The 16 Best Hamster Cages 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Hamster Cages

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Hamsters, as we know them are not as big as a dog or cat. They like every other pet nonetheless needs a home as they shouldn’t be left alone to run around as they could get lost or hurt. When dealing with hamsters, their cages which is their home is very essential as it affects their lifestyle. Best Hamster cages would be our focus this time. The kind of cage you need, materials used in making them and which is the best fit, size of the cage and of course we would go as far as listing some hamster homes product for you.

This guide has gathered comprehensive and worthwhile information that just solves your problems regarding hamster cages and all you will have to do is follow through.

Important Factors

We all know hamsters come in different breeds right? The Syrian hamster and the dwarf hamster are one of the breeds commonly seen. There are several factors to consider when buying a cage for different breeds of hamsters be it a Syrian hamster or a dwarf hamster.

The Size of the Cage

Floor space is one of the things hamster needs, they need plenty of them in order to run and exercise their furry body. According to the national hamster council a floor space of at least 150 square inches should be made available to a Syrian hamster, while 120 square inches should be made available to the dwarf hamster. In modern times the floor space might be small yet hamsters would get their exercise through the running wheels of the cage. The height of the cage also contributes to the size of a cage. A Syrian hamster’s cage should have a height of 17.5 inches and that of a dwarf hamster should be around 7 inches.

 Materials Used in Making Hamster Cages

Hamsters are climbers, they really do love to climb. A cage, which would be available to such pets, should leave room for holding and climbing. Over the years, the wire hamster cages with a plastic bottom has always been used. They provide the space needed for your lovely cute pets to climb. Layers can be used inside the cage, especially when a baby hamster is present, in case they lose their grip and fall risking getting hurt badly. A cage with a wire bottom is one you should never get for your hamsters as they are bad for hamster’s feet. The wires should not be more than half a centimetre apart to prevent hamsters from getting stuck when trying to stick their head through.

The plastic moulded hamster cage is another type of hamster cage widely used because it protects your hamster from the other pets you might have. They are easy to clean, long lasting and allows air in through small wired space. However, climbing frames still need to be provided. Wood at times is used in some hamster cages either as the floor or shaped in to have space like a wire.

Modular Systems for Hamsters

Some hamster homes are made from brightly coloured tubes, certainly they attract attention. Some are them don’t make the best home for your pet while some are rightly modified. They don’t provide enough floor space for running and exercise although some are likely to have running wheels. It is much easier for a hamster to get stuck in one of the tubes especially when its new to your home and refuses to come out.

 Top 16 Bestselling Hamster Cages

A comprehensive research was carried out and here we are with a list of top selling hamster cages that have been tested and tried.

Besazw Hamster Cage

Besazw hamster cage has a large space available for hamsters to run and exercise their furry bodies. Comes with two tiers and has a slide and a running wheel which ensures your pet gets the adequate exercise it needs.  Easy to assemble relieving you of stress and it is also known for its portability since it comes with a carrying handle that makes carrying the cage when relocating or moving the hamster from one part of the house to another easy.

Ferplast Hamster Cage 2-Floor Structure

The Ferplast Hamster cage is made up of a two-floor structure which provides quite a lot of space for your cute little pets to explore. Made of durable and robust plastic with a transparent base allowing you the view of the mess your hamsters make. An upper wire net alongside the full accessories of a hamster cage which are the running wheel which gives your hamster enough exercise to remain healthy and then grow and a house ladder that allows the hamster to climb up to the second tier and back is included.

Habitrail/Ovo Adventure Pack

The Habitrail/OVO hamster home offers enough space for your hamster, designed to be set up in a way that best suits you saving you the difficulty of assembling in the proper way. Easy to clean and maintain should your cute little pet decide to get messy.  The roof is retractable should your hamster refuse to be seen in the open. It includes 2 10-inch Trails, a tee and a cube.

Habitrail/Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat

The Habitrail/Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat is a modular type of hamster cage which is very much compatible with the Dwarf hamsters. Super easy to assemble and clean. It is fully expandable enabling more floor space for the hamsters to exercise and run. Made to include some of the structures that fosters the growth of hamsters and also keeping them healthy such as the running wheel, dishes, tubes, stairs for climbing and hideaways.

Habitrail Twist

The Habitrail Twist comes with a special attribute of a 360-degree air circulation. Its components are unique and transparent allowing you to watch your hamster at all times.  A base is attached preventing drafts and it has a sliding lock which prevents your hamsters from escaping or being attacked. The base is made of plastic and has a running wheel which allows your hamster to get enough exercise.

Kaytee Critter Trail 2- Level Habitat

Kaytee Critter Trail 2- Level Habitat possesses a running wheel allowing your pets to exercise. a look-out tower and a wire spacing of 0.25 inches preventing your hamster from the danger of sticking its head out and getting stuck is present. A petting zone, a running wheel, a food dish and a front access door are also present. Compatible with all critter ttail accessories.

Kaytee Critter Trail Carry And Go Travel Habitat

Should you feel the need to travel with your cute little pets or you are relocating? Kaytee Critter Trail Carry and Go travel habitat gives you the right attribute to do that. Comes with a handle that allows you to carry the cage about, ideal and good for temporary housing while cleaning the main pet’s house and other temporary uses. The bar spacing is 0.25 inches preventing your furry pets from getting stuck while sticking out its head.

Kaytee Interpret Limited Superpret Critical Small Cage

Kaytee Interpret Limited Superpret Critical Small Cage includes a safe environment for your furry pets.  Provides facilities that allows your pet to get enough exercise and entertainment. It has a 6mm wire spacing, food dish, water bottle and a running wheel.  A front access door is present and a petting zone that is removable also it is compatible with all critter trail accessories.

Kaytee Superpret Critter Trail Pink One Level Habitat

Almost every little girl in love with pink would certainly want one of these. Kaytee Superpret Critter Trail Pink One Level Habitat comes with bells and whistles and everything you need for a comfortable hamster habitat. Includes a food dish, water bottle and exercise wheel to nourish and ensure the hamster gets enough exercise.  Made with a front access door and also a removable petting zone and has a bar spacing of 0.25 inches allowing pets to avoid getting stuck and also provides a good ground for climbing.

Kaytee Superpret My First Hamster Home

Kaytee Superpret My First Hamster Home features a deep base that prevents the litter of your little pets from scattering all over the place when it is scampering all around. multiple levels which promote healthy activity levels. Provides an ideal environment for your first hamsters. Easy to clean, has a wire spacing of 0.5 inches allowing for climbing and preventing the hamster from getting stuck.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat, a hybrid cage that has a plastic bottom base and an upper wire frame that provides enough ventilation for your hamster. It has a balcony with access ramp and a food dish. 24 inches high, 46-8/9 inches long and 22-4/5 inches wide. Provides everything you need to safely house your hamster. The plastic bottom is very good for the feet of your hamsters and the wire allows for climbing as hamsters are known to like climbing.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

The name hamster heaven wasn’t just stumbled on, it was earned. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage a virtual paradise for your little furry cute pet. Easy to assemble even though it has loads of accessories. Provides basically everything you need to provide a long and happy home for your hamster. Its plastic is of high quality and it includes tunnels, platform and slides. A running wheel that allows hamster to exercise is present with a bathroom area, food bowl and drinking bottle included.

 Niteangel Large Wooden Hamster Cage

Like most habitats the niteangel is neither plastic nor metal or tubes instead Niteangel Large Wooden Hamster Cage is made from wood, the natural, harmless Chinese fir. You can be rest assured that you are not exposing your hamster to any harmful chemical whatsoever that can endanger their life as the surface of the wood has no lacquer. Made with anti-rust wire mesh roof, it has 3 ladders that connect layers and can also aid the hamsters in climbing. It is visible and has great ventilation.

Prevue Pet Products SP2005BL Hamster Haven

With this product you can be sure you have found a home for your little furry pets. Prevue Pet Products SP2005BL Hamster Haven is safe, active and colourful. Presented with everything to satisfy the needs of your hamster’s natural instincts to explore and hide. It has a platform, a slide ramp, a hideaway dome and an exercise or running wheel all which keeps the hamster healthy and alive. A bi-level cage with two access points. Comes in different colours which also beautifies the house.

Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand

Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand’s main benefit is portability; you are able to move your hamster easily from one room to another. A habitat on a stand with wheels which allows it movement letting your hamster go with you wherever you want to go and whenever you want it to come with you. Made with a plastic base alongside a heavy-duty tubular steel stand with plastic base. Possesses an extra deep pan to keep your hamster’s bedding inside and includes a ramp and a platform.

Ware Chew Proof 25-inch Critter Cage

Ware Chew Proof 25-inch Critter Cage is available for replacing your old hamster’s cage when you have all the accessories. Easy to assemble, cannot be chewed by hamsters with no accessories included. It has a wire spacing of.0.5 inches preventing your hamster from getting stuck. Well-ventilated and made up of powder coated, chew-poof wire.


 It is always important to note that our hamster’s home is one we shouldn’t overlook. It provides the healthy lifestyle a hamster would want and prevents them from sickness, getting hurt and death. Always consider the factors above when choosing a hamster’s habitat as it makes your hamster happy and healthy.

The different kind of hamster cages are available and you can choose based on your preference, the plastic cage, the wire and plastic bottom cage, the wooden cage without lacquer and the metal cage. Most importantly, your hamsters need a large floor space, a running or exercise wheel and ladders or bars to climb as they love climbing.