The 12 Best Litter Box For Rabbits: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Litter Box For Rabbits

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Rabbits are generally clean animals. They tend to pick a specific area to use as their toilet. Now, you can take that advantage and litter with litter box for rabbits train your bunny.

I have to warn you, though:

Litter training a bunny can be a tedious task, even for the most patient owners. Bad rabbit behaviors can make litter training very difficult, especially unneutered bunnies since they tend to use urine and droppings to mark their territory.

However, a good litter box can make a world difference in your bunny’s comfort and security when doing her business.

Important Factors To Consider

Searching for a rabbit litter box, you might notice that there are various models available. They have various design and made to fulfill specific requirements, leaving you confused and making it hard for you to choose the right one. So, to make things easier for you, here are some factors you need to consider when looking for the best litter box for your bunny.


The primary aspect you need to consider when choosing a litter box for your bunny is the size of the tray. It should not be very small that your bunny will have a hard time fitting itself but big enough for your bunny to sit comfortably and has enough room for a pile of hay since some rabbit like to eat as they poop. A minimum of 40 x 25 cm should be enough for a small rabbit, however, if you have several rabbits, and want them to use the same tray, then you will have to look for something bigger.

In addition, rabbits tend to grow fast, so you need to think about your rabbit’s size when fully grown. Also, the size is important when thinking about the space where you will place it. Make sure that you have a spot to place the tray before buying.


The height is equally important. Bunnies back into a corner, lifting their bushy tails in order to poop or urinate. And if the side of the litter box is not high enough, then the urine will probably spill over the edge.

Also, keep in mind that you will be adding a layer of hay and litter which raises the floor level. A minimum of 10cm to 15cm height is enough.

Ease of Acess

Normally, bunnies love to jump around. However, for disabled or older rabbits, hopping can be difficult. If this is a concern, then you need to choose a litter box for rabbits that is easy to get inside. In such cases, the most suitable litter box would be those that have a higher back end with a lower front end.  Corner litter trays that are sold specifically for bunnies can work for this. But, be sure to check the size carefully as many products tend to be small and will not fit bigger rabbits.

Lock System

You might have heard it from other rabbit owners, but bunnies usually like to turn over their litter box and move it around their cage spilling its contents and making a huge mess.

This results in an unsanitary and unsafe environment for your pets. So, to avoid such situations, you need to make sure to buy a litter box with a lock function. Such litter box usually have a plastic grid which secures its contents and prevents your bunnies from scattering it all over the floor.

The lock can be kept in place by a buckle which you can do whatever you want.


When attaching a litter box to a rabbit’s cage, you need to make sure that it stays securely in place. Otherwise, a lock is good for nothing.

Some manufacturers add a few accessories in their packaging in order to create a durable and safe system. Look for box with holes as well as cage hooks in order to create a reliable attachment. One option that makes a great litter box is that it can slide outside the cage when you need to sanitize and clean it, so you will not have to disassemble it every time.

With Hood?

There are some rabbits that just love to dig in their litter tray. If this sounds like your bunny, then providing a separate digging box can help.

However, if your rabbit likes to dig her litter, then you might need a litter tray with hoods to contain the mess. Look for covered cat litter trays. Although this is specifically made for cats, smaller cat litter box can work for your bunny. These covered litter box have an entrance and a hood over the top so that when you bunny digs, the mess won’t be scattered outside.

In addition, hooded litter trays are also great for outdoors since they prevent rain from flooding the tray.

Top 12 Best Litter Box For Rabbits

Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Pan

Ware Manufacturing offers their Lock-N-Litter pan that is designed in order to prevent spilling and lowering the amount of work that you need to do in case your bunny gets a bit playful and turn her littering pan over.

The litter pan is made of sturdy and durable plastic which is also odorless and stain-resistant. It has a low entry point that is perfect for smaller pets or those with mobility issues and has a high back wall in order to prevent spills.

This model can be attached to any cage, on the condition that it can fit inside and the locks help prevent your pet from tipping it over and scattering litter all over her cage. It is super easy to remove and clean the item separately.

Interpret Limited Long John Litter Pan

This is not your ordinary hi-side litter pan. The Long John Litter Pan has an extra-high side that prevents litter and urine from steering or spilling outside the litter. This makes it an ideal litter pan for rabbits as well as guinea pigs and ferrets.

It is made of durable and sturdy plastic material that is also odor and stain resistant making it easy for you to clean and maintain. The litter tray also features a pet-friendly low-entry design suitable for older pets or those with mobility issues. The manufacturer will send random color which should fit any cage aesthetics.

M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer

This square potty trainer from M-Aimee is made of durable plastic that is also odor and stain resistant that is super easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your furry friend will benefit from a comfortable, safe and sanitary environment.

This litter pan features a wire floor panel which prevents your rabbits from turning it over and spreading all over the floor of his cage. In addition, the contents of the litter box should remain untouched unless you decide that it is time to clean it up. Also, you get to choose from different fun colors including pink, blue, and white to match your rabbit cage.

Measuring 11 x 8.5 x 6 inches and being 3 inches deep, this product has more than enough space to accommodate adult rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas as well as a good level of litter. The litter box for rabbits includes several attached cage hooks as well as holes that are designed to hold the litter tray securely inside the cage.

Ware Manufacturing Scaterless Lock-N-Litter

A bestseller and much better version from the previous Lock-N-Litter Litter Pan from Ware Manufacturing, the Scaterless version features plastic guard and wired floors in order to keep your bunny’s feet clean and sanitary as well as preventing them from tracking the litter all over their cage or on the floor.

Just like the previous Ware Manufacturing litter pan, the Scaterless litter pan is also made of durable, odor and stain resistant plastic, making it super easy to clean and maintain. It also has Ware Manufacturing’s signature “Lock-NLitter” technology which simply attaches to any wire cage and has the necessary lock in order to prevent your furry friend from tipping the litter pan over and scattering the litter.

The litter pan features a high back wall that prevents accidental spills and has a low entry point that allows easy access to small or old bunnies or those with mobility issues and disability. You get to choose from various size from small to jumbo size and a variety of colors.

TOOGOO Rabbit Litter Tray

The TOOGOO Rabbit Litter Tray has a design that is fairly simple. It features a removable metal grid floor that ensures none of the contents can be spilled or dug by your pet when you are not paying attention. This barrier between the litter and your bunny also keep their feet clean and sanitary as well as preventing tracking the litter everywhere.

The metal grid floor is locked with a buckle which only you can undo when you need to clean and sanitize the inside. This litter pan is made of durable plastic and is large enough for adult rabbits, guinea pigs chinchillas, ferrets, and other small animals.  Sturdy and pet-safe, the surface is also treated to be non-stick in order to prevent stains from leaving a mark over time.

For a safe and secure attachment, the manufacturer includes a cage hook in the packaging and have designed the litter pan with holes in order to hold it in places and make sure that your pets do not tip ut over, preventing mess and scattered litters.

Ware Manufacturing Litter Training Kit

This offering from Ware Manufacturing has everything you ever need to potty train your adorable furry friend. It features a durable and sturdy litter pan that locks to the cage in order to prevent overturned pans and scattered litters and mess everywhere. In addition, the litter pan is also odor and stain resistant making it easier for you to clean and maintain the pan.

Measuring 6 /2 x 4 ½ x 3 inches, this litter box is spacious enough to fit an adult bunny, ferret or guinea pigs. It features high sides to prevent accidental spills and a low entry for easy access on the litter box, making it suitable for baby bunnies and those with mobility issues.

The kit also includes a sturdy litter scoop that helps you clean up after your pet easier and quicker. Also, you get a batch of pet litter, so you can quickly set up the litter box and potty train your bunny instantly. Lastly, the potty training kit also includes a step by step guide on how you can potty train your bunny effectively.

Petphabet Hooded Litter Box

For the notorious digger, the Pethabet Hooded Litter Bix should prove useful and handy. Although marketed for pet cats, this litter box also proves useful for adult or large breeds of bunnies. Measuring 24.8 x 20 x 16.5 inches, this hooded litter box is roomy and spacious enough for two large bunnies using it the same time.

The litter box is constructed from durable plastic that is nonstick and antimicrobial for easy cleanup. Aside from its odor-resistant plastic construction, this litter box for rabbits also has a high back as well as a top cover that prevents spillover. In addition, its top cover is made of clear plastic so your pet should net feel enclosed and get nervous when doing his business.

In case your bunny does not want that privacy hood, you can always remove it and also makes it easier for you when cleaning the litter box. Lastly, the litter pan comes in various attractive colors to choose from.

Nature’s Miracle Corner Litter Box

A trusted brand for over 30 years, Nature’s Miracle offer a corner cat litter box that is also suitable for bunnies and other small animals. This high sided litter box features 10 inches walls which contain any litter scatter and leaks from urination.

The pan also boasts a non-stick surface as well as odor blocking technology for easy cleaning and maintaining a sanitary and safe environment for your pets. Its extra-large size makes it ideal for multiple bunnies or a large breed bunny.

Specifically designed to fit into corners, this litter box for rabbits measures 23 x 26 inches which allow you to use that underused space in your home. In addition, it has an easy pour spout that allows you to conveniently and easily clean up after your pet.

Mkono Rabbit Litter Box

Measuring 11 x 8 ½ x 6 inches with a depth of 3 inches, this litter box is the perfect size for adult rabbits, ferret, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It features a removable grid floor that is designed to keep the litter and mess away from your bunny, keeping it clean and sanitary.

This litter box from Mkono is made of durable and pet-safe plastic that should endure with everyday use. It also has a non-stick surface making it easy to clean and maintain. The tray comes with cage hooks as well as holes in order to hold the litter box for rabbits securely to the cage and prevent tipping or sliding.

Kaytee Corner Litter Tray

A simple yet effective litter tray, this one from Kaytee is specifically designed to fit in corners to utilize that underused spot in your home. Proudly made in the US, this litter tray boasts a durable and sturdy plastic construction that is easy to clean.

With a high back design, this litter tray helps prevent messes and accidental spills. Meanwhile, its low entry assists older or disabled bunnies to have easy access to the litter pan.

IRIS USA, Inc Litter Pan

Shaped to fit in corners, the Iris Litter Pan offers a stylish design that adds aesthetic value to your pet’s cage. It features a low front entrance for easy access and allows your furry friend to come and go as they wish, particularly those with mobility issues and of old age.

Its high back design, on the other hand, help prevent accidental spills or litter scatter. Measuring 13 x 11.42 x 5.31 inches, this litter pan is suitable for adult rabbits, ferrets, and other small animals. For easy cleaning, the manufacturer includes a matching litter scoop which can be placed securely on the side of the litter pan.

Amakunft Square Litter Box

Amankuft offers a square litter box that is large enough to fit in an adult rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or ferret. This litter box is made of durable plastic and features a non-stick surface to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

It has a removable grid floor that is designed to a barrier between your pet’s feet and the litter, ensuring a sanitary and clean environment. The litter box for rabbits has a low entrance so your pet can come and go with ease and has high sides to prevent spills and mess.

In addition, the litter tray features holes and includes cage hooks designed to hold it securely to the cage to prevent sliding or tripping and creating a huge mess.


With that, choosing the right litter box for your furry friend should not be a problem for you. The market offers various litter box and there will always be a box that will match your bunny’s need.