Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Guinea Pig Cages

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Let’s find a home for a guinea pig, a cute little pet, by searching on the best guinea pig cages.

A guinea pig is an active small animal. Letting it roam around the house will result badly and might destroy some pieces of stuff at home. Having its own habitat will secure its needs and also protect it from any forms of harm.

Below are 10 best enclosures impeccable for a guinea pig. Hope this article will help someone to find a habitat for the pet.

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Cages

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The topmost selected guinea pig cage is the Living World Deluxe Habitat for it offers all the features to look for in a cage. Features consist of size availability options, portability, and easy access for the pet.

First is the availability of the cage’ size such as standard, large, and extra-large cage size wherein more than two guinea pigs can dwell in it. The crib made of heavy-duty metal and plastic materials is designed foldable and therefore easy to store during travels. There are two top openings for the largest size option to have easy access inside the cage. Besides, a small opening in front is also present.

The hay guard and water container are placed outside the cage to permit wider interior space exclusively for the pet. There’s an elevated platform and a hideaway section for the pet to feel secure.


Size availability



Nothing to mention

ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen

Bringing a guinea pig on the road is more possible with Premium Pet Playpen. The pet will be more secured whether indoors or outdoors through a round enclosure. Assembling and collapsing the playpen would be very easy that it takes not more than a minute.

It is made of waterproof, chew-resistant, and scratch-fighting fabric that is enclosed with a zipper on top and the bottom of the pen. The zipped top and bottom part are both removed when the cage is stored on its carrying bag.  A sturdy steel frame steadies the cage on its place and its mesh sides allow air flow. To have an interaction with the pet, there’s a built-in roll-up door.

There are attached small pockets outside the pen to hold water container and other pet’s essentials. To make it well-made for outdoor use, attach the included four stainless steel anchors to fully secure the pen.


Convenient and portable



Spring wires are poking out

MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat Plus

Guinea pigs are pets that really loves bigger habitat. They tend to play around, to socialize with their co-pets, and to have a better rest. That’s when Midwest Homes for Pets came up with an idea of expanding habitat for a guinea pig.

Guinea habitat plus is a combination of 2 or more playpen. Having only one cage is enough for the minimum number of pet. Dividing the habitat with a dividing panel will ensure a separate caring unit for the pets. Each cage is made of lightweight metal with appropriate bar spacing. There is a top opening for easy cleaning and access to the pet. Another side opening is in existing to serve as other door access on pets.

On the inside, a canvas base is found. It is a removable PVC canvas and hence cleaning it would be easier. Additionally, the base is leak proof and protects the pet’s feet from slipping off. There are small feet friendly rampage, a balcony and a hiding place designed for the pet. Adding up other accessories outside the cage is applicable.


Expandable habitat

Perfect for outdoor use


The canvas base may not be sturdy

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage

To start up owning a guinea pig, it doesn’t have to be in a high maintenance habitat. A simple and affordable habitation could do. Home Sweet Home Pet Cage is the most affordable guinea pig cage counted in and yet the pet can dwell in a safe place.

It is available in three size options in three different finishes. But, the medium size is more appropriate to buy as habitat for a guinea pig. It is simply constructed with heavy-duty plastic and metal material coated with chew-resistant shade therefore, safe for the pet. The bar spacing is 1” wide that prevents small feet from getting stuck.

It has a deep base that can hold needed bedding and other remains. The cage is rinsed out by detaching the four metal fasteners to remove the top. All remnants are surely confiscated through this easy cleaning process. Moreover, there’s a front opening to have direct access to the pet.





No hideout section for the pet

Living The Dream Small Animal Habitat by You & Me

It primarily made for miniature animals including a guinea pig. The cage is spacious and has a deep base made from heavy-duty plastic to avoid having swollen feet. There are 6 removable casters for easy mobility which is not found on other items.

The problem is the gap between bars is wider than the 1″ limit however the remedy has been at the base goes deeper so the pet couldn’t climb on the bars. There are a rampage and a balcony for the pet for better viewing. A front and top opening offer easy access for the pet. Adding up other trappings inside the cage is permissible.

As a whole, the crib is easy to assemble and perfect for indoor use.



Easy to move


Wide bar spacing

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

As guinea pig is comparable to a rabbit, their habitat may look the same. This cage can be customized which is good for a pet owner to create a habitat as according to personal wants. There’s a removable wooden guinea pig hideout with top opening. Thus, protecting hurt pets is possible through the separated hideout.

The cage is collapsed when needed to be stored or when brought during travels. It is easy to assemble as well as to disassemble and therefore cleaning the cage is more convenient. There’s a wide space somewhere to put on bedding. An elevated base is added where to place a feeding bowl to prevent food from spilling on the floor. A 600cc. water bottle with an anti-drop valve is attached on the cage.

A full-side opening is used to have easy access and stress-free cleaning. The habitat also saves space at home.


Within the means

Stylish designed


Pets do easily get out

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

It is included but not highly recommended as a guinea pig cage. The top is opened side-to-side and has not enough space for the pet to roam around. And predators may enter the cage if not being monitored properly.

The huge advantage of this item is access to the pet. It is easier to clean, to feed, and to touch the pet because of the wide openings. There’s also a balcony to rest for and a safe rampage. Other accessories are included such as hay guard, feeding bowl, and water container. Assembling the cage is made easier without the use of any tools.

Overall, the cage doesn’t meet the standard size of a guinea pig cage and yet an affordable one. Perhaps it is good as a temporary habitat but not a permanent one.




Not suitable for a guinea pig

Ferplast Pig Cage

When it comes to added accessories, Ferplast takes it as a top priority. A hay feeder, water container, and a feed bowl are all included in so much affordable price. The bars are made of wire mesh which isn’t good for animals that chew it but good for a guinea pig.

There’s a huge side opening wherein the pet can get in and out of the cage easily and also an advantage when cleaning. No other openings apart from it. On the interior, a hideout and elevated balcony are found for the pet’s alone time. The base is adequately deep to hold hays and other remnants. Other accessories are placed outside to maintain a spacious interior for the pet.

However, cleaning the cage may be inconvenient as the side opening must be upheld while cleaning. The opening has sturdy plastic fasteners to lock on the crib and to prevent animals from getting out of it.



Removable base


Inadequate opening

Ware Mobile Guinea Pig Home

It looks stylish and can be placed anywhere at home through its caster wheels. The habitat is made of durable steel that ensures an extended usage. It is primarily prepared for a guinea pig as it has a rampage and a balcony to play on.

It became attractive with its silver-like look combine with black. The base is so deep providing a wider space for the pet. Ease of cleaning is achieved because of its wide opening and is very light.

The craftsmanship is really admired on this item however, it demands a higher cost than other brands.



Easy mobility


No added accessories

A&E Cage Co Rabbit/Guinea Pig Cage

Lastly is an easy to assemble guinea pig cage. Spend more time on the pets is more vital rather than on assembling a habitat. This is recommended for those having so many pets that have no time preparing for a difficult cage.

It looks so plain with its plastic base and wired bars. The bars are escape-proof and provide better ventilation for the pet. A removable hay feeder is placed outside the cage to render more space on pets.

It is an affordable purchase and can last longer.


Easy to assemble



No water container

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What to consider before buying a guinea pig cage?

Make it certain that the cage is durable enough to prevent the pet from escaping. The bar must have a 1” spacing to avoid small feet to get hurt. Consider also an opening for easy access and cleaning of the cage. Most importantly, the cage dimensions to see the number of pets it can accompany.

What bedding should be put on the cage’s base?

The guinea pig has sensitive skin and hence fills the base with smooth beddings such as recycled paper, pine or aspen. Do not put toxic-rich wood shaves such as cedar.

What size of the cage is appropriate for a guinea pig?

This depends on the number of guinea pig you have. According to the Humane Society, one guinea pig requires a minimum of 7.5 sq. ft. cage. Adding other pet demands an extra 3 sq. ft. of a cage.

How to clean the cage?

First, remove all the dirt inside the cage by detaching the base (if necessary), then thoroughly wash and dry the cage afterward. In case of large cages, using a water spray is needed and cleans the cage on its place.

What are the added accessories?

Accessories must include hay feeder, water container with anti-spill valve, and a feeding bowl. These kinds of stuff are the primary essentials of a guinea pig.


Not all of the cages mentioned earlier are perfect for a guinea pig. Yet most of them have the needed features a habitat for a small pet must be obtained. We choose Living World Deluxe Habitat as the top pick cage for guinea pig because it doesn’t only look good but also works well in taking refuge for guinea pigs.

However, there are still many cage products seen in the market that we could choose for. Keep in mind that the primary goal in purchasing a cage for the pet is to protect it from predators and to make the pet feel at home even apart from the wild.

If questions are to be raised, write it down on the comment section and wait as we respond. Let’s all keep guinea pigs on guard!