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Best Crested Gecko Food: Reviews & Guide 2022

Crested Gecko eat

Crested geckos are one of the most popular lizard species you can get as a pet. In contrast to many other pet lizards that require all manner of expensive and special care, crested geckos are altogether less demanding to care for. And this is ever truer when it comes to feeding a crested gecko. Crested … Read more

10 Best Crested Gecko Cage Reviews 2022

Best Crested Gecko Cage

You looking forward to getting a lizard, more specifically a crested gecko? That would be a fantastic choice, especially if you are new to taking care of them. These lizards require very low-maintenance, that is why they are well-suited for children and new lizard owners. The crested geckos are also known as eyelash gecko. This … Read more

Best Substrate for Crested Geckos Reviews 2022

Best Substrate for Crested Geckos

You got yourself a gecko, a crested gecko in particular. Adorable little creatures, don’t you think? At one time, crested geckos were considered to be one of the rarest lizards in captivity. Nowadays, they are bred in large numbers and became a standard pet for lizard-lovers like yourself. Ideal pet for beginners, a crested gecko … Read more