The 12 Best Tarantula Enclosures: Review & Guide 2022

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Best Tarantula Enclosures

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To bring home tarantulas means to prepare a home for it. Let’s talk about having the best tarantula enclosures!

Tarantulas are a kind of spider which has very low maintenance in terms of nurturing, unlike other small animals. An enclosure helps to protect the pet from other insects. Making one is possible by yourself. However, pet stores with specialized products for exotic animals now offer terrariums for tarantulas.

This article will not be going to discuss the ways to personally create an enclosures for tarantula. We’ll go to the most convenient way of having one – to buy in the market.

Important Factors to Consider

Before giving a perfect enclosures for tarantula, knowing these factors will help you in purchasing the right one.

What Are the Types of a Tarantula?

The enclosure needed primarily depends upon the type of tarantulas, such as:

  • Terrestrial tarantula or tarantulas living on the ground
  • Arboreal tarantula or tarantulas living in trees

How to Prepare an Enclosure for Each Type?

The terrestrial kit provides plenty of room for the surface and not too tall decorations because terrestrial tarantulas aren’t into climbing but more on crawling. Whereas, the arboreal kit is vertically enlarged to give space for a tall cork bark a tarantula could climb. Additionally, air ent is best placed on sides.

What Are the Features a Tarantula Enclosure Must Have?

When these features are present on your prospected enclosure, do not hesitate to buy it. These include:

Great Ventilation

Tarantulas are living creatures that need air to breathe and hence well-designed ventilation is desirable. This also controls the temperature inside the enclosures for tarantula.

Wide space

These animals move at fast momentum and love to climb. Before deciding how huge an enclosure you should buy, consider first the number of pets you’ll have.


Tarantulas are small animals that move really fast and so a more secure opening is essential. Enclosure doors are usually lockable.


Enclosures are either glass-made or plastic-made whichever will be, it must stay firm though tarantulas aren’t strong and only lightweight in size.


Cleaning the enclosure must be done with convenience through its wide openings. Small doorways are useful in adding substrates inside the terrarium.

Top 12 Best Recommended Tarantula Enclosures

Now, the 12 most in effect enclosures for tarantula you can choose for are provided below:

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

Tarantulas don’t have a chance to escape from this terrarium because of its escape-proof door. It is a raised-bottom frame and a waterproof bottom enclosure to keep the entire terrarium well-ventilated. Enlarged ground surface renders more space for the pets to dwell.

Cleaning and decorating the enclosure is so easy by opening its dual doors or by removing the stainless steel cover. Even when the cage is closed, its front window still allows airflow. It is obtainable in 12 different sizes with the same features.


  • Well-built
  • Includes decorative background


  • No accessories included

Exo Terra Nano Wide Terrarium

This one is wider than the former terrarium of Exo Terra and sized nano wide. It can contain extra numbers of tarantulas and still well-ventilated. The use of a substrate heater is necessary for tarantulas which sustains the proper temperature. Thanks to its raised-bottom frame and waterproof bottom!

Wider scheme results in more decoration needed which are already included upon purchase. Natural-looking rock background beautifies the terrarium like no other. Additionally, there’ll be more time for cleaning hours.


  • Beautiful background
  • Provides adequate space


  • Made of screen tops

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

A European herpetologist ended up with this short all-glass terrarium that is best for reptiles and amphibians. It seems like an aquarium that’s rectangular in shape with separate front openings. Slightly open its door to mount substrate heater which maintains proper ventilation in its entirety. In addition, it gives ease in cleaning the enclosure.

The special lock design prevents tarantulas from escaping. Its screen top allows the penetration of UVB and infrared which are beneficial for the pets. Installing other accessories at the back of the screen is possible by using the 5 tube inlets.


  • Waterproof bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • More accessible


  • Plastic frame

Exo Terra Faunarium

Exo Terra Faunarium is a temporary housing ideal for reptiles, insects, amphibians, and other small species animals. It is easy to bring anywhere you go due to its simple construction made of stackable, transparent plastic material. There’s a carrying handle for easy transport.

Open the top clear window to remove the animals inside the cage without the fear of being escaped. Disinfecting the enclosure takes a shorter time because of its size. It sustains great ventilation for the welfare of the pets.


  • Two sizes are available
  • Good quality plastic material


  • Temporary enclosure only

Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit

Tarantulas are very small in feature and so high possibility of escaping is obvious. Not with Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit which has locking pin for extra security. The owner has access on both the front and top portion of the vertical terrarium. Its bottom portion is highly absorbent and deep enough to hold a substrate.

It includes all the essential accessories with affordable price to complete its look. These include background décor, a feeding dish, and the substrate. To maintain the amount of heat needed to grow pets, mini halogen lighting is added. It’s more efficient than the standard incandescent light bulb in providing light and heat.


  • A complete kit
  • Affordable at its quality


  • Small issues on the door

REPTIZOO Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium

This terrarium comes pre-assembled with no installation needed and therefore all set to hold tarantulas. The owner can enjoy staring the pets for a long time with its full view glass feature. This vertically-shaped enclosure has a top metal screen for proper ventilation as the bottom part strongly holds water.

On top is a small lift and pull-sliding door for feeding purposes while sustaining its visual appeal. It can be removed for ease of cleaning and decorating. The entire enclosure isn’t heavy to move from place to place.


  • Ready to use
  • Excellent small terrarium


  • Not good for arboreal tarantulas

OMEM Portable Terrarium

OMEM Portable Terrarium offers a 360-degree crystal view and is perfect for small creatures including the tarantulas. You can choose the available six sizes of the enclosure as according to the number of your pets. It is made with transparent, durable PP materials, and lightweight in nature.

It has several side holes for the ventilation. You can open the top by flipping the ¾ portion of the covering. The product includes one feeding bowl in case of feeding the pet. Add up some décors inside the enclosure to make it more pleasing.


  • Very portable
  • Great ventilation


  • Highly Priced

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium

Though tarantulas look scary, they’re not exempted to the attacks of other insects. A special screen top is made to keep insects away and allows greater UVA and UVB to enter the terrarium. It has better airflow as compared to other terrariums via front and top ventilation.

Its full front glass opening makes every cleaning easier and more convenient. It is secured with a snap closure and locks however not included. Attaching a lamp fixture on its screen top is possible with the help of six tubing slots.


  • Accessible interior
  • Well-designed by a trusted brand


  • Disregards including a lock
  • Very expensive

Biback Transparent Reptile Breeding Box

It could be better to dwell tarantulas in an eco-friendly enclosure for them to feel at home. This terrarium is made out of environmental-friendly materials that are safe for animals too. It is suitable for reptiles and other small insects, including tarantulas. It’s so stylish on its acrylic sliding door feature.

It is easier to feed the pets with its sliding design. Also, cleaning its interior is faster and more accessible in putting the included decorations. The design is completely transparent which allows you to see the tarantulas in a 360-degree sight.


  • Simple yet stunning
  • Enhanced ventilation


  • None

Lee’s Kritter Keeper

If you’re looking for an enclosure best for traveling, look no further than Lee’ Kritter Keeper. It is a space-saving rectangular terrarium which is ideal for small insects as well as for tarantulas. Three sizes in varieties of colors are available such as small, medium, and large, whichever suits your pet’s need. Carrying handles make the keeper transportable.

It has self-locking lids to avoid tarantula’s skill of escaping. There’s a feeder opening on top of the enclosure with ventilated lid. Therefore, nurturing tarantulas through this enclosure is effective.


  • Transportable
  • Colorful designs and well-built


  • Easy to remove carrying handles

Exo Terra All-glass Terrarium

Exo Terra never ends to produce high-quality enclosure for tarantulas as it added All-glass terrarium. It looks mini wide with raised-bottom frame and watertight bottom. To contain an adequate amount of substrate is within reach through its design.

Dual door locks are built to prevent the tarantulas from escaping. The pets can enjoy a natural-looking habitat through the included decorations. Ventilation is surely maintained through its patented front window.


  • Trusted brand
  • Well-designed


  • A bit expensive

CnB Supply Habi-Flat

Animals are very demanding when it comes to the ambiance of their habitat. Gladly, Habi-Flat has a Fahrenheit thermometer which monitors the accuracy of enclosure’s temperature. It is a transparent habitat that can be disassembled for cleaning and storage.

Seeing the tarantulas in a 360-degree angle is completely visible. It has a magnetic locking feature to avoid the pets from escaping. Air continuously flows inside the cage through the holes on the sides of the enclosure.


  • Fully disassembly feature
  • 360-degree viewing


  • Issues upon the lid

Wrapping Up

Instead of making a home for tarantulas, why not buy one?

Now that you knew a few lists of best tarantula enclosures, choosing the right one fully depends on you. The reviewed terrariums have almost the same features and style and only differ on who made it. Stick to the trusted and reputable brands in picking the right enclosure for your pet.

Consider re-reading the important factors to consider keeping you reminded on how to look for the best tarantula enclosures in the market.

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