The 15 Best Guinea Pig Treats Reviews 2022

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Guinea Pig Treats

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If you have a pet guinea pig, you need to feed them with high-quality foods every day to ensure your pet is living healthily. But aside from feeding them a healthy diet, providing them with treats in between meals is also a great addition to their feeding schedule to spice up their diet.

However, since there are not many treats for guinea pigs in the market, most pet owners use fresh veggies like bell peppers and carrots as treats for their pet. But aside from fresh veggies, you can use guinea pig pellets as treats for your furry friends. So, in this article, we would be listing down several guinea pig foods that could work as a great treat for your little furry friend.

Top 15 Best Guinea Pig Treats

Oxbow Essentials Guinea Pig Food

Since the main diet of a guinea pig is hay, feeding them with fruits, fresh vegetables, and pellets should be given to them as treats. Most owners know that guinea pigs needed high fiber foods in order for them to grow healthily. Oxbow is made with Timothy grass meal, but since it is processed by the manufacturer, it also contains other health benefits such as protein and calcium.

Each pack does not consist of raw fiber as it also contains protein, calories, and calcium that can be essential to your pet’s overall health. However, pellet-based should only be given minimally to avoid causing health problems. your guinea pig’s diet should only consist of 2% of pellets.

Kaytee Timothy Baked Apple Biscuits

Regular biscuits that are made for humans aren’t good for guinea pigs, but if it’s a specially made biscuit like this product, it wouldn’t cause any problems. the great about these biscuits is that they are flavorful, which would surely be loved by your pet. Each biscuit is made of real apples and fresh timothy hay, which are hand selected and naturally grown.

So, if you ever consider feeding your pet with biscuits, make sure that you only feed them with a special biscuit like this product from Kaytee. In addition, these treats are small enough to be used as a reward when training your pet.

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend

If you want to feed your pet with something unique but healthy enough for them to not cause problems, then you and your pet would surely love this gourmet food mix that contains a mix an of high-quality ingredients. This mix contains unique flavors to satisfy your pet’s taste buds and vitamins that are needed for their health.

Since you’ll mostly feed this to your pet as treats, getting a smaller pack would be a better option. This way, the gourmet blend would not go to waste if your pet doesn’t like it. Guinea pig treats may be their own kind of snacks, each guinea pig still has their own personality, so they’ll have their own favorite types of snacks.

Kaytee Fiesta

Here is another great treat for guinea pigs that is made by Kaytee, but the great thing about this product is that you can either use it as a daily diet or as a treat for your pet. The reason why you can use this as your pet’s daily diet is that, it contains a variety of ingredients with nutritional values that your pet needs.

It is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and probiotics to improve health. Moreover, each piece of Kaytee fiesta is shaped in a way to encourage chewing which could help trim and strengthen your pet’s teeth.

Vitakraft High-Fiber Timothy Formula

If you think that feeding hay to your pet isn’t enough, you can try adding this guinea pig food by Vitakraft into your pet’s diet. This has a high concentration of vitamin enrichment, which could help improve your guinea pig’s health with its natural sources of nutrient that are safe and healthy for your pet.

As with its name, it also contains timothy hay that has high fiber formula, making it suitable to be your pet’s main diet. But if you prefer using fresh hay as your pet’s main diet, then you can just use this as a healthy treat for them. This way, rest is assured that your pet is eating healthily.

Wild Harvest Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs

Managing your pet’s food supply would be much easier done with the help of Wild Harvest’s flip-top container. Purchasing food for pets that come in a container is a bit pricey than the ones with a resealable pack, but when you consider how long you can use the package, the flip-top container is the clear winner.

In addition, aside from providing easy storage, it can also help keep the bugs and moisture out of your pet’s food, while keeping the freshness in. Now, this nutritional diet for guinea pigs by Wild Harvest provides premium nutrition to maintain and develop great health on your pet. But since it contains lots of mixtures, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, ground corn, and more than the timothy hay, it is more suitable to be used as treats rather than your pig’s daily meal.

Ecotrition Blend for Guinea Pigs

If your guinea pig is a picky eater, even to treats, then this essential blend for guinea pigs made from Ecotrition might be able to help you with your problem. It contains a complete blend of nutrition and fresh ingredients that are essential to your pet’s overall health. Feeding your pet with healthy treats, such as this product can also help stimulate their feeding routine and daily activities.

Each piece of Ecotrition has a unique shape that could help trim your pet’s teeth, this is important as having well-trimmed teeth on your guinea pig, means they are eating and living healthily. Guinea pig’s with long teeth will have problems eating and staying fit and active. Moreover, this is one of the reasons why giving treats to your guinea pigs is essential to stimulate chewing, while it trims their teeth down.

Sharllen Apple Sticks for Pets

If your pet is tired of eating pellets as a form of treats, you can use apple sticks as a healthy alternative. They may look like the branches of a regular apple treat, but this is made with apple trees and apple to provide more taste and good nutrition for your pet. If you live in a place where you can get apple sticks for your pet, you can use that, but it will not be as nutritious as this product.

All of this product’s ingredients are organic to help promote great health, and of course, to keep your pet happy. Aside from providing essential nutrition, since this product comes in the form of sticks, it can also promote healthy growth of teeth. It can help trim your pet’s teeth while it chews on the apple stick.

Kaytee Bits Treat

Training a guinea would be much easier done if you use some treats to make them follow you. This consists of a tasty and nutritious treat, which is ideal for training, bonding, and playtime for your pet. The great thing about this product is that aside from being tasty for your pet, it is also packed high-quality grains, seeds, and honey for a healthy and tasty training aid.

Each morsel is perfectly sized to provide a crunchy and easy-to-chew treat for your pet. Also, you can either offer this to your pet by hand or on their feeding dish, but make sure to only give them a couple of pieces to balance their diet.

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Drops

This guinea pig treat is shaped in drops and made with yogurt that has an orange flavor, which your pet would surely find irresistible to eat. The more your pet likes a treat, the easier you can train with tricks you wanted them to learn. Aside from being tasty, it also contains vitamin C, natural way, and protein to promote a healthier lifestyle for your pet.

In addition, it also features essential lecithin in order to keep your guinea pigs healthy. Aside from the drops having color, this pack or orange drops are free from artificial flavoring and chemicals to keep it safe for your pet to eat. It comes in a resealable bag to make sure that the treats are safe from moisture, bugs, and to keep it fresh.

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Crunch Sticks

If smaller treats aren’t you and your pet’s preference, then this product from Vitakraft is a suitable option for you. It comes in a large treat which your guinea pig can enjoy over time, aside from that, it can also help trim your pet’s teeth due to its crunchiness and large size. They are also longer compared to drop-shaped treats.

Since this is long, if you are still just building up the relationship between you and your guinea pig, this product could be a great option because you can hand feed your pet without bringing your hand to close to it. Once your pet trusts you more, you can then use smaller treats such as the Vitakraft drops above.

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Pellets

For smaller or younger guinea pigs, this pellet-based food can either be their meal in the morning or night, or you can use it as treats so that you can effectively train them while they’re still young. This a great option to use as treats for your pet as it is packed with healthy ingredients, which is necessary for your pet’s health.

This product is made of timothy hay to provide high nutritional value to your guinea pig. The Timothy hay that is used for this product is milled in smaller pieces to preserve its freshness, therefore if you buy this product for your pet, rest is assured that you are feeding them with fresh pellets as treats.

William Craft Hay Sticks

If you are looking for an alternative chew stick for your pet, you might want to try this timothy hay stick by William Craft. This treat is made of timothy grass powder that has a sweet and organic taste. But before they make the grass into powder, they make sure that the grass is free from pesticide and other chemicals that could harm your pet.

It also ensures the growth of your pet’s teeth are trimmed to prevent them from overgrowing, this way you won’t have to visit the vet to trim their teeth. And since this product is made with timothy grass, each hay sticks are rich in fiber that can help prevent gastrointestinal issues to your pet.

Keklle Timothy Hay Woven Ball

This product isn’t exactly a treat for guinea pigs, but it can also work that way as this chew toy is made of timothy grass that is woven into a ball. This can act as a treat because your pet can feed and chew on it without causing any problems in their health. In fact, it provides a couple of health benefits, such as fiber, which is essential to your pet’s overall health.

When this chew toy was made, the manufacturers have made sure that the grass they used for this product is free of chemicals, as well as coloring, artificial fibers, and others. This chew toy is not only suitable for guinea pigs, as gerbil, mice, rabbit, rats, and chinchilla owners can also use this.

Really Natural Dried Diced Papaya

Have you ever shared a snack with your guinea pig? Well, the obvious answer to this question is no since guinea cannot eat human foods. But there is an exception, and this product is the exception. This is a human-quality food that is low in sugar and free of sulfur making it safe to share for your guinea pig.

If you are trying to avoid feeding your pet with treats that have preservatives, then this is the best food treat that you can give to your little friend. This is also low in calories to ensure safe digestion to your pet. This comes in small dices to make it easy for you and your pet to eat.


Just like us humans, our pets, no matter what species they are, need to eat treats to keep them happy. Just giving them one treat a day would they appreciate you more as their loving pet owner.