The 10 Best Hermit Crab Food Reviews 2022

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Hermit Crab Food

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Taking care of crabs as pets would require special needs, such as the size of their enclosure, designs, and of course, their diet. Hermit crabs are nocturnal scavengers and they would almost eat anything they could. Imagine eating the same food day after day, you’ll get tired of it, right? Same as with your hermit crabs, feeding your pet with the best hermit crab food in varieties would make it like you. These kinds of crabs are omnivorous, and in this article, we would be listing the best foods that you can feed to your crabs.

Jurassipet Hermit Crab Food

Hermit crabs would eat anything that you give them, including the foods that you eat. But if you want to make sure that your pet gets the right nutrition, then you should feed them with foods that are sold in the pet store. The Jurassipet is a premium food that is specially made for hermit crabs.

This product only contains high-quality ingredients without fillers, such as corn meal. It also contains important nutrients that your pet needs like fat, vitamins, protein, minerals, and carbohydrates. Also, this food is guaranteed to improve your pet’s appetite, growth, vitality, and coloration in a month if you feed it to your pet continuously.

Pisces Pros Variety Hermit Crab Food

While most hermit crab foods are packed with chemicals, preservatives, and other stuff that aren’t good for your pet’s health, the HBH Pisces Pros contains a variety of real foods like coconut and other high nutritional ingredients. If your crab is a picky eater, which is less likely, this food would be the only thing that you need for your pet.

This pack is developed and formulated as a type of food that hermit crabs would surely love. Pisces Pros only focus on ingredients that are best for your crab’s health, it also contains food oil to prevent your pet’s shell from molting.

Sungrow Cholla Wood

Hermit crabs are scavenging crustaceans, it is a natural activity that they need to do to live in the wild. They may eat anything that you give to them, but their health shouldn’t be taken for granted. Aside from meat, fruits, and other healthy foods that they could eat, a decaying wood is also important in their habitat.

Hermit crabs love to chew on decayed woods, so adding this one in their crabitat is a good decision to make. This cholla wood from Sungrow is an excellent addition in their diet, aside from being a great chew toy and source of food, it also provides a natural looking decor in their enclosure.

Florida Marine Reseach Hermit Crab Food

If you want to stock up some food, luckily, Florida Marine Research offers a 3-pack hermit crab food at an affordable price. Each pack is about 4 ounces, so if you have about more than 3 hermit crabs at home, this purchase would be worth it. The ingredients it contains are all safe for your pet to eat.

Each pack contains ingredients where your crabs will likely to enjoy and be able to help them maintain a healthy life. It also features some healthy food oils which would help prevent their shell’s molting and allows their shell to have a longer life.

Bumble Bee Mackerel Canned Fish

If you are planning on feeding some meat to your hermit crabs, some canned fish like this canned mackerel could be appealing to your pet’s taste. This can of fish contains some chub mackerel, which is quite similar to a large sardine in size but with a unique flavor.

Like we have mentioned earlier, hermit crabs can also eat human foods. But if you are to feed them with meat, fish, and others, make sure it is free from spices or table salts that could harm your pet.

Freeze Dried Shrimp for Fresh and Saltwater Fish

Spoiling your crabs with treats once in a while is a good way of making them feel comfortable with you. This pack of freeze-dried plankton is designed for freshwater and saltwater fish, but it would also be a good choice of treats for your crabs. This contains a heavy concentration of beta-carotene, which could help bring out your crab’s color.

This food is an excellent addition to your pet’s diet, even if it’s only just a treat. It’s highly nutritious and can also be used as a supplement for your pet if it’s a finicky eater. The reason why this food is an ideal food supplement for your pet is that it is packed with lipids and proteins, which is essential for their overall health.

TradeKing Dried Mealworms

Mealworms are also an appealing food for hermit crabs. These are high in protein which is perfect if you want to make your crabs grow quicker. The great thing about these worms is that refrigeration isn’t necessary, just keep it in a cool dry place to have a long shelf life.

This is an ideal protein diet that you can give to your pet that is not only certified by veterinary, but it is also prepared with high-quality worms which is safe and nutritious to your crabs.

Plum Organics Fruit and Veggie Baby Food

A lot of hermit crab owners says that their crabs have sweet tooth, they also said that fruits and vegetables are good options for them. A lot of crab owners feed their pets with baby food to satisfy their crab’s sweet tooth, more specifically the fruit flavors. If you are looking for an alternative to fruit treats for pets and fresh fruits, then this would be a good option.

If you want to use baby food as your crab’s treats, you should try the applesauce, guava fruit, apples, mangoes, bananas, apple, sweet corn casserole, and sweet potato flavors. Crabs appreciate varieties of foods with different flavors, so you should consider letting your pet taste some of it to know which flavor it likes.

Zoo Med Fruit Salad for Hermit Crabs

If you want to avoid using baby food as sweet treats for your hermits, then you should go for Zoo Med’s fruit salad which is specially made for hermits. Each pack of this salad contains a variety of dried foods which gives a lot of options for your pet. The more choices your crabs have, the more they’ll enjoy their food.

This product has all-natural dried fruits which are perfect if you want to avoid processed foods, each container has cranberries, apples, and mango varieties. However, this treat is not only designed for aquatic pets, but it can also be fed to birds and amphibians.

Aquatic Arts Sinking Pellets

Pellets can be the main food source of your hermit crabs if your pet’s crabitat has water is filled with a bit of water, then this sinking pellet is a good choice. Instead of floating on top of the water, the pellets would stay at the bottom, this way your crabs won’t have to swim up just to grab it. Pellets like these are designed for aquatic animals, this includes snails, crayfish, crabs, shrimp, axolotl, and others.

Purchasing a bulk supply of these pellets can last for a year, which is enough to feed 2 crayfish, 15 shrimps, 15 snails, or over 10 hermit crabs. It is packed with high-quality ingredients that provide enough nutrition for your pet and helps maximize their colors. For best results, you should first crush the pellets before feeding to your pet so that they could ingest it much easier.

Health Signs of Hermit Crabs

If you want to know if your crabs are healthy or not, then here are some signs that you should be looking for. Here are some signs that you should look out for if whether your pet is sick or not.

A healthy hermit crab shows a healthy appetite like eating anything that you give to it and pretty much active.

As for a sick hermit, here are the signs that you should look out for: if your pet has lethargy, loss of appetite, losing its limbs, or has abandoned its shell and never came back for it, then a visit to a veterinarian is a must.


It is easy to take care of hermit crabs as they are low maintenance, but when it comes to their habitat, foods, and other needs, you’ll have to make a bit more effort. Luckily, hermit crabs would eat anything that you give them, but do make sure that you’re feeding them with would provide nutrition to their tiny bodies.

If you feed the right food to your crabs with the right nutrition, your crab would grow quickly in a healthy and strong way. Not only that, but it would also prevent their shells from molding which is important to make your crabs live longer.