodegradable and environmentally-safe paper.

The Marshall Ferret Litter is a healthy alternative that offers long-lasting odor control and enhanced absorbency. It helps remove all strong pungent odors without relying on any chemicals or using nauseating perfumes.

Another great bonus for this item is the fact that you don’t need to clean your ferret’s cage as often. This is because the paper can absorb 3 times its weight and you don’t have to add a thick layer of product in order for it to work since a few scoops are more than enough. When getting rid of it, you can just flush it away or use it as compost.

While this litter is a fantastic bedding option, it’s doesn’t support burrowing or nesting as well, since it’s a pellet litter rather than soft bedding. So, if your ferret loves to burrow and play around, then choose a crumble bedding.


  • Litter and bedding in one
  • Created specifically for ferrets
  • Excellent odor control and asborbancy


  • Doesn’t support burrowing and nesting as well as other options

Tiny Friends Eco Bedding – Best Bedding for the Environment

For those pet owners out there a little more conscious of the planet, Tiny Friends Eco Bedding is a sustainable way of caring for your furry friend’s cage.

Created from surplus paper that would have been poorly disposed of, the materials in this bedding are great for both ferrets and the planet! Fully compostable, there’s no need to throw this in with regular waste just simply add it to your compost bin to continue the eco-friendly cycle.

Super soft and ultra-absorbent, this bedding controls odors and is great on paws too. Winning an award in 2020 for Best Eco Brand of the Year, this is one way you can help the planet, one paw at a time.

This formula does exhibit a strong smell, however, likely a result of the natural processing. So if your ferret’s cage is in a small room or a room with poor circulation, this may not be a suitable option.


  • Great for the environment
  • Simply add to compost bin


  • Not the best for baby ferrets
  • Not the best to support play

Vitakraft Fresh World “Ultra Strength” Crumble Bedding

Vitakraft has created a product that outlasts most competing models in this category. Thanks to its original Odor Blocker Formula, this crumble bedding contains new enhanced elements that help control and reduce odor for over 2 weeks, freeing up your already busy schedule.

The soft crumbles are cozy and comfortable enough for your ferret to sleep on. Since it’s made from recycled paper, this bedding can absorb liquids up to 3 times their weight. The manufacturer used materials that are non-toxic and unbleached, so it’s safe for even the most sensitive pets.

Moreover, the Vitakraft Fresh World Crumble Bedding is 99.5 percent dust-free, making it a suitable choice for pets with respiratory problems, and it’s safe to ingest for all those naughty nibblers out there.

There is some debate amongst buyers about how long-lasting this bedding really is, with people noting how quickly they needed to replace it. So if your pet is particularly messy, crumble bedding may not keep up well.


  • Specialized odor-blocking formula
  • Safe to ingest


  • Doesn’t last as long as other beddings on this list

Small Pet Select White Paper Bedding – Best Cheap Ferret Bedding

Small Pet Select White Paper Bedding gives you serious bang for your buck, with a 16.5-pound compressed bag that expands up to 178 liters of bedding.

Made from unbleached virgin fiber, this white paper bedding makes it easier for you to see “used” litter and clean up only the messy areas. The bedding guarantees that it has no irritants, dyes, or additives that may harm your pets’ health. It’s also sludge-free and is never made with recycled prints which can be potentially harmful to pets due to its toxic residues.

This is the ideal bedding for bulk buyers and those who have a separate litter pan for their ferret. It’s not the most absorbent or odor-controlling bedding, so you don’t want to use this as your ferret’s litter or in a cage where there are no designated areas for your ferret’s pee and poop.


  • Lots of bedding for a small price
  • Unbleached and irritant-free


  • Not as absorbent as others

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Scented Bedding – Best for Odor Control

During your ferret’s life, their hormone levels differ depending on their growth, development, and time of year which affects how stinky they can be.

Between May and September, both female and male ferrets enter heat. Their hormones build up causing stronger odors to be released from their skin, fur, and waste. You may notice their urine smelling stronger and male ferrets secreting fluids more so absorbent bedding is important.

 Katyee Clean and Cozy makes the ideal substrate to control any stinky smells that might occur from the build-up of increased urine and feces. Made from paper, this soft and ultra-absorbent bedding will soak up twice the amount of liquid and odors as wood shavings.

Moreover, this bedding is naturally-scented with lavender that helps keep the cage smelling great and remove unwanted odors. It is also 99 percent dust-free, promoting a safe environment for your pets as well as making cleaning easier.

This brilliant bedding not only feels soft but its clever technology allows it to expand upon contact with liquid absorbing 6x its own weight making it a pawfect starter substrate for new ferret owners.

If you find scented products gimmicky, then I would suggest Carefresh small animal bedding as an odor control alternative.


  • Great for snuggles and snoozes
  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Fantastic for ferret’s during Heat


  • Can be messy to clean up
  • Hard for playtime

Tiny Friends Natural Barely Straw – Best Bedding for Outdoor Cages

For Working Ferrets and those kept outdoors, straw bedding can provide a suitable substrate that would otherwise be messy indoors.

Tiny Friends Natural Barley Straw is a fantastic outdoor alternative to paper-based bedding. It is both safe and absorbent so your outdoor ferrets can have the bedding of their dreams. As some straw brands can be harmful to ferrets, Tiny Friends has created this bedding with a difference. Completely dust-free, this blissful bedding provided a cozy environment without any worry.


  • Great for outdoor use
  • Affordable


  • Poor for indoor use – can be very messy
  • Not as soft and cozy as softer substrates

Ferret Beddings: Tips When Looking for the Best Bedding!

In this guide, we’ll go over the things you need to look out for and what to avoid when buying the best bedding for ferrets.

Odor Control

One of the primary functions of ferret bedding is to control and reduce odor all the time. This way, your ferret will stay active and healthy and enjoys more time in its cage. High-quality beddings also help in preventing the foul odor from reaching your living spaces so that you can also breathe fresh air as well.


Experts recommend that you avoid wood shavings that contain chemicals and can cause health problems.

Instead, look for paper-based beddings that are dust-free. This will provide a soft bedding that encourages burrowing, as well as offer excellent odor control and absorbency support. It’s also the safest option for ferrets as it doesn’t irritate their eyes and lungs.

Eco-Friendly Products

You need to look for renewable, eco-friendly alternatives. A good ferret bedding is biodegradable and eco-friendly which is generally safer for your pets and for the environment.

Look for bedding that is made from recycled paper which is both non-allergenic and non-toxic. Not like outdated products, high-quality paper beddings can hold up to 3 times its weight in liquid and features an ultra-soft texture that will not irritate your furry buddy. Plus, it also stays fresh for longer so you do not have to change it as frequently.

Health Should Be A Priority

Comfort is directly associated with health. If your furry friend does not feel at ease in its environment or if its cage smells bad, then he will be in distress. Make sure that you check that your ferret will not have any allergic reaction to his new bedding.

If you are suspicious that there is something wrong, then immediately remove the bedding and replace it with a new one. Even better, observe your ferret for several minutes after you have introduced the new bedding. If your pet seems lethargic or sneezes, remove him from the bedding.

Make sure that you choose beddings that have low-level of dust. This makes it safe for pets with sensitive respiratory problems as well as makes your life easier when cleaning your pet’s cage.

Ferret Bedding FAQ’s

Here we’ll answer popular ferret questions regarding bedding and other bedding alternatives.

Why Do Ferrets Need Bedding?

Like other domesticated small mammals, ferrets need bedding for both comfort and sanitation. In their cage, your ferret will eat, sleep and play. This particular element of their cage needs to have the correct bedding for them to be happy and healthy. Often sleeping in cages made of either metal, plastic, or wood, these materials can be harsh so bedding allows for much need comfort.

Snoozing for approximately 18 hours a day, your ferret’s cage needs to be comfy and suitable for their sleeping habits. To provide your furry friend with optimal living quarters, you need to ensure their bedding is the best it can pawsibly be.

How Often Should I Change My Ferret’s Bedding?

Like any form of bedding or substrate, cleanliness ensures optimal health and wellbeing. Cleaning your ferret’s cage on a regular basis will result in strong smells you certainly won’t miss.

You must clean your ferret’s litter box daily or twice daily depending on the number of ferrets you own. Their cage must be disinfected each week and their bedding replaced at the same time to reduce odors and reduce any illness caused by bacteria.

Where Can I Buy Ferret Bedding?

You can buy ferret bedding above in our reviews, we reccomned using Chewy or Amazon for online shopping if you want the best prices and variety. It’s also available in local pet retail stores.

Labeled under small animals/mammals, bedding used for gerbils, rabbits and even rats are suitable and effective for your ferret too. If you have other small pets at home, you can use the same bedding for all them to adore.

What Types of Bedding Are Best?

As mentioned before, there is no one size fits all approach to selecting substrate for your four-legged friend. Ferret bedding comes in all different shapes, sizes and materials so choosing which one is best is dependent on their preferences

The main types of bedding fall under these three categories:

Paper Bedding – Eco-friendly and affordable, white paper shredding is ultra-absorbent and created for comfort and coziness.

Straw Bedding – Often used with rabbits, this natural material is a soft and suitable bedding for ferret cages that are outdoors as it can be rather messy for indoor use. But, cheap and poorly manufactured straw irritate your ferret’s eyes and noses so it’s best to opt for top-quality.

Wool Bedding – Soft and cozy, wool-based beddings can provide a snuggly and safe environment for ferrets when brought home for the very first time.

What About Wood-Based Bedding?

Containing a plethora of oils that are toxic to ferrets, wood-based beddings such as pine, cedar and aspen are not advised for our little furry friends. Unlike other substrate types, wood-based alternatives do not go through any extraction process to remove these oils making them exceptionally dangerous to your ferret.

These harsh and harmful chemicals can lead to a range of respiratory and liver problems in your ferret so it is best to stick to paper, fabric or straw based beddings.

What Are Some Bedding Alternatives?

No matter what ferret you meet, coziness is key to happiness. Fleece is a fantastic way of keeping your ferret’s cage clean whilst maximizing their comfort. Replacing your ferret’s bedding can be pricey. Using soft and fluffy blankets is a great way to save money and give your ferrets somewhere super to sleep on.

Pet blankets are a fantastic addition to your ferret cage and in colder months, provide much needed warmth and support to Jill’s (female ferrets) who are finishing their heat season when fall begins.

The benefits of fleece fabric are:

  • Cost-effective – No need to keep repurchasing bedding
  • Soft and Comfortable – Your ferret will love to snuggle and sleep in fleece fabric
  • Cushions claws – With sharp claws, soft furnishings can help prevent any nasty breakages that might occur during playtime.

Happy in a Hammock

Alongside their standard substrate, consider purchasing a fabric hammock to hang in their cage. Purchasable from online retailers like Amazon, a hammock will make an amazing addition to your ferret’s happy home.

When choosing a hammock for your ferret, it’s best to select a size significantly larger than your ferret’s size. As your ferret grows, they will become longer, so what might be suitable for a month during their infant years, will soon become too small and uncomfortable.

Don’t be tempted with cheap alternatives when purchasing a hammock. Good ferret hammocks should cost around $15. They will be less likely to fray and will withstand even the naughtiest of nibblers.

Ferret Depot’s Hanging Monkey Hammock is a great addition to your ferret’s cage.  It will guarantee’s to put a smile on both your faces as its soft and cozy, with a perfect pouch for your ferret to cuddle into. This hanging hammock is an ideal place for your furry friend to chill in every day.

How Often Should I Change a Ferret’s Blanket?

It’s important to note that if you wish to pack your ferret’s cage with soft furnishings that maintenance is vital. We all know that on occasions our little furry friends can be smelly and stinky so washing their blankets is important. After accidents, blankets aren’t the best for absorption so it is best to place them away from where your ferret plans to do their business.

Ensure you change blankets every 2 days to avoid build-up of liquids, odors and food from accidents that might have occurred. Having a fluffy blanket will make your ferret’s day, so investing in one, two or three could be a bonus to their already cozy cage.

Creating the Pawfect Environment

Ultimately, when it comes to setting up your ferret’s cage, we encourage you to adapt their bedding depending on age, activity and even time of year. As your ferrets grow and develop, their needs for different bedding will too!

No matter what the needs of your furry little friends, our range of blissful beddings will ensure your ferret has somewhere snug and cozy to snooze. Encouraging play and development, each bedding type is suited for your ferret’s need to tunnel and dig. Whether your ferret is old, young, male or female, there is definitely a bedding type you and them will love time and time again.