The Best Food & Cat Food for Ferret: Reviews & Guide 2022

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As natural carnivores, our ferrets require a food rich in the finest quality meat content. So, when searching for the best ferret food for my trio of furry friends, there was no food that was more suited to their dietary needs than Marshall Premium Ferret Diet. 

Having three of these furry creatures in my home, I needed a food source that was suited to both growing Hobs and Jills.

With a high-meat content in a dry kibble format, Marshall’s Premium Ferret Diet’s crunchy biscuits help support oral health whilst providing ferrets with all the nutritional support they need.

Made with ferret’s favorite proteins, chicken, this wholesome, healthy, and nutritionally beneficial food is a great choice for any age, size, or sex of ferret in your home.

For those of us ferret owners with single Jills, Hobs, Kits, or even a plethora of these furry little creatures, selecting food to support their needs and tastes can be tricky.

As a ferret owner, I spent months scouring the web to find the pawfect food. Here to make your ferret fueling life easier than ever, no matter what your ferret’s needs, cast your eyes on the guide below to find your furry friend a food they will love time and time again. 

The Best Ferret Food

With all of our little, furry friends unique in their own special ways, there is no one size fits all approach to feeding your ferret.

However, as an experienced ferret owner and three of these crazy critters in my home, the list below gives you a guide on what food may suit your furry friend whether they are male, female, big or small, or even fancy a little something different now and again. 

Best Ferret Food Overall: Marshall Premium Ferret Food

If you have a mixture of ferrets in your home, Marshall’s Premium Diet is a fantastic source of food even for those who fancy different flavors.

Having two Jills that prefer raw beef treats and a hob who prefers cooked poultry, finding a daily kibble was a tricky task. However, on discovering Marshall Premium Diet, this fantastic food combines all the fabulous flavors of poultry whilst providing a high-protein content suitable for my Jills.

Despite its high price tag, this food is definitely worth the value and a kibble my ferrets love each and every meal time.

As experts in ferret nutrition, the brilliant brains behind the Marshall brand use nothing more than high-quality proteins ensuring your ferret gets a nutritionally beneficial diet with added extras such as taurine and Vitamin E to maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Available in smaller and larger pack options, opting for a larger pack option can save you money and effort of repurchasing food when your ferret or ferrets gobble it all up. 


  • High-meat content
  • Available in various sizes


  • Higher price tag than other foods

Best Organic Ferret Food: Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Supplement

Made with eco-friendly packaging and the finest sourced cuts of high-quality protein, this fabulous food is the pawfect addition to any ferret bowl.

When it comes to grain-free premium food, no brand does it quite like Wysong. Eliminating not just grains but any form of starch from their ferret food, this 60% high-protein recipe is the closest to your ferret’s natural diet as possible. 

Packed with pawfuls of fantastic flavor that our ferrets need and adore, Wysong removes any nasty bulking agents from their recipe making it kind on tummies and skin. Rich in Omega 3s and other essential fatty acids, your ferret’s fur and skin will be in the best condition possible whilst on this premium diet. But, like all premium and organic products, this one comes with a price tag.

However, despite its price point, this ferret food is all-natural, 100% wholesome, and its eco-friendly packaging and sustainable methods make it great for the planet too. 


  • High-protein recipe – great for growing ferrets
  • Completely starch-free – brilliant for ferrets with skin or tummy troubles


  • High price point

Best Grain-Free Ferret Food: ZuPreem Premium Ferret Food

Have a ferret showing signs of itchy skin or loose stools? Well, this could be a sign of an intolerance to grains so opting for a grain-free food could be a fantastic option.

With grain-free pet foods storming the market, it is no wonder this dietary difference has made its way across to the ferret food industry. 

Zupreems’s Grain-Free ferret food is specially designed to support your ferret nutritional needs without any unwanted bulking agents that can lead to skin irritations and troublesome tummies.

Made with natural chicken and egg proteins, this fantastic food is a great source of nutrition for your furry friend. With a 40% meat content, 20% fat content, this grain-free food is designed to give your ferret a lively, healthy, and playful life. 


  • Great for digestion 
  • Helps keep skin and coat healthy


  • Sells out quickly 

Best Premium Ferret Food: Mazuri Ferret Food

Mazuri | Nutritionally Complete Food for Ferrets| 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag
  • Multiple animal derived proteins appropriate for carnivores.
  • Highly palatable, extruded diet - Easy to digest.
  • High density - Low stool volume.
  • Moderate starch level - Less than 15% starch, more appropriate for carnivores.
  • Contains fish oil - Omega-3 fatty acid source.

For those wanting to spend a little more for their ferret’s food, Mazuri’s specially formulated recipe might just be for you. When looking for food for my own ferrets, I looked for added ingredients that support more than just their nutrition. 

As furry little creatures with small digestive tracts, finding food that keeps their fur and skin looking and feeling great whilst being easy to digest is a massive selling point.

When it comes to Mazuri ferret food, its recipe includes everything your ferret needs to keep their overall health in top condition. With 38% high-quality chicken, added taurine, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 oils, this fabulous food can help contribute to improved

  • Eye health
  • Brain health
  • Skin and coat appearance

Does your ferret’s stool smell a little stinky? Mazuri has the remedy. Adding Yucca Schidigera extract (a plant used in pet foods to reduce odors) this magical piece of Mother Nature can help keep your ferret’s odors at bay whilst providing a delicious dinner you all can love.

However, with this plethora of superpowers comes a high priced tag. As one of the most expensive ferret foods on our list, it can be rather pricey. But, with its fantastic range of benefits, I can definitely recommend that if you want a food with a difference – this is the one for you. 


  • Suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Specially formulated recipe for overall health benefits


  • High price tag

Best Budget Ferret Food: Wild Harvest Advanced Ferret Food

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Ferrets, 3-Pound
  • Formulated With Taurine
  • Advanced Diet For Ferrets
  • Formulated With Protein, Fat And Vitamins

If you are a ferret breeder or have quite a few of these furry friends running around your home, splashing the cash on a premium ferret food might not be on the top of your list.

Loaded with chicken meal, vitamins, and taurine for nutritional support, Wild Harvest’s Ferret Food is one of the lowest-priced ferret foods on the market. 

Despite its low price tag, this food provides your growing ferret with all the wholesome goodness it needs making it the best budget food available.

The combination of fantastically flavored kibble with its crunchy exterior provides a food that can help support oral health, keeping teeth and gums in tip-top condition. With a 34% protein content in every bowl, your ferret is guaranteed a delicious and nutritionally balanced meal each and every time.


  • Great affordable price – fantastic if you have multiple mouths to feed
  • Created with added Vitamin E and Taurine for support


  • Lower meat content than other brands

Best Wet Ferret Food: Evangers for Ferrets

Evanger's Turkey for Ferrets 6 Oz, Pack of 12
  • Evanger'S Maximum Turkey For Ferrets 6 Oz
  • High Quality Turkey Is The First Ingredient
  • Superfoods To Serve Your Cat The Most Healthy And Palatable Complete And Balanced Dinner

Does your ferret prefer something a little more moist? For ferrets out there on wet food diets, there is no better recipe than Evangers.

Made with top-quality cuts of real meat, if your ferret prefers something a little juicier and meatier than dry kibble then this is the brand for you. Available in a selection of your ferret’s favorite flavors: chicken, beef, and lamb, this is a food your ferrets will love time and time again. 

Easily digestible, free from added carbs, and loaded with all your ferret’s nutritional needs, this wet ferret food is kind on tummies and works well for ferrets who may have recently undergone surgery or a procedure such as spaying or castration at the vets.

Combining a high-protein recipe and easy-to-digest formula, this wet recipe is also superb for growing kits transitioning from milk to solid food. However, due to its soft texture, this food won’t provide the blissful oral benefits as solid kibble but as wet food recipes go – this one is certainly the best. 


  • High-meat content
  • Soft texture great for transition food for kits


  • Does Not provide strong benefits for oral health

Best Ferret Food for Kits: Kaytee Premium Ferret Food With Chicken

Have little kits running around your home? Experts in everything when it comes to our smaller pets, Kaytee has created a ferret food with your ferret’s nutritional needs and loves in mind. Created with real chicken and formulated to support your ferret’s needs whilst being kind on tummies. 

Its premium label is down to the specially selected cuts of the finest chicken used in the formula. With a healthy high-meat content of 42%, this completely grain-free recipe is brilliant for growing kits or ferrets who may be more active than others as increased iron content supports healthy muscle maintenance and energy.

Suitable for all life-stages, no matter what ferret you have in your home, this fantastic food is a great way of providing your ferret with fabulous protein power. However, this recipe fails to deliver any added extras like taurine but overall is a delicious dinner for your furry friends


  • Despite premium label is affordable
  • High-meat content


  • Recipe has no added extras to support skin and coat

Best Cat Food for Ferrets: Instinct Limited Ingredient Natural Cat Food

Ferrets and cats share common sensitivities, with both being carnivores. So, a 100% meat diet isn’t always possible. That’s why Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Recipe with Real Turkey purposefully formulated this kibble with one animal protein and one vegetable additive, versus the loaded mixes in most other cat foods.

With purity and simplicity of raw in mind, this recipe with real turkey is simple but provides the essential nutrition your ferret or cat needs to thrive.

It’s made with cage-free turkey – a healthy and easily digestible protein containing all the essential amino acids your pet requires. It doesn’t contain grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors and preservatives for that flavorful turkey taste your pet will surely enjoy.

This is also the next best thing to raw and ferret kibble.

What to look for when buying ferret food?

When hunting for your ferret’s food, ingredients, price, and pack size can all be important factors when searching for the right brand. From high-meat content to value for money, here’s everything you should be on the lookout for whilst searching for your ferret’s food. 


Meat. Meat. Meat. At the heart of your ferret’s food should be a minimum of 30% meat content. Any less and your ferret is lacking the required amount of nutrients to support their development.

Look for a food that contains between 32-38% meat content such as chicken or beef as this will provide the required amount of nutrition to support their overall health and wellbeing. 

Be on the lookout for brands that add unnecessary bulking agents like grains such as rice, barley, or white potato to your ferret’s food. Opt for meat-based, grain-free alternatives as these can have the best support for your ferret’s digestive system. 


  • Protein – As mentioned before, this should have a quantity of between 32-38%. 
  • Carbohydrates – Research recommends that ferrets have a high-protein diet absent of carbohydrates but for foods containing carbohydrates for energy, levels should be no more than 20%
  • Fats – The recommended amount of fats in your ferret’s food should be between 15-20%. Any more increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal upsets and weight related issues such as obesity. 


We all like great value and there’s no difference when it comes to buying our pet’s food. Great value ferret food should be priced between $8-10 for a 22oz bag. When buying your ferret’s food, I encourage you to select larger size packs as they will be more economically beneficial and will last your furry friends much longer than smaller-sized packs. 

Feeding a Ferret Cat Food

When bringing your Kit home for the first time, Kitten kibble can be a great starter food for your little furry friend. Requiring the same high-protein diet as ferrets, kitten food is a great alternative when struggling to find ferret food for the first time. 

However, adult cat food does not have the same level of protein content so should be avoided with your ferret. If choosing to feed your ferret cat food, stick to kitten kibble only but then slowly transition to specially designed ferret food as it is formulated to suit the dietary needs of your ferret. 

Ferret Food FAQ’s:

Buying the Best Food

Created by experts of all things furry and ferret-like, Marshall Premium Diet is a great choice of food for any type of ferret in your home.

Supporting the diets of all ferrets, throughout each stage of their development, whether they are coming home for the first time or in the older stages of their life, Marshall Premium is a great overall choice for any ferret in your home. 

Wish to opt for something more organic or grain-free, then opt for one of our options above and provide your ferret with something a little more natural this spring. With all of our varieties available on Amazon and Chewy, buying the best food for our ferret has never been easier than just a simple click away. 

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