The 15 Best Guinea Pig Hay: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Guinea Pig Hay

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Grass cuttings are very cool for your guinea pigs. But you know hundreds of them litter around. From a lot of them we have custom-pick those that in our opinion may be the best guinea pig hay. Take your time and see which interests you the most.

Important Factors to consider

In order to keep the teeth of the small pets from becoming worn out, do ensure hay is often available for your pet. You yet have to make your choice from nature by including hay in the diets of the small animals. They really admire and cherish varieties of hay as well. So, try and always do a mix. Oat hay may be a wonderful supplement to your hay rotation. This is in order to keep things smooth-going.

The following constitutes key factors you ought to consider when opting for your hay package.


This is largely determined by how old your pet looks like. If you’ve got a young Bunny you may discover that getting as little as you find around would be sufficient for your purposes. But if you’ve got a so-old-a-pet; especially when they have got some eating binge you may have to settle for a large one.


Your budget to a great level gives the conditions to what you would purchase at the end of the day. You don’t want to go for what digs a hole in your pocket. Particularly, when you find out that back and forth the products available are of the same quality.


This you may not be capable of thoroughly finding out. But bear in mind that most of the brands offer fresh deals. However, to avoid a situation where you cannot have what is available you may always look out for the terms of guarantee of your supplier. This would enable you to trade with a failsafe mind and refund you as is due.

Variable Content

What about the variable content of the hay? Of course you may not expect much more than the fresh, crispy hay but some brands are coasting deeper. Some package their hay with more nutritional contents and combine other guinea pig accessories with them. If you don’t mind the relatively higher price rates you may opt for them.

Top 15 Best Guinea Pig Hay

Having pointed out the important factors to consider when opting for hay packages, the following give an insight on the best guinea pig hay.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus

This Guinea pig hay brings together the advantages of Timothy hay plus the texture and flavor that supplements Kaytee-made products. It is sincerely ideal for animals that are over seven (7) months of age as it is higher in fiber to assist digestive health. It’s equally lower in calcium and protein to be of a beneficial urinary strength. It is ideal for guinea pigs basically. Yet, your chinchillas, rabbits too may find it unique.

In order to give you the best offer, your Kaytee Timothy assures a high nutritional taste and ideal leaf-to-stem ratio.

Strandlee Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass

This guinea pig premium grass is basically custom-made for small pets. Plus, it is grown to the ideal level of maturity. You can find the plant cut and this allows them to undergo a sun-cure (dry) to a reachable moisture level. It is hand-selected and baled such that the highest quality grass comes into each box and bag.

The Timothy Grass is greatly palatable and is moderately low in protein and equally high in consumable fiber. The benefits of your Strandlee Premium is that you can find it in an all-natural state. Also, it is free of preservatives or additives. It encourages digestive and dental health. Strandlee is a good fiber source.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots

This product combines the advantages of Timothy hay with the texture and flavor variety which complements any Kaytee enriched meal. The Timothy Hay is proper for pets that are over seven months old as it is higher in fiber to aid healthy digestion. Equally, it is lower in protein and calcium much more than alfalfa thereby supporting urinary strength. The carrots supplements the package for a higher nutritional content.

When you try it out you will be thrilled that your rabbit has almost gone all over one bag in a matter of six (6) weeks.

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay Pet Food

This 10LB product claims to be the best of both worlds. This is because the fiber and texture of the well-known 2nd Cutting Timothy hay blend is in-between the 1st cutting and the 3rd one. It boasts to be the choice for your healthy adult guinea pigs. Again, with this, your pets have a greater supply of fresh hay at almost all times.

This aids them to do away with GI stasis and other digestive problems. You may just ask out any delighted guinea pig customer. The Small Pet 2nd Cutting serves the needs of small animals as the name says.

 Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

Apart from the fact that you’ve got the benefit of digestion you may also have the benefits of a good dental health. You know, hay, is the major way, our little friends keep those teeth worn down. The Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay is such a delicious, fruity, scenting, high-fiber hay. It offers a clean source of fiber for guinea pigs and other little pets.

It enhances a natural forage produce for your pets. The high quality water cut hay is a normal supplement to the daily diet of your pets. You’ll surely love the stuff.

Kaytee Water Cut Hay

This grass cutting is carefully selected to guarantee the long fiber elements and ideal leaf-to-stem ratio that aids digestion. The Kaytee grows in a proper ecological locale for climate and moisture control. After then, it is kept in a secured environ with such superior and quality nutritional intake. The Timothy Hay is greater to aid digestive health.

Note also that the grass peels off in coatings to ensure it has little mess. It provides an unrestricted complement to any Kaytee fortified food. It has no preservatives or artificial color.

Oxbow Oat Hay

This 15 ounce hay Oxbow hay is a good, basic grass hay that has high quality nutrition plus a unique scent. The fragrance is such irresistible to little herbivores! It is the proper long-layer source of fiber for taking care of small pets like guinea pigs. With Oxbow, their digestive tract functions greatly well.

With low protein, high fiber and low calcium content, the Oxbow is greatly recommended by veterinarians. If you’ve got pets like rabbits, chinchilla, and so on, you should be able to find Oxbow suitable to them.

Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting

It may be that your guinea pig has got a little eating binge. And you likely want to make sure that they still get grass hay in their diet. In that situation, the Super Soft and Leafy 3rd Cuttings may well be the solution to those problems. Why? It is so soft and it has less stems and seed-hold than second cutting.

You can rarely discover the fussiest of these eaters as they begin to relish the hay. Again, it is harvested during late summer or early fall as the weather starts changing. This kind of hay is difficult to find.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food

You may begin to seek around how little pets really enjoy this orchard hay. Small pet select looks long and hard particularly for the greatest quality hay for guinea pigs and other small pets like rabbits, chinchillas the world over.

As most little animals owners realize hay is a very essential aspect of pet’s diets. And so long, small animals are picky eaters specifically at the moment it reaches the hay gets before them. Your small pet select orchard grass hay pet food comes soft, green, sweet tasting and scenting such that you can smell the meadows.

Small Pet Select 1st Cutting “High Fiber” Timothy Hay Pet Food

The first cutting proves softer and possesses a workable stem greater than that which you expect. The outcome you’ll get is hay that has a little greater fiber than 2nd Cutting yet it is very enjoyable for guinea pigs and rabbits as well. The item searches hard and long particularly for the greatest quality that Timothy Hay is known for.

So long, small animals can be greatly picky eaters the greatest quality is prepared for your guinea pigs in this hay. The hay is made from the present crop year.

Small Pet Select SMPLR-1

Does it look like you are attempting to figure out what is good for your little pet? The four samplers has 2nd cutting (the perfect blend), the 3rd cutting (super soft), the oat hay and the orchard hay. Perhaps, it’s the best!

It appears that the 2nd cutting is the item most people give to their guinea and even adult rabbits. This is because it possesses the right proportion of fiber and protein. Your animal always has an unrestricted array of fresh hay at each time. And even to avoid digestive issues and GI stasis you need to supply your guinea pigs with the right amount of hay each time.

Small Pet Select Deluxe Combo Pack for Guinea Pigs

You seem to well understand that nothing is more essential to the wellness of your guinea pig pets other than hay. It is in this line, that the Combo Pack version gives you the most premium sources and you can get it together by hand. The pellets contained in it as well are milled in little batches clear oversight over the whole process. It’s got a stuff fortified with the richest minerals plus vitamins necessary to your pets’ health.

The bedding really does not include beaches or dyes – it only has to do with shredded paper which is the texture okay for delicate paws. The package generally includes a 178L bedding, 5LB Guinea Pig Food and a 10LB Timothy Hay.

Small Pet Select Second Cutting Timothy Hand Made Hay Manger

This appears to be what most folks use to feed their guinea pigs. It’s got the perfect amount of fiber and protein. Your pet should have unrestricted hold of clean hay at each time. The Small Pet Select Second Cutting Timothy Hay is an all-natural, in-house hand-made hay brand. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by the manufacturers.

To keep your animals out of the vet’s place you may need to opt for your Second Cutting. It basically features a nutritional pack suitable for the GI stasis and digestive tracts of your pets.

Small Pet Select Hay and Bedding Combo Pack

The particulars for your animal at a wonderful discounted rate are mind-boggling. Admixtures of hays and bedding to get your bunny happy and healthy. It is for little animal owners generally – who are excited about animals. As a result, we try and hand-pack in minimal batches just as you would do as a pet enthusiast.

Your guinea pig is therefore in any way excluded. You should want to get the Combo Pack to budget-suit your pockets for your pet’s comfort and convenience.

Kaytee Banana Flvor Yogurt Dipped Treat

Tendered in the United States of America, this dipped-in-yogurt promises to provide your pets, especially guinea pigs with great nutritional fortification. It is an excellent source for normal-fiber small pets necessary for ideal digestive health. Your Kaytee seems covered in some creamy fruit-garnished yogurt layer. Plus, it’s got some incontrovertible aroma and texture with additional Vitamin C.

This is a very wholesome stuff that supplements fun and type to the diet of your pets.


Always bear in mind that your guinea pigs should always have the right and unlimited amount of hay each day. Ensure you often keep the hay around them each time. Whichever way, ensure you always check out for their quality in terms of freshness, leaf-to-stem ratio and variety.

You can as well serve them each time by itself. You can mix it in alongside the Timothy rotations for each day. Supplementing your hay with the right portions helps keep them from developing allergies for regular hay.