The 12 Best Rabbit Toys 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Rabbit Toys

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Rabbits love to play. It is an important part of their day as it is another form of exercise and social interaction with other rabbits. Play is an activity that provides intellectual stimulation and a sense of accomplishment and toys are a channel of natural behaviors. Moreover, providing your rabbits with the best rabbit toys for chewing, burrowing, digging, and shredding is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables. To give you an idea which toys are the best for your rabbit, here is our list of the best rabbit toys available in the market today.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Rabbit Toys

If you don’t want to fall for fake advertising, you have to be a wise customer. You have to review some of the most important factors of choosing a rabbit toy in order to come up with the best item that could benefit your rabbit.


Rabbits could easily get bored if you give them toys with almost the same design. For this reason, you have to find a different variety of rabbit toys to allow your pet to enjoy the most out of its toys.

While trying to find the best one for your bunny, you will definitely encounter different kinds of rabbit toys. Review them out and determine which one supports all the factors to consider when buying the best rabbit toys. You may be surprised with all the sleek options you will find.


While you can have a wide array to choose from, the specs of a rabbit toy is also an important part to look at in the process. Take note not to settle for something that is too complicated for you and your pet.

In terms of specs, consider buying rabbit toys that will allow your pet to run or move. It will keep them busy, hyper, and happy while you focus on other things or when you are not around. More so, make sure to read through the entire specs of a rabbit toy given. Also, make sure not to skip anything to make sure everything will work fine.

Easily Chewable

Rabbits are very famous for their chewing ability. In fact, these animals chew into everything as long as their teeth deem chewable and edible. This is the reason why you have to consider this factor.

Think about giving them rabbit toys that rabbits can easily chew to help them avoid hurting and damaging their teeth. Every pet owner is making a way to keep the teeth of their rabbits safe from damages. Besides, rabbits love to have something where they can sink their huge front teeth into.


The safety of your pet is the most important thing to consider when buying the best rabbit toys. While you want to make sure that your rabbit is having fun, you have to consider the health of your rabbit too. Consider buying them toys made with rabbit friendly materials. In fact, there is a wide array of factors that you must look into including weight.

Giving your rabbit a toy with an enormous weight will only hurt them while playing. So, make sure to provide them a relatively light rabbit toy.

Top 12 Best Rabbit Toys

Here are some of the best rabbit toys that might suit your pet. Considering the important factors of buying rabbit toys, these are the items that stood out. Check them out:

Niteangel Twig Tunnel

If you are looking rabbit toys that could allow your pets run and play, Niteangel Twig Tunnel is for you. This is made from pure handwoven willow which is easy and safe for your rabbits to chew. In terms of its size, it measures 10-inch depth, 8-inch width, and 7-inch height ideal for playing ad nesting.

One of the reasons why it is one of the best rabbit toys is because apply sticks or willow are environmentally friendly materials that are organically grown. This twig tunnel doesn’t involve dyes, preservatives, and colors which means it is totally safe for your rabbits. Try to place your pet’s favorite snack inside and watch your little buddy play and explore inside the natural tunnel.

You can place this rabbit toy inside or outside your pet cage to provide hours of entertainment and fun for your rabbit. They can chew on it but no to swallowing.

Timali Pet Rabbit Toys Original Activity Zone

Timali Activity Zone Rabbit toy involves non-toxic wood along with different hanging chew toys. It measures 16 inches depth, 12 inches wide, and 11 inches high to allow your rabbit hop on it or hang under. Unlike other rabbit toys, this is incredibly durable and long-lasting to offer months of fun and exercise. It could fit perfectly inside your rabbit cage with its mini version.

The mini activity zone is one of the best rabbit toys allowed for chewing and exercise. It comes with different hanging toys that your rabbits will definitely like. This product is made in the US which means it is made durable to the core.

Marshall Natural Woven Grass Play Ball

As the teeth of your rabbit continue to grow, they need to be filed back or trimmed down occasionally. To prevent overgrowth, give your rabbit this Natural Woven Grass Play Ball from Marshall. Your rabbits will definitely enjoy chewing on this rabbit toy without realizing that it is filing down its teeth.

On the other hand, many rabbits like chew toys composed of edible materials such as hay more than wooden chew toys. This is the reason why we chose this item to be one of the best rabbit toys.

Marshal Natural Woven Grass play ball comprises all-natural grass which makes it a perfect rabbit toy they can chew on. Besides, chewing on a tasty grass while tossing and rolling it around will keep your little buddy busy for hours. To last for a long time, this woven grass ball has a tight-woven design.

Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree

To search for food, rabbits naturally travel up to 3 miles per day. More so it is important to consider buying him a toy that could encourage physical activity since rabbits inside a cage or hutch need more exercise. Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree is made from seagrass, corn leaf, and more variety of materials that are rabbit-safe.

In addition to that, Rosewood includes hanging carrot toys from the branches. It also features a wide base to provide enough stability, allowing your pet reaches the highest point without even tipping.

One of the ways to entertain your rabbit is to attach some of its favorite food in place of the toys. The overall goal of this fun free is to encourage your rabbit to stretch and be entertained.

Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy

Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy provides mental stimulation for your rabbit. Since rabbits naturally hunt food for the whole day, this toy is ideal to keep them active and mentally fit. Logic toys for rabbits are one of the best options since they challenge your pet to utilize their thinking and it will keep them busy. A busy rabbit is said to be a less destructive rabbit after all.

This Snack Board Logic Toy utilizes a rubberized base to provide better stability and has seven holes covered with ultra-light plastic lids. To use this toy, just fill the holes using the most favorite treats of your rabbit then cover them with the lid. Afterward, you are ready to be entertained while your little buddy seeks its treats.

Kaytee Perfect Chews

Rabbits are as playful as cats. They play with anything they see fit regardless of their real purpose. Kaytee perfect chews are one of the best rabbit toys that could provide hours of fun for your bunny. You can hook it into its cage in order to make sure that it stays while your rabbit plays with it non-stop.

In terms of features, this toy has an assortment of wooden logs, balls, and blocks connected to a chewable kebab. It also includes a metal hook for hanging. To ensure your pet’s safety, this rabbit toy is only included non-toxic wood. It is also a cost-effective option so you can easily replace it with another one when your pet chewed it into small pieces.

Kaytee Perfect Chews comes with a variety of textures and shapes that your rabbit will definitely love. It will keep your pet busy and happy all day long so you don’t have to worry about your little chubby bunny sulking in one corner of its cage.

Prosper Pet Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel

Originally, Prosper Pet Tunnel is made for cats. But since it has a perfect size, quality, along with versatility, this toy could be a great choice for rabbits. In nature, rabbits are curious animals but they can be quite skittish too. This tunnel toy allows them to run through and take a rest while you focus on other things without leaving them bored.

The materials used for this tunnel toy is durable tear-resistant polyester covering a collapsible steel frame. It has three different holes/tunnels that are connected in the middle along with an opening to allow your rabbit peek out his head. Polyester doesn’t accumulate hair and what makes it great is the fact that you can fold the whole thing flat. This rabbit tunnel is easy to store especially if you want to change from time to time.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

Your rabbit won’t get enough chewing on this Kaytee Nut Know Nibbler wooden toy. It is made from safe vegetable food colors and all-natural wood so your rabbit could enjoy chewing on it without having any problems. Some of its key benefits include the satisfaction it provides for your pets. It stimulates healthy chewing and playing as well especially that it has 100% natural wood.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler measures 4 inches wide, 4 inches long, and 3-1/4 inch high. It is a colorful play toy for your rabbit that will keep them busy for hours gnawing and chewing until they reach the nut treat inside.

Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your rabbit? If you do, Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy is the one for you. This woven grass hut will allow your bunny to sit inside this cute hideaway and keep itself busy while chewing on the grass. Unlike other chews, this toy is safe for rabbits to digest so they can pour their heart out chomping on it.

Depending on your rabbit’s curiosity, they can explore the ways they can entertain themselves using this woven hut.  Some rabbits actually climb on the grass hut as a way of enrichment and physical exercise. Aside from that, this grass hut toy is also the best place where your pet can relax and relieve stress. It also keeps their teeth short since it allows safe chewing.

Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout

If you want to keep your bunny active and entertained to the max, this Fiddle Sticks from Kaytee is your best option. This toy can be easily twisted into a cave, ramp, or seat where your rabbit can run under, into, or on. Since rabbits love to chew on almost everything, this fiddle stick could provide hours of fun for your pet while you tend to other things you need to do. It includes wooden sticks that are shapeable, bendable, and has vibrant colors.

Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks encourage natural chewing and hiding instincts of rabbits. It is 12 inches wide and 7 inches long which is enough to provide good playing space for your little bunny.

AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys

Ensure that your rabbit gets healthy teeth using AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys. It has apple chew sticks that help rabbits grind down their growing teeth and prevent your pet from chewing on other things such as furniture and more. In addition to that twigs and branches allows good digestion and may help in relieving mild pain, and intestinal inflammations. This rabbit toy is also made from natural grass cakes as well as apple sticks so you can make sure that it is safe for your pet.

The apple chew sticks and grass cake features a heart-shape. It measures 10cm long and 1.5 cm thickness ideal for rabbits, hamster, parrot, and other small animals.

Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot

Don’t keep your rabbits bored for too long. If you can’t play with them all the time, why not give them Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot instead? It helps to reduce boredom in rabbits and give hours of playtime.

I personally find this rabbit toy incredibly cute because of its carrot shape. Moreover, it is made of wood that can keep the teeth of your pet clean and trim while the pieces of loofah floss and clean the teeth. This toy involves safe natural materials only that your rabbit can chew on safely.


For rabbits, playing could help them exercise while interacting. This is the reason why you have to choose the best rabbit toys to keep them entertained and healthy. In our list above, I find Timali Pet Rabbit Toys Original Activity Zone as the best in terms of entertainment. On the other hand, Prosper Pet Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel is the best toy for rabbits to seek relaxation. Choose the best rabbit toys for your bunny and you’ll never regret buying a useless item in the end.