Top 10 Best Turtle Tank: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Turtle Tank

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Turtles are truly an adorable pet and a lot of people are convinced, that they are one of the best pets that one could own and take care of. They may not be as cuddly and playful as dogs, but they do make a fantastic pet.

Turtles require low-maintenance, which is a good thing for busy people that still want a pet, they are also quite mesmerizing to observe with, and the best part of it all is that they’ve existed since prehistoric times. As long as you keep their habitats clean and provide them with good food, they’d surely live for a long time.

Getting the Right Tank for your Pet Turtle

Of course, aside from healthy turtle foods and clean tanks, one of the things that you should consider is by getting the right tank for a pet. Most captive turtles are aquatic, so meaning you should get a tank that can contain the water well.

So as far as I have observed, the bigger the tank is, the better. So I suggest that you get a large tank for your pet. Aquatic turtles are active swimmers, so they’ll need a tank that would give them a lot of space.

Here are some things that you should consider before buying a tank for your turtle:

  • The tank’s size, as your baby turtle grows, the more space it’ll need in its tank.
  • The basking space, turtles are ectotherm, which means that they only rely on their environments heat since their bodies cannot produce heat.
  • The ease of connecting the filters, heaters, and other necessary components.
  • Choosing the right substrate, and
  • The ease of installing a heat lamp. Turtles also bask under the sun or heating bulbs.

How to Select the Right Size of Tank For Turtles

Choosing the best size of turtle tank will depend in kinds of factors, this includes your pet’s species, its size, the number of turtles that you own, and if you are planning to breed them. You’ll also consider your personal preference, the larger and more intricate the tank is the more time, effort, and maintenance that it’ll require you.

Best Tank Size for Land Turtles

Examples of land turtles are box turtles and tortoises, they are much easier to maintain than aquatic turtles. These types of turtles only require a desert substrate in their tank, and a shallow water to submerge their selves. Therefore, longer tanks are more appropriate for land turtles.

The right size of tank for a single turtle must be at least a 2 x 3-foot tank. But if you want a tank that can still be used as your land turtle matures, you should probably get a tank that is 6 times larger than your pet.

Best Tank Size for Aquatic Turtles

Like I have mentioned earlier, when selecting the best tank size for your pet, it’ll be much better if you consider getting the appropriate tank size for fully grown turtles. This way, you’ll save more money and effort, you won’t have to upgrade the tank when your pet grows.

Both aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles need a tank that has a dry and wet space, the wet space should be filled with water that is deep enough for the aquatic turtles to turn itself over. For baby aquatic turtles, a 20 to 30-gallon tank should enough for them. Like for the land turtles, a longer tank might be much better for them than short tall tanks, as longer tanks will provide more roaming space for your pet.

Best Turtle Tank Size for Showcasing

One of the functions of a turtle habitat is that it can also be decorated, which is perfect for showcasing your pet in your home.

If you are planning a lot of big, decorative materials like rock caverns, driftwood, slate caves, and more. You should probably get a turtle tank that has a size of 60-gallons. In this way, the tank will still have enough space for your pet’s habitat.

Best Tank Size for Breeding Turtles

If you are planning to breed your turtles, you’ll need to use a desert substrate platform in your pet’s tank, and make sure that it is deep enough to cover up the eggs. If your pet’s tank doesn’t have the right area to lay their eggs, your pet may not release its eggs, resulting to medical health problems, or they may lay them in an open area, like their basking spot, which is not good for the eggs.

You should get a tank that is wide and long enough to accommodate both a dry and wet area. This will prevent unwanted health problems and other egg-laying problems.

Top 10 Best Turtle Tank with Reviews

Looking for an aquarium tank is quite easy, but looking for a tank that will suit all of your pet’s need can be difficult. So to help you out with your search, I have reviewed ten best turtle tanks that will surely provide all your pet’s requirements.

I have reviewed one of the best turtle tanks and turtle kits in the market, turtle kits consist of starter sets, which is perfect for those new turtle owners.

1. Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium Medium Wide

The double doors of this tank can be concluded as one of the tanks best features. But once you know more about its features, you’ll know that it has a raised bottom frame, which is perfect for placing heating materials while also keeping the bottom part well-ventilated. Another great feature of this tank is that it has a specially designed lock for extra security. It prevents unwanted escapes and opening.

The only downside of this product is that it is a bit expensive, but if you have enough budget for your pet’s need, then the price won’t be an issue for you. Another thing is that, you’ll only get a decorative background and tank, you’ll still need to look for more materials for decoration.

2. Tetra Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit

This is a great turtle kit for those who are new to caring for a turtle. This turtle kit includes necessary items like a decorative filter, 2 heat lamps, basking platform, 3 stage filtration system, boxwood plant mat, and of course the tank. The tank’s size comes with 20-gallons, which is just the right size for starters.

The included filtration system could create a wonderful waterfall area over the basking center, this can be actually pretty amazing in your turtle’s tank. The only downside of this tank is that t has no other available sizes, which can be quite a bummer if you are looking for other tank sizes.

3. Tetra Complete Aquarium Kit

This Tetra kit includes 1 LED hood, a 20-gallon glass aquarium, 2 Tetra Whisper 20 Filter, Mini UL heater, 4 artificial plants, and 1 boxwood plant mat. The tank is quite colorful which can be visually appealing, and could easily fit in most households.

The good thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, this can be a good starting point for new turtle owners. The tank is also made from high-quality materials, though it may not be big enough to accommodate an adult size turtle. But if your pet still seems small when it reaches adulthood, you won’t have to upgrade this tank to a bigger one.

4. Reptile Habitat Aquarium Tank Kit

This tank is a bit small which can accommodate a turtle or two. This a 10-gallon tank, so if you are not planning on heavily decorating your pet’s tank, then the size might suitable enough for you and your pet turtle.

This tank is perfect for those starters, this aquarium tank kit includes an environment platform that has a hiding hole and steps, water filter, heating light bulb, it even includes reptile foods, your pet may or may not like it but it’s still a great kit for starters. The only downside of this product is its manufacturing problems, though that can easily be solved once you call the shop for a replacement or such.

5. Aqua Culture Reptile Kit

This is one of the best cheap turtle tanks that you can find in the market, this is a great choice for those who are on a budget. It may sound too good to be true, but this kit makes a really good investment and can make a great habitat for your turtle pet.

The kit comes with a basking platform, water filter, heating bulb, and a book of support information. The tank’s glass is made out of sturdy glass, so expect the tank to last for a long time. The glass can also withstand water pressure and would keep your pet safe. The tank size is about 10-gallons, which can only accommodate one or two turtles.

6. SeaClear Acrylic 40-Gallon Rectangular Tank

Looking for a unique and elegant tank for your pet? Then the SeaClear aquarium combo is the right one for you. This tank combo includes the 40-gallon rectangular aquarium, an electrical 24 inches light fixture and a reflector.

This is an acrylic tank, so it is clearer than glass and up to 17 times stronger but only half its weight. It is also more resistant to impact and less prone to cracking and chipping, making it safer and more durable.

This tank will provide you with enough space to decorate your pet’s habitat, you can both make dry and wet areas in the tank without space limitation. Therefore, this makes a really great choice of the tank for your pet. With the included heat and lighting, your turtle can actively swim and bask all day long in its habitat.

7. Zilla Turtle Tank

Looking for a plain tank for your pet? Then this 20-gallon tank is for you. If you have been taking care of a turtle for a while now and is just looking for an upgrade, then this tank might just be the one that you are looking for.

This tank is ideal to house an adult aquatic turtles, it can also be used for housing land turtles. The panel is of this tank is designed to withstand and accommodate filter, which means you fill with water without a problem. With the tank’s size, you can still decorate with multiple decorations. Just leave enough basking and water space for your pet.

8. Turtle Aquarium with LED Lights

Here is another unique tank that is suitable to be displayed in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and in any kinds or establishments. The tank has a combination of LED lights, which changes colors as your pet bask or swim across its tank. This is a great decoration not only for your home, but also for kids with ADHD, special needs, and autism.

This tank is big enough to accommodate at least 2 adult turtles, and you can even decorate it with a few items. With colorful changing colors, this is ideal to be displayed in your bedroom or living room. The LED light’s feature will help soothe you to sleep.

9. Aqueon 10-gallon Black Aquarium

Here is another plain turtle tank for you, if you are not looking for a tank with the additional item, then Aqueon is for you. Like most other tanks out there, this also has a very sturdy glass that is suitable for your aquatic turtle. The glass is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of water.

The tanks are 20-gallons, which is big enough to accommodate at least 1 to 3 adult turtles. But if you are planning to heavily decorate this tank, then it might only accommodate one or two turtles. The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t include any kinds of additional products.

10. Exo Terra Large Wide Terrarium

This is another tank product of Exo Terra, but this time it is much larger than the previous one. This tank does not only accommodate reptiles, it can also accommodate amphibians like your pet turtles.

The best thing about this product is quite well-known to a lot of reptile and amphibian owners, this is because the brand’s tank is made out of high-quality materials that make the tank highly durable. This is perfect for a turtle habitat if you are planning to install a waterfall feature in its tank. This tank has a screened top, which allows the penetration of heat lamp to make a basking spot.


And these are the best of the best turtle tanks that you can find in the market. If you are just new in taking care of turtles, then I recommend that you choose one of the listed turtle kits above this article.