The 12 Best Rabbit Treats 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Best Rabbit Treats

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Are you looking for best rabbit treats? Great, you’ve found it!

Much like most other animals, bunnies absolutely love to eat and nibble! During the day, they will constantly eat, poop and eat some more, nibbling through quite a lot of food. However, eating that same food every single day can be a bit boring that your bunny might even refuse to nibble. Fortunately, feeding your rabbit the occasional treat is an excellent way to diversify their diet.

A few precautions regarding rabbit treats though, it is crucial that you never, ever, overfeed your bunnies and make sure that their diet remains complete and healthy through all the treats. Since treats can be a staple on your rabbit’s diet, you need to feed them only the best rabbit treats available.

Important Factors To Consider

Take note that not all rabbit treats are created equal.

Although a treat may be marketed towards bunnies, it does not necessarily mean that it is a safe and healthy choice. Most manufacturers do not take proper research into what bunnies should and should not eat, resulting in a wide variety of unsafe treats.

So, when choosing the best treats, here are some important factors you need to consider.


Although brand is not everything, it certainly is something that you need to consider. Cheaper treats made by brands you are not familiar with is usually cheaper since they lack quality and healthy ingredients and the abundance of fillers.

Established and reputable brands, however, have a lot more to lose if their rabbit treats are discovered to be unsafe and harmful.


The nutritional content of a treat is one of the most vital aspects that you need to consider. There are several treats available which have terrible nutritional content and basically contains empty calories. This may result in fat and always-hungry rabbits which you probably do not want.

When looking for the best bunny treat in terms of nutrition, ensure that it is high of protein with little fat and fiber content.


Your furry friend has great taste buds. This means that they can tell when a treat is bitter, sour, salty or sweet. Thus, it is important that you read reviews from other bunny owners and see just how their rabbits responded to the treats.

Life Stage

The age of your bunny is something else which contributes to their diet. Growing rabbits require more calories and protein since they are still growing. Adult rabbits, on the other hand, spend a lot less energy to go through their day, so they need slightly less hardy food. Thus, young rabbits will need more nutrient-dense treats.


The form of the rabbit’s treat is another crucial aspect. Rabbits will need a good amount of hard food to keep their constantly growing teeth at the right length and keeping their jaws healthy.

If your bunny is eating a lot of soft food throughout the day, then hard treats can be a great way to mix up textures as well as promoting dental health.

Top 12 Best Rabbit Treats

Vitakraft Nibble Rings

These yummy Nibble Rings from Vitakraft are one of the favorite treats that remain healthy for rabbits to nibble on. Its main ingredients include wheat and grain which ensures that this natural treat is free of most of the common fillers found in other bunny treats. And even though the treats are all healthy and lacking the fillers, they are still very tasty to your furry friends.

It also features fantastic texture, since they are crunchy and makes a great treat for your bunny’s health. In addition, the bag contains a lot of treats for added value. Proudly made in the US, these Nibble Rings are not only great for rabbits but also serve a crunchy treat for hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.


  • Many treats in the bag
  • Perfect texture and size
  • Lack of most sugars and fillers


  • Contains corn, so it is not the most healthy

Emours Natural Bamboo Treat

This may be a bit of an uncommon treat for bunnies, but is still a fantastic choice! Emours created these nutritious and high-quality natural bamboo treats that your bunnies will absolutely love! It features a slight scent of bamboo that should make your bunny scuttle over instantly.

It has a sweet taste that comes from the xylose, a natural sugar isolated from bamboo wood and offering a great nutritional value. In addition, this treat is great at keeping your bunny’s dental health in check. The hard bamboo stick treats grinds don your bunny’s constantly growing teeth as well as promoting good jaw health.

Lastly, the sizes of the sticks are consistent, so you do not have to find the appropriately-sized piece and ensures that a single bamboo stick can satisfy your bunny for the day without filling up on unhealthy ingredients.


  • Rabbits love the sweetness
  • Great nutritional content
  • Excellent value
  • Perfectly sized


  • Relatively unfamiliar company

Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Papaya Treat

In terms of the items that your pet rabbit will love, nothing does it better than Kaytee. The company has been around for years and is consistently offering high-quality pet products around the globe.

This item, the Healthy Toppings treat with Papaya flavor from Kaytee is a best seller for a good reason. These healthy toppings can be added to your bunny’s regular diet plan or you can offer it as the main dish.

Thanks to its really small size and real fruits, this papaya treat is the perfect solution when training your furry friend. And, it is not just healthy, this treat is super tasty as well, making your bunny go nuts about it!


  • Nutritious and tasty treat
  • Small size
  • Real fruits
  • Serve as toppings or main dish


  • Treat quantity is not enough

Oxbow SIMPLE REWARDS Strawberry Treats

The SIMPLE REWARDS Treats from Oxbow will guarantee your rabbit hopping up to at the sight of this item. The treats are simple and naturally sweet. Unlike various treats that are sold commercially, this product consists of 100 percent strawberry harvested and freeze-dried.

In addition, the process happens at the perfect time in order to ensure that your rabbit gets the best tasting and freshest treat every time. The treat is a natural source of vitamin C, and B6, potassium and natural antioxidants.


  • 100 percent strawberry
  • Fresh and best-tasting treat
  • Not too sugary


  • Small Servings

Small Pet Select Vita-licious Essentials Natural Herbal Treats

If you want to take a more natural approach with the treats that you are giving your bunny, then these Natural Herbal Treats by Small Pet Select can be an excellent choice. These rabbit treats are packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote digestive support, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory support and offers a great amount of fiber. This means that it supports a healthy liver and kidney function, good digestive tract, strong heart, and proper circulation.

The mix of organic flowers and herbs also ensures that the treat is lacking the fillers and closely matches the natural dies of bunnies. And since it is quite healthy, you can find ways to add it into your bunny’s daily diet, sprinkling around or hiding it in hay and allowing your rabbits to gobble it up.


  • Zero fillers and add-ons
  • Promotes healthy organs
  • A natural blend of flowers and herbs


  • Some rabbits do not like it
  • Can be a bit dusty

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treat

An excellent little biscuit treats for your furry buddy, the Kaytee Timothy Biscuits with Apple Flavor is a bestseller for a good reason. This treat is ideal for playtime and bonding with your furry friend. This biscuit treat offers high fiber content of Timothy Grass hay that supports your rabbits’ overall healthy.

In terms of flavor, your bunny will love its real sun-cured apples and molasses flavor, offering a sweet taste. It does not contain any artificial colors and flavors, so it is safe to feed to your pet. They are quite chewy, so your pet rabbit will surely enjoy nibbling on it while it lasts and helps supports good dental health through the natural chewing activity.


  • Made with real apples and molasses
  • High fiber content from naturally grown timothy hay
  • Support chewing activity for dental health


  • Some rabbits will not like them

Ware Manufacturing Large Rice Pops Treats

Crunchy, crispy, chewy treats that are highly irresistible to small pets, this Larger Rice Pops Treats from Ware Manufacturing is a wholesome combination of flavor and crunchiness and is made of corn and rice. Also, these treats are available at fun colors that will make your bunny curious.

This crunchy rice pop treats can help overcome cage boredom on rabbits and is ideal for playtime or bonding. It also helps promote healthy and clean teeth and is a suitable tasty treat for rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and rats.


  • Crispy, crunchy and chewy treats
  • Offers great flavor
  • Promotes healthy and clean teeth
  • Ideal to overcome cage boredom


  • Product formula was changed that some pets will not eat it
  • Does not come in a sealed container, making it hard to keep them fresh

Vitakraft Rabbit Slims

An Amazon’s Choice for “rabbit treats”, the Vitakraft Rabbit Slims is definitely a favorite among bunnies. This slim treat for bunnies are baked, crispy, and vitamin-enriched bars that are made with real fruits and grains. It contains only the finest ingredients in order to create a healthy and nutritious snack that your pet will love.

Furthermore, this treat helps satisfy your rabbit’s natural gnawing instincts and is super easy to digest making it an ideal snack for your bunnies. Proudly made in the US, this rabbit treat has no sugar added and uses the natural flavors of its real fruit and grain ingredients.  Lastly, these nibble sticks are available in various flavors including corn, carrot, and alfalfa.


  • Available in various flavors
  • Satisfy your pet’s natural gnawing instincts
  • Easy to digest
  • No sugar added


  • Leaves fine crumbs everywhere when nibbled

Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Gourmet Treat

This gourmet treat from Tropical Carnival is specially formulated to meet the daily dietary needs of small pets. Each blend is packed with different exotic delicacies and offering essential vitamins and nutrients with the added beneficial bacteria for healthy digestion.

This rabbit treat features a variety of ingredients that will not bore your pets. It contains chunky pieces of real fruits including cantaloupe, dates, strawberries, apricots, papaya, and pineapple. It also includes crunchy pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews and walnuts that offer nutrients and encourages activity by removing the hard shells.

Not only that, but it also includes farm fresh vegetable like green peas and carrots in order to help maintain a good immune system while grains and seeds offer complex carbs, mineral, fiber, and vitamins. Loaded with the extremely good stuff— natural crunchy, chewy and chunky veggies, nuts and fruits, your pets will surely find this treat nutritious, irresistible, enticing and fun to eat.


  • Great variety
  • Nutritious and healthy
  • Encourages gnawing activity
  • Beneficial for healthy digestion


  • Strong scent
  • Most nut pieces are the size of crumbs

Kaytee Country Harvest Treat Blend

Like the previous treat, Kaytee also created the Country Harvest Treat Blend that contains a delicious mic of wholesome veggies, grains, nuts, and fruits. Suitable for rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs, your pets will love this munchable medley of fun textures and exciting flavors.

This treat blend contains enough varieties that it encourage your pet’s natural foraging and nibbling instincts. Not only that, Kaytee ensures that all ingredients included are of premium quality for your pet’s health and well-being.


  • Good variety
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Encourage foraging and nibbling instincts


  • Rabbits may leave out some ingredients they don’t like

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Treats

A unique, 2-in-1 stuffed treat for your furry friend, the Snak Shak Treats from eCOTRITION provides a fun chew toy with a great-tasting treat inside. This fun chew toy encourages your rabbit to nibble her way inside where fresh alfalfa and seed blend awaits for the ultimate treat!

The outer Snak Shak Log is 100 percent edible and helps encourage your rabbit’s natural chewing instinct and promotes healthy teeth while also offering a nutritious and boredom-easing toy, providing hours of stimulation and excitement.


  • 2-in-1 treat
  • 100 percent edible Snak Shak Log
  • Encourage playtime and nibbling behavior


  • Some bunnies may only like the log portion

Vitakraft Rabbit Sticks

These glazed sticks from Vitakraft is another favorite, thanks to its high quality and natural ingredients including whole grains and wild berries that make it hard for bunnies to resist. In addition, it helps stimulates the urge of nibbling and chewing and promotes good dental health.

It also has an excellent taste that rabbits will love and have the crunchiness that will your pet nibble some more. The package comes with a clip holder which easily attaches to your pet’s cage for an easy and hassle-free dispensing.


  • Crunchy and chewy
  • Promoted good dental health
  • Includes a clip holder for hassle-free dispensing


  • Sugary
  • Has plastics in middle


Feeding your rabbit healthy treats not only helps in her daily nutrients but also provides special bonding time with your furry buddy. All bunnies are not the same, and yours might not like what others like. So, make sure to try out each treat until you find her favorite.

Just remember that the best rabbit treats are the one that is healthy and she can nibble on. With most having a delicious flavor that will make your bunny crave for more. Just make sure that she’s not overfed, and you’re good to go!