The 15 Best Cage for Mice: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Cage for Mice

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You are a pet lover, are you raising a mouse? Chances are that you will need a best mice cages. Aside from health implications, it is not humane enough to let your pets roam about on the hard floor. Just like you, they deserve a place of their own. A home to protect them from the elements. A safe and comfortable environment. So, we are going to be examining different options of mice cages that you can purchase for your pet.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Cage For Mice

Choosing a mice cage will mean choosing from a variety of cages, all at different prices. Mice cages come in their cheap types, expensive types, small, large, plastic and glass types. So it is very important you know what you want before actual purchase. The following are some of the factors to consider before purchasing your mice cage:

Cage Size Matters

This factor hinges itself on the population or the number of mice you wish to adopt. As a general rule, mice cage should be at least 12.7 cm (5 inches high), The floor area for each mouse should be about 38.7-96.7cm (6 to 15 inches). I feel it is important we point out here that you can make the house as big as possible. It wouldn’t hurt to have a big yard to roam in. So, cage types:

  • Wire cages: for a wire cage, the base is always in a plastic form that can be detached and cleaned. They are quite portable and as a result, can be carried about anywhere. The endearing quality of the wire cages is its ventilation. They ensure maximum ventilation.
  • Plastic cages: first of all, plastic cages are economical, portable, and makes cleaning easy. Most plastic cages come with a transparent plastic door and ventilation column. It takes care of cleaning and ensures easy access to the mice.
  • Glass cages: this type of cage is suitable for any user who prefers aesthetics over portability. The cage is fashioned out of glass, and so it can be difficult to move around. So it is not highly recommended for movers and travelers. Purchasing a glass cage most times, include purchasing a ventilated top.


Mice are highly sociable animals. In plainer terms, they favor interaction and company. Through interactions, they establish social structures and hierarchy system. All this and more will be impossible if their housing is not adequately spaced. As for implication, when looking through a list of cages for your mice, bear in mind that the cage should be big enough to accommodate more than one mouse. Feel free to choose the number of occupants but ensure that the company factor influences your decision.

Exercise and Playtime

Mice love to play as much as they love to interact. It is also a way by which they exercise their body. Whatever accessories you wish to include in their cage, it is important for the cage to have a section for it. Consider this, some wheels are not constructed to fit all cages. To prevent the inconvenience of buying different accessories, it is best to buy a cage that allows exercise and playtime.

With a clear understanding of various factors that can influence your choice of mice cage, below are the top best cage for mice:

Top 15 Best Cages For Mice

GNB Pet Hamster Cage

This portable cage is one of the best cages recommended for your mice. The GNB Pet Hamster cage is a multi-dimensional cage that is designed to provide your mice with playing space and a safe haven. The cage comes with a personal bedroom, spinning wheel, water bottle, food bowl, and two slides. Designed with a 3 level design, the cage provides ventilation, security, and comfort for your mice. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, the construction of the GNB Pet Hamster cage is made with non-toxic steel wire and powder-coated metal for enhanced breathability and all round comfort.

IRIS Hamster Cage

the IRIS hamster cage is another excellent habitat for mice. The sides of the cage are made breathable by the use of superior wire and plastic. The plastic gives owners a front row seat to observe the activities and behaviors of your mice. The IRIS Hamster Cage comes with a wheel for exercise, a food dish, a water bottle, and all in all, an adequate ventilation system. Three level cage design ensures that your pets are kept busy and exercising all day long. This cage includes everything you need to make your mice feel at home all day.

You&Me Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper

With a weight of about 4.8 pounds, the You&Me Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper makes an excellent choice for housing mice. The cage has adequate space for roaming and exercise. As an addition, the cage is convenient, easy to assemble and disassemble. It includes a top door entry for easy access, strong clips that your mice cannot detach and its high rise personality is such that your mice will love. Costing just $44.99, the You&Me Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper is going to be worth every dollar spent on it.

Sugar Glider Rats Animal Cage

Just where you think it can’t get better, Mcage presents the Sugar Glider Rats Animal Cage. The tight 1/2-Inch Bar Spacing is suitable to house both the baby and Adult Mice. The cage includes Dual front doors for access and exit, and a detachable wire raised grate floor. Portability is encouraged via its easy to carry handle, and foldable function. Cleaning the cage does not present any problem as it includes a bottom pan that you can slide out and clean. If you are a traveler or always on the road, then this mice cage is the one to get.

MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage

If there is a cage that provides everything you need to keep your mice entertained, feed and comfortable, then the MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage is your best bet. For starters, the cage has an exercise wheel, food bowl, water bottle, nesting nook, and a play tube. The cage bedding is fixed deep within the cage so that your mice can have enough environment for movement. It comes with a connector piece through which you can fix additional play tubes and to connect to another mice cage. One-year warranty on the cage guarantees quality.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is another breath-taking product of the midwest home for pets. The cage is all about space. It comes with a single pan, a single shelf, a coverable ramp, and a movable stand. The cage sits comfortably on four wheels. For fun, the wire spacing allows your mice to explore their environment. For security, angled ramps and plastic pan floor prevent fatal falls. The cage shelf can be removed at any time to give room for easy cleaning and it has a dual door for easy entry and exit.

GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat

If you are a lover of bright color and aesthetic design, then you will fall in love with this cage. The GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat is presented in different bright colors, is adequately ventilated, safe and comfortable. It is designed in three levels, which means that your mice can enter and exit at two different points. The cage has a bedroom, an exercise wheel, a water bottle, a food bowl, and two slides. A sanctuary is located at the top of the cage. This hiding place allows your mice to play at higher ground.

My First Home Habitat for Small Animals

My First Home Habitat for Small Animals is a strong and sturdy cage for mice. The cage is designed at different levels to keep your mice engaged all day long. The cage has a deep base and it ensures that the litters and bedding are kept inside the cage. As a safety measure, the cage is constructed with 1/2 wire spacing that ensures no escape from the cage. The cage is designed using coated wire that is chew proof and plastic parts that are stain resistant. It also features ramps and strong plastic shelves which enhances comfort and cleaning.

My First Home Tank Topper

Just when you feel it can’t get better, Kaytee presents My First Home Tank Topper. A 10-gallon tank converted into multi-level high rise for mice. The cage is fitted with stain-resistant and chew proof plastic and coated wire to aid cleaning and ensure that your mice don’t escape out of the cage. Play accessories include safety ramp, comfort shelves, and a brick house and Feeding accessories include a water bottle and food dish. The mice cage include a pet nameplate is easy to assemble without making use of any extra tool.

Clear Plastic Mice Cage

Another option worth considering if you are an avid lover of beauty is the Clear Plastic Mice Cage. Weighing just 1.1 pounds, the cage is very portable. Clear Plastic has a semi-transparent color cover and a ball that can be removed whenever you do not feel the need for it. It comes with a drink bottle, tube, and a single dish. It also features a wheel and a tube for exercise. The cage is also quite easy to clean, although, you need to be careful with it as it is quite fragile and can break easily.

Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage

Similar to My First Home Tank Topper, Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage converts 10-gallon aquarium and transforms it into a pet high rise. They are fitted with a strong powder coated wire to discourage chewing and mesh ramps to keep your mice safe. It includes a shelf and a roof door access point for better cleaning service. The cage has a three-floor design, further stretching their environment and roaming ability. Cage accessories include a water bottle and a food dish. It also features a spring lock for keeping the mice safely secured in the cage.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

Just like similar cages, Ferplast Hamster Cage ensures that your Mice have enough living space. The cage structure is available on two floors. The Ground and the top upper floor. You can decide on which floor to use for feeding and exercise. The cage is fitted with ladders to enhance movement from one floor to the other. The cage is constructed with a transparent base for enhanced visibility and wire mesh for protection. A connection cap can be used to connect the cage to other mice cages. It comes with a feeding bowl, sleeping nest, an exercise wheel, and a feeding bowl.

NEW Sparkle 4 Solid Floor Levels Habitat Mice Cage

The New Sparkle 4 Solid Floor Levels Habitat mice cage puts your mice in your direct line of view. Made of transparent, washable and durable plastic, the cage allows you to observe the activities of your mice as they develop. The cage has three access doors, food dishes, a water bottle, and various exercise wheels. The cage comes in three levels and each level includes an exercise wheel. The highest level has an exercise ball for added fun. The cage weighs 9 pounds and as a result, the form lasts longer.

528 Universal Small Animal Home

The Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home is designed to house different types of small animals. Happily, the mice are one of them. The cage is designed to be tight through the use of 3/8 wire spacing. The tight spacing ensures that your mice are kept in the cage every time. Cage security includes two entry doors on either side and knob closure. The cage is lightweight. It weighs just 16.1 pounds and It features a plastic ramp for variety. The simple build of the cage ensures adequate room for exploration.

GNB PET Super Large Hamster DIY with Complete Tunnel Module

Bigger space equals bigger fun. The GNB PET Super Large Hamster DIY with Complete Tunnel Module is one of the biggest cages you can get for your mice. It features bigger living space, playground and exercise column. It features various exercise tubes that won’t hurt them. The cage which is made from non-toxic plastic and wire materials structured in a way that ensures that the bedding and litter stay safe within the cage. It includes two handles for better movement, an oversized front door and another on the left side. Access to a cage and moving has never been this better.


Bringing home the best cage for your mice is absolutely no rocket science. Most of the factors discussed above are all anchored on the number of mice you want to include in the habitat. It is true that some cages can be bought cheaply while some are relatively expensive. Whatever type of cage you wish to purchase, we are quite sure that it has been listed above. The cages listed above are adequately ventilated, they pave way for better interaction, keep them entertained and above all, keep them safe and healthy.