The 10 Best Led Lights for Planted Aquarium 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Led Lights for Planted Aquarium

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Planted aquarium requires good lighting for the plants to thrive well. Plants obtain their source of energy from light, and this means that the best-LED lights must be used in planted aquariums. The function of LED is to create lights with good penetrating power and gives a nice look to your aquarium. The lights from these sources help both planted and non-planted aquariums and make them appear stunning. There is a need to choose the best led lights for planted aquarium, since choosing the wrong one hurts your aquarium. For your fishes, an appropriate lighting system is essential.

Importance of Lightning for Aquariums

For an aquarium with photosynthetic plants or organisms, the role of light cannot be underrated. The aquarium light which serves as the primary source of light or the only source of light in some cases is necessary for the daily activities of the organisms. Aside from this, aquarium lights are essential to hobbyists to observe the habitats of their aquarium. Do not forget that the behavioral pattern of some aquatic organisms, especially fishes, are influenced by light.

LED lights in an aquarium produce rays of light, and it is important to choose the one that has a positive effect on your aquariums. Bright light is needed to activate photosynthesis. It is essential to understand a few concepts before diving into the use of LED lights for planted aquariums. The functions and overall wellbeing of the aquarium depending on the light present in the aquarium. For this reason, it is essential to pick the best-LED lights that radiate the appropriate amount of energy for the wellness of your aquarium.

How to Set Up LED Aquarium Light

Setting up an LED in an aquarium may be easy or difficult, depending on the type of LED light that you purchased. It is vital to set your light appropriately because a wrong set up can kill the fishes in your aquarium. Different LED lights have their way of setting it up. However, this problem is often solved by manufacturers as products come with manuals. To set up an LED light in your planted aquarium, follow the guide that comes with the manual and your aquarium is good to go.  Follow the process, diagrams and you are good to go.

When Purchasing the next Led Light for Planted Aquarium

Getting the appropriate LED light for your aquarium is easy if you are familiar with the process. However, newbies may find it a bit challenging, but this article guides you in selecting the best. Before purchasing planted aquariums LED lights, certain factors must be considered.

Plant Type

Different plants require a different level of light. Some plants require very bright light while others thrive on low levels of light. Plants such as carpet plants found at the base or lower level of the aquarium require a high level of lighting. However, some of the carpet plants require a medium level of light. Mid-ground plants, on the other hand, requires a moderate level of light which are not too high, not too low. Just a level of light that is moderate. Depending on the type of plant, you want in your aquarium, tour choice of LED light should be taken into consideration.

Size of Aquarium

LED lights are of different sizes, and the type of LED light you choose should consider the size of your aquarium. A larger aquarium requires more light, and smaller ones require light with medium power. If you are choosing LED light for a huge aquarium and you need to light up large areas of the aquarium, choose LED light with broad light coverage and with an intensity that can spread throughout the aquarium.

Features/ Budget of LED Light

There are different types of LED light to suit an individuals budget. Although these lights have different characteristics, there is always one to get at your budget and will have all the features you desire. The varying prices available makes it easy for everyone to get one. Consider the features you want the LED light in your planted aquarium to have and buy one within your budget.

Top 10 Best Led Lights for Planted Aquarium

Buying LED light for the aquarium is easy if you know what to look out for and your considerations. We have listed the best-LED lights we researched. These lights are good for your planted aquarium and should be owned for maximum productivity of your aquarium.

Nicrew Planted plus Aquarium Light

Unlike other aquarium LED light with RGB, NICREW LED light has various customized light like that of cloud effects with different modes of lighting. This LED light aims to add excitement to any aquarium with its customizable features. With its features, various models can be achieved. Its brightness can be controlled, has a 24-hour cycle of light, and can fit into the aquarium. Of sizes 20, 29, 30 long. It can also be used in aquariums of 30 breeders, 36 front row, 46 bow front and lots more. NICREW light is made of aluminum alloy shell that is durable and optimizes the dissipation of heat.

Lightime Tunnel Wifi Led Aquarium Light

Since 2008, lightime tunnel has been a professional light manufacturer producing quality LWD light for aquarium. This aquarium light has a timer which can be customized to control the light. The light comes with four different settings; manual, auto, timer and default mode with various functions to satisfy all needs. The advantage of this product is that with your phone, you can control the lights in the fish tank. This aquarium light has a lens which can rotate about 120 degrees and hangers that can be used to place the light at any position within the aquarium. This is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium organisms.

GOOBAT Planted LED Aquarium Light

GOOBAT aquarium light has two modes of light, usually the Blue & White & Red lightning mode and Blue & Red lightning mode. The light is easy to operate and durable with brackets which can be adjusted to fit your aquarium. GOOBAT LED lights are made of very thin aluminum, with an alloy that has excellent heat-dissipating power. The energy saver is long-lasting with power that can last for about 30,000 hours. The light is waterproof and fits perfectly for a three-gallon tank. If you want an LED aquarium light which makes your aquarium bright and supports the growth of algae, you should consider GOOBAT.

Beams Work EA timer Aquarium Light

This is a freshwater aquarium light which produces higher lumens with less LEDs. Beams work aquarium light has a fixture which is fitted with 0.50-watt power LED. Although various versions have been manufactured, the recent one is the EA 6500K series manufactured in 2016. The aquarium light has been manufactured in a way that its users’ cam program the ON and OFF and adjust its brackets to fit all sizes of the aquarium. Beams work aquarium is suitable for freshwater with a timer of 2 mode day/night. The light in this model is great and helps plant in aquariums flourish well.

Finnex Planted Aquarium LED Light

The finnex aquarium light is an automated full spectrum fish tank light of about 30 inches. The unique feature of this aquarium light lies in its moisture-resistant LED coatings. To add its beauty, users can plug into the LED light, colors which they desire to have an effect that looks like that of a true day. You can change the colors from sunrise colors to blue evenings. The remote of this light was upgraded, redesigned and are powered by two AAA batteries. As a hobbyist and you want an aquarium light which allows your planted aquariums to thrive, you should try finnex.

 SMIFUL LED Aquarium Light

To achieve a brighter aquarium with safer landscape light support, the S SMILFUL aquarium light is necessary. The LED light comes with a waterproof LED fish tank with 16 different colors and four modes. The aquarium light is controlled by a remote that is wireless, and this light jams been proved useful in various tanks. From fish tanks to cisterns, pet cages and so on, S SMIFUL can create an impression of different parts of oceans in your tank. The LED light has buttons which are used to adjust the brightness of light in the tank. For a long term and reliable performance of LED light, the S SMIFUL are good choices.

Aquino Aquarium Clip-on Led Light

The aqueon is an LED light for planted aquarium with extra thin LED lights. The lights can be easily mounted on aquariums with frames and those without frames. The led light has been made to support the growth of lush plants and can be used in planted aquariums with 20 gallons. The aquarium light can also be used in aquariums with open tops to impart a bright and sleek looking aquarium. The mounting is made easy since each LED light comes with a mounting screw LED controls which have soft-touch control. With aqueon, lighting can never go bad in your aquarium.

Lominie LED Aquarium Light

The aquarium light uses a white and black coloration with solid aluminum for its’ housing. The Lominie aquarium light is suitable for tank sizes of 8″ ~ 18″ cube tank, and it has a 60-degree lens. To make lighting easier and fun, the lights come with adjustable necks, which can rotate about 360 degrees to produce significant illuminating effects. The light has also been made with high CRI, which will boost the growth of plants in the aquarium and is best for freshwater aquarium. Lominie aquarium light also provides energy which is sufficient for the planted tanks.

Hagen Fluval Plant Bluetooth nano LED Aquarium Light

Hagen uses a higher level of technology to operate its aquarium LED light. The light uses fluvalSmart app for its operations and designed to grow bigger plants in small freshwater aquarium. Hagen light settings are programmable, and the light effects can be transitioned throughout 24 hours. The light has an independent color control, and the LED can be attached directly to the top of the aquarium to enhance penetration. The band waves are unique with six different options and give a full spectrum. The case shell is made of aluminum which provides an effective transfer of heat and leaves aquarium in good conditions.

Pawfly Led Aquarium Light

The aquarium light is made with adjustable brightness and extendable brackets between 18 and 24 inches. To enjoy greater visual effects, the LED lights have sufficient energy and the LE lights last long. The unique feature attached to this light is its ability to remember the last mode chosen by its user. Hence, the light can be customized in a way that you choose different colors at different times and the light choose the colors you selected at given periods. The lights are in colors blue, white, red and green. The white is basically for plant growth, red is suitable for stems and leaves while the green color gives life to the colors of the plants present in the aquarium.


LED lights are of various brands, and each has its pros and cons. For selecting the best ones, consider your criteria, reason, size of the aquarium and other essential factors that have been discussed above. LED lights are a great way of maximizing the output of your aquarium. Choose user-friendly products, the ones that last long, easy to use and can give your aquarium different colors.