Best Food for Green Anole: Feed Your Reptile with Healthy Foods

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Best Food for Green Anole

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As you know, green anoles are lizards and are most likely to be insectivores. There are actually some reptiles that eat fruits and other leafy stuff like tortoises and iguanas. Therefore, if you are taking care of a green anole, the only kind of foods that you should feed it with would be live insects. Do not feed your pets with dead insects as they might get diseases from it.

When it comes to feeding your green anole, you should only feed it with 2 to 3 insects a day. But what is the best food for green anole that you can feed it with? Continue reading down below to know what kind of live foods that you can feed with your reptile.

Green Anole Diet

The diet of a green anole mostly consists of flies, spiders, crickets, moths, small beetles, termites, small slugs, ants, worms, and butterflies. However, those that are in captivity are usually fed with crickets and worms such as mealworms, as their daily diet.

And as for its water, they only drink from dew on the plants or on the terrariums glass. They also sometimes drink from a bowl, but make sure that the bowl is shallow as deep bowls can drown your pet.

If you are feeding your pet with live insects, it would be much better than you also take care of insects to make sure that your green anole is getting the nutrition.

10 Best Food for Green Anole

Green anoles are primarily insectivorous reptiles, but they do eat small amounts of non-living foods such as baby food, over-ripened fruits, and flower blossoms. When in captivity, feeding your green anole with fruit-flavored baby food would be much easier in adding as variety in your pet’s diet.

Here is a list of the best foods that you can feed with your green anole, the list also includes non-living foods for your reptile:

1. Bulk Live Mealworms-500 Count

Live mealworms are one of the most common foods that anole owners feed their pet with. The Predator Foods sell a bulk of this type of worms with a 500-count. Purchasing from this shop will provide you with a food stock that can last for months.

Baby green anoles can only be fed with 2 to 3 insects a day, while for the adults can only be fed 2 to 3 insects every other day. Purchasing bulk mealworms can actually last for 5 or so months, this is a great money and energy saver from purchasing food every week or month.

However, if you don’t want mealworms as your pet’s staple diet, then we suggest that you buy a smaller count.

2. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch-1000 Count

Crickets are also one of the most common feeders that reptile owners feed their pets with, this is the same for green anole owners. If you are looking for something that is high in protein and very nutritious for your anole, then live crickets would be a great choice.

The great thing about the Bassett’s crickets is that they are all bred and grown in their own facility. Rest is assured that your pet would get the best nutrition it needs with these crickets. Note that these crickets are an inch in size, so if a 1-inch cricket is larger than your green anole’s head, then we suggest that you don’t buy this product.

3. Waxworms-250 Count

This is the best live waxworms that you can get for your pet reptiles, or even as a bait to catch the best fish. If you want to fatten up your pet, this worms can effectively do its job.

Upon delivery, the waxworms are all packed securely to ensure that they’ll arrive safely and alive on your doorstep. However, be careful when feeding your green anole with waxworms as they are rich in protein. It would be best if you feed your pet with 2 worms every other day.

But since this is sold with a smaller bulk of 250-counts, you can just feed your pet with these worms as a form of a treat instead of a stable diet.

 4. Josh’s Frogs Fruit Fly Culture

Some green anoles are very picky eaters, if you often feed them with worms they’ll get bored of it and won’t eat it the next time you feed them with it. Therefore, to avoid your pet from starving to death. We suggest that you feed your pet with something that flies around its terrarium.

Fruit flies are one of the insects that green anoles eat, they might not be as nutritious as mealworms, waxworms, and others, but it would help stimulate your pet’s eating habits, which is better than letting your pet starve itself to death. Since fruit flies are not high in protein like waxworms, you can use this as your pet’s staple diet.

Note that most of the insects are wingless to prevent them from escaping. But once these flies breed ever since you got them, you will then have a stock of fruit flies (with wings) for your anole to hunt with.

5. Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Crickets

You cannot feed your pet reptile with dead insects, but you can feed with dried ones. The Fluker’s dried crickets are all gut-loaded and full with high-calcium. These crickets may not be alive, but it would provide all the nutritional value that your pet needs.

Not only is it nutritious for your pet, but it is also much easier to feed them to your green anole as it doesn’t move around like the live ones. This is the best food that you can purchase if you don’t like the idea of handling live prey.

This food is also ideal for birds, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, tropical fish, and other kinds of reptiles.

6. Dubia Roaches-200 Counts

If you want your pet to have a bit of an exercise, consider getting a fast insect such as flies or roaches that your anole can chase around its terrarium. Dubia roaches would be a good choice of feeding insect for your reptile. These type of roaches are actually big in size, but the one sold by Blaptica dubia are much smaller compared to the other sellers.

This is a good thing especially if the roach is not bigger than your pet’s head. Always purchase a feeding insect that is not larger than your anole’s head to avoid choking.

Upon delivery, the roaches are placed in a 32 oz container with small holes and a mesh lid to keep them alive. It also includes an egg carton inside the container.

7. KBM Feeders Black Soldier Fly Larvae-500 Count

This is another type of worm that you can feed to you green anole. Black soldier fly larvae are a great source for protein, also they are rich in calcium and is low in fat. With that said, you can feed to your pet as its staple diet, but if you think that it is too much for your pet, then you can just feed them this as a treat.

This is a great source of food for babies and for the breeding females, if you are planning to breed your green anole, we suggest that you get this kind of larvae as your pet’s staple food.

8. Josh’s Frogs ¾” Crickets-250 count

Here is another bulk of crickets that you can buy in the market, but this time with a much lower count and with a smaller sized banded cricket. As you already know, the live insects that you feed to your pet should not exceed from the size of your anole’s head. And fortunately, Josh’s crickets are less than an inch on sizes which makes it a good food for your pet.

Crickets should be the primary food source of your pet anole, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll only feed it with crickets on its entire lifetime. Add a variety of insects to your pet’s diet such as fruits, mealworms, and others.

9. Josh’s Frogs Butterworms-25 Count

If you want t feed your pet with moths, you should consider taking care fo butter worms until they transform into a Chilean Moth. And if you don’t you can just feed the worms to your green anole, but make sure that you only feed it with one butterworm as it is high in calcium.

Butterworms cannot be used as a staple, but it can often be fed to your pet as a snack. You can feed a baby green anole with one butterworm a day, while one butterworm for the adults every other day.

10. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Live Worms

You cannot feed your green anole with super worms or kingworms, as these type of worms has powerful mandibles that can harm your reptile. As a safer alternative, you can just feed your green anole with an earthworm.

If the worm is longer than your green anole’s head, you can cut the worms into biteable pieces to prevent your pet from choking. You can feed your pet with earthworms from time to time, but dor nut make is a staple.


All the items above are the best type of food that you can feed to your pet anole, but only the crickets can be used as a staple. You can also make the flies as your pet’s staple but they won’t get enough nutrition from it, and as for the others, they are too rich for your pet that it might even be unhealthy for your reptile.

As a tip, gut-load the crickets and other live insects that you feed to your pet to get the best nutrition, and as an addition, you can even dust the insects with supplemental powder to ensure that your pet gets enough vitamins and proteins.