Best Way to Heat a Snake Tank Reviews 2022

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In husbandry, one of the most important aspects is by heating up your snake’s tank. For the most part, you need to do your research about your pet’s need including climate, habitat, and range. Moreover, you’ll need to have the right heating material to provide your pet with the right amount of heat.

One of the safest heating materials that you can use is a radiant heat panel, this is safe and very much effective in providing heat for your snake. However, a lot of snake owner’s prefer using heat bulb instead of heat panels, which is also okay but you still need to monitor the heat.

The Right Temperature for Snakes

In most care guides for snakes, it only contains a small difference in their temperatures. Therefore, there is no perfect range of temperature for snakes. As long as you provide your pet with the ideal heat range, your pet will be just fine.

So, what is the ideal heat range? For the snake’s tank, it should two different temperatures. One side of the tank should have a cooler temperature, while the other side should have a warmer temperature. If the cooler side of your pet’s tank is 78° to 80° Fahrenheit, and the heat range of the warmer side is 88° to 92° Fahrenheit, then you are on the right track.

To perfectly achieve this amount of heat for your snake, you should only use the heating device on one side of the cage only. Also, use a thermostat so that you’ll know the tank’s temperature, this is important to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of heat.

4 Types of Heating Materials

You can choose from several heating materials in providing the right temperature for your pet’s tank. You can either heat up its tank from the bottom or from the top of the tank, and there are four types of product that you can choose from on either technique.

Choosing the right heating material will partly be determined by the size of the cage, your pet’s species if the tank is made out of glass or plastic, and the amount of ventilation the tank gets.

But for now, let’s have a look at the four different types of heating materials for snakes:

Ceramic Light Bulb

This is technically a light bulb but without putting off the light, only heat. Ceramic bulbs have a very dark reddish color, it is quite similar to an infrared light. But instead of providing heat and light, it only provides heat. To use, just simply screw it in a dome lamp and then you’re done. However, do not let the bulb get too close to your snake to avoid burns and other health problems.

Heat Bulbs

These bulbs can either be a white light (Incandescent) or a red light (Infrared). This is a simple, yet very effective heat provider. Just place the dome lamp on top of your pet’s tank and let the heat radiate in the tank. Make sure that the top lid is not made of glass or plastic, it should be made with a screen lid cover.

Under –Tank Heat Tape

This is one of the types of heating materials that are placed under the tank, rather than on top of it. To use the product, you’ll just have to stick the tape under the snake’s tank. Flex Watt is the most common heat tape that is used for heating up a snake’s tank. However, the Flex Watt heat tape, power cord, connector clips, and insulators are sold separately upon purchase.

Under-Tank Heat Pad

Heat pads and heat tapes is a form of providing belly heat for snakes and other reptiles. Like the heating tape, you’ll just have to stick the heat pad under your pet’s tank. But unlike the heat tape, the heat pad already includes a power cord. All you have to do is to stick the heat pad under your pet’s tank, then just plug in the cord into a power outlet.

10 Best Way to Heat a Snake Tank

All types of snakes are ectothermic or cold-blooded reptiles, this means that their body cannot produce heat on their own. Snakes rely on the environments heat or form the heat provided by their owners, to help regulate its body temperature. That is why it is important to use heating materials in a snake’s tank.

To help you out with your purchase or decision making, I have prepared several heating material products that you can use for your pet. Here are ten of the best products in the market:

1. Zoo Med Repti Therm Heater

Here is an inexpensive under tank heater (UTH) ideal for all types of snakes and other reptiles. It only uses a low amount of wattage to provide heat for your pet snake. This also makes a great secondary heat source for your pet. The Zoo Med heat pad is ideal to be used as a 24-hour primary and a secondary heat source.

This Retpitherm product has a strong adhesive tape, which can be placed underneath the tank permanently. This will enable it to form a solid bond of the best heat transfer. This heating pad also contains a solid state nichrome, so expect this product to provide the heat you needed for your pet. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Bulb

This is the perfect ceramic bulb for your pet snake during winter or if you live in a cold place. This ceramic bulb could last for up to 10,000 hours, you can even use this product for 24-hours. This bulb emits no light, but it can provide your pet with the best heat source.

The bulb can get really hot once used, so if you are planning to touch, clean or change it out make sure to let it cool off for 1 hour as soon as you turn it off. The voltage needed for this product is 110 to 120V. Since a ceramic bulb doesn’t emit any light, this is ideal to be used during the night. It won’t disturb your pet’s sleeping pattern while providing heat for it.

3. Evergreen Pet Supplies Mercury Vapor Bulb

This is the perfect heating light bulb for your pet snake. It provides a powerful source of heat and a visible light. It doesn’t contain any harmful UVC that can possibly hurt your pet.

This bulb is compatible with any kinds of tanks, terrariums, vision cages, or vivariums that you use. This heating bulb not only provides heat and light for your pet, but it can also provide it with vitamin production, which is necessary for your pet’s health. The manufacturer of this product has conducted a 3-step test on each incandescent bulb, so rest assured that this bulb will provide the heat that your pet needs.

4. iPower Reptile Heat Pad

iPower has a new heating film and insulator that can increase and equally provide heat under the tank. This material can achieve the temperature that you want in just a matter of minutes. The heat pad has a 3M adhesive paper on it, which means it’ll have a strong grip under your pet’s tank, and will provide the best heat transfer for your pet.

Just stick the pad anywhere under the tank, and expect it to stay put in that place for a very long time. This is ideal for pets like amphibians, reptiles, small animals, and even for plants. Don’t worry if this product gets wet, it is waterproof preventing it from being damaged by moisture and other liquids. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

 5. Flex Watt Incubator

If you are looking for a heat tape sold by foot, then this is the product that you are looking for. This product is sold by foot, so if you purchase a quantity of 5, then you’ll get a 5-foot strip of heat tape. It is versatile, thin, and tough so except this product’s durability.

Each foot of heat tape strip contains 20 Watts of power, the tape’s width is around 11” wide. You can place it anywhere beneath your pet’s tank for the needed heat, you can even cut the heat tape in any length to heat up a small space or large area of the tank. However, this Flex Watt incubator will require the use of an insulator, connector clips, and power cords, and these items are sold separately.

6. Zacro Reptile Ceramic Heat Lamp

Here is another ceramic bulb for your pet snake, but this one includes a digital thermometer in the package, which is really necessary in order for you to monitor the temperature of the tank. Since ceramic lights emit no light, this is the heat source for your pet that you can use for 24 hours.

This product has a 99% high thermal efficiency, perfect to be used during the night without disturbing your snake’s sleep. The flat face design of the bulb will make it more efficient and long-lasting, unlike other bulbs with conical designs. However, you should only screw this bulb on an E27 socket, another socket may cause the lamp to melt or even explode.

7. Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp

The reddish light of this lamp is perfect to be used for nocturnal animals, the light and heat will not disrupt your pet’s activity during the night or day, which also makes this product ideal for a 24-hour heat source.

This is a spot lamp with a built-in reflector, meaning you can change the direction of the heat anywhere you want. This bulb has the ability to increase the overall temperature of the terrarium, so it is best that you use a thermostat to monitor the tank if it’s getting too hot. With the help of this bulb, it will help make your pet to stay warm and comfortable, especially during the days and nights.

8. Aiicoo Reptile Heating Pad

This is both an ideal heat source for desert and tropical reptiles. The Zilla heating mat is made up of carbon fiber that will radiate an even heat source, a heat mat will not create an intense heat, this will not make any hot spots. You can also save energy with this product since it is energy efficient, without having wires that can break or pinch out.

With its strong adhesive, you can either stick at the bottom of your pet’s tank or at the sides. Aside from regulating your pet’s body temperature, the heat can also help keep your pet snake healthy.

9. CRLight Ceramic Infrared Heat Lamp

This is an upgraded, thicker version of a ceramic heat lamp. This ceramic bulb may be made with white glass, but it still doesn’t emit any types of light, it only provides heat. This is perfect for a 24-hour heat source for all kinds of reptiles, birds, amphibians, and other small animals.

With the new technology, the thermal energy of his lamp is up to 99% and could last for a very long time. The flat face design of this bulb prevents it from building up excess heat inside, unlike other conical designed lamps. Screw it in an E27 socket to avoid accidents. Also, make to adjust the distance between the bulb and your pet to avoid burns.

10. Fluker’s Heat Mat for Reptiles

The Fluker’s heat mat is constructed with durable materials to ensure its longevity, plus it will provide your pet with a uniform, evenly distributed heat source.

This product is pretty easy to use and safe for your pet snake. It can also be ideally used for other reptiles and amphibians, you can either mount this heating meat underneath the tank or at the side of your pet’s terrarium. Provide your pet with extra heat that it needs with this product.


What do you think is the right heating material for your pet? You may need to try using one or all of the types of heating products to know what really suits your needs, it will also help you decide which product provide the temperature for your snake. How you heat your pet’s terrarium is not really important, the important thing is that you can achieve the ideal heat for your pet.