Best Bearded Dragon Hammock Reviews 2022

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Bearded Dragon Hammock

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When you decide to take a reptile as a pet, you must fully understand their needs and fully provide them with the most suitable living conditions.

Bearded dragons are among the most common and popular reptile kept as pet nowadays. They look like small dragons, yet are calm, making them a great reptilian pet for beginners. But what makes them so special?

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need a Hammock?

One of the terrarium accessories you need to get for your bearded dragons is a hammock. But why does it need it?

As I have mentioned earlier, bearded dragons love climbing branches and basking in the sun. They are also one of the most relaxed and easy going in the reptilian world. They usually take a nap for a few weeks and then wake up like nothing happened.

A hammock can provide a resting place for your bearded dragons where it can bask and relax. Other owners even said that hammock stimulates activity since bearded dragons will be challenged to climb up the hammock. Others even said that they saw their beardie jump onto the hammock which fascinates them.

Adding a hammock inside you bearded dragons’ cage or terrarium will keep your reptile buddy happy and active. Not only that, it can serve as a good hang out and resting place whenever they wish to take a long nap!

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Hammock 2022

1. Zoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock

Let your reptile buddy hang out with this mesh hammock from Zoo Med. The suspended hammock from Zoo Med is made from soft nylon mesh which makes it a perfect, multi-dimensional perch for your bearded dragon to climb, relax, play or bask anytime it wants.

It is the most lounge-friendly accessory out there, and you only need to attach it to any sides of your pet’s terrarium with the convenient suction cups and watch as your bearded dragon get curious and climb on it.

This hammock is not only great for bearded dragons but also perfect for other types of lizards like water dragons, basilisks, anoles, and iguanas. You can use it in order to build an arboreal lounging place and provide extra space to your reptile’s cage whether on acrylic, plastic or glass surfaces.

It is also simple and quick to move around the terrarium and features a very easy cleanup. Lastly, this mesh hammock is made in the US so you do not have to worry about its durability and is available in 2 sizes so you can find the one which suits your reptile buddy’s needs.

2. Aiicio Bearded Dragon Hammock

This hammock for bearded dragons from Aiicio is 100 percent made from Seagrass. It is hand woven, giving your reptilian friend a comfortable, climbable and durable lounger. It’s very easy to install— featuring 4 large and strong suction cups and hemp ropes in order to fix the hammock to your bearded dragon’s tank. It can be easily attached to acrylic, plastic or glass terrarium walls.

The Aiicio hammock is the ideal size for bearded dragons, hermit crabs, iguanas, geckos, anoles and so much more. It should allow your reptilian friend to self-regulate their temperature while relaxing, making them really happy and healthy.

3. Penn Plax Lizard Lounger

Climbable and comfortable lounger for all reptilian pet, the Penn Plax reptile hammock is hand woven from durable, 100 percent natural seagrass fiber, making them a wonderful addition to any reptile tanks. This nifty hangout will make a nice addition to any naturalistic habitat. Your bearded dragon will surely love the natural, rough texture of this hammock much like tree branches in the wild. They will also love using it to rub on when they are shedding some skin.

Triangular in shape and measuring 14×14 inches, this hammock is most suitable for bearded dragons, hermit crabs, iguanas, geckos, and anoles. It comes with suction cups which allow you to attach the hammock to acrylic or glass terrarium walls, allowing you to utilize every available space in your pet’s tank.

It is very easy to move around until you can find the perfect position that your reptile body likes. You can purchase multiple of this reptile lounger and create a fun and awesome multilevel jungle gym that your bearded dragon will never get tired of.

4. Hamiledyi Reptile Hammock Swing

The Reptile Hammock Swing by Hamiledyi will be a good place for your pet to climb around and hang out. 100% hand-woven, this hammock is made from soft, yet sturdy material, making it a climbable and comfortable lounger for your bearded dragon.

Your bearded dragon will also enjoy rubbing itself on this hammock, especially when they start shedding their skin. You can firmly attach it to acrylic and glass terrarium walls through the included suction cups which create a strong, durable bond. It is also easy to move around anywhere in your pet’s tank and provides an elevated vantage point that your reptilian buddy will enjoy.

Harmless, non-toxic, easy to wash and not easily deformed, this hammock is safe for your pet and very easy to clean. Its design provides a vivid, realistic accessory for a wonderful and comfortable habitat for your bearded dragon.

5. Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock

Another great hammock for bearded dragons, this one is also hand-woven from seaweed fibers making it soft but very strong. It has a natural, grassy smell but not that strong, thus giving your tank a jungle or forest theme. With a rough texture, this hammock will be a wonderful medium for your bearded dragon to rub their body when shedding skin.

It includes firm suction cups as well as leather strings that allows you to fix the hammock to your reptile’s tank, providing a comfortable and elevated vantage point for your reptile buddy to hang out. The hammock is also easy to clean and dry and can be sanitized using a soft brush without damaging the material.

6. SunGrow Reptile Mesh Hammock

The Reptile Mesh Hammock from SunGrow provides your bearded dragon a proper resting place and reduces stress. This hammock provides a good hiding place for your reptilian buddy making them feel safe and secure, lowering their stress level and making them healthier than ever.

This hammock also provides the new areas to explore and climb, making your bearded dragons active. It is a 14.5 inches triangular mesh hammock made from durable nylon and creates a reachable elevation for your reptile pet. It also comes with a 3 suction cup to keep the mesh hammock securely in place.

Suitable for all types and sizes of terrariums, the SunGrow Reptile mesh hammock is compatible with terrarium made of acrylic, plastic or glass.

7. Bearded Dragon Hammock – Carolina Designer

If you want a stylish hammock for your bearded dragons then look no more than this hammock design by Carolina Designer Dragons. This hammock not only provides a comfortable, elevated vantage point for your bearded dragons, but its design also adds style to your pet’s terrariums.

Measuring 16x16x22 inches, this hammock is hand-sewn in the US and is machine washable. The sewn-in batting provides a comfortable and soft feel for your reptilian friend and will not get lumpy even after machine washing. It comes with 3 suction cup hooks which are very durable in order to keep the hammock in place inside the terrarium.

8. Zoo Med Repti Giant Hammock

Another product from Zoo Med, this hammock, however, is larger than the first one. This hammock is literally huge and take up half a 40-gallon tank, perfect for adult bearded dragons or accommodate 2 or more bearded dragons.

Made from the soft yet durable nylon mesh, it can be easily attached to the walls of your pet’s terrarium with the included suction cups in order to create a climbing space for your bearded dragon. It is very easy to clean and dry, thanks to its mesh design.

7. Outfly Mesh Bearded Dragon Hammock

Made of strong, durable and breathable soft nylon material, this mesh hammock for bearded dragons makes a great hangout place for your reptilian buddy. It includes metal rings and 6 strong suction cups which allow you to fix the hammock into your reptile’s tank.

Comes in 2 triangular hammocks with a side length of 13x13x19 inches, you can easily create a multi-level jungle gym for your reptilian climber to enjoy and hang out. The OutFly Mesh Hammock is suitable for hermit crabs, bearded dragons and other type of arboreal lizards. It is also easy to clean and dry, just soak in water and clean with soap then leave for a few minutes to dry.

10. Aolan Reptile Hammock

The Lizards Lounger from Aolan will be a great place for your bearded dragon to climb around and hang out. It is made from 100 natural seagrass fiber that is very durable, making it a wonderful addition to your reptilian tank.

Your bearded dragon will surely love the rough texture that feels like natural tree branches where it can rub its body when shedding some skin. Rectangular in shape and measuring 7×30 inches, this hammock is suitable for bearded dragons, hermit crabs, iguanas, geckos, anoles and many more.

This hammock comes with suction cups that allow you to attach it to acrylic or glass terrarium walls, providing your bearded dragons with new space in their habitat. You can easily move it around the terrarium until you find the perfect lace that your bearded dragon likes. Consider purchasing multiple hammocks in order to create a multi-level jungle gym for your bearded dragons and stimulate activity.

The Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are lizards which are native to Australia. These lizards live in arid and rocky regions of the country and are adept climbers. In their natural habitats, bearded dragons can be commonly found in branches, staying cool in bushes or other shaded areas or basking on rocks.

Bearded dragons have a flat body with pointed ridges along the sides, large triangular heads and can grow up to 16 to 24 inches long. Their scales might appear dangerous since they are spiny, however, they are flexible, soft and not sharp. Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they love both plants and insects on their diet.

These reptiles do not get that large, eat a broad variety of food, gentle and are very active during the day. These friendly reptiles are captive bred, readily available, inexpensive and have limited care requirements, thus making them a great addition to your family


As you can see, hammocks are needed in order to keep a bearded dragon active and happy. These hammocks I have listed are all durable and provides an elevated hangout place that your bearded dragon will surely love. Whatever hammock you choose, make sure to buy multiple hammocks. Not only you can give your bearded dragon a challenging multi-level jungle gym, but in case one gets dirty, you can just remove that one and still have enough hammock for your reptilian buddy to hang out.