The Best Sugar Glider Cages Guide and Reviews 2022

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I tested a range of sugar glider cages on the market and found the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation to be the very best. If you’re looking for a durable cage that provides plenty of space whether you have one or numerous sugar gliders, this is a great choice.

I’ve been a big fan of sugar gliders for a long time. However, I appreciate it can be tricky to find suitable products for them that suit their particular needs and behaviors. Sugar glider owners often struggle to find reviews that understand the difference between these gorgeous little marsupials and other small animals.

This can be so frustrating – after all, they’re not even the same species!

That’s why the Deluxe Critter Nation small animal cage from Midwest is an ideal choice for your sugar glider’s cage. The researchers at Midwest consulted owners from across the small animal community. They found out exactly what dos and don’ts owners wanted to see in a small animal cage.

They produced a cage that is easy to clean, super sturdy, and has adjustable shelves for superb customization. 

It’s based on their best-selling Ferret Nation cage but the closer spacing of the horizontal bars accommodates tiny pocket pals. This means even the smallest suggies won’t squeeze through. 

However, Midwest’s cages do come at a premium price so won’t be a suitable cage for some sugar glider owners.

That’s why we have options to suit any budget or space. The choices include the Everila YFT32 Cage which, though a small sugar glider cage by comparison, still boasts seven feeder doors for easy access and cleaning.  

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage. It still offers plenty of space, though considerably cheaper, and also benefits from having wood perches which some owners prefer to metal wire shelves or plastic for their suggie’s delicate hands and feet.

It also features four rolling casters so can be easily moved around your home.

Keep reading to discover our top ten best sugar glider cages. Find the perfect cage whether you have one sugar glider or many and discover a setup that will suit even the most active pets.

Top 10 Best Sugar Glider Cages

The market today offers numerous cages suitable for a sugar glider. The numerous options can be quite confusing for inexperienced owners. Lucky for you, I listed here some of the best cages in the market today that should house your sugar glider just fine.

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is considered to be the best sugar glider cages out there. It provides ultimate safety for your sugar glider and easy cleaning for your own convenience. The cage comes with plastic pan floors so that your adorable pet will not slip when playing and jumping around the cage.

Moreover, this cage also has enough space to accommodate shelves which can be placed and adjusted as per your requirements. It has horizontal wire spacing of half an inch and is ideal for your sugar glider to jump, move and play around without getting bored. Plus, it also has a happy feet ramp cover that provides more balance and traction for your pets.

The full-width double doors offer maximum accessibility for easy feeding and cleaning. Featuring “critter proof” dual locking doors, this cage offers a complete, secure and easy one-hand operation. It is completely customizable, thanks to its multiple attaching points where you can add toys, tubes, hammocks, and other accessories for your sugar gliders’ happiness!

2. Prevue Pet Products Sugar Glider Cage

Amazon’s Choice for “Sugar Glider Cage”, this one from Prevue is a spacious and safe home for a variety of small pets, particularly sugar gliders. It has exceptional engineering that makes it easy to assemble and has a paw-friendly design, meaning you do not have to worry about pinch points or gaps where your sugar glider’s feet might get stuck.

Its rust-resistant and lightweight construction comes with heavy-duty alignment tabs, clip sand rails in order to keep the cage parts aligned, sturdy, and strong that can accommodate even the most rambunctious critter. This cage features 5 shelves with a twist knob closure, super soft plush hammock, and 3 ramps for your pet’s happiness.

Featuring 2 large entry points, you can access the cage interior easily, and comes with a 2-finger locking system so you can easily close the doors securely. It also comes with a removable tray and grill for easy cleaning. You can use the built-in shelf as storage for treats and toys.

3. Everila YFT32 Cage

Everila offers a durable and sturdy cage suitable for sugar gliders as well as other pets such as ferrets, chinchillas, and birds. This reliable cage is made of carbon steel wires that offer durability and has a non-toxic epoxy painting, so it is totally safe for your pets.

Standing at 32 x 20 x 63 inches with the stand included, it provides ample space for several sugar gliders to climb and glide around. The provided stand features 4 durable wheels that allow you easy moving from room to room. If you want to save space, you will be glad to know that you can just remove the included stand and place the cage on a sturdy table.

The cage features a big front swing-out door for easy access during feeding and cleaning. To prevent escapes, the front door is fully equipped with safety locks in addition to the cages ½ inch wire spacing that helps prevent injuries. Meanwhile, it also features a slide-out tray and grate for quick and easy cleaning.

4. Xtreme-Cage Sugar Glider Cage

This sugar glider cage from Xtreme-Cage comes with 2 huge lift-up doors as well as small doors for easy access inside the cage. And although it comes with an epoxy coated finish, this cage is entirely safe for your pets since it is non-toxic.

The cage comes with numerous features such as 4 perches, 6 feeder doors, 6 cups, and a slide-out bottom tray which can be adjusted and removed as per your convenience. This cage also comes with a stand and heavy-duty caster wheels that make it easier for transporting to various places.

This sugar glider cage comes with an instruction manual for easy assembling. And although this cage is not as sturdy as others on this list, it proves useful even for iguanas and rambunctious pets, if installed and set up well.

5. Mcage 3-Level Animal Cage

An excellent cage that features 2 front doors as well as a grated wire floor which can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. As its name implies, this sugar glider cage comes in 3 levels which have a wire-free cage body. It comes with wire ladders and shelves and has a safe epoxy-coated finish for durability.

The cage also features a slide out pan for easy cleaning of the cage. It is suitable for sugar gliders, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets chinchillas, and other small pets. Featuring a half-inch bar spacing and crossbar spacing, this excellent cage allows the jumping and climbing movements of your sugar gliders.

6. Yescom Double Deck Cage

For the ultimate safety of your sugar glider, the Yescom Double Deck Cage comes with the standard powder-coated wire finish. Also, it comes with 4bowls for separate feedings as well as a couple of side doors for easy access.

If you are looking for portability, this cage features 4 rolling casters as well as 2 secure locks to prevent escapes. Inside the cage are benches, ladders, and a couple of wooden perches that will keep your pet entertained and active and can be adjusted according to your likes and the needs of your pet.

7. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Another product from Prevue, this one is specifically designed for birds such as finches, canaries, and parakeets. However, this wrought iron flight cage is also suitable for gliding critters such as sugar gliders.

With 2 large front doors, you can easily access the inside of the cage for feeding or cleaning as well as a bottom shelf for an extra storage space. The cage stands on rolling casters so that it can be easily moved to different places. Also, it comes with a bottom grille and a sliding drawer that makes the cleaning process relatively easy.

Thanks to its wrought iron construction, this cage is very easy to assemble. It comes with 3 wood perches and 4 double cups for your pet’s convenience. And being 31 inches long, this cage has enough vertical space for multiple sugar gliders to roam and play around.

8. Midwest Deluxe 2-Story Critter Nation

Whether you think that previous Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation seems lacking in vertical space or you’re housing several sugar gliders, then the 2-story style should be your best bet.

Unlike the previous Midwest cage, this one features 2 plastic pans, 2 adjustable shelves, and 3 ramps complete with covers to accommodate two or more sugar gliders with ease. Meanwhile, the full-width doors and removable shelving offer greater accessibility for easy feeding and cleaning. In addition, the cage’s wide expanse shelves and full-width leak proof pans help offer maximum play area while preventing dangerous falls.

The cage measures 36 x 25 x 63 inches with 0.6 inches corner square and a ½ inches horizontal wire spacing that prevents escapes as well as injuries. Fully equipped with a stand featuring 4 locking wheel casters, you can easily move this cage from one place to another.

9. Mcage 4-Level Wrought Iron Cage

Another model from Mcage, this one comes in 4 levels, providing more vertical space for your pets to roam and play around! This cage comes with a tight half-inch wire spacing in order to prevent escapes as well as ensure that your pet’s small feet will not get stuck in between.

The cage comes with a removable stand with wire cross ladders and shelves that are safe on your sugar glider’s paws. This cage features a large front swing-out door with a secure metal safety lock in order to prevent your pets from escaping. Although it has an epoxy-coated finish, this cage is guaranteed safe and nontoxic to pets. For easy cleaning, the cage comes with a grate and a slide-out bottom tray.

10. Idealchoiceproduct Flight Cage

Another cage specifically made for flying creatures, this flight cage is also suitable for gliding animals such as the adorable sugar gliders. It has a safe and non-toxic finish on its iron construction and offers enough space for multiple sugar gliders.

The cage comes with 2 doors with secure locks in order to prevent any escapes. It also comes with 6 plastic bowls for feeding all day long as well as 3 wooden perches for lounging around. The cage features 6 feeder doors that are completely lockable for easy removal and filling of treats and its sliding metal trays and removable grate provides easy cleaning and maintenance.

Best Sugar Glider Cage: A Quick Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best sugar glider cage for you and your pets, it’s important to consider a number of factors before purchasing. Don’t jump in feet first and find the cage you’ve chosen is either poor quality or unsuitable for your sugar gliders. Follow these guidelines to make an informed choice before clicking buy!

Durability and safety

If properly cared for, a sugar glider can live for between 12 and 15 years. So it’s important to choose a cage that features good quality materials that will last. While the cost of some premium sugar glider cages might seem eye-watering at first glance, split this cost over your sugar glider’s lifetime before you click next. 

Buying one durable, high-quality cage can end up being more cost-effective than buying cheaper. A cheap outlay can result in replacing it at least once throughout your sugar glider’s lifetime. 

Purchasing from trusted manufacturers will guarantee that the materials used are all pet-safe for your sugar glider. The construction is also usually higher quality, meaning less maintenance over time.

Always check for design features that will prevent tiny escape artists from making a break for it. Bar spacing should measure approximately ½-inch. This helps prevent escapes and also makes climbing easier for your suggies. Look out for pet-proof locking features too as an added safety feature and to give you extra peace of mind. 

Size and design

Sugar gliders love to climb, glide, and jump, so the taller a cage, the better. This is why, as with chinchillas, it’s important to have a tall cage that has plenty of height. 

If you have a single sugar glider, their cage should measure at least 20”x20”x30”. If you have two sugar gliders or more, your cage should measure at least 24”x24”x36”. 

Because sugar gliders love to climb and glide, your chosen sugar glider cage should have several levels for them to explore. This helps them to exercise and encourages their natural behaviors.

Some sugar glider cages have customizable ledges that you can adapt depending on the age of your pets and how active they are. 


As a sugar glider owner, you’ll know how speedy they are when they’re in the mood. This can make catching them a tricky process when it comes to cleaning out. Reduce your list of chores by choosing a cage that has either several access points or a large double door in the front.

This means you can easily reach all areas of the cage without having to stretch and contort all over!

If cleaning is your least favorite part of your pet care routine, look for features that make life that little bit easier. Pull-out trays and removable ledges are easily removed and wiped down. These features allow you to tip out soiled bedding rather than having to reach in and scoop it out. 


Where you place your sugar glider cage is as important as the cage you eventually choose. Sugar gliders thrive in temperatures between 60 and 86°F. Make sure your sugar glider’s cage stays out of draughts and ideally out of direct sunlight. 

Sugar gliders are social small animals and love being part of the action. Placing their cage where people spend the most time such as in living areas means they’ll get plenty of social stimulation and you’ll get the most enjoyment out of them too!


Some cages include a variety of sugar glider cage accessories including ladders, ropes, food bowls, and water bottles. Alongside these accessories, keep your sugar gliders stimulated both mentally and physically with a range of toys

Keep an eye on any accessories for signs of wear. We all know sugar gliders love to chew anything they can get their tiny hands on. If you do notice any cracks, splinters, or breaks, replace the damaged items immediately to keep your sugar gliders out of harm’s way.

What to Avoid

Make sure the cage you choose is suitable for your sugar glider’s natural behaviors. Suggies love to chew so avoid metals that have an epoxy coating unless they state the use of only non-toxic materials. This will flake off and can lead to zinc poisoning.

Galvanized steel is also a no-no. When it gets wet, it rusts which can cause harm to your sugar gliders if they swallow it or rub the rust onto their fur. 

The Best Sugar Glider Cage: FAQs

Choosing the Best Sugar Glider Cage: What to Do Next

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable cage that will last and last, choose the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation. It is solidly built from pet-safe materials and has a range of safety features including a “critter-proof” locking system so you’ll never worry about your sugar glider breaking free. 

If you’re looking for easy access, the X-treme Sugar Glider Cage will definitely please you. It has two massive lift-up doors to the front and a selection of other entrances to make catching those speedy critters a breeze. Hard-to-reach areas are easily cleaned thanks to all the doors as well as the pull-out tray so you can complete your weekly clean in half the time. 

If you have two sugar gliders or more, consider the Yescom Double Deck Cage. Designed with multiple pets in mind, it includes four plastic cups to accommodate your suggie’s different tastes and treat preferences. It’s also super portable with rolling casters which makes transportation around your home much simpler. 

When trying to pick the best sugar glider cage for your precious suggies, it can be difficult to know you’re making the right decision. This becomes even more difficult when there are so few sugar glider-specific cages on the market. By checking over our reviews of the very best sugar glider cages, you can find a cage that fits your home, your sugar glider’s lifestyle, and your budget all in one sturdy package!