The 13 Best Bedding for Rabbits 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Bedding for Rabbits

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Rabbits are prey animals, they interact with their environment and they are excellent pets. They have distinct personalities and can easily adapt to a domestic lifestyle. You can live your rabbit even in an apartment. But besides giving you pet a home you still need to consider their need. Rabbits need more special care that other animals. Giving them the right food they need will help them to stay healthy and strong. Rabbits are high maintenance and most require daily care. Different breeds have different characteristics, physical traits, and care needs. Some rabbits love cuddling while some tend to go away. In this article, we will help you choose best bedding for rabbits.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Bedding

Owners must consider each rabbit breed and their possible health problem. Other rabbits have health issues such as overgrown teeth, ear mites and developing malocclusion or the misalignment of the teeth. Owners need proper care and attention to reduce the risk of health problems. There are many ways to take care of your pet rabbit in order to have a long life, happy and healthy body. The choice for your pet’s the best bedding is not difficult, but there are some issues to keep in mind:

Odor Control

Rabbits tend to get messy and smelly at time. Thus, it is important that you get a bedding for rabbits with good odor control to take care of this unpleasant matter. There are some bedding which has built-in odor control in order to eliminate those awful bunny odors.


Another factor you should consider is absorbency. A bedding for rabbits that is highly absorbent means that you change the bedding less frequently. This makes your rabbit’s habitat cleaner, drier and more comfortable for your bunny to sleep and play in.


Although rabbits are highly intelligent creatures, they are not smart enough to know if their cage bedding is toxic to them. And since your rabbit will be spending a good amount of time lounging, lying and sitting right on top of their bedding, you will want to get one that is non-toxic and deems safe for your pet.


Good rabbit beddings are virtually dust-free. This is because dust-free beddings can make the process of changing bedding a lot easier and quicker. In addition, it is much better for you and your rabbit’s respiratory health.


This is obviously important too! Your adorable bunny will be spending a lot of time, sleeping and laying on their bedding. So make sure that you get one that is comfortable for them to sleep and lounge on in order to keep them happier and more relaxed. Try feeling the bedding on your palm and see if it is soft enough to keep your bunny happy. Also, watch out for sharp and coarse bedding that may harm your pet’s feet and face.


Since you will be using a lot of bedding for rabbits every week, particularly if you have more than one bunnies, then it is a good idea to go with eco-friendly options. These beddings are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable so that they have minimal effect on the environment.

Top 13 Best Bedding for Rabbits You to Choose From:

Rabbits love having a shelter or house on their own where it feels like their own habitat. House must be a secure place for them from weather and other predators. It is recommended to give a home and shelter for your pet that looks like their natural habitat. There are available cages and beddings all of the online store community like Amazon that offers affordable price and a good place for your pets.

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh is a company that produces and manufactures many kinds of bedding for small animals like a guinea pig, rabbits and many more. One of their best product is Small Pet Bedding. This product is now number one best-selling bedding in Amazon that has over 1788 customer review. Carefresh products are made from scratch with a nice pillow texture and ultra-absorbent. The small pet bedding is made from raw and natural fiber materials. It has a superior odor control that maintains a cleaner and healthier home. Carefresh small pet bedding is available in a different creative color that can be mix to make it more colorful and comfy.

Healthy Pet Critter Care Pet Bedding

Also one of the best-selling product is the product of Healthy Pet. Healthy Pet dedicated to providing exceptional pet care. They create product uniquely considering pet’s physical, emotional and enhanced ecological well-being. The Critter Care Natural bedding are ammonia odor free which caused by pet urine. It is designed with soft pieces that absorb up to 3 times liquids to keep the pet warm, dry and cozy. It also dust-free, has fewer allergy issues and a cleaner habitat. All the product that is made by Health Pet are made from wood pulp and biodegradable. This bedding will surely love your pets.

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Pet Bedding

Kaytee committed to providing an excellent products for pet health and well-being. They are inspired to provide nutritional food and recreational products in over 150 years. Their product is in line with foods, treats, toys, beddings, habitat, and accessories. The Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding gives total new standard comfort with soft and absorbent bedding. It was a clean and cozy texture that keeps the pet clean and dry. It absorbs up to six times liquid weight and has a 99% dust free for a healthy habitat. It’s designed with a neutralize ammonia odors that last for 14 days. An ideal not just for Rabbit but also for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, and Chinchillas.

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding Natural Nesting

One of the new product of Carefresh is Natural Nesting. The prove continuing to provide a comfy pet care product for pet owners to choose from. The Natural Nesting is 25% bigger pieces the normal bedding size piece. This product prefers as a best nest and sleeping material for rabbits and guinea pigs. It has a comforting texture that is soft and fluffy. It absorbs liquid materials and has an odor control that lasted in more than 10 days. They also improve the absorbent feature which absorbs 2x the normal bedding pieces. It is also less dust risk and easy to clean.

Carefresh Custom Bedding for Small Pet

This Carefresh product is customized for Hamster and Gerbil but it is also perfect for Rabbits. Compare to the Carefree Natural Nesting the Custom Beddings is 25% smaller pieces than the normal size of beddings. This is perfect for small and tiny pets. Carefresh improves its product absorbent in more 3x than shavings. It is made from natural paper fibers that absorb 3x more liquid than wood shavings. These products ensure our pets to stay dry and warm all day. It is also proven and tested with an odor control formula that lasted in 10 days. It eliminates any kinds of unnecessary smell in our home fresh and clean. They also use a unique material that maintains bedding to be 99% dust free to keep your pets healthy.

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding

Vitakraft is a family owned company that offers and produce pet product since 2008. Their product focuses on birds and small animals such as rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs and more. The produce healthy food and affordable beddings for rabbits. The Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding has amazing odor control features that lasted up to 14 days. This is perfect for small pet cages which give soft and moisture bedding experience. Made from 100% recycled paper material which supports the PaperGator Recycling campaign in America. It has a baking-soda free formula that helps for rapid absorption of liquid materials. The Fresh World Bedding is not good just for our pet but also in our environment.

Living World Aspen Shaving

Living World Aspen Shaving has a scent-free wood shaving that doesn’t have aromatic oils. It has a highly-absorbent shaving that is ideal beddings from hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, and chinchillas. This kind of shaving is hypoallergenic and good for pets that have respiratory or skin sensitivity. It can absorb 4 times its weight and do not inhibit molds, bacteria and even fungus. The Aspen Shaving is good in keeping pet’s environment clean, dry and safe. It can be expanded in 2500 cubic inch which gives a bigger area for our pets.

Jumbo Premium Small Animal Bedding

This bedding is good for our pets like chinchilla, rabbit, guinea pigs or hamster. It is the best choice bedding for rabbits our small animals because of its comfort and high-quality feature. It’s made in 100% safe materials without any harmful chemical added. It is soft, comfortable and can absorb a big amount of liquid. With the package size, it can expand up to 3x the volume of normal bedding size. The products aim to provide high-quality supplies for our pets and got a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all the customer.

Beachy Bedding Plush Pine

This bedding is proudly by Beachys fluffiest and softies bedding product. Plush pines are made from pine in the Pacific Northwest, which has exceptional low dust material and beautiful color. All Beachy products are free from harmful odor formula and give a natural fresh scent that keeps your home smell good. Plush Pine beddings are 100% biodegradables that can be disposed of in green bin or compost. It comes with renewable materials from the sustainable forestry industry. The products produce a small amount of air and water pollution than any paper bedding because it doesn’t have any production process and chemicals. All the Plush Pine Bedding has a dry and high absorbent textureand a maximum expansion coverage.

Oxbow Eco-Straw Bedding for Pets

Eco-Straw is composted by the use of special technology which compresses high fiber wheat straw into a pellet which is more absorbent than newspaper based litter or beddings. It absorbs 300 percent of its weight in moisture. This is a better choice for keeping your pet safe because of the dust-free materials which help to reduce the risk of an allergy attack.

Grass Mat and Woven Bed Mat for Small Animals

It a combination of a bed and a great tool for our pets. We all know that rabbits love to chew anything. This grass mat is made from 100% natural materials and hand-woven. It is also suitable for placing inside the cages either small or large size. Because it is a natural grass mass idea it is safe for rabbits to chew to help their teeth. It also provides a softer area that possible to lay on.

Bed Mat House Nest for Small Animals

This Bed Mat is best to choose if you want to give your pet a comfortable bed experience. The mat will be the warm home and a soft place for our cute little pets. It is made of warm and soft fleece. They use PP cotton to make the mat fluffier and not easy to shape out. It is easy to clean because it is machine washable. It can also place in cages because of different size to choose from.

Kaytee Critter Litter Premium Potty Training Litter

This premium quality potty training litter has a very special formula that helps the materials to be 99% dust free and super effective absorbent. It’s made of non-toxic 100% bentonite and natural minerals that are safe for our pets. It absorbs 10 times its weight in moisture and has an odor control helping your pets to stay dry and clean. It also can use as bedding to our pets and use in a corner of their home as a toilet.


Pets are like humans they need attention, care and love. You can’t ever give all of this if you don’t give time to them and all the things they need. Pets are a source of happiness for everyone taking care of them is our responsibility as an owner. Before considering to get one, you must first consider the thing they need from food, water, accessories, vitamins, safety, and bedding. Giving all of this will surely give joy and happiness not just for you also for your pet.