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Best UVB Bulb for Chameleons: Reviews & Guide 2022

Best UVB Bulb for Chameleons

During the past, keeping chameleons as pets are usually a fail to most keepers. They die because keepers have limited understanding of their needs, which is mostly the ultraviolet light. Sadly, even today there are still some keepers who often ignore the use of best UVB bulb for chameleons. To prevent your pet from having … Read more

Top 10 Best Food For Chameleon: Reviews & Guide 2022

Chameleon eatting

Chameleons are mainly insectivores, which means they eat various insects in order to survive. Furthermore, some of the larger species feed on various small mammals, reptiles, as well as some other species. These species include the veiled chameleon, which may even eat various plant matter. It is very important that you feed your chameleons with … Read more

The Best Chameleon Cage: Reviews & Guide 2022

Best Chameleon Cage

One of the best choices for choosing a pet is a cute and amazing little creature called Chameleons. These small animals can show you how amazing Mother Nature is by their ability to change color that depends on their feelings or by the color of things that they touch. If you are quite ready to … Read more