The 15 Best Chinchilla Cage 2019: Reviews & Guide

Let’s talk about the small pet we’ll be discussing exclusively, specifically a Chinchilla. Chinchilla’s life is limited up to 20 years but giving them the best chinchilla cage would add up to their living. Seeing your chinchillas well existed at your care is overwhelming thus giving your best on building its cage is claimed.

Having your own habitat is so substantial where you can do all the things you wanted to do. Even pets desire to have their own dwelling that is not far from their natural habitat. Hence, proper nurturing of pets irrevocably demands proper habitation and also further costs. Are you ready?

Important Factors to Consider


 In having two chinchillas, a 12-foot of space is ample. These pets are known by being active and can do acrobatic stunts through the shelves and ramps. However, a larger cage is much appreciated to provide more room for the pet’s toys and other stuff. For recommendation, choose a taller or multi-level cage for they loved climbing as a way of having fun with their co-pets. All in all, the size of a cage really depends on the number of chinchillas you have. Just choose a cage that renders comfort on your pet as it is the primary goal of it.

Safety Level and Escape

 Due to the activeness of chinchillas, a heavy-duty cage material is needed to maintain the cage’ stability. Further, the wire is coated with toxic-free materials for it is normally chewed by chinchillas when they’re bored. In addition, ensuring proper ventilation must not be forgotten thus it has tiny holes. Also, the doors must be locked properly to completely avoid it from escaping where they’re good at. The base must be enclosed by plastic or wood to keep their feet safe from slipping. Lastly, the best bar spacing measurement is half an inch to achieve an escape-proof cage.

Sanitation and Care

 Chinchillas have a continuous eating habit thus ends up with unstoppable pooping. Hereafter, cleaning their cage needs to be maintained and supervised at least weekly or if needed, daily. That is why it is recommended to purchase a larger cage for easier cleaning and it doesn’t require daily cleaning. Another is a removable base for it is only pulled-off to remove waste and the deeper it is, the better. Besides, a two-inch in-depth base is adequate to hold beddings and residues. To sum it up, the larger the cage means the lesser the frequency of sanitation it requires.

Top 15 Best Chinchilla Cage

Living World Deluxe Habitat

It is a dual opening, spacious, and two-level habitat for chinchillas that can accommodate over 2 pets. Further, there’s an elevated gallery to monitor the little ones and hideout underneath the gallery for the pet’s quiet time. On the outside, water and a feed container are found to maximize the space inside the cage.

For sanitation purposes, poop and feedings residues don’t directly fall on the floor as plastic covering is placed on the surface. It also prevents pet’s feet from getting hurt. What is more, the dual openings give way for easier cleaning and for easier access on the pets.

Most importantly, legit ventilation and sturdy wiring are achieved for chinchilla’s better living.

Midwest Critter Nation With Stand

Midwest Critter Nation created a single-story habitat that’ll soon be added with another level as according to your liking. Well, up to three-story habitat is permissible. Moreover, it came with a stand and a wheel for easy transporting at home. The habitat is structured vertically to let chinchillas climb around the corners.

If the two-story habitat is purchased, it is composed of two detachable base pans, three inclines, and two relaxing pans. These features will surely spoil the pets in a hundred folds. The inclines are small feet friendly that assure comfort and protection on chinchillas’ feet. Enough room for your pet thereof!

What is more, the wirings are designed half an inch to secure your pets’ wellbeing and to allow constant airflow.

YaheeTech 6 Level Small Animal Hutch

For pocket-friendly chinchilla owners, a YaheeTech cage is highly suggested. Where chinchillas can enjoy playing in six ramps more than what other cages could offer. Also, it is structured vertically with wheels for easy shifting from one spot to other spots. Additionally, the three-openings are wide enough to reach out the chinchillas using both hands.

The downfall is the wiring spaces. There’s a tendency of feet getting wounded as it can be accidentally stuck in between. However, a remedy is to place compact plastic or wood on the surface to avoid hurt bottoms. In addition, it prevents residues from falling on the floor thus results in more hygienic surroundings.

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Bunch of chinchillas in one cage can be quartered by a Prevue Hendryx Four-Level Cage. Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about being absconded by chinchillas for its two doors are escape-resistant. There are three safe and sturdy plastic ramps to walk over with resting pans on its ends. For lazy days, a hammock would catch a chinchilla for a nap.

During the assembly, numbers of tools are needed to finally arise at its best posture, however, in cleaning the cage it only takes fewer minutes. The two wide doors are a great way for easy cleaning! For storage, space underneath serves as a room for pets stuff such as toys and other essentials.

Thereof, separating males from females is way possible when you purchase two units of cages.

Homey Pet 3-Tier Chinchilla Crate

Having a hard time following an assembly manual? Or, there’s no time in setting up a complex cage? In this matter, no more stressing out getting it done as it can be easily assembled without using any tools.

Compared to the preceding ones, it only shelters a maximum of 2 critters. The two opening cage contains two ramps and two sleeping pans, including a base made of dense plastic. It is made of steel coated with non-toxic material for safe ingestion. However, the wire spacing is wide that chinchillas’ feet often slip off.

The most admired feature upon this cage is the urine guard which collects all the wastes to maintain hygienic habitat for chinchillas.

MidWest Homes Cat Cage

Are you planning to go on a spree with chinchillas at the back ride? Chinchillas are known as active small animals thus freeing them inside a car is in for trouble. Therefore, you need a cage that can be easily assembled and stored. You need a MidWest Homes Cat Cage!

The cage is foldable and it takes a bit of space on a car during storage. Before getting stored, keeping it clean is necessary consequently it is easy to do so. Its base is made of plastic for easy scrubbing.

To prevent the pets from escaping, large front opening is fully secured with clasps. Further, three platforms are adjustable depending on your pets’ comfort as they jump on it.

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

Long live chinchillas! They normally live about 20 years when nurtured properly and one way of caring is providing the best habitat for them. It is structured according to US standards thus assurance on its quality is expected.

It is fully constructed with metal tightly enclosed by two large openings to prevent pets from escaping. Additionally, there are four removable and washable wooden shelves as extra room for chinchillas. The base is also enclosed for easy cleaning and to keep chinchillas’ feet unharmed.

Consequently, it costs more pennies because of the quality it renders and you won’t regret purchasing though. Other accessories weren’t included yet this mansion is intended only for chinchillas.

Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

Pets do deserve a mansion-like habitat too. Mostly, a one-level cage is enough for chinchillas’ home but adding more rooms to roam is desirable. By purchasing Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage, extending up to 4 cages is more likely to happen; with extra spending.

A two-opening chinchilla cage is wholly made of metal with several platforms and ramps. That “several” thing can be boosted according to your want. As an end, adding more small pets is feasible. It is a practical purchase of chinchilla’s cage thereof.

Conversely, it is susceptible to rustiness and for that reason, placing it outdoors must be lessened and supervised. Subsequently, it is merely used indoors. In cleaning purposes, the trays are washed regularly to end up with germ-free habitat.

Homey Pet Stackable Open Top Cage

At first, chinchillas are shy-type pets thus prefer being alone on their own habitat. However, placing them in one cage as time goes by is all right; it just takes time. Being comfortable with each other will surely come.

Indeed, a space-saving cage for chinchillas as it can be separated from two units into one. Please take note that it is not connected even when put together thus chinchillas aren’t allowed to crossover. Both are collapsible for easy storing. There are also detachable wheels for conveying.

Sadly, no added platform as a playground for chinchillas but purchasing it separately is stated. The bottom part is grill style which is a no-no for chinchillas, however, putting a solid plastic or wood on it is proposed.

Petmate 2-Door Top Load Kennel

The handiest chinchilla’s cage is finally listed. Traveling with your pet even on board is now imaginable as it conforms on airline standards. However, only one chinchilla can be brought away and it is a good start owning a pet thereof.

It is simply constructed with durable steel and compact plastic with a handle for easy conveying. There are two openings available to have direct access on your pet, including the plastic-made top door and stainless steel side door. For proper ventilation, several holes on its sides allow continual airflow and assure freshening upon your pet.

Even though the cage is only intended for one critter it still has adequate space to support its satisfaction. On the other hand, it is handy yet a heavy duty cage but still suitable to bring during travels.

Mcage Large Double Wrought Iron Cage with 3-Tier

Separating male and female critters is recommended for better breeding and to avoid little fights between the pets. Besides, if you’re having many chinchillas at home this must be the most appropriate habitat to purchase. It is obviously larger than usual.

The cage has horizontally divided that ends into more spacious habitat for your pets. Also, it has separate doors for easy access on critters and for stress-free cleaning. Other accessories include platforms and inclines that are both detachable in lieu of cleaning. For sanitation, the base is pulled out for faster and separate cleansing.

Underneath the cage, there’s a huge space for storing toys and other stuff. It can also be detached on the cage itself for convenience. Moreover, wheels help you to move the cage wherever you wanted. Most importantly, it is coated with toxic-free materials.

go2buy 4 Level Indoor Cage for Small Pets

A more stylish cage for chinchillas is a must buy. Four-leveled room for your pet is adequate for it to play around freely and actively together with its squad. Yes, it can accommodate a bunch of chinchillas at a time.

The 4-tier habitat is structured with sturdy steel coated with material against rustiness. It is perfect for small animals including chinchillas to roam around it. It contains three resting pans, three ramps, and a removable base. Further, there are two openings for easy access to pets and for feeding purposes. Besides, an additional water container and feeder are included for free. Sounds economical!

When done using it, the cage can be folded to save up space. Therefore, it is suitable for travel use as it does have wheels for easy transport.

Super Deal 53” Large Bird Cage

Its name isn’t literally applied for it is fit as chinchillas’ shelter. Of course, nothing compares on how it works as bird habitat, however, flexible enough to escort a cute chinchilla. You can customize it to make it look like your pet’s preferred cage.

The crate is composed of two parts, including a top crate and a bottom open-grill crate. The top crate serves as the cage of chinchilla that contains two long logs which can be customized for chinchillas liking. In addition, food paraphernalia such as water container and feeder are included. For cleaning purposes, the base that carries all the wastes can be removed.

The bottom portion is storage for a number of materials. Further, its sturdiness is admired and thru wheels, it remains intact and it can be relocated. At last, the door is sealed to avert escaping.

AmazonBasics 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen

Chinchillas are worthy of wider space to live on. Of all the cages cited previously, we’re not yet done of revealing more spacious habitat for your pets. The truth is an alternative one is yet to be revealed at this moment.

Then again, a 3-tier habitat primarily for cats but it can shelter little chinchillas without inconvenience. It is vertically structured made of metal and coated with rust-resistant material. It has two swing and lockable doors to give way for filling up water and food containers. In addition, it flattens when not in use for easy storing.

It contains three small shelves for playing, resting, and more exploration of your pets. There’s a removable tray at the bottom for easy cleaning and to support your pets’ small feet when roaming around. Additionally, the wheels became the reason for easy repositioning.

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat

Ending it up with a “not so least” habitat for chinchillas. We’ve placed it at the bottom not because it has the least quality but it has the final say. It may seem simpler than the former ones but has a fight on its sheltering capability.

Kaytee made a home suitable for all kinds of exotic small animals, including your chinchillas. It is perfectly built in terms of its structure and its leveling. Perhaps, it is partially made of plastics and metals. Its base and the three pans are made of dense plastic which is safe for pets. And the enclosure is made of sturdy metal coated with chew proof material.

Additionally, there are three safe ladders as a runaway for your pets to reach wherever point they wanted. The base is deep enough to hold residues and can be removed for cleaning.


In looking for a perfect cage for a chinchilla, you must take into consideration the factors it must have. By then, you can fix a reasonable budget in purchasing a cage and other chinchillas’ essentials. The look of chinchilla’s cage is not noteworthy but its sturdiness and the safety of chinchillas is more vital. The goal is to provide shelter on chinchillas not to beautify their habitat.

The cost doesn’t matter at all as long as it makes chinchillas happy and extends their lives. Hopefully, you’ve found the best chinchilla enclosure above and if not, we’ll continue to help you find one.