Best Snake Bedding: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Snake Bedding

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When it comes to best snake bedding, there are lots of options where you can choose from. For that reason, finding the best one whether it is for a corn snake, ball python, or anything else can be a daunting task.

Either way, if you’re planning to give your snake a nice and comfortable bedding but don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place.

In this content, we will review some of the best snake beddings that are currently available on the market. Aside from that, we will also discuss some important things that you need to know before making a purchase.

Best Snake Bedding: Top Picks for 2022

1. Coconut Fiber Bedding by Reptile Prime

This bedding holds humidity very well and it’s not dusty compared to sand. Actually, lots of snake owners loved using this item since it’s an odorless bedding. Ball pythons and other reptiles also loved this bedding.

On the other hand, the Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding is not messy, heavy, and will not mold. In addition to that, it also absorbs odors in the enclosure naturally. Plus, it breaks down waste products as well as odor.

Aside from giving your snake a comfortable and nice bedding, you can utilize to grow plants as well.

Another good thing about this bedding is that it has greater humidity retention abilities. Either way, you can use it damp or dry.

2. Galapagos Cypress Tank-Mulch Bedding

If you want to improve the humidity level of your snake’s bedding, then this product is for you. The Galapagos Cypress Tank-Mulch Bedding is highly absorbent and naturally moist. The good thing about this best snake bedding is that it does not contain harmful oils or chemicals.

Either way, if you open this bag of bedding you’ll see that the fresh ones are somewhat moist. However, if do not want to improve the humidity level inside the enclosure, you can still use this one, but you need to dry it first before placing in the enclosure.

Even so, if you’re concern about mold development because of its humidity level, you don’t have to worry about it because a cypress mulch bedding is resilient to mold development.

Just a friendly reminder, before making a purchase, make sure to choose the item that only consists of cypress mulch mixture.

The only downside is that some chips are sharp and big that can hurt your snake’s skin. But overall, it’s still a great bedding for snakes.

3. Eco Carpet By Zoo Med

This best snake bedding from Zoo Med is not a non-abrasive and soft carpet. With this bedding, your snake will surely have a comfortable place. One of the main of benefits of this snake bedding is that not anything can be swallowed. It means you are certain that your pet snake is safe while using this bedding.

This carpet, on the other hand, is absorbent. Furthermore, it does not have a certain odor which makes this bedding a good option. What’s more, the Eco Carpet by Zoo Med is one of the substrates that are easy to clean. Nonetheless, it works best especially if you have several pieces in variation. Either way, this bedding is ideal for all kinds of reptiles.

4. Aspen Snake Bedding by Zoo Med

Another great bedding from Zoo Med that is something worth getting. However, when it comes reptile and pet snake equipment, there is no doubt Zoo Med is one of the well-known names.

But nevertheless, the Aspen Snake Bedding is odor free and 191 percent absorbent. Actually, it is a great option for terrarium snake. This product offers a natural way of bedding. Either way, this substrate is perfect for snakes who love to burrow.

In addition, the Aspen Snake Bedding can be a great help in maintaining the terrarium arid by means of absorbing the moisture very well when there’s any water split. On the other hand, this bedding prevents odors as well as bacteria accumulation. Also, if you take care of it properly, rest assured this will last longer. However, it is advisable to change every one to two months.

5. Forest Floor Bedding By Zoo Med

It is one of the best beddings that you can purchase for your snake, especially for royal pythons. As a matter of fact, the Forest Floor Bedding is very easy to clean and economical.

In addition, this bedding for snakes can be bought at a very affordable price. It also has a total dimension of 36 inches by 24 inches and consists of 325 sheets (newsprint). This bedding is better compared to newspapers. Why? Because newspapers may possibly imprint in on your snake’s skin when damp.

The Forest Floor Bedding by Zoo Med an all-natural green product and 100 percent natural cypress mulch. Moreover, it offers your snake’s terrarium a natural look (forest floor) while holding moisture to offer humidity inside the enclosure. This substrate isn’t only good for snakes, but for tortoises (tropical species) and amphibians as well. The only disadvantage of this product is that it isn’t visually appealing.

6. Zen Garden Artificial Grass Patch

Aside from utilizing sand, barks, and shavings bedding for your snake, you can utilize artificial grass as well.

Actually, this will work if you have several of it. In addition, you can change and get rid of the muddy pieces quickly with clean pieces. By this means, you will have a sufficient time for cleaning and drying it.

This bedding is durable, very easy to clean, and most importantly, it is built to last. With that said, you will be able to save bucks with this snake bedding.

This artificial grass a sports a beautiful and realistic look. Plus, it is a toxin and lead-free bedding. It means you will get artificial grass that feels really great under naked feet, is seamlessly safe for pets and kids and looks beautiful.

The only disadvantage of this bedding is that the look of the synthetic grass may possibly deteriorate after a couple of wash and your snake can’t hole in it. But nevertheless, this bedding has a comfortable feel since it imitates the texture of genuine grass.

7. Hoffman 15503 Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Another great substrate for your snake. The Hoffman Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss should not be utilized as your primary bedding.

This bedding is best utilized when your snake is changing its skin since this type of substrate will help your pet in removing its hoary skin quicker.

Moss beddings, on the other hand, may possibly increase the level of humidity inside the enclosure assisting you snake to have an easy time shedding its old skin. As a matter of fact, according to some snake owners who are using this type of substrate is that it makes skins using moist.

The only disadvantage of this bedding is that it might acquire bugs or mites in it due to the dirt as well as moist. However, it can be escaped if the substrates are changed every one or two weeks.

8. Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

One of the most popular substrates for ball pythons. In fact, the majority of snake owners tend to invest in this kind of bedding because it is very easy to carry and affordable.

Due to its popularity, you can purchase it in physical pet shops and online stores like on Amazon.

The Kaytee Aspen Substrate Bag will surely look great inside of your snake’s enclosure due to its color. On the other hand, its particles look cottony, thus this bedding can absorb moisture very well. It also aids water-spilled, feces, and urine to quickly dry out keeping the enclosure clean and fresh all the time.

Moreover, snakes particularly the younger ones will love burrowing over the shavings. In fact, it can be a great help when it comes to adding an environmental improvement on your snake’s surrounding.

9. Eco Earth Coconut Fiber Bedding

This product is a type of an inert substrate. Meaning, it is less likely to have disgusting bugs and parasites in it. Also, this bedding is environmentally friendly because it’s a waste from coco milk industries.

Aside from that, this product has also other benefits especially when it’s utilized as a substrate for bed snakes. Its coconut fiber helps absorb liquids and moisture in the tank. As a result, this bedding can be cleaned with ease. In addition, it looks good in the tank and smells really great.

The disadvantage of this type of bedding is that drying the fibers is very sluggish. This will make your tank stickier than before.  Thus, make sure that it is fully dry before placing it inside the tank.

10. Exo Terra Snake Bedding

This product is a biodegradable substrate for reptiles that is made from maintainable untreated wood. The Exo Terra Snake Bedding is suitable for breeders as well as expert reptile keepers.

This bedding is extremely soft and dust-free making it ideal for sensitive hatchlings and species. Moreover, it comes with a high absorption rate and quick drying capabilities. As a matter of fact, this 100 percent natural substrate is very easy to maintain.

If you’re set to invest in this snake bedding, make sure that the breeding tub or terrarium is dry and disinfected before using it. Also, make sure to clean this substrate on a regular basis and replace it when needed or every eight weeks. Either way, during feeding, make sure to remove your snake in it.

Things That You Need To Know Before Making a Purchase

Types of Snake Beddings To Avoid

The kinds of potentially dangerous bedding are:

  • Gravel
  • Cedar
  • Bark
  • Sand

Cedar and bark are poisonous for snakes because of their scented compounds. These compounds will irritate the skin of your snake, or worst, degenerate cells which may possibly lead to several infections.

Even though gravel and sand aren’t quite as harmful, you’re still advised to avoid these kinds of substrates. Both of them are not operative when it comes to absorbing moisture. It means, bacteria will build up easily as well as cause a foul smell.

Sand, on the other hand, can be consumed unintentionally by snakes leading to internal injuries.

Types of Substrates You Can Use

Here are various types of beddings that you can place inside your snake’s enclosure.

  • Wood Shavings

This type of bedding is very absorbent. Plus, it doesn’t have strong odor compared to others. It won’t also injure your snake.

  • Cypress Mulch

A naturally humid product that increases the level of humidity inside the enclosure. Actually, it’s a comfortable, good-looking bedding and perfectly fits in any snake enclosure. However, you need to clean it regularly so that infections and bacteria do not build up.

  • Coconut Bedding or Coco Fiber

Your snake will surely love this bedding because it’s comfortable and soft. Moreover, it’s great for burrowing and is available in bags and bricks. However, if you purchase it as bricks, make sure to soak it in water and dry it under the sun before placing on your snake’s cage.

  • Artificial Turf or Grass

This bedding is has a comfortable feel and offers the impression of a natural setting. But, the only downside of this bedding is that your pet can’t burrow on it. However, with artificial turf, you do not have to be anxious about your pet ingesting anything.

  • Carpeting

A kind of bedding that is ideal for snakes who do not burrow. Also, you need to wash it regularly and they can be obtained with ease.

  • Newspaper

This is not the most beautiful type of snake substrate but it is very effective. The main advantage of using newspapers as a snake bedding is that you can obtain it cheaply or for free. However, this type is not ideal for burrowing. With that said, this bedding is for snakes who do not burrow.


There you have it the 10 best snake beddings where you can choose from. These beddings, on the other hand, will surely help your snake to have a better life by giving your snake’s enclosure a good flooring.

Nevertheless, make sure to choose the suitable substrate for your snake and the right one the will offer enough humidity. Most importantly, choose a bedding which you think your snake will like.

Hopefully, this content helps you a lot in choosing the best snake bedding that you can place inside of your snake’s enclosure.