The 8 Best Tortoise Enclosure: Reviews 2022

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Tortoise Enclosure

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So, you are a new tortoise parent? They are popular since they are so cute, quiet and does not shed any fur, making them suitable for those with allergies. These reptiles can be rewarding, however, they are challenging pets. Tortoises can live a really long time (ranging from 50 – 100 years.) So, if you chose to take one home as a pet, you will need to be prepared to provide it with a lifetime of care and support. And the very first thing you will need is the best tortoise enclosure!

Top 8 Best Tortoise Enclosure

Zoo Med Tortoise Play Pen

If you want an enclosure to use when spending time outdoors with your adorable tortoise, then this Tortoise Play Pen from Zoo Med is just what you need. Sturdy and spacious, this playpen was developed in order to provide your pet with a super comfortable space of their own when spending time outside the house.

The cage comes fully equipped with 2 distinct areas. Although the open space can be used as their playing area, the second area is much more private, ideal as a resting place for your tortoise. Furthermore, the cage allows your pet tortoise to absorb beneficial UVB rays from the sun which is crucial for shell growth and overall health. The playpen is super easy to assemble and you only need to place it on your lawn and watch as your tortoise nibble and feed on the grass.

Zoo Med Tortoise House

Another great Zoo Med tortoise house model from that is worth considering is the Wood Tortoise House. With a great price to value ratio, such model is not only practical but is also easy on the eye. It is also super easy to assemble, offering you great convenience.

With a sturdy all natural fir wood construction, the tortoise house is quite reliable. Like the previous tortoise playpen, this enclosure comes with 2 parts— a private one and an open part. The deluxe wood siding offers privacy and shelter acting as a safe retreat for your tortoise while resting while the other allows your tortoise to bask in natural sunlight.

In addition, Zoo Med made this tortoise housing weatherproof in order to offer a safe retreat for indoor and while out in the garden. It has a lockable wire safety cover, you do not have to worry about your pet escaping and running away from you. Furthermore, if you remove the end panel of the enclosure, you can double its size by connecting it to another product type for a more spacious enclosure.

Paws & Pals Oxgord Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

Another great playpen, the Oxgord Heavy Duty Pet Playpen from Paws & Pals is originally made for dogs. However, it does not mean that it cannot serve the less rambunctious tortoises. This is a durable pet crate which can be used both indoors and in the natural environment.

Since it is super easy to put together and disassemble, it is can be easily transported and saves space if not used. Lightweight, you can also carry it with you on vacation or camping trips. The playpen also comes with a rust-resistant coating which guarantees its durability.

The versatile playpen can be creatively configured in different shapes and use in various ways. Getting more than one and assembling them together can help you create a zoo! The playpen includes ground anchors for extreme durability and ensures that it will not fall. Furthermore, it comes with a good locking mechanism which prevents your adorable tortoise from escaping.

Unipaws Tortoise House

Practical and multi-functional, this tortoise cage is made of high-quality metal wire and solid wood. With stylish and fashionable looks, this cage blends with your home décor. The Unipaws tortoise enclosure features double handles for easy and convenient moving. The top wire lid, on the other hand, allows enough circulation inside as well as allowing enough sunlight for basking.

Featuring a double room design, this house comes with 2 room that is separated by a removable wall. One side provides your tortoise safe and private area to hide and rest while the other one allows your pet to bask in the sun. Or you can slide up the removable wall in order to have the 2 room together for added space.

The enclosure also comes with lockable wire safety covers with latches in order to keep your pet safe and secure. Super easy to assemble, this tortoise house includes an instruction manual that is pretty straightforward for your convenience.

Petsfit Hutch Wood Enclosure

If you want something spacious and leveled house for your tortoise, then the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch is an ideal one. And even though it was specifically designed for rabbits, it does not mean that this enclosure is not fitted to cater a tortoise’s need.

Thanks to its spacious size, this enclosure is more than capable of providing your beloved tortoise with enough space for it to be active while out basking in the sun. With a solid wood construction and classic design, will look like a piece of furniture in your yard.

In order to make this enclosure safe to use for pets, the manufacturer treated it with water-based paint, so that you adorable pet will not be affected by any chemical substances which can be found in normal paint. Thanks to the front door and top opening, you will have easier access inside for cleaning and playing with your pet.

Furthermore, the enclosure features a removable button which makes cleaning super easy. A great plus, even though the enclosure is shipped in pieces, it is quite easy to assemble. Even more so, it has pre-drilled holes in order to help users speed up the assembly process.

Leoie Tortoise Habitat

This tortoise habitat is much more different than the previous enclosure I mentioned so far. The Leoie Tortoise Habitat is an excellent example of a semiaquatic setup for your tortoise.

Give your tortoise pal a much different setting with not one, not two, but five areas— a breeding hibernation area, a feeding trough, a basking platform, a docking ramp area, and a swimming area. Tortoises also need to stay hydrated and cool. So, giving them a home with a swimming pool gives them a place to soak in and cool off every now and then.

Its semi-transparent design also allows your tortoise to better enjoy some basking on the sun. Made from heavy duty and non-toxic plastic, it is super durable and safe for your tortoise. The enclosure is available in 3 different colors— white, blue and black.

Reptizoo Glass Terrarium

Although glass terrariums are not usually recommended for housing tortoises due to their lack of air circulation, this glass terrarium form Reptizoo should be appropriate. Featuring tough screen top, it offers enough ventilation as well as allowing the beneficial UVB rays from the sun. Or you can just completely remove the top for full open access. Other than that, it also has window ventilation on both sides.

It has front opening doors for easy access for feeding and cleaning, while the specially designed lock should prevent them from escaping. It also has a raised bottom frame for placing a substrate heater as well as a waterproof bottom for easy cleaning.

The terrarium also offers closable tube inlets and wires to install sensors, waterfalls, heat wave rocks and more inside. Super easy to install, it includes installation notes for your convenience.

Exo Terra Short All-Glass Terrarium

Another ideal glass terrarium for tortoise is the Exo Terra Short All-Glass Terrarium designed by European herpetologists. It has a full-screen top for maximum ventilation as well as infrared and UVB penetration.

Its front opening doors offer easy access inside for feeding and maintenance and are lockable in order to prevent escapes. The screen cover back features five closable tube or wire inlets on both sides so you can install sensors, waterfalls, heat wave rocks and more.

Its bottom plate is raised in order to mount substrate heaters for extra heat on the ground. The terrarium also has an extra high fixed front window which is suitable for thick layers of substrates or aquatic parts.


Tortoises make enchanting pets and are actually fun to watch, play and care for! However, they can be pretty demanding since they have such long life. So, if you choose to care for these adorable creatures, you need to make sure that you are ready for a lifelong commitment and provide them the sturdiest and best enclosures to live in.