Top 15 Best Salt Block For Horses: Reviews 2022

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Salt Block For Horses

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Just a few years ago, purchasing best salt block for horses was easy. All you need to do is visit a feed store and get any block of salt that you could find, then get your horse to lick it away.

Nowadays, however, there are various choices you will need to choose from. And every pony owner wants what’s best for their pets, thus they need to make sure that their horses are getting the right food in order to properly function.

How to Choose the Best Salt Blocks for Your Horse

Salt Type

There are several salt types that you can choose for your horse.

Himalayan Salt

Probably the most popular type, Himalayan salt are pinking and has a high concentration of sodium and chloride. It contains several minerals such as zinc which are critical to a horse’s diet. Furthermore, Himalayan salt blocks are tough, thus ensuring that your horse won’t attempt to eat the entire salt block.

Redmond Salt

Due to farming practices, several minerals have been removed from the soil. And this is why most owners choose to give Redmond rocks to their horses. Redmond contains natural sea salt as well as traces of minerals which are a decade old, thus providing essential minerals that your horse might not get from forage.

Your Horse

Before going out and buying salt blocks for your horse, you will first need to figure out if your horse actually likes it or not. Even with the best company and most recommended type of salt lick, your horse is the real indicator if the product is good for them.

As such, you will need to monitor your horse and see whether its tongue can lick salt blocks or not.

Season of the Year

Most horse owners find it better to offer salt blocks over salt granules during winter and fall. This is because blocks are tougher and can’t be blown away, plus they don’t dissolve in water when rained on. However, during winter, salt blocks tend to become tougher for the smooth tongues of horses to lick them off.

So, here are our top 15 choices for the best salt block for horses this 2022:

Top 15 Best Salt Block For Horses

Horsemen’s Pride Salt Block

One of the purest form of salt available, this Himalayan Salt Block from Horsemen’s Pride contains magnesium, potassium, and iron and is useful in replenishing electrolytes. Available in 3 different sizes— 2.2 pounds, 4.4 pounds, and 7.5 pounds— and features a rope, it helps relieve boredom while also giving your horse the nutrient they need.

Indus Classic Himalayan Salt

Comes from 100 percent natural mineral salt licks, this Himalayan salt block from Indus Classic contains 84 natural minerals and is FDA approved. Furthermore, it is free of additives and chemicals and can last 5 – 6 times than pressed salt licks. It is also available in different sizes for your needs.

Exprimir Himalayan Salt Lick

Amazon’s Choice for “Himalayan Salt Block For Horse”, this one from Exprimir is suitable for all types of livestock, primarily horses. This salt block boasts a high pink color indicating its high mineral content and is weather resistant and biting approved, ensuring that it should last for a long time.

Milliard Himalayan Salt Block

Another favorite, this 4.9 pounds of salt brick is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, and iron to replenish electrolytes after hard work. Rich in valuable minerals, this pinkish salt lick comes with a rope that you can hang anywhere and reduce your horse’s boredom while offering key nutrients that they need.

Himalayan Secrets Compressed Himalayan Rock Salt

Available in 4 different sizes, this 100 percent all natural compressed Himalayan salt block contains no binding agents and additives that may be harmful to your horses. It comes with white shades that cause higher sodium and designed with a smooth surface and curved edges to make it more appealing to your horse. And although it does not come with a rope, this one does have a hole in the middle for easy mounting.

HijiNa Himalayan Pink Salt Block

Another Amazon’s choice for “Salt for Horses” the HijiNa salt blocks are made from pure Himalayan salt and is FDA-approved to ensure that it is totally safe for your horses. It is also never fumigated and free of chemicals which may be harmful to your horse. Biting approved and weather resistant, it can last for longer and comes with a rope for easy hanging.

Pennsylvania Imports Himalayan Pink Salt Brick Lick

This Himalayan salt brick from Pennsylvania Imports comes at a great price for its large size. Featuring a pinkish color, this brick lick ensures high mineral content that is highly beneficial for your horses. It comes to a hole and rope through the center for easy hanging.

S W A M P Corp Large Himalayan Salt Rock On A Rope

This salt rock is imported from the Himalayas of Pakistan and then packaged in the United States. It is another of Amazon’s Choice and offers great value for your money. The salt block is all natural and has no additives or preservatives.

The Evolved Company Salt Carrot Block

This one is quite different than the rest of the salt blocks. Other than containing trace minerals for great performance, this salt block also comes with the tasty flavor of carrots that will make sure to get your horse’s attention.

North American Cobalt Iodized Salt Block

Boasting a bright blue color, this cobalt iodized salt block may not be your typical salt lick for horses, but it contains essential nutrients and minerals for appetite stimulation and mineral metabolism. It also helps prevent deficiencies which can lead to low conception rates and weak calves.

Rocking Salt Animal Salt Rock

Complete with 84 minerals for good health of your horses, this animal salt rock from Rocking Salt is made of Himalayan salt rocks that are essential for your livestock wellbeing and health. It is all natural and FDA-approved, so it is completely safe for your animals. Featuring a carved center hole and a rope, it is conveniently easy for you to hang it anywhere as your horse licks it away.

Natural Solution Natural Himalayan Salt Licking Brick

This all-natural salt brick from Natural Solution contains 84 trace minerals that your horse needs. Its hard rock form makes it difficult for your horse to bite it in one go and can last longer than pressed salt licks. Featuring a rectangle-shape, this salt brick is shaped on a machine to fit the standard salt lick holders.

EZ Outdoors Himalayan Salt Licks

The EZ Outdoors Himalayan Salt Lick is highly resistant to breaking and corrosion so it should last longer than regular salt licks. Comes at a generous size of 3 – 4 inch in diameter, this salt lick comes with a durable rope for strapping, tying and hanging it conveniently to wherever you need it. Furthermore, the manufacturers offer a 100 percent money back guarantee for a risk-free buying.

Cargill Salt Inc Plain White Salt Block

Another unique salt block, this one comes in compressed bright white color. It is an efficient and economical means of introducing salt to your horse’s diet and is highly resistant to weather and safe for use in water softeners, ensuring that it will last longer than other salt licks out there.

Nomad Co. Himalayan Salt Block Lick

The salt blocks from Nomad Co. are sourced directly from the Punjab Mountains, ensuring that you only get the purest form of salt available. It is also FDA-approved and completely free of chemicals and additives and is never fumigated. The manufacturer also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee for a risk-free buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many grams of salt does a horse needs?

A: According to experts, a horse weighing 1,100 pounds will need around 28 grams of salt on a cool day in order to make sure that it gets the amount sodium that it needs.

Q: Can I use regular cooking salt?

A: No. Most people think that they can feed regular cooking salt to horses. However, regular salts are refined and contain anti-caking agents such as sodium aluminosilicate in order to prevent clumping.

Also, it contains bleaching agents which have been used in order to make it snow white in color. And although such additives are not that harmful to humans, animal salts are needed to be less processed and refined.

Q: Why does a horse need salt in its diet?

A: Horses need salt for 3 things: Source of fuel, hydration, and electrolytes.

Salt is a combination of sodium and chloride and these two comes with countless functions, primarily on sending crucial electrical signals and communication in the body. These allow the nervous system and musculoskeletal systems to properly function.

The body also uses sodium in order to transport glucose across cell membranes and such glucose becomes a source of fuel for the muscles. Lack of sodium causes impaired tissue, leaving your horse lethargic, sick and with weak muscles.

Sodium also holds water in the tissue. And if you got a racehorse, then this is crucial since it allows the body to balance fluid dynamics and stay hydrated.


A salt block is an essential part of a healthy diet for your horses since it is crucial for hydration and replenishing electrolytes. So, if you do not want health trouble or performance issues from your horse, then you will need to ensure that you give them all the essential nutrients and minerals they need.