Top 12 Best Small Fish Tanks: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Small Fish Tanks

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There isn’t much to explain a small fish tanks. Nonetheless, the word small is actually relative. When it comes to fish tanks, a small one might hold a maximum of 15 gallons of water. Further, the size of the tank shows a number of benefits, just like occupying less space, being much cheaper to maintain and buy, as well as being lightweight.

Because of this, a lot of manufacturers make this kind of units, leaving you with so many options to choose from. Bearing in mind that you’ll keep fish inside, it is so important to buy the best one so the fish will stay in good condition. With that being said, below is a review of some of the best small fish tanks available in the market, which might help you in picking the best one to suit your needs!

Things to Consider When Buying a Fish Tank

Making a fish comfortable in the fish tank needs a lot of work/ people who wish to keep fish as their pet think of the different things, which might help in keeping the fish comfortable. You’ll eventually need to have an amazing fish tank, in order to keep the fish safe, as well as to keep the room look so vibrant.

Here are some considerations that you need to bear in mind when buying the best small fish tank.

Fish Type and Cost

More often than not, the start-up cost for fish tanks are high, yet the succeeding maintenance of it might be economically based on the kind of fish tank that you buy. The very same thing goes for the kinds of fish.

There are some species that are more economical to maintain, while there are also some that might be fairly expensive. It is so important to bear in mind the kind of fish that you wish to keep, even before you think about the best fish tank to buy.

Even though you need to opt for a much cheaper option, make certain that the product that you choose possesses the essential features necessary in keeping the fish safe.

Filtration Equipment

If you want to keep the fish tank clean, missing filtration equipment isn’t an option. Some aquariums may come with installed filters, while there are some that need you to purchase them separately.

Contingent on the type of filtration that you need, you may need to take some more time in learning about fish tank filters for your fish tank. Tip: It’s always cheaper to avail a small fish tanks that has filtration equipment already incorporated in it.

Fish Tank Size

The fish tank size may determine the number of fishes you might be able to keep in it. Oftentimes, you’ll find that having a much bigger tank is better. At some point, you may need to add a few chemicals to clean its water, but this job would be easy.

Either you choose a big or small fish tank, make sure that it’s strong enough for all your needs and may also fit in your allocated space inside the room. Having a small tank can be essential if you have insufficient space in the room to keep it.

Fish Tank Construction

The construction of the fish tank might affect the durability of the tank itself. You should take the time to compare the different kinds of fish tanks to know more about the materials that are used in making them. You may expect that some are more durable than the others.

Moreover, fish tank construction may also affect the product’s design. Something that’s very strong may not always leave a room for astounding design. Nonetheless, some brands might surpass all your expectations, as well as combine these two.

Fish Tank Lights

Some fish tanks might have live plants in it, which need sufficient lighting in order to make food. You should identify the right kind of lighting, which can make the process of food-making easier for the plants.

At times, the fish tank lights are meant to keep the things inside vibrant. Most of the small fish tanks nowadays come with different LED styles. You might customize these lightings to offer different kinds of lighting in the room, more especially at night.

Top 10 Best Small Fish Tank

Here are the best products we have selected and synthesized to help you:

Marine Land Contour Glass Fish Tank

This is on top of the list for the best small fish tank for so many reasons.

It actually features an energy-efficient LED lighting system, which is mounted on a rail that’s just above the fish tank. The system has a three-way switch, which toggles between white-blue light, blue light, and off settings. The white light might create a shimmering effect, which resembles that of the sunlight underwater. On the other hand, the blue light might create a moonlight effect.

In order to maintain a healthy aquatic environment for the fish in the tank, it’s equipped with an advanced three-stage filtration system. It includes mechanical filtration, which filters out debris and dirt; chemical filtration to get rid of odor, discolorations, and impurities; as well as biological filtration to get rid of nitrite and ammonia that are toxic to the fishes.


  • Adjustable flow filter pump
  • Three-stage filtration system
  • LED lighting system


  • Glass makes it somewhat heavy at 10.5 lbs.
  • Glass construction means that it can easily break

Glo Fish Crescent Fish Tank

The Glo Fish Crescent Fish Tank comes with a set of fifteen (15) blue LEDs on the tank’s canopy, which provide a lively overhead light above the whole tank. This can illuminate the plants, coral, and fish in the best way possible.

The crescent shape of this fish tank makes it essential in giving a good view of the fish inside. In terms of filtration, this comes with a Tetra Internal Filtration System that comprises a chemical filter to get rid of discoloration and odor, and a mechanical filter to clear out the debris and dirt. This is what makes it amongst the best freshwater small fish tanks.


  • Lightweight compared to its size
  • Internal filtration system
  • Bright overhead LED lights


  • Not ideal for saltwater fish keeping
  • Lacks biological filter

Marine Land Portrait Glass Fish Tank

This small fish tank is made of glass and is way larger than the contour tank. This is what makes it heavier, weighing in at about 12 lbs. nonetheless, it might hold approximately 5 gallons of water that may translate to accommodating even more fishes.

Just like the top choice, this fish tank also features LED lights, which enable to resemble daylight and moonlight effects so you may have the best views of the fishes inside. This is improved by the rounded corners of the tank, which gives a continuous view from manifold angles.

It also has the same three-stage filtration process, which involves biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration in order to keep the water conductive for the fish. This kind of filtration system is what makes it ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fish keeping –that means it is so practical.


  • Three-stage filtration process
  • LED lighting system
  • Relatively affordable


  • May crack or break easily
  • Quite heavy

Aqueon Betta Fish Tank

This kit includes a set of three separate tanks that have a capacity of 1.5 gallons collectively. It also has a filtration system, which cleans and circulates the water back into the tanks. The shape of the set is curved, having three tanks that are organized in a cascading design.

This might result in a calming sound of water flow, as you look into the beauty of the fish in each aquarium. In addition, this flow of water might be controlled, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the gushing water from a tank to another.


  • Adjustable water-flow control
  • Frosted walls to keep the fishes from seeing each other
  • Cascading waterfalls look great and are relaxing sound to the ears
  • Comes with an internal filtration system


  • Water evaporates quickly via the waterfalls
  • Small tank capacity

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Fish Tank

In this list, the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Fish Tank is the smallest one. As its name implies, it has a shape that’s like the half-moon, having a clear plastic construction right through, black plastic base and black feeding cover.

Additionally, it is also the best budget small fish tank in the least, as it is the cheapest one in this list. Nevertheless, in spite of being small, it actually includes fancy LED lights, which you may reposition, allowing you to light up the tank from the bottom of the top.


  • The acrylic plastic construction makes it more resistant to breaking or cracking
  • LED lights
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t have any filtration system
  • Very small water capacity

Fluval Edge Fish Tank

This tank is so stylish, having its glass body appearing as clasped mid-air through the associate pedestal. It’s what makes it look like it is floating, while also giving a 360-degree view of the fish and some other decorations inside the fish tank.

Nonetheless, all of this comes at a cost. In the actual fact, this is the most expensive one on the list, yet this feature doesn’t stop here.

Furthermore, it possesses a three-stage filtration system, which comprises of biological, chemical, and mechanical filters, which do an all-over cleanup of the water for its reuse. This means that the fish tank can also be essential in keeping saltwater fish.


  • Two-size options let you choose the size you desire most
  • Stylish design
  • Powerful LED lights at 7600K
  • Three-stage filtration system


  • Glass construction means that it’s so delicate
  • Expensive

Tetra Color Fusion Half Moon Fish Tank

This small fish tank is fairly affordable and has its own main strength centered on its own built-in lighting system. As its name implies, this color fusion system may illuminate with the use of a multiple color system that ends up making a vert vivacious display.

In addition, the fish tank also has an internal two-part filtration system, which is composed of chemical filtration with the use of carbon in cleaning the water for recycling and mechanical filtration with the use of a filter cartridge.

When it comes to its design, the tank possesses a half-moon, semi-circle cross-section shape that gives a 180 degree-view of the fish inside and the manifold colors to brighten up the interior.


  • Affordable
  • Half-moon shape gives a 180 degree-view of the fish tank
  • The internal two-part filtration system
  • Vivacious LED color display


  • LED lights aren’t attached permanently to the fish tank
  • Doesn’t have any biological filter

Penn Plax Curved Corner Fish Tank

Having a ten-gallon water volume, this fish tank is the biggest in this list, making it the most suitable for goldfish. As we know, goldfish commonly need large amounts of water and this is what makes the Penn Plax Fish Tank ideal for them.

The unit has a clear plastic lid, which hinges on the backside to allow for easy access and to keep water from evaporating. For its filtration, the system has a cascade internal filter, which is placed inside of the tank. Hence, it has a continuous glass body all over on the outside.


  • Movable LED lights
  • Internal filtration system
  • Large water capacity means that you can have more than one fish in the tank


  • Needs a lot of maintenance
  • Needs a lot of space

Back to the Roots Fish Tank & Water Garden

This isn’t a conventional fish tank. It’s environmentally designed to support both plants and fish in a sealed-loop ecosystem, just as what happens in the aquaponics. Essentially, the fish expel ammonia that is toxic to the fish a very important nutrient for the growth of the plant. Further, the plant absorbs the ammonia, which acts as a biological filter in keeping the water clean, as well as maintain a healthy environment for the fish.

Construction-wise, the fish tank is composed of plastic and has three gallons of water. This just means that it’s very lightweight that makes it possible in moving it to where there’s sunlight throughout the day and back in at night.

It is one of the best home fish tanks as it may use less energy, but it may be essential in growing food or some other beneficial plants.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with everything in just one kit
  • Contains a natural biological filter in plant roots form


  • No mechanical or chemical filters
  • No LED lighting

Koller Products Aqua View Fish Tank

This has a rounded design, which gives you a 360 degree-view of the decorations and fish inside the fish tank. It’s made using impact-resistant clear plastic, thus making it sturdy and hard-wearing while also being sufficient to give greatly nice views on its content inside.

This clarity is so important as it has an LED lighting system. Furthermore, it also has a timer, which enables you to switch the LEDs on 2 hours every day, 4 hours every day, or stays on fulltime.


  • LEDs might be powered via USB, the mains, or with AAA batteries
  • Built-in timer for controlling the LED lights
  • 7 LED color options


  • Not ideal for goldfish
  • Blacktop lid may limit the top view of the fish tank

Coralife Fish Tank

This is designed with a sleek, clean-lined appearance, and has many advanced features, which allow you to create an atmosphere that resembles a mini coral reef. It has a hinge-top design, which keeps it look sleek and all of its cords and tubes are hidden.

Furthermore, it has a filtering system that has three rear chambers –one for a heater and phosphorus-filtering media bag, one for algae and bacteria to grow, as well as one for the pump itself.


  • Sleek modern hood with LED
  • 24-hour timer with independent channels
  • Customizable and compact built-in filtration system


  • May break or crack easily
  • Light fixture might fail to work

Marina LED Aquarium

This has a simple, rectangular shape, which is accented with neon bulb, which gives off the right amount of light to show off the fish without causing any disturbance. It has a clip-on filter for its filtration, which is meant to hook on the back of the fish tank. These have adjustable flow rates so you may tailor the fish environment.

The supplement and condition in this kit may treat the tap water to be closer to the natural environment of fish. As we know, fish are not able to survive in tap water due to bacteria and chemicals.


  • Long-lasting, natural daylight effect lighting
  • Internal filtration system
  • Large water capacity means that you can have more than one fish in the tank


  • Light fixture might fail to work
  • Needs a lot of maintenance


The aforementioned brands are the best in what they provide. Expect that a lot of people might have an easy time to work with these best small fish tanks review than the other types. Always bear in mind about the aforementioned tips and guides to assist you in making an important decision on what product you should choose.

Once you have bought your own fish tank, make sure to keep it well maintained at all times to keep the tank itself clean and have healthy fishes playing around inside. If you sensibly go through the information above, you will surely get closer to finding the best small fish tank that’s ideal for you!