Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragon & Reptile: Reviews & Guide 2022

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If your bearded dragon was raised in captivity, a good humidity level in their terrarium is extremely important. The required humidity level should be kept around 35 to 45%. This level of humidity is identical to the wilderness of Australia.

As you know, these reptiles came from dry, semi-desert areas in Australia. They lie under the heat of the sun during the day, and at night they’ll look for a suitable place to hide and sleep. Beardies need heat, but how will you know if their terrarium’s humidity isn’t too high or too low? The answer is by using a thermometer.

How is a Thermometer Used for Bearded Dragons?

Using a thermometer for a bearded dragon’s terrarium has two main functions. First, it is used during the early phase setup to check a good temperature, and so that the heating equipment could be permanently mounted in the terrarium.

And secondly, the thermometers are used to accurately monitor the temperature of the bearded dragon’s environment. This is by mounting the thermometer in one area where the temperature should be monitored. In this way, if there is a sudden increase or decrease of the terrarium’s temperature, it could be immediately be identified and corrected as soon as the change happens.

The Required Level of Temperature for Bearded Dragons

Thermometers are used for bearded dragons to be able to read the right temperature range for beardies. The right amount of heat for bearded dragons should be around 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and with a temperature gradient for about 24 to 34 degrees Celsius or 75 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Choose a Good Thermometer?

When choosing a thermometer, you should also check out its quality aside from the price. You should choose a good size, make sure that you pick a small one, how reliable it is, its durability, and its design.

Aside from monitoring the terrarium’s temperature, you should also definitely consider the durability of the thermometer. It would be great if it would last for at least 5 years or so, rather than lasting for a year or a few months.

And of course, a good design. If you are thinking about letting your beardie’s thermometer last for a long time, then make sure that the design of the probe would add a good decorative design on the enclosure. You won’t want a thermometer that is looking out of place on the terrarium, so make sure that you buy a good one.

10 Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragon

Should you need a thermometer for your reptile’s tank? That is a yes. In fact, it’s recommended that you use at least two thermometers. One on the heated area and one on the cooler area of the terrarium.

This is to make sure that your beardie gets enough basking heat, while also making sure that the terrarium’s temperature doesn’t get too high.

Here are ten of the best thermometers available in online stores:

1. Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

Here is a digital thermometer for your reptile’s terrarium. The digital readout of this thermometer can be set into Fahrenheit or in Celsius, you can switch it to your desired setting whenever you want. The package is already included with batteries, so you don’t worry about getting batteries.

When you install it in your pet’s terrarium, make sure that your beardie wouldn’t chew or get entangled in the wires. This probe can be submerged into the water, however, the LCD readout must always remain dry. This thermometer could read and sense temperatures from 10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Zoo Med Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

You can save time and space when you take care of your bearded dragon by using this thermometer. It is a combination of a digital thermometer and a humidity gauge. You can use it in incubators, terrariums, and other animal applications. The package already includes batteries and ready to be used after purchase.

The remote probes are independent and could measure the heat and humidity levels of the tank in different locations. This is a waterproof probe that can be used in air and when submerged into water, however, the digital display should remain dry. You can slide the switch of Fahrenheit or Celsius your desired setting.

3. Exo Terra Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Exo Terra’s Thermometer and Hygrometer is a combined precision device. This probe is equipped with a remote that is combined with a sensor, this is to give accurate humidity and temperature indication. This device has a programmable memory setting that can be set to minimum or maximum, it can be controlled with only a single button.

It is durable and very easy to use, this thermometer can be installed on your beardie’s terrarium either by a hoop and loop fastener or by sliding it into position on top of Exo Terra’s linear fluorescent top or compact top.

4. Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

Exo Terra’s digital thermometer is remote sensor equipped for a durable and accurate measurement. It has a minimum/maximum memory setting that is programmable and can be controlled with a single button. The thermometer’s sensor can be held in place by using the included suction cup.

This device can be mounted in your beardie’s terrarium in three ways, it could be with a screw, Velcro, or by sliding it into a compact top. Using a thermometer like this will help you maintain a proper temperature for your pet reptile, and as well as its health and its well being.

5. Zoo Med Digital Infrared Thermometer

This is a new pocket-sized infrared thermometer by Zoo Med. This infrared thermometer could instantly measure your bearded dragon’s terrarium with just a click of a button. This is a great tool for reptile keepers, like you, to monitor the terrarium’s basking sites, thermal gradients, shelters, hibernation and incubation temperatures, and more.

If you don’t want a mountable thermometer, then this is the best thermometer for you. It can read temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and could read for up to 230F or 110C. The probe also contains a minimum/maximum function, it would allow you to monitor the fluctuations of your beardie’s terrarium over time.

6. Omem Digital Retile Thermometer

This is a thermometer with a small digital LCD display. This device is a combination of Thermometer and Hygrometer, which can provide accurate temperature levels. The thermometer doesn’t have any buttons, so how will you change the Fahrenheit into Celsius, and vice versa?

That is by clicking the hole at the back of the Omem thermometer with a metal stick. Make sure that the metal stick would fit into the hole to change the setting. Its measuring temperature could range from up to 50 to 70C or 122 to 158F.

Sometimes, the value of the thermometer could be incorrect because it lacks battery power, when that happens, replace the batteries with new ones as soon as possible.

7. Pet Magasin Digital Thermometer

Whether you use this thermometer for a pet fish or bearded dragon, this thermometer will still be perfect for monitoring the temperature of their tank. Having a proper temperature in their terrarium is very important for the sake of their well being.

This compact is a combination of thermometer and hygrometer. It could both monitor the tank’s temperature and humidity level, aside from that, it is very affordable and easy to use. The temperature can be displayed either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

8. Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

If you prefer using analog thermometers instead of the analog ones, then this is the best analog thermometer for you. Unlike digital thermometers, this thermometer doesn’t need any batteries. You’ll just stick it onto your beardie’s terrarium and you are done.

This thermometer could both monitor the temperature and humidity level of your pet’s tank. Analog type thermometers could still provide accurate information. It will precisely check the temperature and humidity levels of your beardie’s terrarium, like digital thermometers.

This analog thermometer has a Velcro at the back, it will enable you to easily stick and remove it from your beardie’s tank for cleaning or relocation.

9. Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

Here is another good analog thermometer for your bearded dragon’s terrarium. Exo Terra’s thermometer could accurately monitor the temperature level of your beardie’s tank. It is made with an option of monitoring the temperature levels in Fahrenheit or In Celsius.

It is very easy to read and to install in the terrarium. Since analog thermometers don’t need batteries, this could last for a very long time. Maintaining a good temperature level for your beardie is vital for their health and well-being, so make sure that their terrarium has enough temperature.

10. Aquarium Masters Temp Digital Thermometer

Here is a digital thermometer that is good for both aquariums and terrariums. This thermometer is has a strong suction cup that can be mounted either on the inside or outside of your beardie’s terrarium. The external sensor can be mounted on dry and wet areas, however, the LCD display should always be dry.

This is very easy to use and can immediately switch the temperature setting between Fahrenheit and Celsius. To turn on the thermometer, just press and hold the power button. To turn it off, press and the power button for at least five seconds. The package consists of batteries making it ready to use upon purchase.

These are the best thermometers available that you can buy in Amazon for your bearded dragon’s enclosure. Make sure that you choose a reliable thermometer that would suit your needs, as well as your bearded dragon’s needs.

When Setting Up the Heating Equipment in your Beardie’s Terrarium

If you are just about to install a heating equipment in your bearded dragon’s terrarium, make sure that the enclosure is not made fully with glass or plastic covers. This kind of enclosures could trap the air and humidity within the reptile’s terrarium, it could also create a stale and stagnate air.

This could cause problems on your bearded dragon’s respiratory system and could lead to very high humidity levels.

But if using a tank terrarium could not be avoided, then make sure that it is mounted with a thermometer, this way you could always monitor the temperature of your bearded dragon’s terrarium, and immediately adjust it on the required amount of heat.

The Enclosures Ventilation

Aside from using thermometers to check on the terrarium’s temperature, you should also make sure that the enclosure has good ventilation. This is the best way to reduce the humidity level of the enclosure.

Use screen covers that are made of mesh wire to provide a good air flow, this could also help dissipate the noxious gases that are associated in your reptile’s respiration, and the defecation inside the terrarium.

Also, because of a good air flow, it will provide your bearded dragon with enough, fresh supply of oxygen making it live more comfortably in its terrarium.

Three Types of Thermometers

There are three types of thermometers available in the market, and these are:

Digital Thermometer

The temperature level will be shown on a little screen in numbers. Thermometers like these could only work when there are batteries in it.

Analog Thermometer

This thermometer is already made with numbers on it that shows the degrees of both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It doesn’t need any batteries.

Chemical Thermometer

Thermometers like these are made with a chemical substance, this is to help indicate the temperature on an accumulative scale. An example of a chemical that is used is Mercury.


Lizards like the bearded dragons, need enough humidity level in their terrariums, and to make sure that the heat coming from the heating equipment isn’t set too high or too low for your beardie’s comfort, you should use a reliable thermometer to always check the temperatures level.

And if you want, you could use two thermometers on your pet’s tank to check the temperature on the heated area of the tank, and as well as the cooled part. If you have used a digital thermometer, then make sure that the wires wouldn’t get chewed by your beardie.