The 18 Best Guinea Pig Toys Reviews 2022

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Guinea Pig Toys

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Guinea pigs are incredibly cute. There’s just no denying it. They have friendly temperaments, adorable furry bodies, and probably the best sound system of any pet in your neighborhood. Guinea pigs are also inquisitive and highly intelligent creatures that will provide you windless entertainment.

And if you love your guinea pigs, then you will want to make sure that they have the best life with you— healthy, happy and of course, well entertained! To do just that, you need to provide them an assortment of toys. So, here are our top picks for the best guinea pig toys available.

Top 18 Best Guinea Pig Toys

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Seeing that your guinea pig is super comfortable in this amazing tunnel is just one of the advantages of the Hagen tunnel from Living World. It also serves as a safe and secure place for your furry buddy to hide and relax.

The tunnel also features a peek-a-boo hole in the middle for exploration and playback. You can even attach this tunnel to a tent or another tunnel in order to add more entertainment and walking space. If not in use, it can be folded so easily. Living World offers both medium and large sizes.

Kaytee Chew & Treat Toy Assortment

This is a single package that includes 5 chew toys for your guinea pigs fun and entertainment. This Chew and Treat Toys from Kaytee combines crunchy textures in order to help clean and trim your guinea pigs teeth. The variety of toys also keeps your pet from getting bored.

WINOMO Pet Hammock

Allow your adorable buddy to literally hang out with the WINOMO Pet Hammock. This cute hammock is made of fluffy and soft brown fabric that provides the utmost comfort for your guinea pigs. It features an open top with a side hole for drilling.

This hammock hangs in your guinea pig cage with its 4 clip chains which can be easily transported or moved. Furthermore, the clip chains are also highly resistant to corrosion to ensure sturdiness. Its swinging part is constructed from sturdy fabric with durable refine stitching.

Kaytee Ka-Bob Treat Dispensing Toy

The Ka-Bob Treat Dispensing Toy from Kaytee is a healthy, cheerful and super entertaining toy that allows you to randomly distribute treat for your guinea pig. The treat dispensing toy comes loaded with wooden fruit that is safe to chew. And once the wooden fruit is gone, you can easily refuel it with any chew toy that is compatible with Ka-Bob.

The chew toy can be attached to any wire, glass or plastic house and includes a convenient clip for hanging in your guinea pigs cage. What’s more, is that it comes with a cheerful bell at the bottom which encourages your guinea pig to play with it. Kaytee offers both small or large sizes for this toy.

Kaytee Super Sleeper E-Cup Bed

Give your adorable buddy with a snuggly bed to relax to. This ultra cuddly and soft pouch from Kaytee makes a great place for your furry friend to rest and snuggle. This bed is made with a very soft fleece interior and features high walls in order to make your furry buddy feel safe and secure.

Furthermore, this guinea pig bedding  also features a padded floor with foam-free filling for your pet’s utmost comfort. Available in various colors, this plush habitat bed is super affordable and machine washable for your own convenience. Furthermore, the bed includes strong and durable straps which allow you to position it anywhere in your pet’s cage.

Wheeky Treat Ball Toy

Give your guinea pig with hours of fun and entertainment with this nice little treat ball. The Wheeky Treat Ball has this opening on one side that allows you to load the ball with cubes of veggies, fruits and other treats for your guinea pig.

When your furry buddy moves the ball around, the treats inside will periodically drop out and your pet will be rewarded with a delicious treat. This treat ball is a great way to feed your guinea pig and still provide them with mental and physical stimulation and turns feeding time into a fun game.

Kaytee Run-About Exercise Ball

Encourage healthy exercise in a safe and secure way with the Kaytee Run-About Exercise Ball. This exercise ball is sized perfectly for guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters. It makes a great temporary area to keep you, adorable little buddy, while you clean their cage.

Watch your guinea pig run, steer and roll around the house, providing him with the exercise they need. Kaytee offers various colors, so you can choose the perfect one for your adorable buddy.

Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball

Not only does this willow branch ball from Ware Manufacturing can be pushed to get your guinea pig’s attention, but it can also be used as a good chewing toy. The ball has a total diameter of 4 inches and is actually made of natural willow so that your furry buddy can explore and chew it without worries.

The ball also promotes healthy and clean teeth as well as satisfying your furry buddy’s natural instinct t chew. Your pet will chew, nibble and nudge this fun toy that helps alleviate cage boredom. What’s more, is that this branch ball comes in a pack of 3 or 5.

Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout

For those wanting a cute, colorful and multipurpose toy, this adorable hideout is one of the best toys for guinea pigs in the market. These fiddle sticks hideout are colorful flexible wood sticks which can be bent and twisted into different shapes and creates a colorful spot for your critter to hide. You can create a stairway, a tree stump,  or a cave for your furry friend.

This colorful toy also provides a good and safe source to encourage your critter’s natural hiding and chewing instincts while alleviating boredom and it is pretty neat looking, too. It adds a vibrant appeal on your cage with its colorfulness.

Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Guinea pigs love little nooks and hideaways and the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel is the perfect way to meet such need, without getting them stuck under the couch. It is an ideal toy for your guinea pig’s playtime and mental stimulation. It makes a fun resting spot and toy for your furry buddy. In addition, it has a “Hide and Seek” opening at the center of the tunnel that is both fun for you and your furry buddy.

Crinkly crackly fun it creates encourages tunneling and exploration activity for your guinea pig. IT is constructed from high-quality polyester and cotton material so it should last for a long time and is machine washable for your convenience. You can even attach this to other crinkle tunnels to provide your furry buddy with enough fun.

Living World Teach ‘N Treat Toy

The Teach ‘N Treat Toy from Living World is a smart toy for your guinea pigs. With this guinea pig toy, your adorable buddy will not only have fun playing but will also develop and learn. The Living World Teach ‘N Treat includes 3 different levels of difficulty and configuration to entertain and challenge your adorable buddy.

This is an interesting and fun way to teach your furry buddy to search for treats and allows them to forage for their treats through learning, listening, and observation. It is both rewarding and stimulating since it keeps your furry buddy’s mind alert and active, plus it is highly interactive that helps strengthen your bonds.

Kaytee Igloo Hideaway

Made of durable plastic, the Kaytee Igloo Hideaway is a wonderful hideout for your guinea pig. The igloos come in different cool colors are made of translucent plastic so that you can see your furry pet inside. Its material construction is also super easy to clean, plus they are stain and odor resistant.

Ideal for guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and other small animals, this igloo encourages your furry buddy’s natural nesting and hiding instincts. Furthermore, the igloo’s one-piece design makes it super easy to use and it comes with a fresh air vent in order to ensure your pet’s well-being and health.

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops

The Rice Pops Chew from ware Manufacturing is the best for guinea pigs that love colorful and crisp snacking variety. Treat your furry buddy every day, either putting it in his cage or feeding it to him yourself.

The crispy treats are actually made from rice and corn that helps promotes healthy teeth as well as alleviating cage boredom. The rice pops are available in small sizes with 12 parts, from ¾ inches in diameter to 5 inches long, and large sizes with 6 parts, from ¾ inches in diameter to 5 inches long.

Kaytee Natural Lava ‘N Wood Hanging Toy

A unique blend of natural wood and volcanic pumice rocks, this hanging toy from Kaytee will help keep your critter’s teeth clean, healthy and trimmed. The toy includes a built-in natural wood hook for hanging in cage.

You only need to hand the toy in your pet’s cage and watch him chew and play and also encourage healthy physical activity. Ideal for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and other small animals with a total size of 2 ½ inches wide and 9 ½ inches long

Niteangel Fun Tunnel + 3 Play Balls

The Niteangel Fun Tunnel is a Foldable crinkle play tunnel with a diameter of 5.9 inches and can expand up to 31.5 inches long. Multi-functional, this tunnel helps encourage exercise, exploration and tunneling activity of your guinea pigs. It also gives off a unique crackling sound when your pet runs and play inside for added interactivity.

The tunnel is made of durable plastic that is highly resistant to stain and is super easy to clean and lightweight for easy transporting and storage. You also get to choose from 3 different colors— blue, pink and purple. What’s more, is that this fun tunnel comes with 3 pack of ball toys that is great for playing and encourages your critter’s instinctive nibbling and chewing to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

Made of all natural wood and contains almond nut, the Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler is an Amazon Bestseller! The chew toy comes in a very unique irregular shape that challenges your guinea pig’s mind. Your pet will have hours fun gnawing and chewing just to get the very reward that is trapped at the center.

Furthermore, it comes in a mixture of colors that is 100 percent safe for your furry friend to chew on, satisfying his natural instinct to nibble and gnaw. The Kaytenn Nut Knot Nibble comes in 2 sizes— mini that is 2.5 inches and medium which is 4 inches.

Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way House

This woodland house from Kaytee provides your guinea pigs with such a relaxing and comfy hideaway. For a furry critter that loves hiding, this toy is the best. You can put it anywhere in your guinea pig’s cage or pen and trust that they will be sound and safe.

It promotes nesting behavior as well as satisfying their inner chewing instincts. Made from all natural wood, it is super safe for your critter to chew and nibble on when bored.

Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout

This hideout is made in the shape of an old tree stump which gives it a feeling of familiarity for your guinea pigs. It is made from plastic composite and wood material that can satisfy your critter’s natural instinct to hide and chew. Kaytee also offers a variety of colors and comes in 2 sizes— large and small.


Guinea pigs are tiny balls of energy, so they should be given a lot of physical and mental stimulation as well as wearing down their teeth. And the guinea pig toys listed here will surely make them healthier and happier for longer!