The 15 Best Hamster Bedding: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Hamster Bedding

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Some hamsters battle with some extreme variations of temperature from strangely cold to scorching hot. This is one reason you see some of them burrow deep down and carry extremely dense fur.

With a view to keeping your hamster happy in its station, we have put together this buying guide.

Important Factors to Note

As for hamster beddings the things you need to mind are often related to those things you need to watch out for. The following points constitute key factors you should try and avoid at the moment you are getting your hamster bedding package.

Cedar Wood and Pine Shaving

Are you aware that there are some pet stores that sell hardwood shavings for hamster beddings? Nonetheless, we don’t seem to agree that you use cedar wood or pine shavings for your pets.

This is because hardwood shavings like those gotten from pine woods and cedar tend to be too abrasive and spiky. Moreover, hardwood shavings can react to chemicals that are contained in the urine of your hamsters. It also creates fumes that are toxic and that could bring about breathing difficulties for your wonderful pets.

Soft, Fibrous Bedding

A good number of stores do make supplies of soft, fibrous bedding useful for small pets. Though, it occurs that the bedding fabric appears fluffy and comfy, it has man-made fibers which can bring about digestive hiccups when they eat them.

More so, the fibers are more likely to be somewhat straining to split into severals (break). Therefore, there is a level of danger which the feet of your pets and their legs might become entangled in the bedding as they move about their cage. Oftentimes, this results in a so-bad injury.

Cat Litter

Though, it is absorbent and usually manufactured from a dust-free recycled wood or paper, cat litter is never a proper bedding material suitable for hamsters. This is usually as a result of the fact that pellets of cat litters are usually mistaken for meals and hamsters eventually consume them. This can result in constipation and dehydration – equally severe health challenges in hamsters

Magazines and Newspapers

Although it is often enticing to make use of shredded magazines and newspapers as your hamsters’ bedding this is not the perfect stuff. Papers that are heavily processed like that use to bring about glossy magazines, newspapers, flyers and similar materials which can contain poisonous chemical substances precarious to the health of your hamsters.

  • Double-check the packaging for damage
  • Flush out the mites alongside other insects

Top 15 Best Hamster Beddings

Having outlined the important factors to note when getting your hamster beddings packages, it is important to also list top best hamster beddings. Below are best hamster beddings:

Kaytee Clean and Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

The Kaytee Clean and Cozy hamster bedding offers you a complete new brand in a super-fluffy, water-absorbing bedding. It is fluffy and soft to enhance nesting or burrowing as it absorbs double the liquid than wood shavings. This goes a long way to really make the cage tidy. The absorbency level translates into a guarantee at controlling odor.

Again, the material is 99% free of dust to make available a tidier habitat for your pets. The dust-free guarantee quality of the Clean and Cozy Bedding also help deal with respiratory challenges that may confront your pets.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

The Carefresh bedding provides higher control of odor and absorbency rates for a greatly tidier and healthier habitat. Carefresh carries on as a made-from-scratch item making use of raw, natural fiber gotten from its origin. The pillowy softness constitutes another factor your small animal deserve to enjoy when they have access to Carefresh.

Small animals like the pillowy soft and ultra-retentive, comfy-fluff ordinary paper bedding. Making use of multi-colored Carefresh confetti bedding you can give your pets a lot of fun and creativity. The availability of the blue color bedding featuring in Carefresh affords you to get creative as you give your hamsters comfort.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Colored (Birthday Cake) Small Animal

The Kaytee Birthday Cake paper bedding is manufactured from materials which do not have dangerous chemical substances or by-products. Just by making use of trimmings and remnants from other health products, one can stem down the level of waste that gathers in landfills.

The bedding for hamsters is one highly soft, color-toned one that you can avail in a broad range of great scents and colors. This is usually done with a view to supplementing the pet’s cage with variety. The beddings is secure for hamsters and would not create unsightly stains all over the cage of the pets. For each 500 cubic inch bag gets around about eleven (11) fills for a hamster and of you’ve got rabbits you can make use of three (3) containers.

As for this item, it’s got an odor-control guarantee as it is effective for nesting and burrowing animals. It equally absorbs 4x – 6x its mass in liquid. Moreover, it is up to 99.9% dust-free level. The bag likewise expands to 3x the packaged size.  The variety of colors include lavender, pink and natural.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding

The fluffy and soft texture of the bedding equally causes it to be effective for little animals to burrow. The extensive recycled fiber strands makes for greater consistency, absorbency and general durability.

The same qualities that apply to other Kaytee brands also applies to this. The only difference between the other Kaytee beddings and this is not too obvious. It is just centered in that they are specially crafted to provide a good amount of scent. So, if it happens that you are looking for a brand specifically made for regulating the atmospheric odor of your pets’ habitat, you can opt for Kaytee Clean and Cozy (Scented).

Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding

This hamster bedding is a special blend of shavings that are kiln-dried with ultra-absorbent comfortable fluff. This is in order to help your small animal dry and warm. The Carefresh complete comfy care offers all the characteristics that owners of small animals do mind. The shavings has about 30% comfortable fluffy paper bedding.

The odor control it supplies can last as much as five (5) good days. Because they are dry Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding have at least 60% absorbent rate itself alone. Apart from the fact that it is made of cellulose and wood pulp it also has low dust which makes it easy to clean.

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding for Pet Cages

This bedding which is also suitable for hamsters is manufactured from wood fibers. Originally, these wood fibers are turned into a fluffy, superiorly absorbent litter and bedding. The Kaytee Soft Granule Blend offers a super cage environ for little animals, reptiles and birds. The bedding is 99% free of dust to aid the prevention of respiratory hiccups.

Because the item is made from a fluffy ecologically good-to-use wood fibers it retains 3X its mass in liquid. It is likewise a retentive and colorfast bedding for ensuring a tidier habitat. It’s not only a tasty and nutritious treat the Kaytee Granule Blend Bedding is equally secure and comfortable.

 Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

The Kaytee Aspen Litter and Bedding is gotten from an all-natural aspen shavings. These shavings are particularly processed to remove dust and wood debris that are found in most other beddings.

The other important features entail the hard wood bedding itself. It also can be made use of in almost all habitats – whether they are aquariums, cages or critter trails. Again, it’s got no inks or aromatic oils around it. Wonderfully, your Kaytee Aspen arrives in all-natural fashion that fits the utility of your hamsters.

So Phresh Scented Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding

The features of your So Phresh Scented Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding is constructed with baking soda. This baking soda as you almost can tell is an excellent controller of odor.

That apart, the bedding also offers a higher absorbency rate to maintain the dryness of the pets. The bedding is 99% dust-free and it is completely non-allergenic. Also, it is wholly short of toxic substances and it is equally biodegradable. Veterinarian would go a long way to recommending this bedding for your hamsters.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Natural Small Animal Bedding

As you would find it, the small animal bedding offers you a wholly new standard in some excellently soft, absorbent bedding. The Clean and Cozy is also fluffy and soft enough to enhance a no-odor atmosphere and retention.

This bedding finds its uniqueness in its natural brand. It retains 2X its liquid greater than wood shavings. Secure for your hamsters, the item retains 5X its mass in liquid. The bedding also represents a broad array of color choices. The Clean and Cozy Bedding comes in different sizes and scents. The scent is beneficial in that it helps remove unwanted odor.

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Pet Bedding

The Kaytee Extreme Odor package is crafted to neutralize all the ammonia odors for as long as two (2) weeks. It also works to make the habitat of your hamster 99.9% dust-free. The retention level of your Kaytee Extreme Odor likewise goes to two times (2X) greater than the wood shavings. This super-soft and colorfast bedding is secure for your hamsters and it doesn’t stain their home.

It is a proper bedding choice for hamsters. Other pets that you may find it useful for include rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rats.

Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals

This items offers the optimally best for your pets. It is only carefresh that is made from scratch with ultra-absorbent and a pillow soft style. It is particularly designed for small animals. You can choose to keep the home of your pets really looking attractive by trying out the Carefresh. Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals.

You can also be sure to have your pet’s station in a feel dry and fresh mode with carefresh white bedding. It really offers all those features most hamster lovers think of. It is also made of low dust and it is quite easy to clean. Your Kaytee also has a 10-day odor control guarantee.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding, White

The bedding offers you a completely new standard when it comes to finding a really absorbent and super-soft bedding. The material is clean and soft and really encourages nesting and burrowing by your hamsters. It comes with so many scents such as the Lavender and Summer Storm.

Nonetheless, do note that when you are using Kaytee White for baby hamsters it is necessary to ensure that the hamsters do not mistakenly consume it. You should as much as it is possible avoid it to guarantee the safety of the health of your hamsters. Ensure you observe all other hygiene must-dos to safeguard their heath as well.

Kaytee Critter Trail Habitat Disposable Bedding Tray

Just as you find the name it is disposable. It comes with three (3) different packages with three (3) trays each. The bedding also has some fluffy and absorbent features all around it. It likewise offers a simple and fast option for cage cleaning as a result of its mobility.

The item arrives to you in a completely disposable and recyclable fashion. It also fitting as a standard rectangular object having critter trail habitats. The central advantage it has is its easy-to-use style it comes with. It is most likely a buy-again hamster bedding.

Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter

This is one of the most premium beddings in town you may lay your hands on. It is a quality potty training litter which is specifically created to be entirely free of dust. It is also greatly absorbent. The sanitary panacea for spot training rabbits, ferrets, pet rats and other small pets you may have around.

It is manufactured with a non-toxic complete bentoite. It is an all-natural mineral item and as a result your hamsters are safe using it. The item equally retains about 10X its mass in water on contact.

Kaytee Critter Trail Bedding Tray Habitat

The Kaytee Critter Trail Bedding Tray Habitat is a one-use bedding for efficient and convenient cage cleaning that suits all standard Critter Trail with rectangular habitats. It also comes in a 3-pack and is afore-loaded with a Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding.

Perhaps, this is just because it is made from a reclaimed ordinary fiber, Kaytee Critter Trail Bedding offers your small pets a comfortable, enjoyable habitat which is better for them, their home and the planet. Ensure you keep the home of your small pets appearing crisp, scenting tidy, with a dry feel and cozy with Kaytee.


Generally, ensure you cultivate the habit of reading the product label printed on hamster beddings that come your way. This is to safeguard the health of your hamsters that would eventually make use of it. Try to watch out for low quality items as you have read in the “important factors to note” we outlined earlier on. This would prevent your hamsters from getting adversely affected.

Moreover, recognize and understand that the different beddings, especially Kaytee brands are custom-made for certain features. When you reconcile the habitat needs of your hamsters with the available beddings you would eventually have the best experience.