Best Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness Reviews 2022

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Adjustable Reptile Leash by My Reptile Rocks

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 Your little dragon will love the outdoors. It will just be like roaming around his terrarium. Only this time, it will be a lot bigger and all-natural. Your beardie will be ready to explore the new surroundings just like it habitually does in its original habitat. Having the best bearded dragon leash will help you control the movement of your dragon to some extent. Note that a beardie does not roam around on a leash like a dog that will follow you around. Rather, it goes about like a cat and you will have to follow it where it decides to go.

Why do you need a leash for your bearded dragon?

An hour under the sun provides him almost the same benefits as sitting under his terrarium lights for hours. Thus, a stroll along the park or in the garden will allow it to increase its body temperature. This helps the dragon in digesting its food and in performing other physiological body functions. The best bearded dragon harness will ensure that your pet is secured and will not get lost while it explores the new surroundings.

The leash will be a practical training tool that will allow you to have more fun together out in the sun or wherever you would like to let your pet stroll around. It is a secure, safe, and easy way to get your dragon to learn to walk with you on a bigger ground.

How to choose the best leash and harness?

Look for a harness that is made of a material that is firm enough that can secure your beardie yet soft enough to make it feel comfortable. Opt for one with a string that is long enough to allow you and your dragon the right distance while walking. Make sure that the adjuster works well and won’t loosen when your pet makes a quick move.

Things that you SHOULD and SHOULD not do?

This is your first time that your dragon will be out on a new surrounding with a leash. Be gentle when putting on the harness on its body. Slide it carefully through its front legs first before pulling it slowly over its head until it lies snugly on its back. Push the toggle or adjuster (located at the back of the leash or at the ends of the harness) until everything is firmly rested on the lizard.

It is better to handle your beardie from below its body and not on top of its head. Go easy with your pet and be patient. If may struggle or push at first but it will soon adapt. It will help if you will give it some treat while putting the leash on to its body.

While walking in public places, don’t ever let your guard down or your pet may stray away or get lost. You also need to keep a close watch of birds who may be looking for prey to snatch. Make sure that your pet won’t eat on anything that it sees on the ground. They may have dangerous chemicals or may have been sprayed on with pesticides. Finally, it will be best to bring your dragon when the temperature is close to its habitat.

To help you decide which will suit your beardie, we have rounded up the best of dragon leash and harness that you can find online. Find one that you think will work best for your pet. The active links will bring you to the page where you can find more reviews from actual buyers of each of these products.

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness

1. T-Rex Comfort Leash – Medium

This comfort leash by T-Rex is suitable for a wide variety of critters, such as iguanas, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, tegus, and so on. You can take your pet for a walk and be assured that it will also enjoy a bigger space to explore. This fashionable and adjustable leash is made with a pivoting safety clasp and a leather harness. It is comfortable and durable. Your pet will find it easy to use.

2. Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash Angel Wings

Let your docile pet get all the sunshine it needs in a natural setting. You can bring your beardie and allow it to roam around with this harness. You can walk your critter in style with this harness that is made with a cute pair of angels’ wings. It comes with a colored matching lease. Its adjustable harness is a suitable alternative to collars.

It’s H-shaped harness will go around the neck and breast of small pets and fits a circumference from 6-9 inches (15cm-23cm). Its leash is long enough 48 inches (122 cm) in length x 2/3 inches (1cm) wide. It’s made of soft, lightweight, and breathable material hence will be gentle on your pet. It’s locking clip will ensure that your pet will be connected safely and securely on its harness. It’s a perfect addition to your bearded dragon kit.

3. Ogle Lizard Leash, Limited Edition Blue Web

This is yet another stylish lizard leash hand-made by OgleRPets in the USA. It comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large to fit snugly on any small reptile pets. It’s adjustable toggle will allow the leash to be slipped easily and comfortably over the lizard’s head. Just push the toggle once you found the comfortable and secure fit for your beardie and you can start training your dragon to walk.

4. T-Rex Inc. Reptile Black Leather Harness With Lead

Here’s an extra large version of T-Rex Inc.’s Leather Comfort Leash. It fits snuggly on larger-sized bearded dragons and other reptiles. It is made with a nylon lead that is long enough to provide your beardie to walk around just long enough for you to can follow with it in time without any worries.

5. T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leashes

For smaller-sized beardies, T-Rex offers comfort leashes that fits comfortably. It also clings securely so you won’t need to worry if ever you are walking your pet outside. Your docile friend can roam around freely and will enjoy the time checking a bigger area. You can easily maneuver or pull your pet closer to you if it is already straying as it is made with a leash with a considerable length (36“). It comes in different colors. For price and availability, you can check this product on this link page.

6. Adjustable Reptile Leash by My Reptile Rocks

My Reptile Rock offers an adjustable reptile lease with a harness that fits small animals’ chest with circumference below 23 cm. The harness’ width measures 0.7cm. It’s leash extend to up to 80cm. This training harness will work best for small/young critters and this will help them to learn how to walk properly.

7. RZRZOO Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

This lead comes in a variety of attractive colors. This allows you to easily detect where your lizard when out for a walk or to enjoy the sunshine. It will easily and comfortably fit small to large critters with chest circumference below chest below 23cm. It’s leash length is made long enough to allow a comfortable distance while walking your pet (47.2inch/120cm).

8. T-Rex Comfort Leash (Extra Extra Large)

This T-Rex Comfort leash can be a perfect addition to your bearded dragon kit. It is a comfortable leash you can use to train your pet lizard to walk. It works well for a variety of pet reptiles, such as iguanas, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, tegus, and so on. When selecting what size lizard leash is right for you, the product provider suggests to use this guideline: consider the distance between your lizard’s front legs.

The leash measures 36″ long. Leash size distance between front legs XX-Small up to 1 1/4″; X-Small up to 1 3/4″; Small up to 2 1/4″; Medium up to 2 3/4″; Large up to 3 1/4″; and X-Large for distances up to 3 3/4″.

9. Fluker’s Repta Leash

With this reptile leash, you will feel at ease whenever you are walking your beardie in public places. It is a well-made leash that slips comfortably on your lizard’s legs through the holes in the vest. Just adjust the control bead near the ends of the harness to fit small to large bearded dragons. You can wrap it around your hand for a tight grip.

10. T-Rex Inc. Reptile Leather Harness With Lead – Large

Here’s another adjustable leash you can opt if you have a large reptile pet. It is made with rotating safety clasp, a fashionable leather harness, and an adjustable cinch. You’re dragon will find it comfortable and will surely adjust to it quite well soon.

12. Adjustable Leather Reptile Leash

Any exotic small pet owner will love this adjustable soft leather leash. It’s made of soft material so it will seem like your beardie is wearing a second skin. It won’t cause any abrasion on your pet’s skin. This is a perfect travel training leash that your pet will feel comfortable in. It may take a while before your pet may adjust well to the leash, so be patient. The beads that connect the harness to the lease have enough tension to adjust and will stay in place so the cord will not loosen.

The right leash will help you train your bearded dragon to walk quicker and easier., Find one that fits your requirements from our recommendations above.