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Best Food for Bearded Dragon Reviews & Guide 2022

food for bearded dragon

Bearded dragons, scientifically known as Pogona vitticeps, are semi-arboreal omnivores. They eat a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits. It is essential to provide these docile reptiles the best foods so that they will reach their optimum health. It is also not enough to feed them just with nutritious foods, but you also need to … Read more

Best UVB Bulb For Bearded Dragon Reviews & Guide 2022

Uvb Bulb for Bearded Dragons

One of Bearded dragons essential requirements is a space where they can live. Setting up the best bearded dragon terrarium may be quite challenging for a beginner, though. The best man-made habitat setup will allow them to move freely, do a lot of climbing, bask in the man-made lighting…The man-made habita needs to have all … Read more

Best Diet for Bearded Dragons Reviews 2022

There are many animals that are commonly kept as pets like dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even snakes. But have you seen someone who has kept a bearded dragons as a pet? Well, there is quite a number who love to have these amazing creatures at their homes. These species are available in abundance at … Read more