Best Light for Blue Tongue Skink Reviews 2022

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Light for Blue Tongue Skink

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Do you love your blue tongue skink that much? But, how can you make your pet feel like home even in its personal habitat?

Because we want to make sure the safety, well-being, comfort, and joy of your blue tongue skink living in its own territory, we would want to give the best light for your Blue Tongue Skink by introducing to you what has been reviewed and used by many and is quality proven. Brace yourself, for there are too many to mention.

What is a Blue Tongue Skink?

First and foremost, do you have any idea on what Blue Tongue Skink is? Or, do you own one at this moment?

Let’s get to know it first!

These are kind of reptile that belongs to Scincidae or mostly known as skink family. Blue Tongue Skink also known as Tiliqua is the most popular kind of skink for its tongue appears as blue as its name says. They can live for 15 up to 20 years if kept in a nice habitat and taken care of properly. Blue Tongue Skink can easily adapt to the environment that’s why it is worthy for someone who loves to pet reptiles, seems exotic yet enjoyable to bear. They are also smart and submissive to its owner. You can make your own kind of vivarium, their habitat, having a minimum floor area of 39 by 20 inches (100 by 50 cm), but it is better if the area will be increased by 47 by 24 inches (120 by 60 cm).

UV rays that give off both UV-A and UV-B are necessary for them to live a long life just as other reptiles. UV-A is the one visible to our sight and gives your skink a healthy behavior while UV-B prevents your skink from experiencing calcium deficiency because of its Vitamin D3 content.  We will primarily talk about the best lightings that the market could offer for your Blue Tongued Skink.

Top 10 Best Light for Blue Tongue Skink

1. Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb

Mega-ray Pet Care is a lighting team that focused their products on the health care of every aquatic and reptile present in your home. The world’s leading experts in developing UVB lighting for your reptile works in their company.

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb is the leading lighting product of the company, internationally. It contains both UV-A and UV-B light which is equally good for your skinks and is safe for the owners. But, it is your job to monitor the heat by checking the temperature it produces to protect your reptile in danger. It is available in several wattages from 70 watts up to 275 watts (but not highly suggested); though watt counts are not important but its temperature produce is. Another good thing, the customer service works fast. They also offer a 6-month warranty service.

2. Exo-Terra Repti-Glo

If you can’t afford the first one, Exo-Terra offers you more cost-effective lighting for your skink!

Repti-Glo is ideally used for animals living in a desert. The product gives your pet a sunlight feeling for it provides ultraviolet B in different levels of radiation which are 2%, 5% and 10% for UVB helps a reptile to have a healthy calcium metabolism that keeps your pet fit.  Repti-Glo 5.0 might be recommended for you having a skink. It is made up of 18 inches long light bulb with 15 watts.

The only problem about Repti-Glo is its weakness in terms of durability wherein it can easily be broken but can be replaced immediately because of its availability in the market.

3. Mercury Vapor Bulb by Evergreen Pet Supplies

It is an excellent bulb for all variety of reptiles including your blue-tongued skink for it has a powerful source of UV-A and UV-B that yields vitamins for your animals’ health. This works best on a vivarium or in any territory of your pet that is enclosed.

Evergreen Pet Supplies has done several testing on amphibian and reptiles to finally arrive in its preferred quality. It is known as best-in-class lifespan bulb.

4. REPTIZOO Dual Lamp Fixture

Reptizoo focused on creating reptile supplies until they came up to this lighting product that has dual lamps, with a hanger on it,  that can be switch on and off independently; the two bulbs don’t stick out said the users! Each dual lamp can bear up to 150 watts which is not bad for your skink.

Reptizoo has 24 hours customer service and is active in answering customers’ questions and providing services and gives you a 12-month guarantee on their different products.

5. Ceramic Heat Lamp by Omaykey

Ceramic Heat Lamp by Omaykey functions in 24 hours which could last 9000 to 15000 hours of usage without compromising your pet’s sleep. It is made up of solid ceramic heat elements and has no light emitted consisting of 75 watts and it can cause harm to the animals if not properly position. Will give you no worries for it can be easily installed.

6. Pecute Reptile Heat Lamp

Pecute developed a 3-in-1 bulb consisting ceramic heat lamp, heater guard, and anti-biting pipe. The ceramic heat lamp has a good feature for heat radiation which promotes a healthy blood circulation to your pets. Your pet will also get a double protection by using this lighting product; first, the heater guard prevents the animal from touching the heat directly but you still need to keep the lamp at a distance from the skink even this heater guard is present. Another, the anti-biting pipe, which can be on and off, prevents electric shock whenever the animal bites any wire or electric causing part of the product.

7. TheBlueStone Black Ceramic Heat Emitter

theBlueStone made up a lighting that has a ceramic material that can fit in a wet environment and ensures safety to your pet. Also perfect for 24 hours of usage but has the power to save energy consumption and keeps your pet warm during the day and also during the night. Its package includes 1 heat emitter bulb that adds up for your benefit without additional payments.

8. Zilla Halogen Mini Dome

Still desiring for cheaper lighting product? Zilla can provide what you desire!

This makes a huge difference between those mentioned earlier for this requires you to buy separate mini halogen bulbs which are 25 to 50 watts with three colors available to make it work; don’t worry it won’t cost you that much. Compared to an incandescent bulb, halogen bulbs last long twice and it lessens the cost into one-third in purchasing and in energy consumption but provides almost the same heat as other lighting products. Zilla also sells halogen bulbs so you can purchase it at the same store.

9. Aomryom Upgraded Adjustable Habitat Lighting and Stand

Looking for a product that does not need great effort to be installed?

This one is perfect for you! Aomryom Clamp Lamp easily be adjusted wherever you want it to be positioned because of its adjustable stand feature that can be adjusted and rotated within 360 degrees. It can surely withstand heat pressure and functions without worrying which bulbs to be used; it can be a florescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, UV bulb, or a ceramic heater with a maximum of 200 watts. You don’t have to build storage for the lighting because this product gives you the full package.

10. Zoo Med Day/Night Desert Lighting Kit

Let your skink experience the day and night mood in just one purchase of lighting product. This product can help your pet grow in two different territory moods. The package includes Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, Repti Basking Spot Lamp for day experience (75 watts) and Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp for night experience (75 watts). Each bulb can be changed up to 100 watts.


All animals deserve the best from us and so considering the best lighting to their habitats. Blue Tongued Skink is one of the animals that badly need UV rays for them to live well, it may sound costly but the cost is not important as long as your pet lives comfortably. Those recommended products are useful for a variety of reptiles so make sure that it is suitable for your pet.

Blue tongue skinks are better off with the presence of these lightings especially if they live indoor but even if exposed to sunlight they will still need UV rays coming from this products. There are lots of lighting products aside from mentioned above you can buy but the Mega-Ray Vapor Bulb is highly recommended as the best light for Blue Tongue Skink due to its increasing market demand and proven quality productivity.

You are free to choose what lighting product you desire and trust for the good of your pet! I would believe that this article gives you so much option for you to choose the best from the best recommended products.