Best Iguana Cage Reviews 2022: The Best Choice for Your Pet

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Best Iguana Cage

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Iguanidae, particularly the iguanas and all other species varieties, are without a doubt, one of the most loved pet in the world. Once they got used to their new home, iguanas can be extremely friendly, have this distinctive and awesome look, plus they are vegan.

However, although they start out small and cute as little as 6 inches, iguanas can reach a massive 6 feet when fully grown! This makes their housing a bit difficult.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help. If you are not fully prepared or thinking about having your first baby reptile, then this buying guide should help you.

Setting Up a Perfect Iguana Cage

Most iguana cages available today are of poor designs. And while you can find suitable options on your local pet stores and online, do not even think of trying to stuff your iguana in a chameleon cage!

Although you might not notice, the health of your iguana pet is related to how well its environment is suited to it. Iguanas love to stretch themselves and keep in mind that this lizard can grow up to 6 feet long. So, stuffing them to a miniature cage like that of chameleons’ won’t do.

So, what’s the perfect iguana cage? Well, if you wish to keep your pet until adulthood, it needs a home that is ideally 12 x 6 x 6 until it reaches maturity. However, it is not feasible for all iguana owners, particularly with different species that grow at different lengths.

Here are some things you need to consider when setting up the best and perfect iguana cage:

1. Iguana Cage

Where will your precious iguana live? A baby iguana can obviously live in pre-made iguana terrarium, however, it will soon outgrow and you will have to construct a new enclosure for him— and a REALLY big one at that.

Your pet’s cage or enclosure needs to be designed or chosen with the chances of them getting really big in mind. Without giving your iguana enough space to grow as big as it may, you might run the risk of making them live uncomfortably and even shortening their lifespan.

The main problem is that there are not many iguana cages or habitats that can be found in traditional pet stores which can accommodate a full-grown lizard. The best alternative is a DIY iguana cage especially if your lizard grows much bigger than what you expected. However, we do have a few good options here.

2. Vertical Space

Iguanas spend most of their times on trees. This means that you need to build vertical spaces if you wish your pet to be happy and lazy as it really is. So, take a lot of logs, branches and basking shelves on various heights.

3. Secured Exits

Reptiles are sneaky little creatures. They are natural escape artists and if they can find a way out of their cages, then they will gladly do so. For this reason, you need to purchase a premade iguana cage which has locking lids and doors. A sturdy construction should also be considered. There are even some pet owners who put a little bit of petroleum jelly around the cage’s top rim in order to discourage the more determined reptiles from getting out.

4. Lighting

You probably already know that iguanas are lazy and spend almost half of their time basking in the sunlight like they are having a vacation. Therefore, you should choose a location somewhere they can have plenty of natural light. Also, you might want to buy UVB fluorescent bulbs in order to provide the necessary vitamin D3 and heat for your pet.

Your best option is to buy a heat emitter and large bulbs. Also, you might want to bu a thermostat as well since the optimum temperature in iguana enclosures should be 85° F. This should prevent the area from being too hot or too cold.

5. Humidity

Keep in mind that you should not place your iguana cage near windows, air conditioners or places where humidity and temperature can drastically change. Keep humidity at optimal levels, otherwise, your iguana’s health might be at risk.

6. Substrate

Whether you use a custom enclosure or a pre-made cage, you need to place some substrate. You can use an eco-friendly carpet, paper towels, or newspaper in order to make an adequate bottom for your pet. Eco-friendly carpets can be bought from local pet stores and they are designed to look very natural. Plus, it is super easy to clean.

7. Water and Food Containers

You simply can’t forget to feed your pet, right? So make sure to provide dishes for your iguana to get its water and food from. Always having fresh water is important for reptiles. But you need to take a close watch though; iguanas are known to love pooping in water.

8. A hiding place

Iguanas are really fun to watch. However, like any other living creatures, they, too need some “me” time to chill. This means that you need to build a hiding place for your pet, so it can have a place where he can enjoy its privacy.

9. Plants and Rocks

Plants and rocks are accessories that should be included in an iguana cage for several reasons. The most obvious one is that these should make the cage feel more like home. Iguanas naturally live in an endless sea of foliage and plants, thus seeing live plants and rocks in their cage can give them a sense of belonging and security.

Plants also help with the humidity inside the enclosure. Not only that, it can also give your pet some shade when it gets tired of basking in direct sunlight. Rocks, on the other hand, will make your iguana feel like home in the wild.

Although these accessories are needed, crowing the cage is not a good idea. Ideally, your iguana should occupy enough space so that it can be comfortable and move freely.

The Top 4 Best Iguana Cage

Zoo Med Reptibreeze IguanArium

This iguana cage from Zoo Med is made of sturdy plastic materials which can comfortably fit your baby to your adult iguana of around 4 years old. With a PVC coated wiring that is strong enough to hold a young adult iguana and prevents them from hurting their snouts or claws, your iguana can safely climb and explore its home.

Moreover, there is an inclusion of a removable basking tray for easy cleaning. Although the decorations pictured in the box is not included, it is quite easy to customize the inside with your own creativity.

The cage has a dimension of 36 x 18 x 48 inches which is the perfect size for the first few years of your pet. The cage is easy to setup and should not take any longer than 25 to 45 minutes. It is an open-air cage which can be a double-edged sword. However, it makes penetration of UVA and UVB light possible that is needed by your pet.


  • Easy Setup With Instructions
  • Walls are Safe and Great for Climbing
  • Removable Bottom Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Rolling Wheels for Easy Sunning


  • Basking Tray Clips might need extra support
  • Decorations not included
  • Will not fit a full grown adult

2. Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

Design by European herpetologist, the Exo Terra line of cages shows the intensive quality of knowledge and research in their products. This iguana cage is a bit more polished than other premade solutions on the market.

The Exo Terrarium are glass terrariums with a specially designed waterproof bottom, a screen top which allows UVB light penetration, and dual opening doors to help prevent escapes. This iguana cage also features a wire and tube inlets for easy installation of sensors, monitors and other features you might want to add.

Its dimension is 24 x 18 x 36 inches, making it size wise and is adequate for young iguanas. However, its glass construction can be a bit problem when it comes to shipping. Also, glass means it won’t allow UVB light, but with the help of the screen top, UVB can penetrate the space inside without any filter. You still need to be careful, though, since direct sunlight can make the inside of the cage really hot.


  • Double front door design
  • Lots of vertical climbing room
  • Screen top for UVB penetration
  • Rock background included


  • Some delivery issues with glass
  • Lack of wiring
  • Dimensions can get crowded fast
  • Glass can overheat in the sun

3. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

Another great iguana cage from Zoo Med, the Open Air Screen Cage is a tall, anodized aluminum cage which has a large amount of airflow since it has an open design. Its anodized aluminum construction makes the cage durable without being very heavy.

All the necessary hardware in order to construct the cage is included and you will only need a screwdriver to assemble the enclosure. The cage can also be decorated to your liking. This iguana cage has 2 front facing doors— one at the bottom for changing the substrate and one on the top for main access.

Like most of the other premade enclosure, this is also suitable for baby to the young adult iguana. Its bottom tray is designed for an easy access, cleaning and changing of the substrate. The screen enclosure is nice and all, however, it can be prone to ripping— especially if you have other pets that might be curious about the cage.


  • Double front door design
  • Lots of vertical climbing room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction


  • Uncovered metal cage edges
  • Limited horizontal space
  • Screen can rip
  • Will not fit a full-grown iguana

4. EXO Terra AllGlass Terrarium

This beautiful iguana glass tank comes in different sizes and dimensions, so you can choose the perfect enclosure for your pet’s size. It has a special lock design to stop your iguana from escaping or any other pets as well as kids nagging your poor lizard. It has a dual door that helps you in several issues, like making feeding easier, mainly maintenance of the cage, as well as retaining humidity and heat.

Its patented front window is also removable giving you the same benefits as with the dual doors. Moreover, it allows infrared and UVB penetration so that your iguana will stay healthy. And thanks to the top, your reptile will have plenty of light and air where it can bask all day long.

It includes a mock-rock background which looks very real. Not only that it will give more space and dimensions for climbing, it also gives room for tubing and cord for other accessories that will keep your lizard healthy. It has a waterproof base and EXO guarantees that all their cages are tested for any leaks. Moreover, the bottom glass panels allow an easy installation of substrate heaters or other useful accessories to keep the bottom ventilated and suit the optimal temperature needed by your pet.


  • Closable inlet
  • Front window that provides air circulation and light penetration
  • Special safety lock
  • Waterproof base
  • Dual doors


  • Corrosion of metal mesh


Well, by now you must be thinking that keeping an Iguana as a pet is a very challenging task. However, regardless of its size and the fact that these reptiles demand intensive care, Iguanas are one of the most popular lizards which can be found at any home.

So, if you happen to have one of these amazing creatures, a cage or a terrarium is a good investment to keep them happy. Although reliable and sturdy enough, these pre-made cages and enclosures can only fit baby to young adult iguanas. So, you might need to build a larger home for your pet when it becomes fully-grown for it to live comfortably.