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Can Female Ferrets Die in Heat?

Between the months of March-September, as a ferret owner, you may notice both physical and behavioral changes in your little furry friends. As the owner of three fantastic ferrets, whom I have had for over 3 years, keeping an eye on my Jills (female ferrets) during this period really is a matter of life and … Read more

Ferret Cage Setup: A Complete ‘How To’

We all love somewhere soft and snuggly to sleep, and with ferrets spending a large portion of their lives chilling in their cages, creating the best ferret cage setup is vital for their health and happiness. Having owned multiple ferrets – 2 Jills and 1 Hob – their cage setup is dependent on various needs. … Read more

Top 10 Best Bedding for Ferrets 2022 Reviews

Ferrets love their beauty sleep, and I found the best bedding for ferret’s to get their rest in is Carefresh Small Animal Bedding. Nothing makes me happier than to provide my cuddle bugs with the best home possible, and with the right bedding, you create not only a comfortable place to rest, but also create … Read more

The Best Ferret Litters: Complete Guide & Review 2022

As much as we love our ferrets, there’s one fact we can’t ignore – they can really stink! That’s why when testing products to find an odor control litter formula, I found Marshall’s Premium litter to be the best ferret litter. As a ferret parent, I know how drastically your pet’s environment can change when … Read more