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The Best Gerbil Toy Reviews 2022: Huge Fun for Your Tiny Pets

Gerbils are cute, cuddly, and extremely active – in between their frequent nap-capades that is. That’s why Kaytee’s Tree of Life pet habitat accessory and Exotic Nutrition’s Exercise Wheel are the best gerbil toys. It’s important to gather toys like climbing tunnels, seesaws, run-about balls, gerbil wheels, and anything that they can climb safely, because … Read more

Chow Time! The Best Gerbil Food Guide and Reviews 2022

Gerbils are fussy little critters and it’s tricky finding them the best gerbil food that provides them with everything they need to stay fit – while also pleasing their taste buds. That’s why I love Science Selective Gerbil Food as it’s a dry pellet formulated specifically for gerbils. As a long-time gerbil enthusiast and owner, … Read more

Top 7 Best Gerbil Cages: Guide & Reviews 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned gerbil owner or a brand new gerbil parent, choosing the best gerbil cage or tank for your little guys or gals is no easy task – unless you go for our favorite the Prevue Universal Small Animal Home of course. Having shopped for gerbil cages in the past, sifting through the … Read more

The 9 Best Bedding for Gerbils to Snuggle up to in 2022

Unlike us humans, our gerbils are unable to venture out and purchase that blissful bedding that makes us feel all warm and snuggly. Ultimately, it’s up to us to ensure that their new homes come stocked with the best bedding for gerbils.  Searching for beds and beddings for our larger pets, like our cats and … Read more