Best Food For Iguanas: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Among the reptiles that many pet owners have come to love and kept in their homes as pets, is the iguana. These cold-blooded exotic animals may look interesting, but not everyone will be excited to own one for several reasons. If you have decided to adopt one, however, you need to provide your pet the proper care that it needs. It has specific feeding as well as housing requirements. If you are not able to provide your pet iguana with  the proper care that it demands, it may later need a vet to address its health concerns.

Food and Water Safety For Your Pet Iguana

One of this exotic pet’s essential requirements is nourishment. To better provide it with its proper diet, you need to find the best food for iguanas. This pet is a strict vegetarian. You may think of iguanas eating insects, but they actually get to eat them by accident. They might also consume these insects to survive. But that does not mean that you can just feed them any animal-based protein as well as dairy products. Experts also advise that each of the iguana’s meal should consist of the following: calcium-rich vegetables: 30 – 40 %, other vegetables: 30 – 40 %, grain/fiber: up to 20 %, fruits: no more than 15 % and vitamin supplements.

As for the water that you need to provide for your pet iguana, it has to be clean and free from chlorine. Your pet will need much water throughout the day, so you have to make sure that it will have an adequate supply. Any leftover food that remains for more than 24 hours for has to be disposed of. Water bowls need to be cleaned daily as well.

You may find it too consuming to find and prepare the right meal for your pet. Fortunately, there are several commercially prepared food for your pet that you can stock up so your concerns will be lessened. Here are some of our recommendations:

1.Rep-Cal SRP00803 Juvenile Iguana Food

This juvenile iguana food by Rep-Cal is a veterinarian approved food. It contains all the natural plant and fruit ingredients that your pet will love to munch. A serving of this meal will provide your pet iguana 100 percent of the essential nutrients that your pet requires.

2. Exo Terra Soft Adult Iguana Food

These soft pellets are specially formulated by Exo Terra for adult iguanas. It contains a blend of premium ingredients that will provide your pet with a balanced nutrition for long-term health. It is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals, making it a complete source of daily nutrients for the adult iguana.

3. Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Adult Iguana Food

Here is another perfect and complete blend of natural plant and fruit ingredients essential for your pet’s optimum growth. It is also fortified with minerals and vitamins like calcium and vitamin D3. This means that there is no need to add anything to this meal when served to your iguana.

4. Nature Zone Juvenile Iguana Baby

Here’s a great diet supplement for juvenile iguanas from nature zone. This is a well-balanced food formulation that contains amino acids, protein, and minerals that provide essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and moisture for your pet. The nutraceutical ingredients that help maintain the bite’s natural color and are present in this special blend help in digestion. It also lessens the levels of ammonia that might be present in the iguana’s waste. This bite can be added to other greens, either commercially prepared or otherwise, that it eats.

5. Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Natural Iguana Food Formula

If you are looking for an adult iguana food formula, this product is what you should consider. It is a complete diet that your pet can use as its food source to maintain a healthy body.

6. Nature Zone SNZ54631 Iguana Bites Soft Moist Food

Nature Zone’s Iguana Bites is a soft moist food formulated for green iguanas. Its a combination of protein, calcium, and essential nutrients. This enriched and stimulating bite tastes like passion fruit and can be offered as an addition to the greens it consumes.

7. Rep-Cal SRP00805 Adult Iguana Food, 2.5-Pound

Another quality product from Rep-Cal that provides everything that your pet iguana to live healthy and satisfied. It’s a complete meal so there is no need to feed your pet with other than this should you opt to buy this for your pet. It’s all natural so it is 100% safe for your aging Iguana.

8. All Natural Juvenile Iguana Pellet Food

This specially formulated food is made with an appropriate amount of calcium, protein, fiber and other nutrients that your pet needs for optimum health and growth. It is an easy to digest food prepared by All Natural for young iguanas. It’s healthy and formulated for easy digestion.

9. Zoo Med Laboratories SZMZM85 Iguana

Zoo Med Laboratories offers a soft moist food in pellets form for adult iguanas. This special blend is available in 10 oz. and 20 oz. sizes. These food pellets are made with apples and carrots that have higher protein levels. It can be a good supplement to your pet’s regular diet.

10. Zoo Med Laboratories SZMFSP4 Green Iguana Food Sampler

This natural for prepared by Zoo Med Laboratories for Juvenile Iguanas are made from tropical fruit mix-ins. This calcium-packed food sample is enough to last for a few days for a juvenile iguana.

Iguanas’ Health Problems as a Result of Inappropriate Care and Handling

Metabolic Bone Disease

One of the usual health problems acquired by these exotic pets is the metabolic bone disease. This can cause an inadequate calcium consumption. This causes the reptile’s bones to soften. If not properly addressed, it may cause the iguana difficulties in moving and even broken bones.  They may also develop a mouth rot (an infection of the mouth known as) and may contract internal parasites (worms) and external parasites like mites.

If you have decided to take an iguana to care for at home, you have to be ready to take on a big responsibility. You need to invest time, effort, as well as your money to provide your pet iguana with the specific and appropriate requirements it has. You should also be ready to spot any health concerns immediately and be able to extend the necessary treatment it may need.

Heat and Lighting

Be cautious with the heat and lighting that you provide for your pet as providing it with more or less of what its body requires may be dangerous for its health. Exposing it to too much heat may cause your pet iguana to suffer from heat burns. However, if it is not provided with enough heat, it may suffer from respiratory problems. You need to make sure that the temperature setting within its enclosure is set correctly.


Finally, you need to make sure that adequate water is provided to your pet. If not, he may difficulty moving about or may have a wrinkly skin. Add treats to its water bowls to encourage your pet to drink more water.

Your pet is arboreal. It will leap, jump, and move about within its enclosure throughout the day. There are times that it may hit a sharp object and may get wounded. Small may easily be treated, but you have to watch out for major wounds. In cases like this, a professional vet should take care of your pet.

Some Suggestions on Iguana Meal Tool Are Easier

1. Zoo Med Reptile Rock Water Dish

This is a quality and natural water dish made of foamed polystyrene. It is made to have a smooth non-pitted, non-porous surface that will not absorb bacteria, stain, or leak. This makes cleaning a breeze. More than that, it is made to be super strong. It won’t break even if it is accidentally dropped.

2. Exo Terra Water Dish

This natural-looking water dish will blend well to any reptile or amphibian enclosure. It is made with a non-porous substance that won’t absorb any harmful bacteria. It is also durable and made to be easy to clean.

3. 5 Pack Reptile Food or Water Dish

This is a specialized dish that you can use to place the food or water to offer your pet iguana. It gives your pet a clearer view of the meal that he can enjoy at the moment. It is also stain resistant and is heavy enough for it not to be easily overturned.

4. Emours Rock Food or Water Dish

Emours Rock Food or Water Dish is made of quality food grade resin. Your pet will find its unique and natural-looking surface an ideal spot for or your pet’s meal time. It is also sturdy and easy to clean.

5. TOOGOO(R) Water Dish and Food Bowl

An ideal food or water bowl made of resin for your pet iguana. TOOGOO is a registered brand and only authorized sellers may sell TOOGOO products. This gives you the assurance that you are buying a quality product for your pet. The dish measures 12.5 x 9 x 1.5cm (L x W x H).

A few notes when you take care of iguana

1. Iguanas may look cute when they are young but they can get really big

There are types of these pets that can grow as big long as 6 ft and can weigh as heavy as 20 lbs. You have seen a crocodile, right? Well, your tiny-looking pet iguana will sooner turn to be like one of those huge crocodiles that you have already seen. So have your mind set on that huge Godzilla-like figure even while you are yet holding an adorable-looking gecko-sized pet at the moment.

2. They love heights

They don’t just need space on the ground, they will also require a lot of space to roam around above. So, even while they’re young, you need to make sure that you have secured and dedicated space where they can move about and go around. The minimum space requirement for its home needs to measure about 6 feet in length x 6 feet in width and needs to be at least 6 feet in height.

3. They need adequate room temperature to live healthy

Iguanas originally come from regions in South America where heat and humidity are present all year round. Thus, they will need to stay in enclosures that replicate the same temperatures in their original habitat: 80 and 90 degrees during the daytime, and around 75 degrees at night–year round.

4. They grow to have a mighty strong body

Iguanas have an innate wild nature and even if they have been trained to act more tamed than they usually are, you need to be on the guard 24/7. They may get cranky at times, so you should always be prepared.

5. They have a longlife span

These exotic creatures normally live to up to about 15 years. However, many reveal that they can live up to 20 years or more. You will be responsible for your pet for a long time, so be ready to do enough research to provide adequate care for your pet.

6. Be prepared for emergencies

Keep a list of every available and certified iguana specialists within your location. You don’t know when this will come in handy.

Having an exotic pet like an iguana is not that easy. You need a lot of patience and be consistent in providing this reptile the proper care it needs to live healthy and satisfied. Find related information in raising an iguana so you may care for it properly.