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The 12 Best Guinea Pig Shampoo 2022: Reviews & Guide

Best Guinea Pig Shampoo

Are you a proud owner of guinea pigs? There is a high chance that you know already that you’ll have to bathe this much-loved pet every so often. Generally, even though guinea pigs are kind of low-maintenance kind of animals, for sure there are several grooming procedures, which they must experience –and bathing is among … Read more

The 15 Best Guinea Pig Hay: Reviews & Guide 2022

Guinea Pig Hay

Grass cuttings are very cool for your guinea pigs. But you know hundreds of them litter around. From a lot of them we have custom-pick those that in our opinion may be the best guinea pig hay. Take your time and see which interests you the most. Important Factors to consider In order to keep … Read more

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Food: Guide & Reviews 2022

Guinea Pig Food

Choosing the right food for your guinea pigs aren’t as hard as you thought it would be, as there are a lot of healthy choices in the market and usually, guinea pigs aren’t too picky when it comes to food. There may be a lot of food brands that you can choose from for your … Read more

The 15 Best Guinea Pig Treats Reviews 2022

Guinea Pig Treats

If you have a pet guinea pig, you need to feed them with high-quality foods every day to ensure your pet is living healthily. But aside from feeding them a healthy diet, providing them with treats in between meals is also a great addition to their feeding schedule to spice up their diet. However, since … Read more

The 18 Best Guinea Pig Toys Reviews 2022

Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are incredibly cute. There’s just no denying it. They have friendly temperaments, adorable furry bodies, and probably the best sound system of any pet in your neighborhood. Guinea pigs are also inquisitive and highly intelligent creatures that will provide you windless entertainment. And if you love your guinea pigs, then you will want … Read more