Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain: Reviews 2022

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Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

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Horses are known for running purposes. Stamina and healthy body condition is to looked-for during a race and hence feeding them with the best horse feed for weight gain is much needed.

What Forages Are Necessary for Horses?

  • Grass: The most natural food diet of horses for it is can be found in a pasture. It is good for horses that have dental problems for it contains silica.
  • Hay: A feed that could last up to 24 hours and next to grass when in terms of availability. It is rich with vitamins and minerals.
  • Treats: Not a main feed but gives several positive effects on horses’ health.
  • Mixed pellets: These are added to the main food such as grass or hay. It contains nutrients needed by horses and below are the sample products of it.

Top 15 Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

Purina Ultium Competition Horse Formula

Ultium Competition Horse Formula was proven and tested by many known winning horse tandems. A horse that has gained weight is a horse that’s ready to race, anytime.

The feed formula contains Fat, Fermentable Fiber, Soluble starch, and sugar, that is formed as pellets and extruded horse feed. It can be fed in small amounts for its nutrients are fairly and efficiently distributed. There are added nutrients content such as amino acid, vitamins B, C, and E, Calcium, Magnesium, and other essential weight gain nutrients.

The amount of feed depends on the present weight of a horse. A 10% increase or decrease in amount is suggested to achieve the desired flow of nutrients.

Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

Manna Pro desires to uplift those having senior horses the hope of gaining weight on their pets. Even old in age horses have the right to be fit and hence providing a proper feeding is to looked-for.

The weight accelerator is highly delicious that horses cannot deny and it is easy to feed on horses. It is in a powdered form resulting for easy ingestion. Further, the feed comprises 80% of vegetable fat for weight gain, Omega 3-s for skin and coat condition, probiotics, and other essentials to support the immune system.

The 8 pounds weight accelerator is fed to senior horses with an amount of 4 oz. a day. Many, who tried feeding this on their pet, testified that results are seen in just 3 weeks.

Oasis Organics Alfalfa Pellets

Let’s go on the safer ground in feeding horses and that is the organic way of nurturing. Oasis Organics create a non-GMO organic horse feed and a CCOF certified one.

An organic substance, therefore, does not contain any pesticides or any chemicals that could harm horses. The alfalfa is carefully chosen and picked to ensure the nutrition it could render on the pet until it is formed as pellets for horse feeding. This organic feed will eventually turn into organic fertilizers when released by the horse.

No more picking of alfalfa on the farm as Oasis Organics has done it for you. Start feeding the horses with an adequate amount of alfalfa pellets and observe how it increases the weight of your pet.

Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements

Feeding the horses without getting frustrated on the proper quantity of supplements is considered by Formula 707. No more quantifying, surely a supervise feeding.

It holds 28 apple-flavored fresh packs equine supplements that are securely sealed and one pack is enough for one-day feeding. Moreover, it contains calorie-rich ingredients that give a horse a balanced metabolism and helps to increase energy. Together with an amino acid that develops muscle bones. The supplement is recommended for all classes of horses.

Therefore, a 28-day feed supply for a horse has been purchased to help the pet on getting adequate weight.

Purina Amplify High-Fat Horse Supplement

An active horse during its young age continues being full of life when it becomes old. That would be achieved when the right horse supplement is provided. Purina is known for high-quality feeds and this one is intended for senior horses.

Older horses need an extra amount of calories in order to gain weight. Amplify Horse Supplement is added to daily feeds of horses for healthier body state. It has added antioxidants such as Vitamin E for improved skin and coat condition. Other nutrients including protein, 30% of rice fiber fat and vitamins that maintains pet’s stamina. However, it is only a supplement and not the main food for horses.

A minimum amount of feeding starts with one pound per day up to its maximum amount of 4 pounds. To prevent it from rodents, store it in a dry area.

Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Supplement

One purchase equates to three nutritious contents for your pet. Gaining weight will ever be harder while feeding this super weight gain supplement on horses. Horse Guard never failed to guard the proper weight condition of horses.

The three ingredients include full-fat soybeans, probiotic and prebiotic supplement, and added vitamins. These benefit the pet on its inner and outer health condition such as gaining weight and healthier skin and coat. Other vitamins included are protein for sturdier muscle bones, vitamin E, selenium, and other fat essentials.

Take note that the supplement is recommended for horses who suffered from extreme stress that affects its weight. The result varies between horses however, some say half a bag will render difference on horse’s weight.

Purina Omolene Performance Horse Feed

Horses which have an active lifestyle of getting into race demands more maintenance on the food it intakes. Then again, Purina has made a Performance Horse Feed intended for helping horses to become more fit.

Soluble carbohydrates enhance muscle bones for better endurance. It is made of ingredients that are easy to ingest and highly efficient even in the small amount of feeding. The ingredients include antioxidants, grain fiber, essential vegetable oils, phytochemicals, and other weight enriching minerals.

It is fed with hay (as it contains fiber that lowers feeding original rate) for better weight increase result. Feeding may be done two rounds or three days, whichever is more appropriate depending on the horse’s capability.

TruCare EQ Top-dress Trace Mineral Blend for Horses

The overall wellbeing of a horse is considered in achieving weight gain. More likely, if it is healthy on outside looks, it will greatly affect its inner core. Horses deserve to be pampered from the inside and out.

As its name suggests, it is full of mineral content, including Methionine, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and others. These minerals are benefitting its whole existence, including proper digestion in order to gain weight. Further, they have measured accordingly on the horse’ need and hence nothing to worry about overdosage.

Feeding is done with two scoops of mineral blend per horse in a day. And be surprised by the results that are visibly seen and notice after a short period of feeding.

Flix – 100% Flax Treats for Horses

Feeding a horse with some treats will also help it gain weight. Little by little it’ll be going to increase its weight as well as not getting an over desired weight.

Treats differ from normal food for horses however it is included as food for them to keep being healthy. The ingredients it contains are similar to the ingredients of heavy duty feeds, including flaxseed containing omega 3-s, antioxidants, fiber, protein, calcium, and other nutritious content. It benefits a horse more on the outside like skin and coat condition, however, it enhances metabolism for a pet in order to gain weight.

It can be added to a horse’s diet for about 4 to 16 oz. Most importantly, no sugar is added but moderation in feeding is still preferred.

Kensington Horse Feeder with 30 lbs. flakes of hay

Discipline must be practiced in feeding a horse. With a horse feeder, the horse will learn how to manage its own eating habit and it adds more convenience to feeding. There’s no more overlooking of hours of feeding as it can be fed for 24 hours straight without supervision.

The package counted in 30 lbs. of hay that can feed a horse all day. Hay is rich in fiber and calories. Further, monitoring of consumption status is a lot easier as it is contained in a mesh net bag that is durable from heat. Mesh net bag is available in three sizes as according to horse type feeding.

Gaining weight is heightened as horses are now free to eat whatever amount they wanted.

Standlee Premium Beet Pulp Pellet

Beet pulp is a horse feed that is easy to digest and works best for skinny horses. Also, the nutrients content are fit for horses’ diet and enrich those which have dental problems. Therefore, it benefits horses in two ways.

The whole feed weighs 40 lbs. of beet pulp pellet. Beet pulp contains a high amount of fiber that helps to build body fats on horses. In addition, some owners prefer it only as filler in other food diets, however, if the horse has insulin and dental problems, it would be better to use as main feed.

Proper measurement in feeding is demanded, as about 2% of the horse’s body weight must be the reference. That shall be followed during daily feeding.

Olewo Red Beets Vitality Horse Food Supplement

Another source of horse feeding is red beets. Red beets are rich in nutrients that are primarily good for human consumption but discovered to be good at horses too.

It works as feed filler or as a treat for horses. Additionally, it is loaded with easy to digest fiber, detoxifying content, and other essential vitamins. Also, it is a powerful source of antioxidant that is good for horse diet. It also helps to control gaining of weight.

Amazingly, many diseases are prevented on horses by this food supplement as it does for humans resulting in overall wellbeing thereof. Lastly, feeding instruction is written on its package for instant review.

Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick

It is not like grass, hay, or beet pulp but a salt. Why do we recommend it as horse feed? Because it has several benefits including the improved immune system. An improved immune system will eventually end into weight gain.

It appears comparable to a block of salt that is lick by livestock including horses. The salt lick is made of pure mineral salts and it is evenly distributed. Other benefits it renders are keeping the horse away from stress, prevents dehydration, and weight increase.

There’s a hole in the middle of the block salt for mounting and it is available in 3 sizes. It would last for several months without being melted.

Purina Enrich Plus Ration Balance Pellet

Once again, Purina never really failed to make horse feeds for weight gain. You can leave a horse in a pasture and let it be fed.

A horse is fed for 30 days of about 2 lbs. per day. This contains protein, vitamins and other essential minerals right for horses. Other contents such as calories, starch, and sugar are limited thus it doesn’t compromise its capability to increase the horse’s weight.

Thunder Acres Premium Teff Grass Hay

Horses normally live in a pasture and eat unlimited grasses the whole day. What would happen when the grass in the pasture has gone? Of course, horses will starve to death which is a no-no.

Since it is primarily fed to small animals, only ten pounds of teff hay grass will be delivered to you. These are all natural grasses with no chemicals added. Also, high in fiber content and it is expertly tested and safe for ingestion.

Additional purchase is desirable to meet adequate feed for horses.


Feeding horses are enjoyable to do however, nourishing horses has limits too. Those best horse feeds for weight gain provides feeding instructions to follow to avoid over and underfeeding of pets. It is also required to have a safe and hygienic pasture for horses to maintain its healthy condition. Most importantly, keep horses to stay hydrated the whole time of feeding.