Best Heat Lamp for Iguanas Reviews 2022

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Heat Lamp for Iguanas

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One of the most important aspects of caring for an iguana is by giving them good lighting. If your iguana’s cage doesn’t have the right lighting, the reptile will eventually suffer and die. It is just that simple.

Iguana’s like for example, a green iguana, needs a certain type of light to help them survive during captivity. If you want to keep your lizard healthy and happy for the incoming years, you need to buy a suitable lighting product for their cage. Here are the best uvb light for iguanas.

Top 10 Best Heat Lamp for Iguanas

One of the most important factors in an iguana’s health is heat. This is because the lizards cannot integrate the internal temperature of their body. They needed to bask underneath the source of heat to keep their body warm enough to function.

Within your iguana’s enclosure, there should be a different range of temperatures. This is so that your iguana can regulate its temperature, by moving back and forth within the cool and warm areas of its cage.

Here are 10 of the best heat lamps for iguannas that are suitable for your pet’s enclosure.

1. Zoo Med ReptiSun

Reptisun is the perfect heat lamp for all deserts and basking reptiles, that includes iguanas. It has a 10% of UVB output, 30% of UVA output, and a full spectrum. This compact fluorescent lamp uses a UVB transmitting quartz glass, this is for a maximum penetration of UVB rays.

The fluorescent’s bulbs have a cool burning compact, screwed into the standard threaded sockets. This means that you won’t need separate ballast. The emission of UVB rays helps prevent the development of bone diseases, while the UVA help increases the mating, feeding, basking, and other natural instincts.

 2. Exo Terra Daylight Basking Lamp

The broad-spectrum of the spot daylight lamp has a Neodymium sleeve. The UVA rays could contribute to the iguana’s physiological well-being, while the spectrum can be ideal for the photosynthesis of plants. With the lamp’s spot, you can direct the heat and light on any part of your pet’s terrarium.

This spot lamp can increase the ambient of air temperature, stimulate the breeding behavior of your pet through the UVA rays, and can be combined with a day or night heat lamp for a 24-hour interval.

3. Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp

The colored glass of this heat lamp is real, it is not coated or painted (except for the 250w, it is lacquered). This infrared heat lamp has a spot that could focus more heat into a certain area in your pet’s enclosure, it also minimizes the nighttime glare.

This is an ideal 24-hour heat source for your iguana and to all kinds of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and other small animals. It only a small amount of visible light to not disturb your pet’s sleeping pattern. It is also an excellent lamp for a nocturnal viewing of all types of animals in captivity.

4. Exo Terra Intense Basking Lamp

This heat lamp is specially designed as a basking spot lamp. The light beam of the bulb can be focused in one area, providing enough heat to create a suitable basking site for your pet. The light and the heat of the bulb is increased by 35%, this allows a greater distance between the basking site and the bulb.

The UVA rays of the bulb could help stimulate your iguana’s natural breeding behavior. It can increase the air temperatures ambient, and it could also be combined with an infrared or night heat lamp.

5. Zoo Med Day and Night Reptile Bulb

The Zoo Med’s day and night bulb package include one Daylight and one Nightlight bulb. The night bulb goes with a red color, while the day bulb goes with a blue. The daylight bulb could provide a very naturalistic daylight, while the nightlight bulb could provide enough heat for 24-hours.

Both bulbs have a long lasting burn life, both uncoated to provide an optimal heat transfer and a 24-hour heat interval. The bulbs are both 60 watts. The blue bulb is great for heating up your iguana’s enclosure, while the red bulb provides heat without disrupting your pet’s sleeping cycle.

6. Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

Zoo Med’s deep domed lamp is designed with an extra excess dome, this is a perfect use with long or large lamps. It includes a ceramic base with an off and on the switch. It has a dome with a long reflector that could extend beyond the lamp’s face, it prevents the lamp from sticking out. Zoo Med’s deep domed lamp also has a high polished aluminum inside of the dome that could greatly increase the output of UVA and UVB rays.

This kind of fixture can handle heat bulbs of up to 160 watts. To ensure that your bulbs have a long life, check the fixture by unplugging and inspecting the center’s metal tab – it is where the bulb screws in. The tab can be slightly pulled forward to make sure that the bulb is screwed in properly.

7. Zilla Slimline Tropical Fixture

Zilla’s tropical UVB fixture includes an 18” tropical UV fluorescent lamp. This fixture offers a high-quality fluorescent light in a ready-to-use, convenient fixture. It has efficient energy electronic ballast and is very easy to install and suitable for enclosures that have limited spaces.

The tropical 25 light bulb could stimulate a natural daylight, while also producing 25 microwatts of UVB rays. This is to help promote a proper bone growth and calcium absorption in all kinds of reptiles.

This heat lamp fixture is ideal for iguanas, anoles, tokay geckos, Chinese water dragons, chameleons, red food tortoises, tegus, day geckos, red-eared sliders, basilisks, eastern box turtles, and more.

8. Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Heat Lamp

The bulb could emit an infrared heat wave and is a usual heating lamp. This spot lamp has a special built-in reflector, with this you could freely redirect the heat in any direction, and on any spot on your iguana’s enclosure. The special filament of the bulb produces infrared waves, while the red glass transmits it.

The reddish light of this infrared heat lamp will not disrupt your pet’s activity, both during the day and night. This makes an excellent heating lamp that could provide 24-hours of the heat source.

It also increases the overall air temperature of your iguana’s terrarium and can be combined with a daytime or nighttime heat lamp. Also, this heat lamp could last for a long time.

9. Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp

This is a perfect heat lamp for reptiles that could provide a 24-hour interval of the heat source. This is ideal for all amphibians, reptiles, birds, and hamsters. The package also includes a digital thermometer, this is so that you could properly monitor the temperature of your pet’s terrarium.

It has a 99% of high-thermal efficiency. The heater lamp is non-light, in this way it would not disturb your iguana’s sleeping pattern. The solid ceramics element of the heat lamp has a good feature of heat radiation.

However, the only suitable socket for this product is a ceramic E27 socket. Other sockets could melt the lamp holder, or even cause an explosion. So make sure that you are using a Ceramic E27 Socket.

10. BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

This infrared heat emitter is perfect for terrariums in high humidity. The bulb could last for 10,000 hours or for up to 417 days. However, you could only use a porcelain socket, the E26 socket. To avoid getting scald, wait for at least 1 hour after turning it off before to touching the heat emitter.

The voltage it needs is 110-120V, while the power is 150 watts. This is a non-light emitting heat bulb, it is perfect for your pet iguana and to other kinds of reptiles. It offers an excellent heat source for 24-hours, it will provide enough heat for your pet’s needs, and without disturbing it with any additional kinds of light source.

Aside from giving off heat, it could also increase the ambient air temperature of your iguana’s enclosure. Also, the emitter could promote healing and health by penetrating the skin and scales tissue.


The sun rays give off different types of light. Among the other things, the UV rays are the most common ones. This type of light is what your pet iguana needs to survive. They use the UVA rays to help regulate the body’s biological function, while the UVB rays regulate their body’s proper nutrient absorption. Without the regular exposure of this kind of lighting rays, your pet could suffer from different kinds of maladies.

The proper way of giving enough UV rays for your pet is by exposing it under the sun. But what if you can’t do this regularly? Either you are too lazy to do it, or too busy, or live in a cloudy place. If that’s the case, then buying a heat lamp is the answer. You can choose and buy one of the best heat lamps above on Amazon.