Top 10 Best Tegu Enclosure Reviews 2022

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Have you ever considered owning a tegu, but don’t have any idea what’s the right and best enclosure for it? Actually, choosing the best tegu enclosure can be very easy especially if you have enough background regarding the pet you want to have.

Normally, tegus need a big enclosure which allows them to explore and burrow at the same time. Or in any case, a decent sized enclosure that offers them enough space where they can walk around and get out.

However, if you’re one of the many soon-to-be tegu owners or have already one but want to give them a more comfortable enclosure, this content can help you a lot.

Here, we have compiled ten of the best tegu enclosures that are currently available on the market. But before that let us first find out some of the important things that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying A Tegu Enclosure

What are the social needs of your pet?

The majority of tegus require a good amount of privacy so that they will feel secure. If you chose an enclosure that is completely open, your tegu may possibly feel insecure. Keep in mind that tegus need hiding places in which they can burrow themselves into the sand as well as feel safe.

Either way, large logs,and rocks are the perfect itemswhere you can place your tegu’s enclosure as these items can be used as their hiding places.

Does your pet love bathing?

Some tegu lizardslove the water. In fact, bathing and swimming are good activities for them. With that said, buying a tegu enclosure that is big enough for your pet’s swimming pool is very important.

Does your pet love climbing?

A number of lizards are arboreal it means they love climbing trees. If your pet falls in this category then you should go for an enclosure that is a bit tall. As a matter of fact, this allows your pet to climb limbs, logs, and other stuff that you put inside the enclosure.

Best Tegu Enclosure: Top Picks for 2022

Listed below are the ten best tegu enclosures where you can choose from. Also, the items aren’t arranged in particular order. Either way, they all deserve your attention, simply because they will give your tegu a comfortable and beautiful place where they can stay as long as your tegu is with you.

1. Big Apple Stackable Reptile Cage

The Big Apple Stackable Cage for reptiles is the only stackable multiple cage system on the market today. On the other hand, it is also a patented slide-to-lock enclosure.

Furthermore, assembling this enclosure is a breeze. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to use any piece of equipment or tools just to set it up.

This enclosure also comes equipped with double sliding glass doors that can be closed with ease. In addition to that, it has molded plastic sides that features glass panes while its recessed and waterproof bottom can accommodate two inches of substrate or bedding.

Even so, its durable mesh cover allows for a safe assignment of heating as well as lighting fixtures. Another good thing about this cage or enclosure is that it is very easy to sanitize and clean.

2. Exo Terra Screen Terrarium

This terrarium is ideal for reptiles and even amphibians which are subtle to stationary air. The unconstrained airflow of the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium offers optimal ventilation while reducing the development and odors in your tegu’s and other reptile’s habitat.

On the other hand, the design of the screen offers a bigger temperature gradient that helps your pet to regulate his body temperature effectively and inhibits overheating.

Furthermore, its aluminum screen mesh lets the sun or UV rays to penetrate deep inside the enclosure. However, the tray intended for the substrate lets you put a small layer of bedding increase moisture levels and absorb water. Nevertheless, the bedding tray can be removed with ease.

This enclosure will keep your tegu secure and safe, thanks to its durable nickel coatedlatches which add stability to it. Also, it can be assembled easily using a screwdriver.

3. Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

This enclosure has a total dimension of 36 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches. Even so, the Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium is equipped with a waterproof base. Apart from that its very tall fixed front subordinate panel lets for deep layers of beddings or substrates.

On the other hand, its bottom glass is raised in order to simplify the installation of heat cable or substrate heater and prevents overheating issues. Furthermore, it retains the entire bottom panel well-aerated to make sure optimal cold as well ashot spots.

This High Glass Terrarium from Exo Terra comes with an enlarged ground surface. In addition to that, it sports a natural-looking background for a usual seeing environment. Nonetheless, the background also offers an additional climbing facetand vast terrarium design chances.

4. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

This aluminum and open-air screen cage come with a big front door which makes accessing the enclosure much easier. Moreover, this enclosure from Zoo Med features a bottom door which allows the user to remove the substrate or bedding easily.

On the other hand, this beautiful cage for reptiles like tegus is corrosion resistant, thus you are certain it can withstand the test of time.

Even so, all the hardware included in this item are very easy to assemble, as a matter of fact, you only need to use a screwdriver. One of the best things about this enclosure is that it is very easy to clean.

Either way, the size of this Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage is 24 inches by 24 inches by 48 inches.

5. Leoterra Custom Size Terrarium

This cage from Leoterra does not feature any glass. However, its upper part is made of wire mesh in which you can directly place lighting fixture. On the other hand, this product comes with a PVC plate that is located at the bottom. The good thing about the plate is that it can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Apart from that, the Leoterra reptile terrarium can be assembled with ease and doesn’t have a screw. Nevertheless, this item isn’t waterproof.

6. Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Similar to other Exo Terra enclosures or terrariums in this list, this one also comes with a waterproof base.

This product comes with dual doors for easy feeding, maintenance, as well as misting. Apart from that, it also features a reliable security lock which prevents undesirable opening from pets and kids.

On the other hand, tegus and other reptiles which surely like its natural looking background since it gives them the feeling as if they are living in their natural habitat.

Either way, this terrarium from Exo Terra has a total dimension of 18 inches by 36 inches by 24 inches.

7. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Mayan

This enclosure is designed and created by European herpetologists. Even so, this 18 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches cage is considered one of the best reptile housings.

The very high and fixed lower panel of this of this product offers sufficient space for glass installed decoration. Also, you can use it to make a water feature that is tall as the airing strip.

The glass panel, on the other hand, is raised up to make mounting of heat cable as well as substrate heater much easier. As a result, overheating issues are less likely to happen.

Either way, if you want to place a canopy in this enclosure, you have to buy them separately.

8. Reptizoo Reptile Glass Terrarium

When it comes to high-quality reptile supplies and equipment, Reptizoo is one of the most reliable names today.

Even so, this glass reptile terrarium can actually offer your reptile and even amphibians with a comfortable as well as durable habitat to live in. Furthermore, this product comes with front opening doors. With this feature, you will be able to maintain and access this enclosure and feed your pet with ease.However, you can separately open the doors.

Apart from that, it comes with a lock that is specially designed to prevent your tegu from escaping. The tough and full-screen top of this cage offers enough ventilation. Plus, it allows infrared and UVB penetration. On the other hand, the screen can be removed completely for easy accesswhile you are cleaning or decorating the enclosure.

Nevertheless, this item has closable coves for tubing and wires and it’s very easy to knock down and install.

9. Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit

Another great product from Exo Terra that is ideal for medium-sized tegus and other reptiles. One of the best things about this item is that it comes with all the gears and decorations needed to create a durable and cozy enclosure for your tegu. This kit comes with a bedding or substrate, reptile care guide, hiding cave, plant, rock outcrop, and water dish.

On the other hand, this enclosure has a distinct front window freshening and equipped with a full-metal screen for top ventilation which allows the UV rays from the compact fluorescent light system to infiltrate deep to the terrarium.

Similar to other models, it also comes with front opening doors for easy feeding and easy maintenance. All the same, this one comes with a canopy, while its light system that is very easy to install consists of a fixture that has a reflector.

10. Reptizoo Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium

The top part of this visually appealing terrarium from Reptizoo is made from metal screen to offer your tegu sufficient ventilation. In addition to that, it is also safe for above head heat source it meets the needs of every reptile keeper or owner.

This product is capable of holding water and is water tight. Even so, the cover that is included in this item looks beautiful and designed to be fully functional.

On the other hand, its lift and pull sliding door is very convenient and easy to use. Either way, this enclosure is light in weight, thus you can move it from one place to another with ease.

There you have it the 10 best tegu enclosures where you can choose from.

How to Heat Tegu Enclosures?

A high wattage floodlight bulb (halogen) can offer a hatchling tegu sufficient amount of heat to grow the relaxing spot equal to temp.

Even so, when tegus reached their yearling size, you may possibly perceive the floodlight bulbs do not offer a relaxing spot big enough for your pet’s whole body. Since both adult and yearling tegus are so big, it is more efficient and best to utilize a series of lower watt halogen floodlight bulbs that are grouped together so that you will be able to make a proportionally bigger relaxing zone.

To give tegus a secure zone to withdraw from the heat, make sure to put a hide onto the enclosure’s cool end. Giving a room where your tegu may possibly dig his burrow is another great option as well.

In concept, the bulb which is located in the enclosure’s basking side should offer sufficient warmth to make the needed temperature rise in the rest of your tegu’s enclosure especially if you are not utilizing an all-glass terrarium.

But if it doesn’t work, you may consider installing a ceramic heat emitter or CHE in order to obtain the low end equal to temp,particularly during winter. Either way, you can regulate how hot the ceramic heat emitter gets using a lamp dimmer which is accessible in a hardware store.


Hopefully, this review of top 10 best tegu enclosures can help you a lot in your acquisition. Always keep in mind that with enough knowledge and research rest assured you will end up with an enclosure that can offer your tegu a durable as well as comfortable to place live that suits your budget.