The Top 12 Best Ant Farms: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Ant Farms

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Ant farms, also known as formicarium, is a type of vivarium which consists of ant colonies. It allows a budding scientist or the insect enthusiasts to see these tiny critters animals in action. They are designed so that all the ants’ hard work from tunneling and burrowing to building bridges is completely visible.

Ants— most people hate the very sight of them as they scurry along with nibbles of food or when they suddenly appear on sweet choco drips on the kitchen counter. Plus, some species have strong bites that annoy the hell out of people.


There are some people, so fascinated with ants, that they keep them as pets and build their own ant farms. Here are the best ant farms and things you need to know if you want to take care of an ant colony.

Important Factors to Consider

So, if you are one who’s quite fascinated with these critters or just want your curious kid to see how they live, and thinking to buy an art farms, then here are some things you need consider.

Visibility and Aesthetic Appeal

An ant farm is used for viewing the daily lives of ants, so it makes sense that you get one with great visibility. Glass is usually preferred for better visibility and observation.

In addition, since you will spend more time viewing the ant farms, then it is better that it has a design that blends well with the rest of your home. Make sure that you get an ant farm that is not only pleasant to look at but also makes viewing easy and fits into the space.


Water is the most important resource to any living thing and ants are no exception. Thus, proper hydration method should determine the success of an ant colony. A good ant farm should be able to maintain hydration and retains water to keep the colony thriving.

In addition, it should be able to filter or purify potential toxins and heavy metals from the water. Moisture levels that are suitable for ants should also be easy to maintain. Also, see if the ant farm allows for heating and is safe to place near heat sources. Other than hydration and heating, it is also better to get an ant farms that is easy to clean and maintain for your convenience.

Air Quality and Security

Ants are master escape artists, thanks to their tiny size. For instance, the Monomorium pharaonis or Pharaoh Ants are great at escaping their habitat and causes billions of dollars in damage every year. They escape through miniscule holes and cracks that you might not notice.

So, you will have to ensure that the ant farm you are getting minimize escapes. Make sure that the lids don’t have any cracks or holes they can fit into. However, you surely don’t want to suffocate the ants— they also need air to live. So, get an ant farm with air holes that are not too large or with a screen mesh in order to ensure that there is sufficient air circulating the habitat.

Durability and Quality

Most ant colonies can vary in capability and strength to chew through some of the toughest materials in the world. And even though it is inevitable that some species of ants can indeed chew through something, you will need to get an ant farms that can properly contain and handle your ants.

Check the ant farm before purchasing and make sure that it is made of high-quality material. It should not easily bend, crack or break or with loose parts.


This judges the PTE or Potential Toxicity Exposure of an ant farm. This means that if the ant farm is subjected to a change of phase, will it release harmful toxins in any form?

For instance, if a wood or cement ant farm is used, should be able to contain ant kinds of chemicals or staining? For plastics, will it release any types of fumes when heated?

Also, it is important that the ant farm is safe for children as well as to the well-being of the ant colony.


Ant farms are for ants. However, where one species lives, other thrives. So, one thing you’ll have to watch out for is the bioactive ability of the ant farms. Is it made in the way that other organisms can also survive inside?

Most ant colonies need some type of cleaners in order to handle and prevent mold outbreaks including springtails and other small isopods. The prevention of disease and mold outbreaks is crucial in the well-being of an ant colony.

The Top 12 Best Ant Farm 2022

Evviva Sciences Blue Gel Ant Habitat

An Amazon’s Choice, this Ant Farm from Evviva Sciences is a super awesome ant cosmos that boasts LED lights which make for an awesome showcase that looks really great in any home and impress everyone. The LED lights also help encourage the ants to dig deeper and create elaborate and amazing tunnels. The LED lights run in a standard electric outlet and do not include power.

Its enhanced blue gel contains nutrients which allow your ants to live longer but also encourage them to dig more tunnels. Each ant farms comes complete with little sticks in order to aid the ants to start digging as well as a magnifying glass that allows you to take a closer look while the ants dig away.

Evviva Sciences also include a free education E-book filled with exciting ant facts, awesome experiments, and impressive information about ants. Lastly, Evviva offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on their ant farm for a risk-free buying.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Ant Farm

Perfect for young children fascinated with how these critters live, this ant farm from Educational Insights features a fun and colorful habitat that your kids will surely love. The GeoSafari Ant Factory is a perfectly safe and secure habitat to watch ants build and thrive.

Measuring 9 x 15 inches, this ant farm is an escape-proof habitat so you do not have to worry about your ants getting away. The ant farm includes a 24-page guide book for ant caring and colony observation tips as well as tools like canal starting tool and water dropper to make the ant farms up and running.

Educational Insights also added a certificate to obtain ants by mail in the package. Highly educational for children this ant farm comes with a 365-day risk-free guarantee on every purchase.

Uncle Milton Ant Farm

Featuring a simple yet effective design, the Uncle Milton Ant Farm is an Amazon’s Choice and popular among ant keepers. The ant farm features clean sand that allows the ants to build a network of tunnels for their colony.

The ant farms also includes a water dropper to maintain humidity and hydration inside as well as a year’s supply of ant food that contains all the vitamins, minerals and protein that these little ants need to thrive.

In addition, the ant farm is escape-proof and break-resistant so there is no chance of any ants accidentally escaping and crawling around your home. Take note, however, that live ants are not included in this ant farm. But, you can order them from the supplier.

Insect Lore Ant Mountain Farm

Watch a colony of ant burrow underground in order to create an amazing network of secret chambers, walkways and subterranean tunnels with this unique ant farms from Insect Lore. Unlike most ant farms that are rectangle in shape, this one takes the form of a mountain which is space saving and can fit any desks.

The ant farm includes a 2-sided viewing habitat with locking lid, making the habitat escape-proof so you do not have to worry about an empty ant farm. The ant farm includes easy dig sand that ants will love as well as a sand rod for tunneling.

You will also get a certificate to redeem your colony of 25 – 50 Harvester Ants, giving total value for your money. The supplier guarantees that ants will be delivered alive and thriving. Lastly, to make things easier for you, Insect Lore also included an instruction manual complete with certain activities to do with your critters.

NAVADEAL Ant Farm Castle

An awesome ant habitat, watch as your ants create tunnels and a colony in 3D with this ant farms castle from NAVADEAL. Features blue gel nutrition that offers a unique and new perspective from the soil-based habitats and keeps your ants alive for longer.

The ant farm also includes a nursery as well as a feeding system with an aperture on the lid in order to make it easier to load ants into the containers as well as providing good ventilation. Meanwhile, the watering and feeding holes make the ant farm more interactive than its competitors.

Nature Gift Interactive Ant Farm

Featuring a fun and colorful design, this ant farms from Nature Gift Store has at least 10 different Ant Farm styles to choose from. The ant farm boasts interactive elements for your ants to play with including a merry-go-round, see-saw, ladders, and other platforms.

The ant farm includes clean tunneling sand, a magnifier, a water dropper, and a tunnel starter tool. You also get a tube of live harvester ant to start your ant colony with an instruction manual to guide you.

In addition, the ant farm also includes a clear connecting tube that allows you to get more than one habitat and connect them together and have a bigger colony to care for.

Uncle Milton Antopia Rainforest Ant Farm

A much different model than the previous Uncle Milton Ant Farm, this one follows a theme with its beautiful background. This sleek new design features a 3D lenticular scent of Antopia Rainforest.

It is designed with a self-locking device, making it escape-proof but with easy access to feeding and giving water to the ants. It includes ant ports as well as tubes so you can buy more than one habitat and connect it together in order to create a larger ant community.

The ant farms also includes 2 bags of tunneling sand, a tunnel starter tool as well as an instruction manual or ant guide. Live ants are not included, however, you can order it to the same supplier.


Featuring a translucent blue gel, it provides a great view of tunneling ants as well as providing the essential food and water for the ants to survive. This ant farm also includes useful LED lights that allow nighttime observations as well as encouraging the ants to dig deeper.

In addition, the LED lights also act as a nightlight that cast a calming wash of neon blue across the room, making it perfect on desks, bedside, and shelves. The ant farms also includes a 50 percent live ants coupon as well as detailed instruction and magnifying glass you have everything you need to keep the ant farm up and running.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Day ‘N Night Ant Farm

Featured on Today Show, this ant farm from Educational Insights features a circular shape with a nutrient-rich blue gel that doubles as your ant’s habitat and food. This eliminates the need for watering and feeding the ants in order to survive.

The ant farm features color-changing LED lights with an on and off switch as well as an air vent for good circulation inside. The ant farm features an activity guide as well as a mail-in certificate for live Harvester Ants.

NAVADEAL Blue Gel ant Farm

Another great ant farms, this one from NAVADEAL allows a 3D viewing of ants tunneling, burrowing and creating a colony. Filled with nutritious blue gel, this ant farm requires a minimum and easy maintenance since you won’t have to feed or water your ant farm.

The ant farm includes a plastic poking stick that encourages the ants to start digging, a magnifying glass so you can take a closer look and an instruction manual to get you started.

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution

A simple and circular ant farms, the Uncle Milton Ant Farm is not your average ant farm. This one features a green, nutritious gel that keeps your ants thriving without the need to feed or water the habitat.

It also features LED light for nighttime viewing as well as projecting lens that projects giant ant shadows onto the ceiling and walls, keeping your kids entertained and amused. In addition, its small, circular shape means it has less footprint and can fit into desks and shelves.

EveryWell Gel Ant Farm

Made of high-quality ABS for sturdiness and durability, this ant farms from EveryWell features 3 colors of nutritious seaweed gel to choose from— white, purple, and pink— to blend with the rest of your home.

The package includes everything you need to care for an ant colony such as tweezers, cotton piece, dropper, hose, cleaning cloth, and heart-shaped grass seed. It even features a nursery area as well as a feeding system for an interactive experience. For easy setup, EveryWell also included an instruction manual.


Ants are amazing creatures— regardless of how many people see them as pests. They scurry around all day long in search of food, build their nest, caring for their young ones and protecting their queen.

In most ways, an ant colony is like an industrial human city where everyone has a job to do and get on with their lives. So, if you want to learn from ants and want to understand more about their way of life, then what better way to do that than maintaining the best ant farms colony?