The 15 Best Bedding for Mice: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Bedding for Mice

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Beddings account for a larger part of the animal’s environment and may play an important function in their development. Therefore, a guided selection is essential to keep well the mice and the benefits enjoyable from rearing them.

In spite of the many brands that exist, the best bedding for mice is easy to discover. It is not difficult as many husbandry guys seem to assume. But all the same, this means one must have the proper guide to spotting such.

This review offers you a hold-me-by-the-hand tour of the available products which in our well-researched estimation is good enough.

Important Factors to Consider

Making use of the appropriate sort of bedding for your mice is very important and indispensable to their welfare. Many essential factors exist in getting across to a choice bedding which can be made use of in cages and other enrichment pieces.

Water Absorption

A bedding, especially, if it consists in a cage, must be capable of absorbing watery discharge and do away with the buildup of ammonia. As a good instance, beddings made from corn cobs are often greatly biodegradable, absorbent, and are quite convenient to incinerate. Indeed, they can absorb five times their mass in water, such that that they can be used to take care of oil grease.


It ought to be convenient for the mice. It should provide a natural atmosphere where the mice may burrow as well as nest very comfortably.


To prevent introducing undesirable variables unknowingly, it should be free from dust. It should also be standardized all over cages.

The Size

The size orientation of the materials of the beddings too has a lot to say about its usefulness. For example, the littler the cob appears to be sliced, the greater aggregate external area the bedding would have. Some might be available in half by half sorts, eighth-inch, a quarter-inch, etc.


Another important factor one is to consider in choosing a bedding is its affordability. How affordable can this product be? It should be noted however that the level of quality determines the cost. Normally, one would find cobs and wood chops cheaper but not for brands having paper stuffs. They are expensive because they are manufactured to put out variables and important for top-gear operations.

Back and forth, in opting for the best the convenience of the mice needs to be put at the forefront.

Top 15 Best Bedding for Mice

 Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This bedding is manufactured from the scratch with pillow-like easy, ultra permeable comfortable fluffiness. It is likewise decorated particularly for little pets. It offers a secure and warm home with a natural touch. It’s claimed to be made from a completely 100% reclaimed natural fiber. It’s useful for minor domestic animals.

It appears to offer all the care and comfort pets look for. It boasts of a 10-day odor control feature. It’s also dry and twice absorbent than shavings. It comes in a clean and prepared fashion having very low dust and it’s convenient to clean the material. The dimensions of the product are 19 by 15.8 by 5 inches. Also the item weight goes to about 8.5 pounds.

The Critter Care Natural Bedding

The CCN bedding designed for little animals brings down ammonia stench which pet urine causes. The soft pieces are manufactured to take up to thrice its mass in liquids from leaky water containers, pet urines. It also helps in keeping your mice warm dry and cozy.

Because it is reputed to be dust-free, you are more likely to go through lesser allergy or respiratory issues. The brand is manufactured from reclaimed wood pulp and biodegradable once used. It absorbs thrice its mass. The odor control is long lasting and its elasticity goes to twice its volume. The item compresses into 12.5L and expands to 30L.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Colored Small Animal Bedding

This item really offers your small pets a whole stuff of paper bedding. The bedding comes in a completely new brand in super-soft, permeable material. The item is clean and cozy. It also promises to encourage nesting or burrowing as it absorbs twice more liquid much more wood shavings.

The material has a good odor control level. It is as well dust-free to provide a habitat that is clean. Respiratory issues comes to the barest minimum because it is dust-free.

Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

With Vitakraft, you can have more time bonding with your pets and spend lesser time cleaning up their cage. The free-formula that consists in baking-soda speedily absorbs. It also locks in water to take hold of the odors for close to 14 days. This makes it the ultimate option in little animal litter and bedding.

This brand is not only appropriate for your pets it is also good for the environment as well. With warm crumbles, Vitakraft claims to help your pets feel great at reducing paw and foot prints. It also claims to retain thrice its weight in terms of water.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

This bedding claims to be highly comfortable and greatly absorbent for each pets especially mice. It is also useful for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and other small animals. As it is made of paper it is quite expensive. The bedding works well for each small animal.

As one sets out to construct the optimal bedding for little pets you should understand firsthand that quality and comfort are important. The items claims to be totally secure for pets. It also carries great value as it expands to thrice in volume of the packaged orientation. Your pets may very well enjoy a completely satisfaction assurance.

FibreCore Eco Pet Bedding

This bedding is a healthier and cleaner one created for birds and small pets including mice. The bedding is totally a recycled paper. The special and patented manner of cutting and bringing together the paper strips brings about an excellent material. The bedding is very absorbent, absolutely dust-free, and easily compostable.

It also brings solutions to the challenges of allergies and inhalant irritations. Respiratory illnesses and related problems are usually minimized. This is very important for birds and animals that experience sensitive respiratory bouts. Because it is a paper product FiberCore can be trashed or flushed for convenient, economical disposal.

Fresh World Small Animals Phenol Free Paper Bedding

Made in the United States, this bedding belongs to one of those biodegradable bedding for birds and small animals. It is manufactured from a complete tender and warm recyclable paper material; particularly, magazines and newspapers that have been recycled.

Moreover, it is completely dust-free and it has the capability of absorbing thrice its mass in form of moisture. Simply because it’s got no severe chemicals the baking soda method help keep the homes of your pets smelling and looking clean. The odor control level is simply great

FiberCore Eco Pet Bedding, 1.5 lb

Your mice may love this material. They may admire burrowing all over in it and they are light sufficiently. Relatively, this enables them to move all over it conveniently. You can even use it for other small pets as well. The material comes in a way that makes you love them as a great nesting and bedding stuff for your pets.

The orientation of the kit makes it a multi-purpose material. The item comes in a cream color and it is of 1.5 lb. It appears to be nice, quiet fluffy and soft. It looks as though it cannot stick together such that it produces a mushy tone in-between changes like a number of other beddings. It’s very convenient to tidy up.

Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

The item comes in a 100% all-natural material. Actually, it is made of corn cob exclusively. It appears to be totally dust-free. It boasts to be toxic free and comes in a biodegradable way. The item is manufactured from renewable resources. It is got about 113L bags consisting in Aspen bedding.

The item is completely the best for mice. Notably, it is as well good for guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, hamsters and a host of others.

Small Animal Beddings by Gentle Touch Products

The item is made of a completely natural Aspen wood. It also comes in pellet sizes that are about 14 inches and are dust free. It’s going to be a good bedding for mice and animals like rats, rabbits, , hedgedogs, guinea pigs, puppies, farm livestock, horses, etc.

It is reputed to smell great and absorbs greatly. It also aids in securing the cage in a clean state for a much longer time better than other wood pellets. Gentle Touch Products appears to be very convenient at moving the mice away from the bedding and absolutely covers the smell from the beddings. It truly keeps the odor to the barest minimum greater than what the normal paper-bound bedding does.

Lazy Bones White Shredded Paper Bedding

This bedding is one that is appropriate for permitting your little pet to have their own bed such that they may stay warm whenever they are asleep. It is usually ideal for pets like mice but gerbils, hamsters, rats and other rodents too may find it admirable. The weight of the piece goes to about 60 grams.

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

The item looks like an absorbent and soft bedding made from brown paper. It causes it to be more convenient to locate such litters as are used and take care of messy areas. It is made with a chunk of virgin fiber. Equally, it is free from sludge and not recycled print. The paper is never from the likely harmful leftovers from reused paper production.

The paper is also not made from recycled pieces of paper. It claims to be virtually 100% dust free. It’s also secure for small pets. It has no additives, irritants and has no dye. This is almost 178L of paper bedding getting to about 3173 cubic inches as well.

Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

This product is manufactured with exclusive natural Aspen shavings particularly made to remove wood waste and unnecessary dust that you can spot in other beddings. There are no aromatic inks or oils in the bedding.

Moreover, you can make good use of it in almost all habitats. It comes in a hardwood material and appears to be completely natural. The kiln comes in a dried way and your mice are likely to tolerate it well. It also tend to be more convenient than using paper bedding in terms of clean-up.

So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

The item is secure for use in each little animal environments. The bedding has baking soda that works effectively for odor control. The normal paper pellet come locks in watery content.

Also, you can get your SoPhresh in an environmentally safe and biodegradable form. The item is manufactured from a completely recycled paper which would not fall apart when it is soaked or wet.

Lil Bunny Foo Foo Critter Litter

Your small little critter comes to you the manner in which you admire them with this bedding. The pet bedding is manufactured from special Douglas fir wood cuttings. It is 100% organic, hand-filtered and hand-harvested such that the exclusive comfiest and fluffiest shavings only are put into the bag.

The item has no chemicals and dyes that could be dangerous to your small ones. The pets may frolic and go about in an exclusive normal habitat. The warm wood shavings smell would cause it to seem like your mice are just going about externally.


All sorts of mice bedding are great to an extent. Yet, in opting for the best bedding for your mice ensure you put the need for a safe environment at the forefront. Always note that quality of the material is more important. Nevertheless, be aware of beddings with moderate prices that help you collapse cost and get value as well.

Before you make a purchase of your items, especially when buying in bulk be careful to get reliable reviews. We think with this review you can always avoid the pitfall that comes with purchasing low quality items.