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Best Chinchilla Treats Guide and Reviews 2022: Snack Time!

I wanted to find the best chinchilla treats available on the market. Having researched and tested, my favorite was the Sunbest Natural Chamomile Flowers. They’re all-natural, packed with vitamins and nutrients, and have a beneficial calming effect on chillies – perfect for nervous chinchillas or as a soothing treat before a stressful activity.  I’ve always … Read more

The Best Chinchilla Toys Guide and Review 2022

I have researched and tested out the best chinchilla toys and my runaway favorite was the Living World Teach-n-Treat Toy. It is multi-functional and provides stimulating fun for chinchillas and other small animals alike.  As a small animal owner, I sometimes feel the guilt of not spending enough time playing with my pets as much … Read more