The Best Water Bottle for Rabbits 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Best Water Bottle for Rabbits

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For humans, water is very important in order to survive. Animals like rabbits also need water to rehydrate themselves just like the way other animals do. Just like how people utilize water bottles to get the right hydration we need anytime and anywhere, rabbits also need one. So today, we are about to share some of the best water bottle for rabbits oozing with convenience among other benefits. If you have a rabbit and you want them to be happy, you better check out our list. Besides, you might find the perfect water bottle for your little hoppy chubby buddy.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Water Bottle

Before buying a water bottle for your rabbit, you have to consider some factors that can help you choose the best. If you don’t have any idea about it, the list below will definitely do. The list includes some of the important things you must check out in a water bottle for rabbits. Afterward, you’ll surely end up with the perfect product if you know what your pet needs.


Rabbits differ in sizes and so are their water bottles. For this reason, you have to determine which size is applicable to your pet. Rabbits have to drink up to a ½ cup of water every day per single pound of their body weight. Moreover, choose a bottle size that can hold enough water to hydrate your pet for 24 hours.

For example, if your rabbit weighs 6 lbs. she needs a water bottle with a 1-liter capacity. This is more than enough to get her through one day. However, get multiple bottles if you don’t have the time to refill every day. You can also purchase a bottle that can hold more than a litter for the same reason.


If you will dive into the market, a wave of different water bottle for rabbit design will definitely overwhelm you. There are round bottles, one that comes with a miniature open dish, bottles with plastic or metal sipping tubes, and one with flat sides. You’ll also have to consider whether to choose a glass or plastic. Different types of materials, made, and style makes these products totally unique.

Water bottle for rabbits comprising sipping tube helps to avoid water spill and contamination. You must also choose a metal tube rather than plastic. It’s because your rabbit easily destroys it by gnawing on the material. On the other hand, glass bottles are a bit more expensive than plastic. Utilizing plastic water bottles are also cost-effective since they don’t break easily and they last for a long time.

Cage Mounting

Mounting a water bottle in one inner side of the rabbit cage using a wire is the traditional way of giving water to rabbits. However, bunnies tend to learn how to annoy their owners. They eventually figure out how to remove water bottles on their own. If this happens, they won’t be able to drink effectively since the bottle is not properly installed. The solution here chooses a water bottle you can mount outside the cage. Your bunnies won’t be able to chew on it and it keeps them properly hydrated.

Top 12 Best Water Bottle for Rabbits

The best water bottle for rabbits has unique qualities that provide advantages for both the pet and pet owners. Basically, it acts as a tamper-proof water supply for your little friends that are portable and easy to carry. In our search for the best way to hydrate rabbits, we came up with the best water bottles. See them below:

Choco Nose H128 Animal Water Bottle

If you want to make sure that your rabbit gets right hydration, use Choco Nose H128. It is a No Drip animal water bottle perfect for rabbits, hamster, guinea pig, ferret, and other small animals. This product is mess free. The materials it has been completely free from BFA too. This means Choco Nose H128 is a combination of convenience and safety in one.

This best water bottle for rabbits integrates a 10mm leak-proof nozzle. It is the perfect size for a ferret, rabbits, hamster, guinea pig, and many more. It features 11.2 oz. capacity and it is easy to use. In fact, it incorporates screw-on bracket for easy installation.

Aside from that, the bottle is easy to access for refilling water and cleaning. You may also choose to nail it on the wall or with a screw with its nail-on bracket. The water bottle measures 7 x 2 x 4 inches.

COCOPET Dripless Water Bottle

Safety and Durability are the best qualities of Cocopet dripless water bottle. Just like what its name suggests, this water bottle for rabbit is incredibly durable and safe. Besides, it is a BPA free product which has a stainless steel ball on its pipe. While this material doesn’t accumulate rust, it also helps to control the speed of water flow.

Apparently, this product is every pet owner’s must-have item. To make sure that your chubby little bunny stays hydrated, use Cocopet dripless water bottle. You can set up and hang it easily without the need to be a geek. It can hold up to 400 ml which means it is small enough to carry everywhere.

The greatest benefit of this water bottle for rabbits is it keeps your pet hydrated while you’re away. Since it integrates a stainless steel ball on its mouth part of the pipe, your pet’s cage stays dry 24/7.

SatisPet Water Dispenser

You can’t leave the house without making sure your rabbits get the right amount of water for the day. Good thing water bottle for small animals like SatisPet is now available in the market. With this product, your mind stays at ease knowing that an automatic water feeder is there to hydrate them.

SatisPet Blue Water Dispenser comprises a design that offers a host of benefit for small animals like rabbits. It holds up to 14 fl oz. and it features high quality-non toxic material keeping the water fresh and free from odor. In addition to that, this water bottle for rabbits is ideal for dry-clean crates. You can mount it outside the cage so your curious pet won’t have the chance to drop it.

Inside its pipe are three stainless steel balls keeping the water from spilling. This is one of the reasons why pet and pet owners love it.

SunGrow Water Dispenser Bottle

SunGrow Water Dispenser Bottle is easy to install and simple to use. It comes with a screw-on bracket that you can utilize to install it on your pet’s cage or crate. You can also use a nail to mount the bracket to a wall. But if you want to attach it onto wooden furniture, use a screw to do so.

Its leak-proof nozzle keeps your pet’s crate or cage dry all the time. This water bottle also has a stainless steel drinking head that ensures the safety of your rabbit. Stainless steel materials don’t rust which means it won’t pollute the water. Aside from that, the stainless steel pipe and nozzle also prevent your bunny from chewing the mouth part.

Unlike other methods of giving water to pets, this revolutionary water dispenser bottle provides clean water in a very convenient way. It is the most excellent solution for providing fresh and clean water for pets today.

Kordon Oasis Novalek Frosted

Would you like to cease buying a different water bottle for rabbits suitable for a season? If you do, better opt for this all-weather rabbit water bottle from Kordon. This water bottle is ideal to use whatever the season is. Kordon Oasis Novalek Frosted water bottle is perfect for small rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, prairie dogs, chinchillas, and other small animals.

Similar to the rest, it features a ball point vacuum-valve. This component helps to keep your pet’s cage or crate dry from 24/7. Moreover, it can hold up to 32-once water which is large enough for all rabbit size. It is easy to install perfect either indoor or outdoor since features silk design that resists ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures.

Choosing an all-weather water bottle for rabbits can help you save money from buying multiple bottles to use every season. Knowing that it is durable and safe to use, except that it’ll last a very long time.

Lixit All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle

Lixit All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle is another cost-effective water bottle for rabbits to try. It can hold up to 64 oz. of water which is huge enough to hydrate your rabbits all day. Unlike other small animal water bottle, Lixit features a wide mouth. This allows easy cleaning and filling that most pet owners require.

Moreover, an all-weather rabbit water bottle provides great convenience since you don’t have to buy another when season change. Of course, this also means you don’t have to remove the existing bottle you use to mount another again. Mount it using a support wire as well as bail wire. Use these two at the same time because the bottle is too heavy to handle only one.

Kordon Oasis Novalek Clear

This water bottle for rabbits is highly durable. Kordon Oasis Novalek Clear is basically for indoor use since it comprises a ‘Clear’ design. It sports double ball point vacuum-valve that keeps water in while bunnies are away. The water will automatically come out when they drink through the pipe.

When it comes to safety, Kordon Clear comes with a stainless steel drinking tube. It also arrives with an angled cap which makes it easier for your bunnies to drink. If you are looking for a mid to large size water bottle for rabbits, this 32 oz. the bottle is for you. Since it comes in clear bottles, the sparkling water inside is visible.

On the other hand, make sure to install it indoors. While this product is durable, it doesn’t resist the damaging effects of ultra-violet light the plastic bottle. Exposing it directly under the sum makes the bottle age faster.

Ware Manufacturing Best Buy Pet Bottle

Getting enough of your pets chewing the water bottle pipe? If you do, better keep an eye out on this water bottle from Ware Manufacturing. It has durable twist off lid that your pets can’t chew. This allows you to save lots of money from buying another bottle over and over again.

Aside from that, this product is easy to clean. Your pets will also find it easy to use as well. It measures 3 ¼ x 3 ¼ x 11 ¼ inch. You can install it using easy attach wire hanger. This is durable enough to carry the weight of the water bottle when full.

For those owners who are long been searching for the best water bottle for their rabbits, you’ll definitely stop here. With this durable no-spill water bottle, your pet’s cage or crate stays dry every day.

Kordon Oasis Novalek 12.5 Oz

This 12.5-ounce rabbit water bottle from Kordon is easy to install. It provides convenient water access for small animals like ferret and rabbits. Kordon Oasis Novalek 12.5 oz. water bottle offers high-level filling ease along with traditional no-spill ball-point drinking tip. Easy lift-off cap and its wide opening allows easy cleaning.

More so, this product is dishwasher safe. After installation, most water bottles easily detach from the cage but this one stays on place. In order to keep your rabbits healthy and happy, install Kordon Oasis Novalek 12.5 oz. on their crate or cage. It allows them to drink up whenever they need to without spilling water on their abode.

Choco Nose H528 Rabbit Water Bottle

The best way to give your rabbits water is by installing Choco Nose H528 Rabbit Water Bottle in their cage. This product features a U.S. patented nozzle that doesn’t leak. Meaning it is a mess-free tool that offers high-level of convenience to both pet and pet owner.

This water bottle for rabbits has 13mm nozzle which is the best size for chinchilla, cat, small dogs, rabbits, and puppies. It comes with a screw-on bracket that allows easy installation. Depending on your choice, you have use nail to mount it on wall or screw for wooden furniture.

For those who want a bigger bottle, Choco Nose suggests that pet owner switches to a soda bottle. It helps to reduce the cost that most pet owners can benefit from. Your pet’s safety is also a priority. Good thing this water bottle for rabbits features stainless pipe where bunnies drink up.

SunGrow Purple Water Dispenser Bottle

Have your pets been comfortable using water bottles before? If not yet, then this might be the first time. This purple SunGrow Water Dispenser Bottle not only attractive. It is also easy to use perfect for small animals like rabbits, cats, puppies, and others.

If you’re always away from home but you to make sure your pet’s stay hydrated, this tool can help you out. It is safe to use and provides clean water. Moreover, it integrates a stainless steel drinking head along with a small roller ball for easy drinking. This keeps your pet’s cage dry as well.

Just like humans, animals also need to consume clean water in the right amount. If not, they’ll fall ill and very unhappy. Therefore, make sure to use a high-grade water bottle for rabbits like SunGrow. It will help your bunnies drink up easily while avoiding spills on their cage.

Living World Eco + Water Bottle

Among all the products in the list, Living World Eco + Water Bottle is obviously the cutest. It is incredibly easy to set up and install since it only includes clear bottle and stainless steel pipe.

On its clear bottle, you can find a small carrot image and the print ‘Living World’. But that is not the reason that it’s on the list of the best. As a matter of fact, this water bottle for rabbits features a water level indicator. It can hold up to 12 oz. water and measures 2 X 2.5 X 12 inches.

Living World contributes to the better of the earth by using refurbished glass to make its water bottles. While it might easily break, glass bottles are incredibly safe and clean. With the combination of a stainless steel pipe and glass bottle, your pet’s health is safe on this Eco-friendly product. If you want to make sure your bunnies are drinking well, install this rabbit water bottle on their cage right away.


Buying the perfect water bottle for rabbits can be a hard task too. Especially, if you don’t know the best place to shop and the best products to buy. However, you only need to know the right combination of characteristics to look for in a water bottle in order to make the right choices. This includes durability, ease of use, ease of installation, and safety. Moreover, the list above includes the best water bottles for rabbits that are probably new to you. These products are high-quality and safe but each of them sports completely unique features. These difference will allow you to determine whether they’re what you need or not. May this list help you find thewater bottle for your pet.