The 10 Best Rat Cages: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Rat Cages

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When it comes to choosing the best rat cage for your little rodent pet, it would be much better if you choose a large and durable cage that could last for a long time, as this could help save you money in the long run. In addition to saving money, your pet rat would also have a large area to live and run on to, which is good as rats tend to run a lot.

Rat cages can be quite expensive depending on its quality, size, and durability. But if you want to save money by using one rat cage for a lifetime, then we recommend that you get a large high-quality rat cage that could handle all kinds of bumps without breaking a wire. Since rat cages are expensive, you’ll need to carefully look for the best cage that is worth the purchase. Now, below are some of the best rat cages in the market.

Top 10 Best Rat Cages

Midwest Deluxe Habitat Cage

There are a lot of good things about this rat cage from the Midwest, and one of them is that it is a fully functioning rat cage that is designed to meet all the specifications above. This cage is quite expensive, but it has all the features that you would need. It is very easy to clean, easy to assemble, made with high-quality materials, and large enough to provide a lot of running space for your little rodent.

The cage has large swinging doors that provide easy access and measures around, and it measures around 36” by 24” by 39” which would make a single rodent feel like they’re living inside a mansion. However, it is still not large enough for its high-end price.

Midwest Multi-Level Rat Cage

This cage could be the perfect habitat for your pet rat due to its large size. The reason why this cage could be the perfect habitat for your little rodent is that you can either go for a single, double, or three-story cage unit. The number of floors that you could use will depend on how you prefer on using the cage, or how many rats you own.

Most users of this multi-level cage love how it provides ample running spaces for your pet rats, as well as spaces for decorations, toys, hiding places, hammocks, and more. Aside from the benefits that your pet could take, owners will also gain some benefits from the cage as it is very easy to clean, easy to assemble, and has an opening that is wide enough to provide you easy access.

Kaytee Multi-Level Habitat

If you want to go for an item that is a bit cheaper, you could consider getting this plastic multi-level rat cage from Kaytee. This specific cage from Kaytee is specially made for small animals such as rats, small ferrets, and for spoiled little hamsters. This may not be the largest one on the list, but it is large enough to be used by a single adult rat.

However, it can still hold a few more rats if they’re not as big as the adult ones. And with that said, it also has plenty of rooms left for your pet’s habitat accessories, toys, and feeding bowls. Another perk of this cage is that it has some of the modern designs, such as wheels, to make it easier for you to move the cage from place to place. Also, the tray is deep enough to be filled with beddings to allow your pet to dig and scrabble in it, without making too much mess.

Prevue Hendryx 495 Rat Cage

If you are on a budget or just want to go green at buying cages for your pet rat, this cage from Prevue offers a cage that is at a decent price. Except for its plastic tray, which is found at the bottom of its grate, everything about the rat cage is made out of metal. It may not be as heavy-duty as the other cages, but the unit still feels sturdy enough without weighing too much.

In addition, the cage is also very easy to assemble which is perfect for new pet owners. The cage measures about 31” by 20.5” by 40”, as well as a quarter inch bar space. It can provide your pet with enough running space, as well as floor levels for your pet rats to explore too. As for the ramps on each level, it is wide and solid enough with ridges to prevent your pets from falling or slipping off the ramp when running.

Prevue Hendryx Habitat Cage

This is another great cage from Prevue that could be the kind of cage that has it all if it weren’t for its main flooring. The main flooring of the cage is made out of mesh instead of a solid platform. This may not be an issue to others, but it is still worth mentioning for rat owners that don’t want to use cages with mesh floorings.

If you cannot find another cage that is as good as this, then you could just cover up the bottom floor with something solid to prevent your pet’s feet from hurting. Thanks to the cage’s three platforms and ramps, along with a hammock, no rat owners would not be tempted by this product.

Kaytee My First Home Habitat Cage

If you are still looking for a much cheaper option, then you might love this cage from Kaytee. Measuring around 30.5” by 18” by 30”, this cage can easily provide a roomy cage for one or two rats. Despite being on the smaller side, it still has multiple levels to allow your pet to explore inside their cages. If your pet rat tends to make a lot of mess due to digging, then you will love this cage’s deep base.

The cages feature a deep and open space, as well as high walls to prevent your pet’s bedding from getting out of the cage. Also, if you think about the depth of the cage’s base, you’ll realize that it provides some sort of privacy for your little rodent. This is a good thing as rats love to spend their time hiding to have some sort of protection.

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Now, if you are looking for a rat cage that you could use for traveling, then this cage is a good option that you can choose from. It is not as big as the others like the ones above, but it can be used as a temporary cage while looking for a bigger cage, or if you are planning on going out of town with your pet rat. The cage features an iron top wire for visibility and good ventilation.

It also features a deep plastic base that provides good bedding for your pet rat, while keeping the shavings and litter inside the small cage. Moreover, this cage unit comes with a free water bottle and a tip-proof food bowl for convenience. While having a bigger cage is better, getting a smaller cage can also be quite useful if you want to travel together with your little buddy.

Go2Buy Metal Cage Playpen

If you are looking for a large metal cage that is affordable, then you will love this metal cage from Go2Buy. Once you see this three-door cage, you’ll realize that not every good-quality item is expensive. However, this cage has a 1.5” bar spacing making it only suitable for large and adult rats. If you have two or more large pet rats, then you wouldn’t have any issue with this cage.

The great thing about this metal cage is that it comes with a 250ml water bottle, one removable tray, one plastic container, five ramps, and five shelves. Including the base, you’ll be proud to use this metal cage with its six levels platform. Each platform is made of solid plastic that is durable enough to handle the weight of your pets.

Yaheetech Metal Cage

If your space is limited in your home, you can still provide a roomy habitat for your pet rat without letting them stay in such a small cage. This cage from Yaheetech measure around 25” by 17” by 36.5 “, which is suitable for two adult rats. Though this cage was originally designed for ferrets, rat owners can still benefit from the cage’s great features.

One of the great things about this medium-sized cage is its portability and easy storage. You’ll also have the option whether you want to fold and hand-carry the cage, or you can just push the cage around with its portable wheels so that you don’t have to remove your pet’s stuff when moving their cage from place to place. This unit comes with a water bottle, fish bowl, slide-out tray, and three shelves and ramps for the levels.

Homey Pet Animals Crate

Now, this is probably the most attractive rat cage on our list. It has a retro-like design that appears clean in it’s blocky, solid and durable appearance. While it isn’t as durable as the metal cages, it still passed as one of the best rat cages due to its modern design. Also, the wires are sturdy enough to keep your pet rats in the cage. However, since the bar spacing is set at a ½ inch apart, the cage is only suited for large adult rats.

There are some reports from users that smaller rats can escape from the cage, therefore do not even think about trying to use this for your baby rats or mice if you have one. The base of the cage is about 26” by 17” making it a suitable size for rats. However, there is not much floor space due to its platforms and steep ramps.

Buyers Guide

It can be quite troubling if you’ve chosen a low-quality rat cage where its thin wires can easily snap or bend, has small gaps that could let your pet escape, small doors that is quite hard to operate, and not to mention about the mess you are about to clean from a poorly designed unit.

So, to help you find a nice and high-quality rat cage, below are some guides that you can follow to help you find the best cage for your little rodent.

Cage Size

This is, of course, the cage’s basic parameter. You should provide your pet with plenty of space to run to, but make sure to not overcrowd them. So, the best thing that you can do is to get a large cage with enough space to run, play, hide, and eat too.


Quality is important if you want to keep your pet’s cage for a long time and to ensure that your pet won’t escape. The metal cage is the most durable type of rat cage, so consider using a metal one.

Easy Setup

Aside from the cage’s quality, you should also check if the cage can be easily assembled. This way, you can assemble your pet’s cage without needing anyone’s help.

Large Doors

Cages with large doors are important as this would allow you to reach your pets easily, as well as managing and cleaning your rodent’s habitat. The kind of doors that rat cages should have should be wide-swinging and can be opened smoothly, and secured with strong locks.


Getting a good cage is very important than what it seems, as this would be the place where your pet could sleep, eat, and play around too. But since not all rat cages are similar, we have listed down one of the best cages from the online market, along with reviews and some guidelines to help you choose the best cage for your pet.

However, you should also remember that your pet is not the only one getting some benefits from the cage, you as an owner would also benefit from it if you have chosen a suitable rat cage for your home’s limited space area.