The 12 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

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Rabbits are quite fun pets to have. They are fluffy, cute, energetic and have an incredible personality that you won’t get enough of. And as the caring and good rabbit owner you are, I’m pretty sure that you will allow your bunny to roam and play around your home for quite some time.But, regardless of how much freedom you give your adorable bunny, there are some times that you can’t help it but keep it caged, especially if you have other bigger pets that may bully your cute friend. And this is when the best indoor rabbit hutch comes into play.

Things to Know When Choosing Indoor Rabbit Hutch

You might be tempted to get your bunny the very first hutch you see. However, you need to know that not all rabbit hutches are created equal. Here are some important factors that you need to look for when choosing the right indoor rabbit hutch.


Size of the hutch is one of the most critical factors that you need to look for. You will need to get the largest hutch possible in order to provide your bunny more space to hop and roam around in.

Although rabbits differ in sizes, all rabbit hutches need to be several feet long with at least 2 or more feet in height and width, with the added size only providing benefits. In addition to the shelter area of the hutch, a run also needs to be included. These are large areas where you bunny can just hop or play around.

Predator Proof

A rabbit hutch needs to be predator-proof, regardless if it is used indoors or outdoors. Indoors, other larger pets such as dogs and cats, may bully or scare away your cute bunny, while the outdoors has all kinds of predators including weasels.

Thus, a hutch needs to keep these predators away. Secure hutches are the ones which are raised off the ground, making it harder for predators to reach your bunny. For hutches on the ground, a tight wire mesh installed prevents predators from squeezing through.

Quality and Materials Used

The materials used in the construction of a rabbit hutch should not be underestimated. Most rabbit hutches are designed with woods, chicken wire and metals to screw the materials together.

There are some that are made of plastic and metal materials. However, designs made from wire mesh, metal screws and wood are the sturdiest.

Accessibility and Ease of Cleaning

Your bunny will surely make a mess. And if you own several rabbits, then there will be an even bigger mess on your hands. Thus, the best hutch for rabbits should provide plenty and wide access to clean up those messes.

At the very least, hutches should have a door on the resting and run area. But roofs which can be lifted out and extra entries are useful at making cleaning easier. In addition, it should give you better access to your furry friend during playtime or binding time.

Comfortable Living

The best rabbit hutch needs to be secure. However, if it is not comfortable at the same time, then it may affect the overall happiness of your furry friend. Floors of the hutch need to be solid and even for your bunny to rest their feet.

Proper ventilation is also a must and your rabbit should be able to move freely inside the hutch. In addition, a closed space should be available for your bunny to hide in if they want some privacy or just want to rest.

Top 12 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Offering a generous dimension of 31.5 x 26 x 46 inches, this two-story bunny hutch is advertised for both indoor and outdoor use. An Amazon’s Choice for “rabbit hutches” this hutch is constructed from strong wood and is painted in a chew-friendly coating so you can keep your bunny safe.

It features an open section to the left for sufficient ventilation as well as a sheltered or closed section for when your bunny needs some privacy. The hutch also features a running space where your bunny can hop and play around to their heart’s content.

For easy accessibility, the roof can easily be opened for easy cleaning and feeding. In addition, it has additional doors that are lockable with metal in order to prevent your furry friends from escaping or allowing predators in.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch

With a dimension of 61 x 20.8 x 27.5 inches, the Trixie Rabbit Hutch is on the small side, making it much suitable if you own one rabbit or smaller breeds of bunnies. The hutch features a two-story.

The upper “house” area can be accessed through the detachable ramp and provides a private and quiet place for your rabbit to relax and sleep. In addition, if you choose to place it outdoors, the house area helps prevent your bunny escape elements such as rain or sun. The lower area, on the other hand, provides sufficient space for your bunny to hop around and exercise.

The hutch features a set of doors which can be closed in order to keep your bunny in the upper area if needed. For easy cleaning, it features a pull out plastic tray that opens up several places. This also makes it easy for you to take your rabbit in and out of the hutch.

Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch

A single-level bunny hutch, The Penthouse from Advantek provides everything that your furry friend needs to feel secure and cozy. It features a spacious living area along with an attached nest box providing security and privacy for your pet to rest and sleep.

Meanwhile, the living area is backed with sturdy fir panels and enclosed with wires safe for your bunny. It also has built-in features that make cleaning easy such as the pull-out tray for collecting waste and leftovers. You get to access the living area via the wire gate doors and nest box via the latch-locked exterior hatch

Trixie Rabbit Hutch With Attic

Measuring 52.8 x 32.5 x 43.5 inches, this large hutch can easily accommodate up to 3 small rabbits. It features a two-story design with a private retreat area on the top floor. What’s more, is that the hutch also has an attic as well as a removable floor.

For access to floors, the hutch has a non-slip ramp. Meanwhile, the hatch door is useful in restricting access between levels. The roof features hinges with locking arms that open on both sides for easy access inside.

For cleaning, the manufacturer also included a pull-out tray that is made of plastic that helps for quick and efficient cleaning.

Tangkula Rabbit Hutch

This one is for the owner with a large house. Because of its large footprint, this rabbit hutch is suitable for outdoor use, however, if space is not a problem inside your home, then it should fit nicely inside. And although it is advertised for keeping chickens, it can also double as a comfortable hutch for your furry friend.

The hutch is made of fir wood and is painted with non-toxic and waterproof paint. The 67 inches hutch features a resting box, a nesting place as well as running area. There are a ramp and a sliding door that allows your pet to enter the raised housing area. And with a small window on the side, you get to watch your pets without disturbing their privacy.

For easy cleaning, the hutch features a removable bottom sliding tray. The high-quality fencing, on the other hand, helps provide protection against predator as well as offering ample ventilation.

Pawhut Deluxe Bunny Hutch

Suitable for giant breeds of rabbit or housing several bunnies, the Pawhut Deluxe Bunny hutch is a spacious hutch that will keep them comfortable. At 91 inches long, this hutch is quite big with a two-story design complete with a resting space and a large run area at the bottom.

The hutch includes dividers which help separate the top half of the structure in case your bunny requires a separate sleeping area. In addition, 2 ramps are available on either end for accessibility.

The roof provides plenty of protection from the elements, in case you want to use it outdoors. In addition, 2 access doors— one in front of the house area and one in the middle of the running space— provides accessibility. For cleaning, a pullout tray is available on the inside.

PawHut Triangular Bunny Hutch

Featuring a unique design at an affordable price, this Triangular Rabbit Hutch from Pawhut is a great choice for bunny owners on a budget. The hutch boasts a unique triangular shape that helps prevent water off the roof and preventing leaks, in case you put it outdoors.

It has a wooden construction for durability and is super lightweight, making it easy for you to move the hutch indoors or outdoors. The one-story design has an outdoor area that allows your bunny to exercise as well as a private space so your pet can relax and sleep.

Both spaces has doors for easy access to your furry friend as well as making cleaning easy. In addition, the hutch includes floor pieces for the inside zone so your pet can be comfortable. Easy to assemble, it only requires a screwdriver and can take less than 30 minutes to set up.

Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

This adorable rabbit hutch designed like a home includes both an enclosed front yard space and a white picket fence that will give your bunny a comfortable and safe experience. This bunny house is constructed from Advantek’s GoneGreen fir lumber that is insect-resistant and rot-resistant, so you can use it for years to come.

In addition, the material is lightweight so you can carry the house from indoors to outdoors. Featuring a hinged roof and courtyard means that the top of the house offers easy access to the inside of the hutch.

SmithBuilt Rabbit Hutch

Constructed from durable fir wood, this deluxe bunny hutch from Smithbuilt should endure years of use and needs little maintenance. It features wire sections that are finished in ultra-durable epoxy coating, making it highly resistant to fading, corrosion, and rust.

Offering plenty of space to roam around, this bunny hitch features a separate living area and sleeping area. The non-slip ramp offers accessibility to the upper floor and has a door inside that separate the levels for secure and safe containment.

In addition to the inside door, it also has a hinged roof with locking arms for easy access and cleaning as well as a front door near the sleeping space and a wood door below. It also includes a removable sliding pan for easy cleaning.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch

This 2-story rabbit hatch from Trixie features sturdy wood construction and a stained pine finish for longevity and little maintenance. The upper part offers a relaxing private place where your bunny can relax and sleep.

Then, with the non-slip ramp, your pet can go down to play and roam around. The hutch features an interior door that provides your options to restrict access as needed. In addition, 2 front doors plus a hinged roof gives more access to the inside for easy cleaning as well as feeding.

Merax Rabbit Hutch

A multi-level deluxe hutch for indoor and outdoor use, the Merax Rabbit Hutch is constructed from fir wood and stained in a classic tawny finish with waterproof coating. Featuring asphalt roofing, this hutch can endure even the harshest outdoor elements.

Measuring 59 x 22 x 33 inches, the hutch features two levels providing your bunny enough space to roam around. The top floor provides a cozy and private space for your bunny to sleep in. In addition, features a small mesh door on the side so you can take a peek without disturbing them as well as providing easy access.

Meanwhile, the spacious lower area allows your bunny to play, exercise and hop around. It features 2 doors, one small and one big, for easy access to the inside of the hutch. In addition, a built-in litter tray allows for a fast and simple cleanup for your convenience.

Prevue Rabbit Hutch

Available in small and large size, this rabbit hutch from Prevue offers a safe and secure home for your bunny. Constructed from fir tree lumber and then coated with non-toxic and protective stain, this rabbit hutch is guaranteed to endure years of use.

In addition, its water-resistant roof is made of asphalt shingles and specifically designed to protect your furry friend from harsh weather. The hutch features an open floor plan which connects to a private resting space that can be accessed with a fold-down entry ramp.

It also has removable interior divider walls to separate areas as well as foot-friendly removable bottom grille. To prevent escapes, the hutch has a lit latch as well as double door locks on its wire cage door.


We all want what’s best for our pets. Thus, it is important that you give your furry friend something they can call home where they can relax, play or have some private “me time”. And what better way to do that than choosing one of the best indoor rabbit hutch from the above list?

Remember, an indoor rabbit hutch is a special place for your bunny, so it must feel both safe and comfortable in order for your rabbit to stay calm healthy and happy.