The 15 Best Rabbit Food 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Best Rabbit Food

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Rabbits make great pets but they need the best rabbit food for their growth and proper grooming. Some rabbits require daily grooming and one needs to understand the requirement for feeding rabbits and the best foods for their  proper diet before purchasing any. Rabbits are generally plant-eating animals with their best food consisting of young leaves from plants, grasses, shrubs and sometimes barks of trees.

For rabbits that are kept as pets, their best foods are those containing high fibre diet as this helps to maintain their teeth and a healthy body such as grass hays or grasses itself. The best rabbit foods are those without lawn clippings as they ferment within short period and may cause digestive problems for your rabbit which is bad for your pet or business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Rabbit Food

Keeping rabbits is fun and exciting especially when you feed them appropriately and they grow into loveable pets but how do you choose the best food for your rabbits owing to the fact that they are herbivores. Rabbits need food that runs through their digestive tract frequently and keeping up with their food preference as their grow can be challenging. Here is a well researched guide on the things you should think about before buying the next rabbit food.


For younger rabbits (six months and below)  the best food is the one with important nutrients for growth and development. The best food for rabbits at this age are those rich in calcium, protein, alfalfa pellets with little or no food with high/large excesses of dietary protein. A food with 15% crude protein and 14% crude fibre is the best food for a growing rabbit.

Condition of Rabbit

If your rabbit is pregnant or lactating, you might need to change their diet into the best food that provides them with their essential needs. For a pregnant or lactating rabbit, the best foods are those rich in protein usually 18% or more and those rich in energy to encourage good lactation. Pregnant and lactating rabbits can tolerate more carbohydrates than growing ones hence, their best food are those  containing nutrients that support the skeletal development of the fetuses and adequate levels of milk production.

Weight of Rabbit

An obese rabbit needs the best rabbit food for appropriate and safe weight loss and these food should include grass hay or a mix of grass hays. If your rabbit id obese, never choose straws as a substitute forgrass hays as thid is potentially dangerous for your rabbit and may cause fatal hepatic lipidosis. For an underweight rabbits, the best food are those rich in high calories and not green leafy vegetables which are low in calories and ma no add any value to the rabbit’s nutritional value.

Top 15 Best Rabbit Food

In the production of the best rabbit foods, many producers have taken into consideration the use of fresh vegetables such as lettuce but not as the major content as these veggies are low in fibre content. Like the human balanced diet, the best rabbit foods have various classes of nutrients which must be present in their diet in the correct proportion. No muesli, small amounts of products with high sugar or fat foods such as carrot, high fibre containing food and reasonable amount of veggies.

After a comprehensive research was carried out, here is a list of foods from various brands considered to be the  best foods you ca buy for your rabbits.

Templeton Rabbit Pellets

The templeton rabbit pellets are the best rabbit foods for rabbit when they ate between seven weeks and seven months old because they are staple diet and can br easily transitioned to timothy based diet. This rabbit food contains various ingredients such as alfalfa meal, barley, soybean meal, cane molasses, wheatmeal feed etc in the right amounts to enhance rabbit’s growth.the food contains high level of  protein as well as fibre to help your rabbit grow as they age. The templeton rabbit pellets are excellent food with good delivery service though these food comes in medium-sized bag.

MUPIANLX Sweet Bamboo Chew Toys and Food for Rabbit

The mupianlx is a brand of rabbit food made with 100% sweet bamboo which provides rabbits with chewing activities to enhance their teeth growth. These food toysa re the best food for your rabbits because they may serve as a way to keep your rabbits busy especially the ones you keep as pet or cage. Unlike fruit branches, these bamboo chew & food toys are sweet to your rabbit pets and they only gnaw the skin but they never bite the core. You may run water over these sticks to make it more chewy for your pets

Sherwood Pet Health Digestive Support

These are the best rabbit food as they provide your rabbits with protein digestive enzymes and high quality papaya that aids protein digestion by minimizing the amount of protein that enters thr caecum. In addition, sherwood was carefully made to provide a full complement of B-vitamins which are normally produced by healthy fermentation patterns. The unique blend if herbs found in this rabbit food help to stimulate the lower digestive tract to optimize healthy fermentation patterns. If you have a rabbit that is restricted from movement due to age or disease factor or those that lack lower gastrointestinal tract, this rabbit food is what you should think of.

Kaytee Timothy Complete Diet For Rabbit

This rabbit food developed by an animal nutrition expert was aimed at producing rabbit foods that provides all nutrients needed by your rabbit for a long and healthy life. The food is rich in fiber to support digestive health with pelleted pieces that encourage natural chewing. Kayee complete diet for rabbit are made with prebiotics amd probiotics which supports the digestive health of your rabbits with hay that is rich in fibre and lower in protein than alfafa. If you have a rabbit or rabbits that selects food, you should think of this complete diet for yout rabbit as they have pelleted formula with added minerals and vitamins that prevents your pet from selective feeding.

Simona Micah Organic Apple Stick Food for Rabbit

The Simona micah are natural apple chew stick and are great rabbit food that safely and effectively help your rabbit pets to avoiding  diseases caused by long teeth. This  rabbit food helps to develop molar as well as ease your rabbit’s nervous and negative emotions. Simonah apple stick were carefully sifted, pruned, soaked, rinsed, dried and carefully sorted out before they are packaged for rabbits’ consumption. The beauty od this organic apple stick is that they cam be stored for long periods and keeping the sticks dr with no mildew for optimum satisfaction. It is pollution free with branches that also help to develop your rabbits’ molar.

Kaytee Supreme Food For Rabbit

The Kaytee supreme food is a high quality blend of natural ingredientd with protein, fibre, oil and whole grain as thr major constituents. This rabbit food make use of pellets and grains to provide your rabbut with a simple but very essential diet. As a good rabbit food, kaytee uses resealable packages which makes the food fresh for your rabbit and lasts yoyr rabbit for about 30 – 40 days. When you want a rabbit food with no artificial colours or flavours, food with high quality ingredients and a naturally preserved food blend that remains fresh, kaytee is the best rabbit food to sought after.

Wild Harvest Wh-83544 Advanced Nutrition Diet For Rabbits

Thinking of the best food for your adult rabbit? A food that provides ultimate nutrition your pets need for optimum growth and good health maintenance? Think no further. Wild harvest diet for rabbits was specially formulated with enriched diet for adult rabbits to ensure that they receive important minerals, vitamins and fibres needed for a strong & healthy body. Every bag of wild hatvest contains timothy hay which is rich fibre but low protein content than other hays and as such thr best rabbit food for adult rabbits. The nutrition diets are found in flip top containers which are better than screw top containers with the best blend in best packaging.

Tropical Carnival F.M Brown’s Gourmet

The best rabbit food that incorporates palatability in its production is the Brown’s gourmet rabbit food which adheres to the superior quality standards set a long time ago. Although, Brown’s gourment is not the latgest supplier of rabbit foods, it is the most trusted with the use of several generations knowledge in thr manufacturing of rabbit foods. This rabbit food is formjkated to give your rabbits its essential daily needs with added beneficial bacteria tosupport healthy digestion. The food is made of colourful but nutritious flowers, delicious fruits, wholesome vegetables and other natural diets which makes the food appealing to your rabbit’s senses.

Sunseed Rabbit Young Vita-plus

Most rabbit’s seller send rabbits home with this food as rabbits become more responsive to feeding time after being fed with sunseed vitaplus. The food gives the rabbit all its necessary nutritions for a more shiny coat with minimum shedding. This rabbit food consist of dried fruits with veggies mixed with Timothy hay pellets and not alfalfa which is not good in large quantities and this made  the food the best of its kinds. Sunseed rabbit food is a great natural combination for young rabbits, less expensive than other brands and makes training of rabbits easier and happier. When next you want to make a purchase for your young rabbit pets, think of sunseed and save more.

Hagen Rabbit Pellet

This rabbit food is a total pelleted food that is suitable for all kinds and stages of rabbit’s life cycle with all nutrients necessary for lactating, breeding, growth and maintenance. This rabbit pellets has been made in bite-sized morsels which makes it suitable for chewing by any size of rabbit. These rabbit foods comes in resealable zipper bags which helps to keep the food fresh and makes the pellets consumable for extended periods of time. When feeding your rabbit this product, it is encouraged to use dried hay product such as Hagen alfalfa to give small amount of greens.

Vitakraft Slims with Carrot for Rabbits

This rabbit food fortified with carrots are the best treat to all your rabbits due to their crunchy, tasty and special formula which makes the carrot slims nutritious for your rabbit. The rabbit food keeps their teeth in real good shape with ingredients that are not harmful to the body of your rabbit. Vitakraft slims with carrot are the best when you want food that satisfies your rabbit’s chewing pleasure with an easy-to-digest nibbling treat

Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed – Rabbit Pellets

The coyote creek is a high quality organic food certified with organic rabbit pellets which are specicifically tailored to meet your rabbit’s nutritional needs. It was designed by the best master chef to give an ideal health, strong immune system and an optimal growth for your rabbit. Thr coyote creek are rabbits foods are non-GMO project verified with a complete and balanced nutrients for a wide range of rabbits. When feeding your rabbits this food, do not feed them with insect infested or  moldy ones, store in a dry environment and feed your rabbits at once ounce per pound of body weight.

Hollywood Rabbit Feed

Looking for  rabbits food deveoped by the best and world renowned breeder of Holland lop bunnies? Hollywood rabbit food is what you should think of. The rabbit food is made of carefully hand crafted bunny pellets which contains all the extras and additives your rabbit needs for a healthy life rather than a poor blend of cheap materials. The feed contains flaxseed oil, Omega 3, vitamins, and Manna which gives your ravbit an healthier coat, shiny coat and strong bones. The vitamins in this rabbit food go beyond the daily requirement recommended for your rabbits and the omega fatty acids helps with digestion and beneficial bacteria that also stimulate the best digestion process.

Sleek & Sassy Garden Rabbit Food

The sleek rabbit food is an advanced formula diet charged with variety and balanced nutrition with an oxygen filled packaging to ensure enzymes rich seeds and grains to maximise the nutritional value. The rabbit food is a classic feed containing grain and grain concentrates, protein rich plants which provides carbohydrates, fiber and a well balanced profile of all amino acids needed for your rabbits’ health. The feed is free from artificial colours or sulfites but enriched in all natural ingredients blended with a first grade human fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to buy this rabbit’s food in smaller quantity or store in freezer safe bags and freeze if you’ll prefer to buy in bulk.

KMS Hayloft Rabbit Food

The KMS hayloft rabbit foods are recommended by veterinarians to help solve stone problems in small animals.  Thinking of the best rabbit food with a shelf life of above 200 days with effective freshness of feed, this rabbit food is what you should think of. It is made with natural nutrients with less fillers which provides the best balance of ingredients so that your rabbit can get more natural nutrients.  This food is free from BHA, BHT, corn or ethoxyquin and made from wholesome ingredients which provides the perfect balance diet for your rabbits. Think of what to buy next for your rabbits? Buy KMS with a 60 days return policy.


Some rabbits require daily grooming and one needs to understand the requirement for feeding rabbits and the best foods for their  proper diet before purchasing any.Like the human balanced diet, the best rabbit foods have various classes of nutrients which must be present in their diet in the correct proportion. No muesli, small amounts of products with high sugar or fat foods. Keeping rabbits as pet is fun and exciting and it is important to show them love by providing them with the best nutrition with high quality ingredients for a long and healthy life. Feeding is an important part of your rabbit’s day and you can only form a positive bond between you and your pet at this period. Get healthy ,let your rabbits be healthier!