The 12 Best Rat & Mice Food for Your Pet 2022: Reviews & Guide

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There are many kinds of pet to choose for, from big to small. Because pets are the great companion considering what pet suitable for you is good. There are many types of pets around the world like dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters and even rats and mice. Different pets need different kinds of care. Rats and mice are mixes of being friendly and curious animals. This kinds of pet suit living with a pair or in a group to have a companion and great way to breed them. Having pets like rat and mice are just having them you also need to consider many things to provide comfort to this little cute animals, as well as give them the best rat and mice food.

Important Factors to Consider

These cute little pet animals that give happiness and comfort to many of us are the greatest investment for money and emotions. They give many benefits not just for emotional attach but also in our health. Some healthy studies prove that pets help human to improve a positive mood and temperament. Pets are a big help for those who suffer from depressions and stress. They also a great companion in any physical exercises, a good source of security and helps for you long live. As an owner, keeping pets includes taking care of them, providing shelter, food, vitamins and all the necessities they needed.


Providing appropriate house or shelter for pets is important. Rats and mice housing must be escape-proof, this may help the owner to keep the shelter clean and neat. These kinds of animals are prey species. Shelters must provide safety and protection to them by placing some pipes or boxes for them to hide. It is important also to consider good ventilation for pets. Owners also consider to give recreational like toys, some ropes and create tunnels which a good exercise for them.


Rats can breed from 4 to 5 weeks old and mice can breed in about 3 weeks of age. But Veterinarians recommended breeding mice and rat at least 9 weeks old. If an owner wants to breed their pets, they must also consider many things like how pregnancy last. For mice, pregnancy lasted in over 19-21 days while rats are 21-23 days. Males must be separated from the female to prevent mating again before giving birth. This also helps to prevent getting pregnant again. Owners also consider the feelings of a pregnant pet, pregnant are easily to irritate so it is important to avoid any disturbance.

Possible Health Problems

Here is some other health problem that owners may encounter:

  • Blood in urine
  • Sneezing or any difficulty in breathing
  • Wet or dirty tails
  • Overgrown front Teeth may cause of trouble eating
  • Bald patches in their fur
  • Sores on the feet
  • Lumps on the body

All of these health problems may cause by lack of nutrition, improper digestive systems, dental problems, and even obesity. Rats and mice are prone to tumors and may spread to their internal organs. There are also some allergies that may cause serious infection it is very important to provide good ventilation to these pets. It is much recommended to consult doctors for clear and proper treatment.


Rats and mice are coming from the family of omnivores, which they eat plants and animal materials. They are prone to obesity and easily suffer dental problems especially if they don’t get a balanced diet. There are food or other supplements with good quality ingredients that are good for them. Owners can feed their pets with leaf vegetable, fruits, and beans per day. Never forget that water has many benefits not just in the human body but also for pets. It is important to give and provide fresh water that they can zip and drink anytime.

Providing all the necessities of our pets help in giving them a healthy body and long life. Rats and mice lifespan is ranging at 2 to 3 years proper care and love help them to stay strong. But sometimes because of a busy day and busy schedule, we forget to provide good rat food for them like fruits and vegetable. With the help of technology, there is an online store that offers pet food that will help you to provide nutritious food for your pets.

12 Best Rat & Mice Food for Your Pet

Here are 12 best rats and mice food from Amazon:

Mazuri Rat and Mouse Diet

Mazuri is known as manufacturers of world-class quality nutrition food for living exotic animals. One of their product is the Rat and Mouse Diet, this product consist of vegetarian formula that is good for rats and mice in any different life stages. It is in pellet form so that it is easy to feed for pets. The Mazuri Rat and Mouse Diet contain yucca shidigera extract which helps to reduce ammonia odors.

This is completely made in vegetable-based formulation and contains natural vitamin E. They also added flaxseed that is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This Mazuri product gives 23% protein and 4.5% fiber that helps to maintain pets good digestive system. This product can also be a supplementary food for Hamsters and Gerbils. The Mazuri Rats and Mouse Diets is one of the best-selling pet product in Amazon.

Sleek & Sassy Nutritional Diet for Mice and Rats

Sleek and Sassy is a family owned business that operates in Oregon since the year 1983. They offer animal food for birds, hamsters, gerbils and also rats and mice. One of their product is the Sleek and Sassy Nutrition Diet for mice and rats that are also perfect for hamster and gerbils. This product consists of variety including the advanced formula of Crumble Diet in a Small Animal Pellet. This nutrition diet is burst with nutritional food that gives protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

They added some tempting assortment of fresh natural enzymes. It is rich in grass seeds, oil seeds, carrots, whole grains and legumes like peanuts and peas. They store Whole Seeds and Grains in an oxygen-filled environment to maintain the enzyme viability and activity. The product is also pack using oxygen filled packaging to ensure the freshness and optimize contains nutritional value.

Henry’s Healthy Blocks Supplement for Rats and Mice

Henrys products aim to provide natural nutrition that rats and mouse will love. The healthy blocks are for adults that are formulated with tasty pecans. It is 100% natural and secured with all nutrients pets needed to stay healthy. This product is also made for squirrels. The rat food  is baked fresh to order with quality ingredients like healthy vegetables, fruits, and wild foods. It consists of wheat, wheat flour, eggs and many more. It provides vitamins such as protein, vitamin K, vitamin D3, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A and Vitamin B-1, 2, 3, 6 and 12. One pack contains enough blocks to feed pets for 1 month. One blocks per day provide extra calories and nutrients for pets.

Henry’s Hi-Protein Blocks Supplements for Rats and Mice

Besides of Henry’s Healthy Blocks, Henry Company also produces another food supplements for small animals like squirrels, flyer, rats, and mice. This product has 100% complete nutrients with an extra protein for baby small animals until 5 months old.

Henry’s Peanut Stix for Rats, Mice, and Hamsters

This a good way to give your pet some delicious and healthy treats. The Henry’s Peanut Stix is not just for squirrels, flyers, rats, mice, and hamster this is also perfect for exotic pets. These products are packed with fresh whole grain and peanuts. It tastes like peanut bread without sugar, artificial food coloring, sodium, and any preservatives. It consists of fresh ingredients like peanut, wheat flour, whole eggs, baking powder, wheat and rich in protein and calcium.

Henry’s Wild Bites Supplement for Rats and Mice

Pets are sometimes picky on their foods that is why most of Henry’s products are made in taste and delicious flavor like this Wild Bites. Henry’s Wild bites taste like peanuts with extra carbs and nutrients added. It has an added calcium/phosphorus that gives extra zinc and vitamin E that promotes good immune function and healing. It is recommended to feed pets in just 1 to 3 pieces of blocks a day.

Henry’s Picky Blocks Supplement for Rats and Mice

Last of Henry’s products is the Picky Blocks which is best-selling because of its unique taste. This has a more pecan and little wheat flour and touch of sweetness providing a yummy and delicious cookie taste with low glycemic load perfect for picky pets.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health for Rat, Mouse, and Hamster

Kaytee understands how important small pets are an owner’s life. This company helps the pet owner show love by ensuring to provide the best nutrition for the pets for their long and healthy life. This is no wonder because Kaytee distributing healthy food product in over 150 years. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Food was formulated by animal nutritional experts to ensure and provide pet’s proper nutrition. The Forti-Diet Pro Health contains prebiotics and probiotic ingredients that support healthy digestion. This product is rich in antioxidant to help the immune system and dental health through the crunchy and chewable pieces.

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rat Food

Oxbows Essentials – Adult Food is formulated to provide specific nutrition for adult rats. This contains complete and balanced rat food with low fat and exact levels of nutrients to support daily activities and performance. This balanced meal fortified with vitamins and minerals to optimize the rat’s health. The Essential Adult Rat Food consists of mixes and seed-based diet.

Sunseed Vita Prima Rat and Mouse Formula

Sunseed company with Vitakraft joined together to produce a quality product for birds and small animals. One of their products is the Vita Prima Rat and Mouse Formula. The product has a high-protein diet that is made for rats, mice, and gerbils in all life stages. This special diet nutritional food has a high nutrient bioavailability that helps in a long term healthy body and well-being. It also consists of essential amino acids, protein, minerals, and calcium. It is also formulated from flaxseeds oil omega fatty acids and beta carotene for healthy skin, enough level of Vitamin D, E and DHA and probiotics for healthy digestion.

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix

For almost 45 years Higgins Premium Pet Foods continue to produce high-quality food for birds and small animals. The Gourmet Food Mix recipes include DHA omega-3 and probiotics that help the immune and digestive system. These products are made with quadruple air washes ingredients that helps to reduce dust. The Sunburst Gourmet Blend is perfect for rat, mice, hamster, and gerbils that consists of seeds, nuts, grains, legumes and more. The product is fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Johnson’s Supreme Rat and Mouse Mix

The Supreme Rat and Mouse Mix are a nutritious, wholesome and fibrous blend. It composts of vegetable, seeds, grains, cereals, and mealworms that supports dental health. This products is complimentary food for rats and mice and must serve with suitable fruit, vegetable, and fresh water daily. The food mix has a high level of minerals and vitamins with added Verm X herbal blend improve digestive health.


There are still many Amazon product to choose from, not just for rat food but also other necessities that your pets need. In all of this, the important is taking good care of pets because it has a big part of our everyday lives and our family. Owner’s main responsibility is to ensure the welfare and health of every pet they have. Providing medical attention if needed and a regular check-up by a veterinarian for vaccination.

If we provide healthcare and cure for pets health problem this will not just benefit them but also us. Pets need extra care and attention through interactions and activities which helps them to be strong and healthy. Pets are the best companion that help emotional support for you and your family. Either big or small our pets be, we need to make sure we give them proper care, protection, and love.