Best Calming Supplement For Horses Reviews 2022

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Best Calming Supplement For Horses

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Horses are such unique individuals which handle situations differently. Although some horses may be so calm and show no care in the world, others might have extreme “flight” response and tend to become nervous at the slightest thing.

Even though some horses can be more “high-strung” by nature, horse owners can do something in order to help ease the situation and make their horse more “rideable.”

The right supplement can help in making you feel and act more focused, relaxed, confident and at ease. Calming supplements such as calming paste and calming pellets can help your horse relax if it is too unfocused or tense. Less stress on the horse also means less stress for the rider that can lead to overall better performance, regardless of the event.

Top 15 Best Calming Supplement For Horses

REDMOND Daily Gold Stress Relief

The REDMOND Daily Gold Stress Relief is a natural montmorillonite clay which contains 3 percent sodium chloride and 68 minerals which can be found in animal and human tissues. This supplement has a way with digestive issues with unique molecules help attract and bind toxins which can cause stomach trouble. Whereas with high pH can help take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores.

It contains natural mineral sea salt and bentonite offers many health benefits such as greater endurance, better hydration, healthier hooves, increased energy, improved digestion, and improved overall vitality.

Daily Gold can be added to your horse feed or mix it with a wet mash in order to ensure that your horse will get it. And since this supplement offers a wide spectrum of minerals in trace amounts, it is safe enough to feed with other supplements. It helps fill out the gaps that other supplements cannot.

OralX Corporation Horse Calm and Cool Pellet

Calm and Cool Pellets from Oralx Corporation provides a combination of essential amino acid L-Tryptophan as well as natural herbs which can be administered to your horse daily as a dressing on normal feeds.

This supplement helps calm excitable and anxious horses on a daily basis. It is also a great choice for taking the edge off on chronically anxious horses while introducing them to new situations and routine trailering, showing, clipping and training.

With a single scoop, it can help reduce nervous stress for a more productive performance and training session.

Ramard Total Calm Focus

Ramard Total Calm Focus is an all-natural supplement formula that helps calm nervous and anxious horses while improving their focus. This supplement features the powerful ingredient Ramisol that helps in suppressing Cortisol, a stress hormone that is released in response to a high-intensity stimulus or exercise.

The supplement also comes with Magnesium as well as a balanced blend of B vitamins that have been shown to calm down hyper or nervous horses. Moreover, this horse calming supplement is considered safe since it does not contain any sedatives or banned substances. It can be used for training, hauling, racing or showing. Dosage can also be increased to 2 scoops a week before an event to eliminate discontentment and stress on your horse.

Silver Lining Herbs Mare Moods

Is your horse moody? Well, the Mare Moods from Silver Lining Herbs can be your best chance at calming your riding buddy. Being Amazon’s Choice, the Mare Moods helps with poor haulers as well as maintaining a normal disposition whether your horse is in season or not.

It supports a natural and healthy hormone balance as well as supporting mild heat cycles by maintaining normal levels of hormones. This supplement works really well with mares with hard and frequent cycles. The item is proudly made in the US and should be enough for 60 days.

SynNutra Equine SynChill Oral Horse Calming Gel

SynNutra Equine offers their SynChill, an oral horse calming gel that helps reduce anxiety and stress in horses without impeding their performance. If given 1 – 6 hours before a stressful event such as training or racing, SynChill can help horses focus, relax and perform well.

The supplement comes with a proprietary blend of melatonin, vitamin B6 and 5-HTP which help in stimulating the production of serotonin in the central nervous system and calming any nervous horse. Furthermore, 5-HTP is used in very small amount since it freely crosses the blood-brain barrier for a direct and quick calming effect, unlike tryptophan. It comes as a small syringe that should dissolve easily after administrated. The gel ensures that there is no banned substances or drugs in the supplement blend.

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Calming Supplement

Perfect Prep EQ Training Day is a daily calming supplement formula which stabilizes the attitude of your horse and helps improves focus. This supplement can be used alone or as a part of the complete Perfect Prep Calming System which includes the Perfect Prep EQ Gold, Perfect Prep EQ Supreme, and Perfect Prep EQ Extreme.

It is recommended to administer the supplement daily with evening and/or morning feed. After 3 to 5 days, you will immediately see its effects. For maximum effect, you can feed 2 1-ounce scoops every morning and night, 48 hours before the event.

OralX Calm and Cool Horse Calming Paste

This supplement is similar to the OralX pellets, only this one comes as a paste. IT also offers a combination of natural herbs and essential amino acid L-tryptophan which has been shown to calm anxious and nervous horses. It is proudly manufactured in the US and is especially used for training, traveling or before competitions.

Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement

The Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement features complete support for the 3 processes that will lead to a balanced central nervous system: nutrition, serotonin, and relaxation.

This supplement uses premium quality magnesium oxide in order to maximize bioavailability, supports relaxed and calm muscles. It comes with 2 powerful agents that are best known to give a calming effect in horses— L-tryptophan for increasing serotonin delivers as well as decreasing anxiety and vitamin B1 or Thiamine to address metabolic processes and nutritional deficiencies,

MagnaGard All-Natural Calmer Paste for Horse

The MagnaGard supplement is a natural edible clay from montmorillonite family that has been used for years in order to promote better gut health in horses and other animals. Perfect to use before showing, trailering or other stressful events, this supplement contains essential trace minerals including magnesium and calcium.

Magnesium helps in reducing stress in horses and is a natural calmer. The paste itself also contains peppermint essential oil that has natural properties which help relieve digestive problems. The supplement also offers vital electrolytes as well as potassium, chloride, and sodium which are crucial in order to ensure that your horse’s muscles are functioning.

Silver Lining Herbs Keep Cool

The Silver Lining Herbs Keep Cool features herbs most commonly known as “nerviness” that helps in supporting and maintaining a normal disposition in stressed or tensed horses, therefore maintaining a calm and cool horse.

The supplement comes with a proprietary blend of mistletoe, black cohosh, Oregon grape, lobelia, Echinacea, valerian, skullcap, rose hips, hops, hawthorn, chamomile, catnip and burdock that help in keeping restless, anxious or high-strung horses due to traveling, separation, or tensions of the daily routine.  It is also beneficial for behavioral problem management as well as improving performance.

The herbal formula is powered for a concentrated and consistent efficacy throughout the bag for maximum absorption and concentration with just a small scoop offering instant results.

SynNutra SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellet

SynChill from SynNutra is now available in daily oral treats. These pellets offer an easy and safe way to help your horse deal with such stressful events. Just like the previous SynChill Oral Gel, the SynChill Daily comes with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that helps horses to cope with nervousness and anxiety.

As a daily supplement, it helps the key ingredients to reach the brain at higher levels in order to give a more constant increase in serotonin. The pellets also include L-thiamine that has an anxiolytic effect on brain serotonin production and reduce anxiety by improving hippocampal activity.

SynNutra only considers an all-natural combination for a synergistic approach or promoting the well-being of stressed or anxious horses. It is offered in tasty alfalfa-based pellet and is FEI-compliant, meaning it contains no banned substances or drugs.

Animal Element In The Zone Calming Paste

In the Zone paste from Animal Element is formulated for hot-headed, nervous, young, and anxious horses. It is designed to coat the gut while also providing nutrients in order to help your horse stay calm and focused.

It has a broad spectral formula including raspberry leaf flower, fenugreek, spirulina, rose hips, shilajit, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, calcium bentonite, and aloe vera to assist your horse’s optimal health and calmness while competing or riding.

Majesty’s Kalm Plus Equine Supplement Wafers

This one is more of a calming treat. The Majesty’s Kalm + Peppermint-flavored Wafers is an all-time horse favorite with a new flavor. These wafers are herb free and comes with the new peppermint flavor in order to reduce hyperactivity, promote relaxation, and support balanced behavior, especially during competitive events or traveling.

These wafers contain vitamin B1 and L-tryptophan which helps in the production of serotonin in order to keep your horse relaxed and calm. It features a balanced formula that helps all types of horse breed. It also comes with magnesium oxide and ashwagandha as well as other inactive ingredients like flaxseed, wheat, and molasses that creates tasty and calming treats.

H.E. Equine Edge Moody MarePLUS

Moody MarePLUS is a specially formulated supplement that helps calm an extra cranky mare as well as nervous geldings. It features high-quality ingredients such as organic raspberry, dandelion, chaste tree berry, and black cohosh that help balance a mare’s temperament.

This supplement also helps in supporting behavioral problems. The raspberry ingredient, in particular, helps soothe and support temperance and used to calm hormonal mood swings and relaxing muscle spasms. It comes as powerful and tasty wafer treats without hindering performance.

Uckele Seroquine Calmative Support Formula

Seroquine from Uckele is a calming equine supplement which helps keep any horse relaxed and calm while also maintaining great focus. Its main ingredient is magnesium which supports healthy energy production, a healthy nervous system functioning, and a balanced stress response.

It also features taurine that helps in modulating stress hormone adrenaline and cortisol. Specially formulated to balance recovery and stress response, this supplement can maintain calmness during travels, separation or tension in daily routines.

It helps bring out a sense of tranquility without drowsiness for mental alertness. Seroquine can also be used as a daily supplement in order to improve and maintain a balanced nervous system function. The supplement contains non-GMO, all natural ingredients and is soy and grain-free.


Behavioral and calming supplements for horses are crucial and can be especially useful during competitions, trailer loading or training. Horses tend to experience nervousness, therefore calming supplement can help bring out that sense of tranquility to keep your horse feel at ease as well as improving focus.

So, make sure to pick one supplement from the above list in order to bring out a noticeable calmness and ease that will make such a great difference in the way your horse acts and feels.